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Transfer initiated part-2

Posted on Sat Oct 5th, 2019 @ 12:55am by Commander Ryder MacCloud & Lieutenant Commander Kellyann Grayson

Mission: Mission 30: The recall, major transfers and new assignment
Location: Flight Deck Asgard
Timeline: 5 June 2392


MacCloud was waiting at the Danube airlock greeting people as they departed the runabout. He smiled when he saw Kellyann and offered her his hand stepping forward "welcome aboard Commander. I am Captain MacCloud as you might know already. Please come with me I have a short process for you to finish so you can take on your duties. Rank has very few privileges but I can keep you out of this line of sign-ins."

A tallish man strode over. He was broad shouldered, long legged and moved with that ease that indicated he was a professional fighter. The walk easy but graceful in a sort of powerful way. Dark brown hair, beard and mustache which was unusual for a Fleet officer almost completed the look but it was the eyes that caught her. They had that odd shifting depending on the light from green to an almost grey but the look had that direct look. She had looked up the captain in the course of the travel here and there were pictures but they did not do justice to the actual man.

She took the hand briefly and nodded. "Very good captain. Shall we?" She stepped out of line and nodded her head to indicate for him to lead on. As a former marine she figured there was going to be little time for pleasantries and more of a let's get business done. It would not do well for her to come off as a chatty Kathy her first day aboard.

The rest were lining up with their bags to be processed in, assigned quarters, and given a time for their baseline medical. There were two lines, both were sort of long and more pilots joining the line every few minutes as the fighters landed.

MacCloud lead her out of the bay saluting the new arrivals when they were called to attention. Once out of the bay he took her to a transporter station and turned on the device. "Standard operation on the Asgard, I guess they ran into some shapechangers awhile back and this device checks eyes, hand print and DNA against your file. No shapechanger can mimic all three. So look into there and place your palm there. I can verify you are indeed you." His voice was softer than one might think considering how rugged he appeared.

Kellyann was a bit surprised as to what sort of incidents had occurred but she was pretty sure she was who she was. There were not many known across the galaxy and she went through a couple in her head. Her scientific part wondered on Allasamorphs, they were known to be able to change down to the molecular level but very few ever left their odd world and secondly they technically were Federation members so it was doubtful they would attempt to try to sabotage anything on a Fedeation ship. None the less, she complied and waited.

Excellent, you are indeed yourself." MacCloud tried a joking attitude but his face was just to straight for it to sound right. "Okay this way to medical, I want you cleared for duty as soon as possible. We are going into harms way and I need your expertise for this mission, Science that is. I will explain in due time but rest assure you are perfect for where you have been placed." MacCloud walked with her from the turbolift to a secondary medical bay. "Main bay is crowded with the new arrivals. "I asked Doc Derringer here to see you on arrival."

Doc Derringer met the pair at the medbay entrance "Good Day Captain, and welcome Commander." He looked at MacCloud with a sly smile "you sir nust wait out here, medcial exams are private matters between medical and patient regardless of rank."

MacCloud shook his head and took a seat in the outer reception area. "I will just wait than if that is all right with you Doc?"

He waved an arm for Kellyann to proceed to a medbay with a biobed, ignoring the Captain's jibe. He drew the curtain as he entered "please have a seat Commander. This will take but a few moments. While I set up do you have any issues to declare?"

"I still cannot Mambo" she replied with a smile. She then continued, "As far as medically nothing new, as to the former probably from stiffness that still lingers from deep tissue scarring. It is in my medical record."

"I feel your pain there. I happen to know the current Captain is reputed to be quite the dancer. Much like his predecessor only this one now is yet single. If you ask him I imagine he would teach you the Mambo." he was making small talk as he took the readings from the bio-bed scanners. "Ah yes I see, the burns must have been severe to still bother you. Doc Derringer made eye contact, "you obviously had the very best Doctors treat those burns, I can see truly skilled work was done to repair the damage." Doc Derringer patted her shoulder, "for a mere Scientist you have been in at least one nasty situation."

"I am 'DocMike' to the crew Commander. I hope you will see me in a good light as we serve together here." His smile drew on a mirthful quality, "You are done here, do you need some help escaping the Captain to move into your quarters?"

Kellyann smiled. "Well DocMike, a pleasure. I hope though to not be much of visitor to your realm, not that you seem a nice guy but spent my share of time in a sickbay.
As far as the burns, they were service related and thankfully got really good attention. I work at all sorts of stretching exercises to keep limber." She knew she could not tell him more than that about the 'incident', it was classified, the whole thing from top to bottom including the escape. "While I appreciate the offer, I best follow up with the captain. Thanks again," she stood and offered a hand, "DocMike."

DocMike smiled "I am here to serve Commander. Anytime you need medical advice, or treatment. Although I hope it is just advice for your sake."

MacCloud was waiting when she came out "So how long do you need to set up your quarters Commander? I can walk with you there if it is okay with you. I have much to catch you up on and.. I assume you know I was a marine when I retired. I spent the last few years as a troubleshooter and bounty hunter. This was not part of my plans for the future. I lead an anti-pirate campaign in the sector we are going to. It was a linked force but I commanded the small craft and ground forces, not the ship. Now I command the ship. I need help with logistics and engineering. I never commanded a ship."

MacCloud made eye contact "I know your background is Science did they tell you why that is important?"

"Well sir, setting up quarters is not high but let me drop some stuff off and we can talk." She looked at a PaDD and turned to head the correct direction. The two set off and he asked his first questions. Slipping past a couple of other people in the corridor, Kellyann waited until they had passed before answering. "I have never been in command either so guess we will be getting our feet wet together. Logistics and engineering I can help with. I presume that is why a former science officer or is there something else?"

MacCloud nodded "you are astute Commander, there is indeed a reason you were selected. During the Dominion war bio weapons were being developed. Our side as you might know developed and deployed some of those weapons to some degree of success. It was a poorly kept secret especially once the information leaked out. Anyway Captain Wulfe and Captain Amar are on a Cardassian planet as we speak dealing with one of those weapons that was recently activated."

MacCloud took a deep breath checking the hall for traffic. "It was designed by the Romulans and deployed but failed to activate. A group of Cardassian scientist found it and activated it by mistake. Now that is what happened already. The four known Romulans who devised the chemical weapon are now working for a Romulan Warlord in the Expanse. I am told this time they are working to make a chemical weapon to use against humans."

His smile was predatory "Your to help locate the design of the activated weapon to help neutralize what they tried. Might not be your field but you are a scientist, you know methods, procedures, and have skills needed to lead the exploration. Second part of your task is to check their progress on this possible second project. To determine if they have a weapon to use against humans. If they don't have a viable weapon we proceed to complete task#1. If they do have a viable weapon, well than we have a bigger problem.?

Kellyann listened and a frown formed as the captain caught her up on the task they were assigned to. She shook her head first in the negative as the information sank in and then nodded. "And like they do not realize that such weapons can be turned against them. Ah well, I see. Well I will study what information there is and get up to speed. There is not much we can do from here so getting into range to start looking will be helpful. Do we know where the group is or will intel have to do some searching as well? " She did not wait for the immediate answer and raised an eyebrow and added, "I am guessing if they have a weapon like the later, or if they are close then that is where you and the combat groups come in?"

Ryder laughed "Actually we have limited support and finding the scientist is part of our task. You see no one paid much attention to the intel reports till the Cardassain weapon activated. That started people checking into the circumstances which lead to people taking the intel reports more seriously. They know the scientist are working for a Romulan warlord in the Expanse. We know the names of the Romulans we seek. I suspect they are fine with their present employment so this is not going to be a rescue. We are going in hot to retrieve hostile people."

MacCloud waved his hands "once we find and capture them your main task is to decide if they can neutralize the Cardassian weapon and if this new threat is as yet viable. If it is than we will likely get more help."

Kellyann nodded, "Very good captain. I will start studying some on previous biologicals and get with the science officer as well."

"That would be Lieutenant Julia Wilson, she just recently took over as the Department Chief. Our renown previous Chief took a position at the Academy. LT. wilson is very capable but a but new to fleet service. In fact her first Science expedition was cut short for his mission." He stopped at Kellyann's door "this is you. "I believe you will find LT. Wilson very capable." MacCloud sighed, "so welcome to the hot-seat Commander. Join me on the bridge when you are ready."

"Very good captain. I will be there shortly. I will need to meet with the chief engineer as well when possible, got an idea or two to help speed up our transit time." She opened the door and expertly tossed the bag to land on in the middle of the room. "Travel light as mostly everything I need can be replicated."

"So true, I will expect to see you than. Good Luck with the Chief Engineer." Ryder had not had an easy time with her. Maybe Grayson being a fleeter would see eye to eye with her.



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