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What could possibly go wrong?

Posted on Sat Oct 5th, 2019 @ 12:58am by Commander Ryder MacCloud & Lieutenant Lorix & Lieutenant Narira Atay & Lieutenant Commander Kellyann Grayson

Mission: Mission 30: The recall, major transfers and new assignment
Location: Eningeering/Various
Timeline: 14 June 2392


Kellyann was walking toward engineering looking at a PaDD and just glancing up enough to make sure she was not walking into someone. She was reviewing the data that they had collected so far. The antimatter containment was reading at full levels, not being needed at the moment. The injection had been modified and the a new machine installed that basically affected the probability of certain type of matter decay to favour decay into antimatter. That and the ship on the new region of space with modification to the warp bubble was cracking along. Even if they had to bring the experiment to an end they had not only made up time but now were a bit ahead of schedule.

So far so good she nodded as she walked. There were other reports though and she was not sure what to make of them. One report of a crew's shower suddenly even at full cold running hotter than it should. Another that the ship navigation seemed to want to shift on its own like the computer was not quite holding. They were all minor but puzzling.

She had asked Lieutenant Lorix of security to join her in Engineering to talk about what appeared to be minor sabotage, well maybe more just practical jokes or something. She also needed to catch up with the Naria to see how everything was going. Also on her list was Lieutenant Wilson and ... While she did not figure anything wrong with the experiment best to bring the science officer into the loop and also operations to help with security. Maybe between them they could track everything down.

PO1st Hank Miller had only weeks ago been promoted to ship Bosun replacing his friend CPO Murphy. All of the officers had seemed to vanish when it was learned the Asgard was heading to a Romulan hot zone. So he and Wilson were the top Operations people aboard. No officers had joined the ship with th XO so he was here because the XO wanted a senior person. "Commander I am afraid I am what you have?" He was more than a little uncomfortable, he had faced death many times since '89 when he joined the crew here. He had never thought he would be the 'man' in charge though.

Kellyann looked up just as the doors opened and she stepped into Engineering. "Good day, how is everything?"

"Morning Commander." Narira rolled out from where she was examining the new injection unit for any issues. She got to her feet and dusted down her uniform. "So far. Just checking that the extra antimatter isn't causing any issues with the housing. So far so good I think. Nothing out of parameters, no signs of fatigue. I didn't expect it to work this well."

"That is good news. I am concerned about some reports coming in though about unusual problems across the ship. Nothing major, more like glitches. I do not think we have anyone doing something but that is why I asked Lieutenant Lorix here and also asked ops to send someone to start looking from that aspect. I am going to need you," Kellyann turned her gaze back to Naria, to start running shipwide diagnostics."

Miller nodded "There have been a lot of glitches for sure. I have people working an extra two hours per shift just to keep up with all the odd problems. Everything from plumbing to safety alerts going off when there is no problem? My people are about overwhelmed. We are needing to repair systems we just checked within an hour?" He realized he was talking to the XO, and two department Chiefs! "Commander, Lieutenants." He added in belatedly.

Lorix wasn't far behind Commander Grayson in arriving at Engineering. She acknowledged all present politely and, since it had been the Commander who had invited her here for this meeting, she moved towards her and stood attentively, waiting to find out more about why they were here and what she could do.

"Ma'am" she nodded respectfully but didn't ask anything or prompt. She just waited, all the while taking in all that was around her and who as well.

Kellyann nodded to the group. "Thank you all for coming and I know sort of strange place. That being said, let me tell you what is going on here first and then what my concerns are. We are cruising through a section of space which is for lack of better term a little more slippery, to increase our speed our chief engineer here," she nodded with her chin, "has modified the warp bubble. In addition, that device there," she pointed, "is based on an idea of mine that biases breakdown of certain natural decays to favour anti-matter formation. I will not bore you with the details."

She took a breath. "The ideas are both new and advanced and certainly seem to be working but..." She let that hang there for a moment. "There seems to be as Officer Wilson has stated a whole series of odd things happening. So much that the rather think ops department along with engineering is getting stretched very thin. I need to figure out if someone or someones is causing these glitches in order to steal technology. That is where you Lieutenant Lorix come in. I need security to keep a sharp eye out for anything or anyone suspicious. Wilson if you and your people can see if there is a pattern to these glitches. Any questions?"

"Why would anyone be stealing it?" Narira asked. Only people who know it exists is in this room?" She stepped to the right to one of the terminals, and called up all the service requests from across the ship

Kellyann made a small shrug at the engineer's comment. If she thought that people did not talk and there was the rest of the engineering staff. Who knew, but that was not the point. Maybe it was not the technology they were after but just trying to slow the ship down perhaps something doing with the area they were headed to. She was playing it safe.

"You are most likely correct, but I think it is important that we still look at any and all possibilities, hence why I asked security here. Any other questions?" She looked between the rest of the group."

"I'll double the watch and make sure they all know to keep their eyes peeled and an idea of what they're watching out for." Lorix acknowledged. "We can't be sure why anyone might be stealing, sabotaging or causing disruptions but whatever the reason, it's sure as I'm standing here, going to be in their interests to keep on getting away with it and in our interests to stop them." She patted her temple in a sign that indicated thoughtfulness and added: "In the main office I'm having the pattern of where people and items are being affected to see if that information throws any light.

"Thank you, just trying to make sure what is happening here. I will take note of the problems and see if we can track them done. So far we have gone from behind schedule to ahead and I would like this not to slow us down if possible. Any other questions?" Kellyann asked.

Lorix had her instructions and the other questions she wanted answered were out there for them to all to discover.

"Thank you then again and set up to compare notes in two days time unless someone has something that is more definitive." She looked over the small group and nodded, "Dismissed then," she said.


Lt Cmdr Kellyann Grayson
Executive Officer
USS Asgard

Lt Lorix
Chief Security Officer
USS Asgard

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