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paragliding a starship is not my worst idea ever. Yet.

Posted on Sat Oct 5th, 2019 @ 12:57am by Lieutenant Narira Atay & Lieutenant Commander Kellyann Grayson
Edited on on Sat Oct 5th, 2019 @ 12:58am

Mission: Mission 30: The recall, major transfers and new assignment
Location: Asgard Ready Room
Timeline: 7 June 2392


Narira walked onto the bridge, padd with her calculations in hand. AS Cheif of ENgineering, she technically had freedom of the bridge, but it still felt strange to wander on at will. The new XO had the conn, and Narira felt relieved at that. She didn't particularly feel like talking to the abrasive new CO. "Ma'am? Could I have a few minutes, I've got some suggestions, about shaving some time off our journey."

It seemed that odd mixture of feeling out of place and yet something that one had wanted for a long time as Kellyann had taken the big chair. She had kept the little trepidation to herself presenting someone that exuded confidence. It was important for the crew to feel that no matter how she felt.

She heard the bridge doors open wondering what or rather who was coming onto the bridge. The stations were all manned and unless there was something of importance then nothing should be going on. Boards were all clear, all systems showing nominal and functioning properly.

As she turned the chair slightly she caught sight of the chief engineer. They were running behind now and hopefully nothing with anything that would slow them down further. When she spoke, Kellyann's interest was piqued.

"Anything to help. Sure why don't we go to the ready room and you can present your idea. Lieutenant Wu you have the con."

"Yes ma'am" he replied from the navigation chair and turned back.

Kellyann got up and nodded with her head toward the ready room. She did not wait but went ahead and entered and then instead of the desk took another of the seats in the room. It would be easier to talk then with a desk between them. "So what do you have lieutenant?"

"The captain asked me to shave four days off the journey. Well, under standard conditions, thats not possible. But I think I have a work around. But I can't do it with just tweaks to the engines and nacelles alone. I need a course change." She didn't give details. She wasn't certain on the new XO's technical level, best not to baffle anyone with warp field geometries just yet.

Kellyann knew that they were running behind and it did not look good to have to be late on the first mission out. Thus, what the chief engineer tantalized with was intriguing to say the least.

"So I thought we were on optimal course, what would a course change do for shaving off time and what are the consequences?" She asked with a seriousness to her voice.

Narira tapped on her padd, and brought her plans up to the ready'rooms dispaly screen. "The current route," A line flashed on the screen, "is optimised for an uneventful journey, smooth travelling avoiding objects that might cause unpredictable effects on space time. Similarly, the warp bubble is configured to produce the most stable shape," And image of the Asgard with its warp bubble appeared. "One that can survive small shocks to hold you in warp as you pass things that may cause destabilization, like stars colliding or going nova etc etc, or bumping into interstellar objects."

"But, that shape isn't the most efficient at warping space. You can actually change its shape slightly," The warp bubble image shifted slowly to give the front of the bubble a more dynamic shape, flaring out more. "This actually uses less energy, so you can hold higher speeds for longer before the warp engines stress too far. Problem is, under normal space time conditions, its not that stable, so its not worth using. But, along here..." patches of yellow appeared along the line of their current course, "There's some not so solid pieces of space time. We could use that."

She looked at Grayson earnestly. "What I'm suggesting is that instead of walking on concrete, we go skating on ice. Its not without risk, but they can be managed."

Kellyann looked at the figure and specifications. It was definitely interesting proposal and actually fit into something she had talked to others about. "Have you ever heard of sail skating?" She asked as a way to see the what engineer might think of adding something to her proposal.

"Like..windsurfing on land?" she queried. She'd not heard of it, but she could imagine it would be similar.

"Yes, exactly." Kellyann was grateful that her analogy was at least familiar to an alien. It was always problematic what translated or background knowledge of different cultures had of each other.

"Well as you already know the only way to contain antimatter is if it is in a charged state using magnetic fields. That means that starship drives are more or less dependent on the type of antimatter available. I have been kicking around with an idea about it might possible to control the quantum perturbations in such a way that decay of particles decay such as the B meson decays into the anti-particle B-bar."
Kellyann tapped on a PaDD and handed it over and explained the idea.

"The universe is a complete quantum field, but it is not uniform, things affect it say like a black hole. These perturbations can result in the formation of virtual particles, not quite real mater but having some of the properties of real matter. I know it seems more like magic. For example, black holes have a huge effect on the perturbation of quantum space and a lot of virtual particles are formed. Anyway, the creation of virtual particles are always in a matter-anti matter pair. Professor Hawking theorized that what if one of the pair fell into the black hole at the moment of creation while the other escaped rather than annihilating each other, say the matter part of the pair. Then the anti matter particle would be left and react to any nearby matter causing a reaction and hence a glow, a radiation. Due to the effect and the balance of matter and energy then eventually the black hole would evaporate. The smaller the black hole the faster it evaporates or winks out of existence. It is a known flaw in Romulan quantum singularity drives."

She took a breath, "Now then back to our meson. It is observed that when a B meson is formed it oscillates between the B meson and the B-bar meson, its matter and anti matter self. Normally the standard model would predict that it should be equal formation of either a B meson or a B-bar but real data indicates that due to subtle quantum field effects that it favours the B meson. Anyway, I think these field effects could be changed to favour the probability that it is the B-bar or anti matter particle or for that matter any formation of anti-matter. A heavier anti-matter then what we use would allow for enhanced energy production and at the same time a device would allow production of the anti-matter to be directly formed and injected into the warp reaction. Turn the device on, or off as needed and also eliminate a lot of complicated fields to control the antimatter and consequentially no more warp core breaches where the antimatter containment fields fail and..." Kellyann smiled and shrugged and then just said, "Boom!".

She looked to Narira to see what she thought about the idea.

The betazoid was scrolling up and down the padd, a thoughtful expression on her face. "So, to stretch the windsailing metaphor, we move to to thinner ice, and throw up a sail, i.e. the warp field, but if we shape it as suggested here, we could actually get it to affect things inside the ship, affect the field affects in the matter/antimatter chamber to get more B-bars than we would at random, we effectively get a jet engine added on." Narira tapped at the padd, she could already see it in her minds eye. "The antimatter chamber might get a bit crowded. But I think i can jury rig an extension module, add an extra holding field to help the flow into the injector, keep it smooth. I'd need to run a simulation or two, but if that didn't shave us some days off and leave us with healthier engines than we normally would, then I'll eat my commbadge."

"Even heavier matter," Grayson nodded. "More mass reactions equates to more power and direct injection without the need for the magnetic containment fields thus more efficiency. That is the gist, we create basically a great big wind and along with your proposal we should be able to cut the time dramatically. Now then, I am no engineer, just mostly a bunch of ideas, sketches that sort of thing so you would actually have to build the physical device. Here," she took her PaDD and then sent the information over to Naria's. "There you go," she said actually with the excitement in the tone of her voice.

"Yes, yes," Narira was doing some math, half on the paddd, half in her head, visualising the way the new field might work, blown along on the heavier anitmatter. "I can do this. I might even be able to get as much as six days off the time scale. I just need the right course. I can get the adjustments to the nacelles and the antimatter unit done in about four, maybe five days, allowing for optimism bias. Then all we have to do is find a patch of weak space to let rip in."

"Then we have a plan. I will send a message to the captain to let him know we have a plan to cut our transit time. When I am not on watch, I will come on down to help run tests to make any fine adjustments." Kellyann was nodding as she really wanted to give this idea a try. Even if the test did not work out, they would not be any later then they already were and they could always shut things down and resume normal operations without any danger to the ship.

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sure. I think i want to change the title though, save it for when things to go wrong

OOC K: I tried to make it easy enough to understand. Also would fit in with Naria's idea and probably these regions would affect the quantum fields and hence any side effects. While we might have some odd things happen, I am guessing in the end we actually arrive ahead of schedule. Instead of four days behind maybe a day ahead even if funny things happen.

Soes that make sense as a response. When it comes to particle phyics I can throw around words like oscillation and charm and chromodynamics, but I have no idea what they mean.

Good enough, not to worry. As the writing on Fermi lab once said (it may be there still): Once I was up, then I was down, then I was on top then on the bottom, I thought I had charm but found out I was only strange. The little nemonic for the six flavours of quarks.


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