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Breakfast Club Part 2.

Posted on Sat May 4th, 2019 @ 11:21am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Lieutenant Commander Anlya D'Tries & Lieutenant Commander Morga Harf & Lieutenant Narira Atay

Mission: Mission 29: Shore leave, supporting Leadership of SB-214
Location: 214 Diner -- SB 214
Timeline: 15 April 2392


Anlya nodded and made her way over to the indicated area and got to work. She wished she had at least a medical tricorder and emergency medical bag but she had quite carrying those awhile back. This was going to be nothing but the very basics with what they had. "Alright Alec," she said. "Let's dive in shall we? Medical teams hopefully will be here shortly. We just have to try to comfort and keep people alive with what we have."

"Yeah...I'm better with fixing machines than people," Alec admitted with a slight shake of his head, sighing as he looked around. "Let me know what you need, I can give you hand a least."

Anlya got to work literally rolling up her sleeves. Whatever happened seemed to have damaged the fire suppression system as she could hear people still shouting about fire but it was away from this area for right now. The station should hopefully start coming together and they could start transporting people away from here.

Alec had been helping another injured person to the centre of the large room, that was now a broken mess, when he heard what he could swear were voices from the far corner of the room where a stack of metallic walls and upheaved tables and cabinets had ended up. He walked slowly over, half thinking he was hearing things before the higher pitched voice started up again. "Hey....." he moved quicker with alarm. "Hang on, stay as still as you can..." he said loudly, hoping whoever was behind or under the pile would hear. He started to pull at the debris, careful as he hauled the first piece with a groan at how heavy it was. He managed to move two tables and a shelf before he reached a thicker beam and piece of wall that only just shifted a couple of inches when he pulled at it.

Alec caught his breath, looking around as he pulled his vest off to wipe the sweat and blood from his face before pulling it apart, wrapping some cloth around the middle of both of his hands to protect them and help get a better grip. He searched around as his breathing slowed down again, recovering from the exertion, finding a strong looking pole that had formed a leg and long edge of a heavy shelving unit. He kicked the remaining shelf off of it, yanking it completely free before getting it under the beam that was holding the piece of metal wall in place over the hidden corner of the room. He gritted his teeth and started pressing down on the pole with a loud groan of effort from his throat with the effort it took as he used it as a lever to try and get movement on the heavy beam to pull it free.

Morga entered the fray and he saw the mess that had been made of the diner. He saw a PO2 struggling with the mess against one wall and approached him and asked “Need a hand?”

"Help..." Neville had just been grabbing a quick bite to eat before heading to his duty station for the morning when the explosion had hit. And while he wasn't heroic by any means, nor strong or sharp, he'd quickly realized that something bad was happening, and that part of the structure was collapsing...and that there were a couple of kids in the way.

Acting with more speed than he would have thought he was capable of, he grabbed the pair, intending to whisk them from harm's way, but circumstance had forced him against the bulkhead, placing the man and his screaming charges on the wrong side of the collapse!

Head aching, he now tried to get up, only just registering that someone was calling to him, and that his own reply was rather weak. "Help!" he called a little more loudly, although he felt like he didn't have the air to do more.

"Got kids," he added, knowing the little bodies were pressed against him but not sure what their condition was, except that they were awfully quiet. "Can't move..." And man, his head hurt!

Morga heard an adult though a quiet voice say about the children and he called out to it knowing from Josie the best thing to do in this situation was keep them taking to you. It helps you pinpoint where they are and tell you their conscious “Can you tell your name sir?”

"Neville...I'm Neville." The man let out a breath of relief at knowing that help was right here at hand. "Can you get the kids? My leg..." Well, it was probably broken, as painful as it was, and then there was the issue of the beam laying across his abdomen. At least the kids were starting to stir, that was enough for him.

“Commander D’Tries we will need drugs for this one he’s been caught below a support beam since the explosion. Josie tells me being compressed under something like that can be highly dangerous.” Morga called Anlya over just in case.

Anlya nodded. She could put in a request via comm to have something beamed straight to her if everything could work. "I will do what I can," she said. She did not have a medical kit with her.

Alec looked across to Morga with a mixture of relief at having the help and concern at what was going on behind the twisted debris. "One more time...I'll lift the beam, you pull the wall panel out as far as you can," he nodded firmly to him, breathing hard with the exertion and heat. "One...two...three..." he held his breath as he started to push down on the makeshift lever, his teeth gritting with how much strength he was having to put into it.

As Alec used the fulcrum effect to lift the beam Morga pulled the wall panel and was able to pull it out till the beam was able to rest on top of it. “Sir has that released the pressure enough for the children and you to come out.”

Indeed, the pressure was released, but with that came the return of blood-flow, and pain as his limbs were flooded with acidic blood. But Neville bit back the pain, shoving the kids toward the opening, encouraging them, although it wasn't necessary, they were more than happy to get free.

But when he tried to move, the pain was nearly overwhelming. He screamed, but forced himself to try to drag himself forward. Even if he made it as far as freedom on his own, though, the oxygen-deprived blood that had been released when the pressure came off his body was going to play havoc on his heart...

Morga took his badge off and squirmed underneath the beam attached it to The man’s clothes then tapped it =^=Lt Commander Harf to Transporters one to beam directing to the medical department on my location, when receive him could someone bring my communicator back to me.=^= Morga helped pull the children out from under the beam before it fell back to crush them again.

One of the on duty Operations officers at transporter station nearest the fire responded "I have the lock Commander Harf. I will beam him directly to a base medical surgery station, they are expecting him. Beaming him out now. When Neville vanished Morga's commbadge was laying at his feet. The transporter tech had no idea why he had put it on the wounded person? It was totally unnecessary.

Morga reached out and picked up his commbadge and children and said "I promise I only look scary. I won't hurt you. I have a young son myself. He's half Klingon half Human." He saw the faces of the children ease to acceptance as he said it.

Anlya wished she could help like Morga but she was not built that strong. The nice thing was that she had gotten the medical tricorder and full kit and now she could really go to work. She had to smile at Morga as he said the words and added, "a great friend as well. It will be alright kids."

Morga smiled he hadn’t heard it often from Commander D’Tries, though he always expected she felt that way, he had always thought of her as a good friend too. Before he could respond the beam creaked overhead and the thought of being trapped again overcame the last vestiges of being scared of a face and the children rushed to get out of there. “Okay Commander D’Tries you take the kids with you to your place of safety Alec and I will work on freeing the survivors.”

"Sounds like a plan," Anlya replied and waved at the children. "Come on, come on, hurray. I promise you will be alright and we will get your parents as well." The children where a bit hesitant at first but as the first couple of ones finally moved toward her the rest followed and Anlya herded them to safety.

With others scrambling to help the injured, Narira pushed forward towards the source. The kitchen fire was raging, and with the doors off, it couldn't be looked down and suffocated. If the pulled out the air, everyone inside would die. The extractors in the dining area were working and sucking streams of smoke out.

Ducking under them she could see the problem. Two gas rings, for those who wanted actual handmade food, were roaring jets of flame. The explosion had destroyed the ceiling mounted suppression, but hadn't used up the gas completely. Fire doors wouldn't open whilst they were still burning, but the heat from the kitchen was not going to let her get close.

Okay then. Overrides. She scrambled over the debris back to the fire doors and entered her command code. The panel bleeped a negative. It was a long shot anyway, she wasn't station personnel. Plan B.

A knife had fallen to the floor and she used it to open the panel at the foot of the doors. Maybe there was a manual switch. Nope.

By the time CWO Eric Stoltz arrived with a damage control team from engineering all the people in the non-engulfed areas had been evacuated. Eric had the override codes and opened the door to see Atay trying to open the same doors. Since he was in a fireproof environment suit only his face was visible and his voice was off as it came through a speaker. "So Lieutenant right in the thick of things I see."

SHe coughed as rogue puffs of smoke, got up her nose. "When you've finished being a wimp in that suit, I need about a foot of cabling." She scooted back towards the kitchen, looking for something sharper than her table knife. Finding a small sharp one, she went back to the fire doors and began stripping off the wire ends, ready for the cabblin

Three members of the team moved past to get other people out of the affected areas. Two members moved toward the fires with fire retardents.

Stoltz made the call too Operations and had the foot of heavy duty cable to and to her. "Lieutenant calling a properly equipped damage control team wimps, even in jest, is highly improper for a Department chief." She might notice the humor in his eyes as he said it.

"Cheers." taking the cable Narira quickly twisted one end to the dead door connections she had prepared. "This might spark." Leaning away, she touched the other end to the live connection. The door sparked, and with a groan, the fire doors parted. "In you go."

Stoltz lead two team members into the gas fire and began putting out the fire. Stoltz called operations having the gas turned off to this area. The fire was soon under control once the gas was cut off. The roaring blaze was cut to a few small secondary fires. The victims were soon being transported away to various staffed med stations on the base.

Two other DCRT's arrived and began searching for other people as they began cleaning up the affected areas. Once the fires were under control and the victims evacuated Stoltz removed his helmet "so LT Atay just another typical day for engineering?"

"Hopefully," she said, getting up onto her feet, hacking another cough. "I didn't come out here just to run level 2 diagnostics all day. Anything else need fixing?"

"Possibly you Lieutenant? You did inhale a good bit of possibly toxic fumes. Not for me to say but you should check in at a medical station and make sure your lungs were not damaged. Better an ounce of caution now than a pound of cure later on." Stoltz had been mothering officers for several years and it was just a sort of habit now.

"I'll be fine." Her mouth tasted grim. "At least until everything else is not in fire." She looked around. "Oh. Well, I guess I'll get to sick bay then."

"That would be best Ma'am." Stotlz agreed as he moved on to inspect the damage and make sure all in the fires got to a med station for evaluation if nothing else.



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