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A problem on Veloz. Part 1.

Posted on Tue May 14th, 2019 @ 1:21pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe

Mission: Mission 30: The recall, major transfers and new assignment
Location: bridge of the Asgard
Timeline: 13-16 April 2392


Wulfe was in the secure bubble for the first time in a long while. He had four Admirals from Fleet Command on the screen facing him. "Yes Sirs, how may the Asgard serve?"

"A Cardassian Ambassador named Granklin has requested Commander Amar to serve on Veloz. He seems to believe she has unique insight into events that have unfolded there."

Another of the Admirals spoke up "There is a problem on the planet caused by a war related effort."

The center chair Admiral spoke up cutting off the others. "Captain Wulfe the situation is dire. A specialized virus torpedo was created and launched by the Romulans during the Dominion war. The torpedo failed to detonate back in '74 and was forgotten. Just recently though someone hiking in the mountains found it and disturbed it causing it to release the airborne virus. It is designed to only affect the Cardassians and seems to be working as planned."

"This is extremely bad news at this time with the Talarian problem causing border problems as well. We need to contain and reverse this killer virus. The command here agrees Commander Amar is best suited for this endeavor. We want her to move into an advanced facility on the planet and take control of the medical efforts planet wide."

The Admiral tapped his fingers "we are assigning you as planetary Governor to ensure she gets full cooperation. You may take any of your non-Cardassian crew along. We are sending a Hospital Ship, the USS Galen to the planet as a support ship as well. We have to make this right Captain. It is imperative to not allow those who mistrust us to not be handed a reason to split the Cardassian Empire."

One of the lower ranked Admirals spoke up in the lull. "Captain the information we have has been sent to you. All the current endeavors are in the packet of information. Veloz had a population numbering in the millions. It is a modernizing planet and had a strong economy. This could not happen at a worse time. Nearly half of the population is Cardassian as well. Due to the nature of this virus all Cardassian's are forbidden to leave the planet for fear of spreading the problem. In fact once you and your team go to the surface it will be an assignment that will be for the duration of the task."

The first Admiral spoke back up "We know Commander Amar is pregnant, we do believe there is no threat to her or your baby. The Federation understands the hardship this may become but it is felt you are the best person to organize a team to take control of this mission."

Wulfe had kept a neutral expression despite the unbelievable assignment being given him and his wife. This was not something he was prepared for but he knew Elisad would be perfect for the task. He would be in command but he would be supporting her mission which was fine by him. Once the Admiral's had finished Wulfe simply nodded "I will discuss this with Commander Amar and get back to you. We will need to go over the information provided and see complete information on the facilities available. If we accept this mission we will expect complete and timely support. Nothing less."

After all the Admiral's assured Wulfe it would have full cooperation from across the fleet they signed off.

Wulfe went to Amar's office, she was there doing paperwork with her feet propped up. Raymond removed her shoes and began massaging her feet and ankles. The packet on her desk "we have been offered a big assignment. Half a planet's population is at peril and Ambassador Granklin recommended you and me for the mission." He watched as she read the cover sheet and saw the death toll. The facilities were indeed top notch and the problem was spreading despite the best efforts of the best people they had.

Elisad was never one to shrink for her duties and she saw the need and the likeliness that this missions would take years. Without the research materials of the Romulan creators this was nearly an impossible task. The information sent stated the Romulan facility that had created the chemical weapon was now under the rule of a Romulan Warlord at odds with everyone else. He had a fleet though and was popular among the planets he ruled.

Elisad and Raymond spoke for many hours about what this would mean to them, the children, and the ship. Elisad hated to go but this was bigger than her desires to remain on the ship. Raymond had spoken from the beginning of going wherever she was going to be.

The next conversation was with Family. Ethel, Jem and Stev. Jem would go to Vulcan and study. The plans had been up in the air but not it would be in Jem's best interest to go. Stev would return to Trill and stay with Elisad's parents till he was old enough to enter the Academy. Ethel would go to Trill with Stev with George her boyfriend. Ethel had never complained about ship board life but she was ready to live on a planet now. George was sure he had enough to start his own diner so he was delighted.

Those conversations had been tearful and lots of hugs back and forth. Raymond helped Elisad to bed once they had made all the needed arrangements.

---14 April---

Of course that meant the next morning Sakura and Murphy were at the Captain's door to learn more of what was going on. Wulfe summoned all the department Chief's still aboard and met with them. The details were not discussed but the nature and length of the assignment was. There were no officer's present in this sector to take over the Asgard though. A new XO would be needed as well.

Wulfe promoted Jennifer Richardson to LtCommander and Chief medical officer at the outset of the meeting. The needs of the Veloz mission were many. it would take a large staff to support such a mission. Sakura and Murphy volunteered to send out a request for volunteers.

Frank looked to his wife Nancy and smiled "Captain I would voluunteer my services and Nancy's to your mission. I mean Nancy is your yeoman and that is a demanding position to fill. I have served as Commander Amar's away mission body guard since I came aboard, if she would have me I would continue in that capacity."

MWO John Sakura spoke up "you will be needing a quartermaster Captain.
I would go to Veloz as a part of your staff Sir. I am sure Varidae would want to stick with the commander as well. Both of our kids are young, so will be going with us as well."

Bosun CPO Darell Murphy stood "me and my wife as well Sir. I am sure this research facility will need a Bosun and te Asgard has several likely prospects to replace me. I would be going to Veloz as a Bosun for the primary research facility and my wife PO2nd Emily Murphy I am sure she would like a job as a traffic controller for shuttle traffic. You will need a large staff for that I imagine.

Wulfe acknowledged all the volunteers "my thanks gentlemen but before I finalize your transfers I need to hear from your wives as well." he laughed as he looked to Nancy "thank you. I will be happy to have you with me." he smiled at Frank Luke as well "and you Sir will make me feel much easier knowing you are protecting Elisad."

Jennifer I would not ask you to speak to the medical department as I would not put you in that position. Jenna I would ask you as Chief nurse to bring it up. Make sure all who volunteer know the duration and the seriousness of this mission." Wulfe hated to take the just promoted Chief Medical officer out of the picture but he felt it not fair to her to ask her new staff if they wanted to leave or stay.

Wulfe dismissed the meeting. "John, you best notify Commander Harf and his family about this turn of events. In fact notify all off ship personnel that Commander Amar and myself are transferring off the ship. It will be something they might need to know."


"Oh and Brad please stay after I need to speak to you." Wulfe pulled Talon aside "I heard from the Galen, they need a ramrod to take charge of seventy-two ambulance shuttles. That amounts to three hundred and sixty personnel to fly and keep them flying. I think it would be a good job for you. They also need a Chief Nurse for a large staff of nurses. Jenna being an officer and a nurse they already asked for her. I won't need you on the planet but being aboard the Galen would keep you, Jenna, and little Jack in the same area?"

Brad nodded "I will speak to Jenna right away as she should know before she volunteers to go to Veloz herself. Thanks Captain." Brad shook hands with his mentor, friend, and Captain.

Brad caught up with Jenna and told her of her opportunity for promotion and to keep Hunter off the planet but still supporting the medical effort on Veloz. Jenna listened and hugged him. It keeps us together and it helps the medical effort on Veloz. Yes dear, we will move to the Galen when it arrives." Jenna held the hug and stole a few kisses before she wiggled free laughing "I have to organize and hold a meeting, You can have more tonight but I have a job too you know!"


---16 April---

Jenna met with each of the ship's doctors individually.

LT Delores Nagy would move to the USS Galen and take over as the medical flight staff chief.

LTJG Rico Demic and his mate PO2nd Gild would stay with Amar's staff going to Veloz

LT Jenna Cair would take command o fall nurses on the USS Galen and her husband Brad Talon would take the CAG position for the Galen's numerous small craft.

PO3rd Jason Thunderbird would go to Veloz as part of Amar's staff. He was glad he had been recalled from the Science mission, he would not want to be forced from Amar's medical staff. It was a close knit group.

PO3rd Mariah (Mar) Simmons would contact her husband Frank Borsch, the two would transferr to the USS Galen, her as a nurse and him as a Squadron leader with the ambulance shuttles.

CM3rd Dayenair called her man, Tom Watkins. He has just learned of this as well. He would be sticking with Bosun Murphy so Dayenair would stick with Amar's staff going to Veloz

Now she knew why the Science mission had been recalled. CM3rd Gabrielle Hutchins called her husband Dunbar. He had already heard Tom was transferring so he agreed as well. He and Gabrielle would go to Veloz.

PO3rd Bess O'Keef contacted CPL Carter with the news. Talon was just telling the Air group pilots and ground crew. John without her even asking offered to move to fleet security and go to Veloz with her. Being with her and her chocolate fetish was more important to him than anything else. He liked the idea of being on a planet. SSGT Blayne approved as his section leader. and Frank Luke readily accepted John as part of his team in security.

Varidae requested permission to be excused, the transfer was hard on her but she was so glad John her husband had known she would want to go. She went to see Natasha and to pick up Elisha Rose her year old baby. Natasha was upset Stev would not be there but she picked her adopted family to stay with her new parents and her baby sister.

In Operations Sakura was holding their meeting at the same time. He got six more volunteers to transfer Veloz

PO3rd Heather Phillips and CM1st Damian Sakura would go to Veloz as part of Murphy's team

CM1st Rick Snyder, CM1st Joyce Pointer, PO3rd Carrie Sims, and CM1st Sirena Gill would go to Veloz as part of Murphy's team as well.

LTJG Jake Zempke, called from his meeting in the flight bay and got a verification from CM1st Lee Ann Russel. he would take a Squadron lead in and ambulance squadron and she would join the ship's Operations crew. Jake had enough of combat and the USS Galen was going to be orbiting Veloz for quite a while or it appeared to be so. He liked the idea of working for Talon as well. Russell was only to happy to transfer with him. She was surprised he had offered but very pleased he had!



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