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SB-214: Prisoner for Intel. part 2.

Posted on Mon Apr 22nd, 2019 @ 9:17am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Lieutenant JG Dahlia Vine

Mission: Mission 29: Shore leave, supporting Leadership of SB-214
Location: elegant diner on SB 214
Timeline: 11 April 2392


Their food was delivered, the waiter promising to return later to see if they needed anything else.

Ryder smiled as he shifted his food about his plate, he looked up meeting her eyes. "Honestly, between friends. How are you doing?"

She smiled warmly at the sincerity behind the question. It wasn't a nicety; he really did care. "I'm doing my best," she said gently. "I mean, the job is good, much better than my last..." she gave a wry smile at that, shaking her head. "I feel like I'm actually using my brain, making a difference, you know? I's just hard to fit in with all of those clean cut, all-federation heroes. I'm...not like them. Make sense?"

"Of course Dahlia, I can honestly say I never met another fleet officer with your background. You sold yourself for a long time in places where what you had to deal with would make most fleeter types to uncomfortable to even think let alone accomplish anything. You have a skill set, my only real concern is your handler may decide to use those skills rather than assign you to reasonable task." His eyes were easy to read, his friend, well once friend in Intelligence had used her old skills for an undercover mission putting her at risk with no real back up. Ryder had moved in furious at the situation.

Ryder took a deep breath "just keep in mind you are one of them now and don't let yourself be used inappropriately." His expression grew into a rather naughty grin, "if you want someone to use you inappropriately look me up."

His concerns registered in Dahlia. She didn't take them lightly, or brush them away. She knew he was right, even if she hadn't thought of it that way before. She stored it away, lodged his notes in her mind to keep and use when needed. She eased though at his last comment, the comic relief of it bringing her easy smile back. "Are you never tempted?" she asked lightly as she leant in to him. "Not...that...I work for Starfleet now."

He reached under her skirt high up her inner thigh almost but not touching her sex. "You I am tempted almost to the point of breaking." Ryder squeezed her leg and stroked his fingers back down her leg. His red-faced smile faded though as he added "I spent many years in the marines. Now I take assignments as a free lancer from the fleet but not as part of it. I learned not to trust in superior officers the hard way."

That roguish twinkle returned to his eyes, "which works for me, keeps me free to provide back up to those I do care about." Ryder looked away "I know you need to belong Dahlia, I hope nothing ever happens to change your mind." He stood "ready to dance?"

Dahlia took in what he said, filing it away somewhere, so she could gather and learn about this man. She nodded with a warm smile, taking his hand. She was already moving with the music as they made their way to the dance floor. She hooked her arms around the back of his neck, swaying easily with the Latin style beat. "Show me how they teach you to dance in the marines..."

His hands on her hips he began moving with her "well before the marines my friend. When I was still in school my Sensei decided I needed to move with a more fluid motion. So I had like six years of dance lessons. It was fun, and he was right I met girls because I could dance. Maybe not back than but since becoming a marine." Ryder laughed "I mean what would we do if I could not dance, it is not like I am good at small talk."

"I don't know, you're doing pretty well so far," she assured with a warm smile, sighing contently. Her smile widened as she heard the opening bars of a very old song. "Oh I love this a little cafe just the other side of the border, she was just sitting there giving me looks that made my mouth water..." she sang along easily as they moved.

Ryder tried to think if he knew she could sing? It was strange how he could remember nuances pf her expressions and the way her ass swayed when she walked but this was something that he thought she had done before but he just could not remember. Then this was about the first time they were together when their lives were not at risk! He had to wonder what the odds were that she would approach him as a trick, just another customer to sell her body to, and end up here as an officer in Starfleet. Her intended goal in life. It was enough to make a person believe in fate.

His hands drifted to her ass as she sang and he was just caught up in the moment to not think about how short her dress was. He pulled her tight against him, his eyes locked on her's as for that moment in time there was just her and him and nothing else. He had been here before, twice, three times and each and everyone of those women had left him angry at his dedication to service. He smiled thinking he would lose Dahlia because he had no dedication to service, the irony not lost on him. Still his eyes were to honest to hide the love her felt for her, and her voice had lowered his guard to reveal his true feelings.

Dahlia smiled at not just seeing but also feeling the change in him, the more relaxed state. And it undeniably made her happy. He deserved it. She knew it was somewhat...complicated between them, all from her own fault, she knew that too. But she only wanted him happy, and comfortable.

Her hands were clasped around the back of his neck, her fingertips stroking the nape before she turned, leaning back against him as they swayed, pulling his arms tight around her as she continued to sing. "Come a little bit closer, your my kind of man, so big and so strong, come a little bit closer, I'm all alone and the night is so long..."

When she turned around he no longer was lost in her eyes and he started coming back to reality. He enjoyed having his arms around her and her butt grinding against him. It all made him wish he could but he was sure if he gave in to his desires he would lose her forever. Just the same he was still weak and his hands were over her breast, his fingers tweaking her nipples for all to see.

She couldn't help but laugh warmly at the caress, her head tilting back to his shoulder so she could see him. She managed to keep the beat, her hips moving with the lilt in the rhythm. "I always think of you when I hear this song."

Ryder laughed "Really?" He looked into her eyes and melted as he kissed her deeply, his hand on her cheek, pulling her around to face him. The kiss lingered long as he continued dancing in a small circle as they continued the kiss. After the kiss he laid his forehead on Dahlia's, his heart pounding. "I apologize Dahlia, I did not intend to but I have fallen in love with you."

"Then don't apologise," she whispered with a smile from the warmth in the kiss. She kept close to him, comfortable against him as she held the back of his neck, her thumbs stroking it even as she held onto him. "I know it's selfish, but I don't want you to be sorry for that."

"I am glad,I would hate to feel I fell for someone who did not at least enjoy the prospect of my attention." Ryder tilted his head. "I suppose I should escort you home now Dahila. It is getting late and at least one of us is working a day job with the fleet."

Dahlia searched his eyes, her smile gentle and calm even if a mixture of different emotions and thoughts were fighting through her at the words. She ended up sighing, resting her head against his shoulder. "I wish I'd met you a long time ago, Macloud."

"Maybe, maybe not Dahlia, I was much different many years ago. I was a believer in the system and dedicated to making the Galaxy safe. I was very naive and I had hope that the Galaxy could be saved from war if only the 'right people' were strong enough to enforce such a condition." He took her arm to walk with her. "Now I have learned there are no 'right people' and no one wants peace except the some of the warriors." He leaned into her as they entered the turbolift and he picked the right deck where she had quarters when she stayed on the base. As usual he seem to know more than he had a right to know.

He walked with her to her door and put his hands on her shoulders. "Good night Dahlia." Le closed the distance one hand sinking low around her waist the other slipping forward. His finger drifting through her hair, massaging her scalp. He tilted her head and kissed her deeply. There was passion and desire in his kiss and embrace. After a long kiss he squeezed her. He whispered past her ear "till next we meet Dahlia. If you need me just send word." He released her stepping back to leave.

Dahlia watched him with dark eyes, breathless from the heat of the kiss, leaning back against the arch of her doorway. "You're wrong, you know," she said softly, her lips reddened from the kiss and pale skin flushed. "It wasn't naive to believe those things. So many people feel and want them too. They just don't know how to make it happen. They're...stuck, in the machine, too scared or helpless to try and stop it, too caught up to get out. And they need people like you, who have the strength to make a difference."

Ryder shook his head, "that is just it Dahlia. I might have saved a few individuals from pain and suffering. Taken a few bad players from the Galaxy. When the fleet left my Marines to die though, it was more than I could stomach." He shook his head stepping away, "I am not so sure this is the life for me, hunting people it changes you, I am not so sure it is for the best. I will think on it."

He turned to go wondering why he had lost much of his anger. As he walked away he realized since meeting Dahlia, except for his rage at Locke for screwing Dahlia over, his anger had been less. He supposed love and hate had a hard time dwelling in the same heart. If he was losing his rage maybe it was because he was gaining something more positive to replace it. He was deep in thought as he waited for the turbolift.

Dahlia watched him with a small smile, her head resting back against the arch of the door, her foot lifted to press back against it. "It matters, you know," she called to him. "You might think of them as just a few individuals in an ocean of people, but they're all just as important as the greater good...." she shook her head, tilting it as she watched him with warmth. "Every person counts. Every one of us. Saving one person, one soul, is as important as saving a world. It is everything to them. It was everything to me."



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