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Breakfast Club Part 1.

Posted on Sat May 4th, 2019 @ 11:18am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Lieutenant Commander Anlya D'Tries & Lieutenant Commander Morga Harf & Lieutenant Lorix & Lieutenant Narira Atay & Petty Officer 2nd Class Bettina Davies EMTP/PO2 & Petty Officer 2nd Class Alec Drake

Mission: Mission 29: Shore leave, supporting Leadership of SB-214
Location: 214 Diner -- SB 214
Timeline: 15 April 0735
Tags: All


Typical of her 'Not a Morning Person' persona, Bettina was running a bit late this morning, so she was trotting along the corridors that led to the station diner where the crew was supposed to gather for breakfast. Of course, she just considered the pace she set as 'warm-up exercise', so that way, at least in her head, she was that far ahead of the game!

As she entered the diner, she slowed, then hesitated, looking around, trying to spot other crew members. The place was chaotic, but then, the station was teeming with teams that were going to be competing in the games, and on top of that, it seemed like there was some sort of school field trip or something, since there were an inordinate number of children running in packs!

It took a moment, but she finally spotted some familiar faces and grinned, then went through the buffet line, resisting the urge to pick good choices like pancakes and biscuits and gravy for more healthy (boring) options like a veggie omelet and fruit...she was 'in training', after all, and once the games were over, then she'd splurge.

Tray held high enough to be out of head-butting range of wild young harridans, she navigated her way to the table where the others were, and was nearly there when someone shoved her from behind...

At least, that was what it felt like, only an instant later, there was a loud roar, then she was lifted off her feet and pitched forward. The tray flew from her hands, food and water mingling with other debris that rushed past her.

As she hit the deck, her chin impacted with the plating, jarring her teeth and stunning her for a second, but not so much that deep in her stunned brain she was aware that there had been an explosion from the direction of the kitchen and she needed to check if anyone was injured.

But first, she'd rest for just a few seconds...


Narira was half way through a four cheese omelette -carefully replicated to remove anything too interesting, like fats, cholesterol, calories and taste- when the doors to the kitchen blew out. They hit the counter, snapping in two. It was a pause just long enough that she was able to throw herself down and the top half of the doors slammed across the serving counter throwing trays of food and cups and crockery and cutlery every where.

In the wake of the flying debris the rest of one door sliced through where her head had been a second earlier, and came to rest a few feet beyond, gouged into the deck floor. Narira risked raising her head to peek at it, her blood went cold for a moment.

Ears ringing, she pulled herself together. There were people injured, and fires in the kitchen. Where was fire supression? Why wan't that coming on? As others in the diner tried to get out, she got unsteadily to her feet, and headed further in.


Anlya had decided that it would be nice to grab something fresh rather than replicated and headed down to the diner. She knew that Ryder was not a big eater in the morning, heck he almost never was but a little more something than coffee and toast might peak his interest.

She was musing about having the time together and not being off on some adventure or duty someplace for once when it seemed the floor made a roll along with a freight train sound. It could not be an earthquake but it did not take long to realize that something had gone wrong when people started streaming past and some were injured but in shock. Though she had been a science officer for a long time now there was that medical background that still kicked in. There were likely to be more injured and while medical crews would arrive shortly at least perhaps she could provide some aid.


The fire depressors at the area on fire had been destroyed in the blast. However the smoke was soon sucked out of the area and fire retardants released around the affected area. Automated systems activated with escape routes from the area well lit up. There were six Operations crew injured and trapped within the area in flames, their very lives at peril. One man was screaming, four of those injured were unconscious. Damage control teams were gathering at jump off points already but the lack of leadership was still apparent in these emergency situations.


Lorix was just finishing her breakfast which had been a difficult task with so many people milling around, a large percentage of them being children who were clearly excited and very active. She had already had to get a second breakfast due to having been bumped into at reckless speed by a small child looking backwards as he ran along, clearly trying to talk over his shoulder to another behind him.

Having lost her tray by the last minute rounding of his head as she called out a warning of imminent collision - now Lorix had fetched another and was almost finished eating the contents safely.... so far so good. It was then that the explosion happened and all the good natured chaos turned to panic and pained cries.

Lorix leapt up, seeing people partially engulfed in flames and ran forward, removing her jacket to try to wrap it round and over the nearest victim, trying to smother the clothing he had on which was alight. It went out thankfully and she was able to try to keep him as calm as someone in such pain could possibly be, until there would be medics arriving.

She looked around to see if anyone else needed assistance but there were so many people in the diner that the uninjured were apparently helping everyone they could in their own vicinity.

Morga had gotten up early this morning, he had left Josie sleeping beside a long stemmed rose. Breakfast was laid out and ready for her and Durga he had left her a note as the family had one last day before they were going in a holiday to join his family he knew Betor would want to be close to Josie when she had her second child and they both had time owing on a service leave. He knew it wouldn’t be long enough but decided now would be a good time. He felt like an enjoyable breakfast.

As Morga was on his way to the diner reports were starting to filter through to him as one of the highest Intel people on or around the base, as that it was likely to be his job to investigate beside the local Chief Security Office, whom he knew to be a competent Officer as she had been on the Asgard before transferring. =^=Computer where can I find Lieutenant Lorix?=^=

=^= Lieutenant Lorix is in the Diner on the Promenade Deck 144 =^= the computer replied in a monotone robotic voice.

As soon as the computer told him where to find Lieutenant Lorix, Morga headed in that direction as he knew he didn't have the codes to get him through any door here as he wasn't a staff member here.

For several long moments, Alec Drake laid on the deck, ears ringing and mind reeling. Time was slow to him, voices more distant and reality warped as he blinked sluggishly. He was somewhere else, a lifetime away, on a colony seized by cardassians...cardassians literally underfire by the exploding fire bombs being thrown by the gangs.

He caught his breath, the sounds around him growing stronger until it almost hurt. Alec threw himself onto his back, drawing in several long breaths like a man who had been drowning, being dragged back into the present unceremoniously. As the realisation of reality hit in, he bolted upright, looking around with narrowed eyes to take in the situation.

Clambering to his feet, Alec stumbled towards the flames that still flickered, patches far enough away from the fire retardant to flourish. He pulled his jacket off and laid it firmly over flames to smother them out. The poloneck top underneath came off to smother the next patch that was too close to an injured man for comfort. He was breathing hard as he moved for the large table that had been covered in food, pulling the large decorative tablecloth off, dragging it over to smother the last of the surviving flames in his vicinity.

He paused long enough to catch a breath, rubbing his arm over his sweat and blood covered brow. Alec's mind kicked straight into damage control mode without him particularly realising. He motioned to another man who was nearby and appeared mostly unscathed. "Help me move them, they're safer in the middle of the room if they can't get out," he said firmly, already taking hold of a woman in his arms, lifting her as gently as he could with the clearly broken leg to set down out of the way of the sparking and damaged equipment.

The station internal defense system took over since there was an uncontrolled fire in the kitchen area. Areas were cut off as firewall doors locked into place. Air could not be sucked out of areas with living people in them so the protocols were still working but the security codes being redone made it difficult to get rescue teams where needed as the codes people had might not work.

Lorix straightened from helping an injured woman and as the fire doors kicked in around everyone she took herself to the front entrance and opened the door to the promenade deck, letting in the fire officers. Close behind them were the medical teams arriving and these were also a welcome sight.

A few minutes after Morga had confirmed where Lt Lorix was he came to the first of the locked doors on the Promenade he made contact with her. =^=Lieutenant Lorix this is Lt Commander Harf of the USS Asgard I am locked out of the Promenade. I'm not a station staff member I need the codes transmitted to be able to get through the doors.=^=

=^= I will send them to your PaDD Commander right away. We'll be most grateful to have your help Sir =^= Lorix did exactly what she said she would and the codes were sent almost instantly, allowing access to Morga and the team of helpers from many sections, all coming to provide much needed assistance.

As soon as the codes came through Morga started working with them to get through the safety bulkheads. Unlocking each as he got there.

Anlya managed to push past the crowd that was streaming out but at least a few indicated that there were others inside. They were panicked but finally seemed to get a hold of themselves and turned to head with her to see what could be done.

The ventilation system seemed to still be working as a lot of smoke had been cleared and one could hear the air handlers working hard. That being said they could not completely remove the smell of burnt flesh. She started checking on some that were on the ground but mostly dazed and she indicated to the customers that had stopped and returned to help move them as soon as she got a quick look over them.

"HELLO!" she called out. "I am a Doctor!"

Shaking her head, Bettina pushed to her feet, the sounds around her muffled, although the at least the smoke was starting to clear. Of course, there was still chaos as people tried to escape the area, or called out for help.

Her training took over and she pushed to her feet, looking around for a moment, then calling out, "If you can, move to the exit...even if you're hurt!" The first stage of triage...get the walking wounded walking...out of the way, they would survive to be treated when the more critical patients were taken care of.

Then she heard Anlya and staggered over to her, stepping over and around debris. "We need to set up triage," she commented, her heart racing but her head in control, although she didn't register at the moment that she was speaking to an officer. "There..." She pointed to where Alec had carried his victim with the broken leg, as good a place as any to set up a staging area and separate the patients needing immediate care from those who were delayed and could wait.

"Sir," she addressed Anlya again, remembering rank, "I can check for injuries and get the patients to you." The doctor could work with Alec in the treatment area.

Then she ran to Naria and Lorix. "I need your help...sirs..." God, sometimes ranks were a problem, but they needed to organize and she had the expertise in that area. "We need to get the victims to one place...there, by Dr. D'Tries..."



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