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I need to take a trip

Posted on Sat May 4th, 2019 @ 1:09pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant JG Serran

Mission: Mission 29: Shore leave, supporting Leadership of SB-214
Location: Captain's personal quarters
Timeline: 12 April/ 15 April 2392


It was not usual to request meeting with the Captain in his quarters. Even more unusual that the family be requested to attend the meeting. Anyone other than Serran and Wulfe would have had some concerns. Serran was a Vulcan though and he was a friend of Jem's and had been to their quarters for dinner a few times in the past. So Wulfe had asked Ethel to add another place at dinner. The evening everyone was present and Raymond answered the door as the kids were setting the table and Elisad was resting on the couch where she could oversee everyone. "Come in Lieutenant and welcome. As expected you are prompt. Please take a seat."

Jem looked up from where she's been folding napkins to look like lotus flowers. She smiled her cheeks coloring a soft rose.

"Getting fancy tonight Jem?" Stev asked as he went around placing the flatware next to the plates.

"I just want to test some of my home making skills Stev. Someday I want more than just my career.

A look from Ethel stilled Stev's tongue when he wanted to retort.

"We're having a polynisian themed dinner tonight Serran." Ethel smiled. "Tofu has been substituted to accommodate your diet of course

Raymond went to Elisad to help her up, she had not been feeling well of late and being pregnant he was more than a little worried for her. She had the best medical staff in the fleet looking out for her, that being her own staff! "Come time to sit to the table. I am curious as to what Serran has to say."

"I am as well, although anytime we can have Serran in for dinner is an occasion." She took Ray's hand and held it firmly for a few seconds as the rush of standing left her light headed.

Dinner went smoothly with only a small amount of dinner chatter. Serran being there was a puzzle and everyone sort of wanted to know why he was there. So as Ethel brought out dessert Raymond broached the subject to remove the elephant from the room. "So Serran you asked us all together, what is the situation?"

Serran looked to Elisad "As the mother of Jem I felt I should ask you but in her presence." He looked to Raymond and nodded "I felt as her step-father and Captain you should be present as well for what I wish to ask is quite a big change." Looking back to Elisad he made eye contact "Commander my Ponn Farr is next year and I request a medical leave to return to Vulcan. I very much wish to return to the Asgard though. So if you make it a leave I am still assigned to this ship."

"That can be arranged and of course we would want you back you are an irreplaceable member of crew." Amar spoke moving to stand only to sit down once more. "Ethel could I have a cup of ginger tea please?"

"Of course Eli." She bustled off into the kitchen.

Serran raised an eyebrow and he felt tense! "The next subject I wish to broach is about Jem. She wishes to be a scientist and I have sent her papers and research to Vulcan on her bee experiment. She has been through me requested to come and present her data to the Vulcan Botanical society. She is also offered two year prep school to the Vulcan Academy of plant sciences. It is a multi-race school but it is very prestigious and would speed her way through starfleet academy by a year. It is a well earned opportunity."

Serran looked to Wulfe "Sir to have her there by September of this year we would need to leave by the end of May. So time to decide is shorter than I would prefer." Serran looked to Elisad once more "I would of course see to her safety and introductions on Vulcan. I being her sponsor would be available to her except for my PonnFarr. By the time that affliction arrives she would be well situated in the Academy."

Serran looked to Jem with the proud gaze of a mentor. Would you like me to leave now so you can discuss this opportunity."

"I think that would be wise." Amar stated even as her face paled and she felt faint. Her eyes went to her daughter, she noted the sparkle of excitement in her eyes and knew it wasn't just the opportunity it was the idea of being with Serran.

Serran stood bowing to each person in the room and left without saying Anything.

Raymond whistled "now that was not anything I expected? Jem is pretty young to take flight. I don't know what to think. I think she should have a female caretaker in any case at her age. I trust LT Serran and all but woman often have woman problems?"

Stev laughed "Jem going to Vulcan with Serran? Wow! Does that mean I could go back to Trill and study there?" He obviously was envious and not thinking it through, just piping in with enthusiasm!

Raymond laughed "we will take this under advisement both of you. I don't expect to be pestered either. Your Mother and I will let you know."

***15 April

Dinner this time was very different than it had been just a few days ago. Everybody in the room knew all about the changes happening in just a few days. Jem was going to Vulcan, Stev was going to Trill. Ethel and her guy were going to Trill to open a restaurant together. Elisad was having a good bit of discomfort with her pregnancy but she was getting the best medical support around. She had been reading over the reports from Veloz for a couple days now.

Raymond looked over the table at the sad faces, there was a miz of so many emotions, but he felt sad was dominant tonight. Elisad was hurting and knew her two babys were going away for a long time off to places far away from her. Ethel had been a fixture in the home for over fifteen years, the new baby would have a different Nanny! That seemed impossible.

Serran and Jem would be leaving soon. Stev would be traveling with Ethel and George by a civilian transport. They would already be gone when Raymond and Elisad boarded the Galen to go to Veloz.

Raymond shook his head, "I think we need a game night. This place is like a funeral home and it just ain't right. We are all going different ways I know but we can still talk to one another and it is not permanent. What say you family. What game?"

The atmosphere did brighten and game names were called out. In the end Elisad picked a board game and Ethel got it out to set up. The evening still had moments but the mood had shifted up a few levels. Some of the excitemment of going someplace on your own started appearing on Jem and Stev's faces.

It was a good omen, the few nights left to come would be more lively as well as discussions on where to go and what to see kept the level of excitement peaked.



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