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SB-214 : Shoulda, woulda, but didn't, and an accident happens Part 2

Posted on Tue Mar 12th, 2019 @ 12:56am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Richardson M.D. & Petty Officer 2nd Class Bettina Davies EMTP/PO2 & Petty Officer 2nd Class Purrsephone
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Mission: Mission 29: Shore leave, supporting Leadership of SB-214
Location: SB214 jeffrey tubes
Timeline: 29 March 2392


Purrsephone used the ladder her safety line going slack as she climbed making sure the basket didn't sway or bump into the walls of the jeffries tube as they ascended. She paused and using the ratchet on her harness took up some of her slack so the lines wouldn't possibly tangle and cause another problem. Finally they made it to the top. "Grrrab the basket and slide him overrr Davies." Her voice breathy from the exertion of the climb.

With the help of the other workers, Bettina pulled the litter up to the deck then moved around to where she could work on her from a better angle. Quickly, she cut his clothes away so they could better see everything, but she left Purrsephone's bandaging -- the bleeding was controlled now, transport was waiting, but he'd have to be carried out, and before that, though, the life-threatening, immediate things needed to be addressed.

"He needs fluids," she confirmed with Purrsephone when the other medic got to them, "ane we have to reduce that pneumo." Two things that were killing him as they spoke, but where they could intervene.

"You want to get the fluids started and I'll dart his chest?"

Purrsephone had climbed out onto the jeffries tube floor then over to kneel next to the basket. She used a claw and tore his sleeve open so she could start an IV. "I think once we get this done we should move him out into the corrrridor so we can get a transporrrt lock."

"Right..." Bettina nodded, brandishing the large-bore needle she needed to reduce the man's collapsed lung. "Just a sec..." Looking down at the man, she warned him, "This is going to hurt like heck, but you'll feel better when it's done." He might not be that responsive, but hearing was the last sense to shut down, so it never hurt to talk to a patient.

Letting out a breath, she slid her fingers down the man's chest, counting to the third rib, then inserted the trocar over the top of the rib, sighing as there was a rush of air. "I'm in," she declared, rewarded as the man's blood oxygen levels started to go up and his breathing eased.

"Ready when you are."

"Rrready." Purrsephone spoke as she had attached anti gravs to the basket. "Let's get him moved. At a steady and smooth pace between then they glided the basket alone as they crawled free of the jeffries tube. When they reached the corridor she tapped her comm. =^=Emerrrgency medical trransporrt.=^=

Back on the Asgard

Jennifer’s fingers were already flying across the screen as she sent the speciifed coordinates to the transporter room that would allow the patient to materialize on the biobed across from her and her colleagues around it. While the station was capable of taking the man, it seemed right to finish what her colleagues had started.

Tom Watkins had been listening from transporter station-2 since the beginning. Bosun md assigned the transport to him and he was on standby waiting for the call. When Doctor Richardson sent the coordinates Tom entered them almost as fast as she said them. He already had the destination loaded in as he had waited for the 'go'. =^=Watkins here energizing now patient to arrive within two seconds.=^= In fact he activated as he called and the transport was completed by the time he finished speaking. He opened a channel to Davies and Purrsphone =^=This is Watkins I was wondering if either or both of you wanted a return to the Asgard or if you had things to finish up where you are?=^=

=^= I'm going to take carrre of the rreporrt herre.=^= Purrsephone responded. "It's near the end of my shift." She said to Davies as she thought to herself, after I file the report with the base on his rescue I'll be free for some shopping, maybe a new nightie for R'Sohl to tear off me.

"I think I'll go back up," Bettina declared. She wanted to get cleaned up, and besides, "I might have a hot date!" Well, and she wanted to check on the patient. "Thanks for the help, Purrsephone!" Then she tapped her comm badge.

=^=Daives to Asgard, you can beam to sickbay, please.=^=

=^=Watkins here PO2nd Davies. I have you locked on. Activating now.=^= A few seconds later Bettina materialized on the transporter pad. Tome waved "welcome aboard Doc, that was sure a tricky business you got into. That was something!"

For a moment, Bettina blinked as she got her bearings -- she hated transporting! -- then she smiled as she stepped off the pad. "Nah, Purrrsephone did most of the work, I just gave her the support she was a team effort, we needed the other workers, too, working right with us. I hope the guy is all right." She'd head to Sickbay and check on him, see if she could help.

Jenn already had the scrubs nearly on as she turned to the table on which the patient materalised. She knew the condition he was arriving in and took stock of the equipment still hanging off of him. Around her was a rush of people as equipment was pulled up. Thankfully at this point the case was less of an emergency, the ideal now was to keep stable, fix what they could and ensure nothing else went wrong. Here eyes watched the patients stats as she took a pulmonary scanner in hand and begun to tackle the collapsed lung.

"Bess can you get me the pulmonary support unit. This guy is going to need a little help while we fix him up."

"Yes of course Doctor." Bess went and fetched the unit bringing it over to the surgical bed. "Here you are doctor, we have a cross matched blood supply standing ready." She spoke as she handed the pulmonary support unit to Doctor Richardson.

Taking the equipment in hand, Jenn still tried to focus on what was happened. The vitals signs, the fluctuations; it was all so vital in making this work. "I was hoping we'd manage without but get the first unit set up. He's borderline and we had better make this as easy as possible before anything else. I also need 10cc's of inaprovaline."

"Yes Doctor." Bess nodded and loaded the hypospray with the correct ampule and handed it over to her. She then began setting up the IV. She then used a latex band on their patients upper arm, tapped the inside of his arm and found a raised vein. She used an antiseptic swab, and took a needle from it's protective packaging, attached it to the IV tubing, then into the raised vein, following with an application of adhesive bandaging to secure it.

Slipping into automation, Jenn begun to work; relying on the nurses around her to watch the patient's stability and vitals from this point on wards. Her focus now was to repair what she could and get the patient back to the point he was was prior to the accident.

With the tension in the surgical bay it felt like six hours had passed and Bess felt the stiffness in her neck in shoulders although it was an hour and a half of assisting the doctor with an intensive case. She was glad to see the orderlies coming to take him to recover. "Dr Richardson, you must be exhausted."

Jenn almost didn't hear the nurse's words to begin with, watching as the last of the patient's chest closed over under the dermal re-generator before stepping back and taking a breath for what felt like the first time. Stepping back as she allowed the orderlies to take over, the Doctor rolled her shoulders as she felt the aches for the very first time. "You get used to it Bess. My experience is on the war field so honestly, this case is a walk in the park." The woman smiled over to her nurse, her words showing no cockiness, just honesty as a hand crept up to rub the back of her neck. "You've earned your evening off though Bess. You did a good job."

"Thank you Doctor, I hope the rest of our shift will be calmer. I'll be in the break room if you need anything ma'am." Bess rolled her neck feeling a couple pops. "There are sweet rolls and cookies in there."

Upon the mention of food, Jenn laughed as she heard a gurgle from the region of her stomach. "You go ahead, I need to clean up here. Try keep me one, lord knows when Jimmy gets his hands on them there'll be none left."

"I'll set one aside." Bess smiled as she left to remove her scrubs and wash up. She tilted her head slightly and wondered if Jimmy were someone new in medical, what with so many added and on varying shifts she hadn't met everyone yet.



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