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Asgard: From One Woman To Another

Posted on Sat May 4th, 2019 @ 12:01pm by Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Richardson M.D.
Edited on on Sat May 4th, 2019 @ 12:05pm

Mission: Mission 29: Shore leave, supporting Leadership of SB-214
Location: USS Asgard: Sickbay
Timeline: 15th April 2392


Pushing her fingers up to clear the loose strands of hair from her face; Jenn sighed as she gently tossed the PADD in her hand to one side. The patient was settled and comfortable, there really was no need for her to still be here which lead to the question, so why not leave? The answer was fairly obvious.

Moving the same hand over her face to try and wipe away the sleepiness tugging from behind, the woman couldn’t prevent the audible sigh as her arms then crossed over her abdomen. There was many a woman who’d jump at the chance to go running back to a man who made her feel the way that Kabar was, the same man waiting patiently in her quarters to improve upon those feelings; so why didn’t she just go?

The couple had semi jumped their first hurdle. Kabar seemed to understand she couldn’t give as much as him and seemed happy to settle with this, for the moment at least, so why then did she still find excuses to stay away? There was no denying the pleasure was addictive, the gap evidently going in favour of her lover’s stamina; but yet...why was she still seated here instead of rushing back to her quarters?

Amar had stopped in sickbay to make rounds. it wouldn't be long and Demic would be coming on for his shift. She paused by Richardson's office the door open. "Is everything in order Jenn?"

So lost in her thoughts, it took a moment for Jenn to even realise that she had company. It was a moment further before she realised that the woman seemed to have said something and was infact awaiting an answer.

Pushing the palm of her hand over her crown, the Doctor managed a small smile as the red blush flushed to her cheeks. “Sorry Ma’am...wool gathering. I would have thought you’d be putting the feet up and resting after all of the recent adventures.”

"Oh I like to check in even when it's not my shift. Wool gathering. Do you feel like talking about it? We can card the wool and get it ready for spinning." Amar smiled at her and stepped inside her office.

Jenn hesitated, the flush on her cheeks deepened just a little redder as for the briefest of moments she hesitated. Although they’d known each other a short time relations hadn’t really deepened to opening your heart levels with the boss. She had no other friends though, those she’s built before had moved on through redeployment and maybe that’s what she needed...a friend of sorts.

“Card the wool and ready it for spinning? I have to say that that is a new one on me.” Jenn indicated towards the chair facing her, an invitation to the woman to stay.

Amar chuckled and took a seat. "Women of many cultures and worlds over the ages would get together when they spun wool into yarn and talk over things. My mother even spun yarn for knitting as a hobby." She looked at the empty chair. "Do you mind if I put my feet up?"

Smiling Jenn shook her head as she settled back into her own seat, a little more comfortable at how casual things were becoming. "Of course not, the one biggest disadvantage of our job always come back to the amount of time we spend on our feet. It can't be easy on yourself as the pregnancy progress and you've to try and compensate for the extra balance and weight. This is your second pregnancy if memory serves me right?"

"Yes and I just started showing. So I'm in the adjusting stages. At least it isn't twins this time." Amar smiled and sighed as she slipped her shoes off and propped her feet up. "The swollen ankles this early is new but all pregnancies differ and I am older than I was when I had Jem and Stev."

“Technology, society and genetics can make it easier to have a baby at any age now days but unfortunately nothing can take away from your physical bodies capacity to cope with pregnancy itself.” Jenn shifted in her chair as she hoped that she wasn’t getting too personal. “How is the Captain adapting to the thought of being a Dad again?”

"Considering that this will be the first time he'll be involved from birth. I think he's adapting as well as any new father to be." Amar spoke with a chuckle then stopped as she felt a soft fluttering sensation.

The sto gave Jenn concern as she leaned forward, studying the woman’s face as she tried to infer if she was in any pain. “Are you ok Commander?”

"Oh I'm fine, the baby is simply making their presence known, just a flutter. Wiggling fingers or toes." Amar smiled with that expectant glow on her face.

Jenn couldn’t help but smile back at the warmth of the smile facing her, inadvertently the woman let her guard down as she said the words that she thought. “ I haven’t had the opportunity to play midwife since my academy years, but I remember back then that these were the moments to treasure. I always thought that there’d be enough time for a child. Do the married thing first, kick some medical ass, tend to marine wounds.”

"I never thought I would have time for marriage, that was why I had the twins by insemination from a sperm bank. But I have been so blessed, I fell in love with Ray, and he accepted the twins, then another son from his past arrived and our family grew, now our baby." She smiled at the other woman. "Jenn there are options if you want a child that wouldn't require a relationship."

Jenn couldn’t help but laugh, the sounds wasn’t malicious as she shook her head and glanced at the other woman. “I’m not sure I'm at that point in life to welcome a child. I just...” The Doctor hesitated as she tried to formulate the words, feeling surprise at the turn in conversation as she genuinely thought through what Amar was saying. “...I don’t know. I can bare manage a relationship with an adult, how on earth would I manage a relationship with a child?”

"You get a good Nanny to aid you with basic care and give you time to do the nurturing and love that a child needs. A child needs the basics but the most important is their mother's love." She smiled as she thought of how much Ethel had become an integral part of her family. "Our Nanny has been part of the family since the twins birth. Ethel has been like an older sister to me... She isn't afraid to speak her mind either." Amar said with a chuckle.

With the in conversation it only seemed natural for Kabar to cross her mind and the reaction was instantaneous when she paired Kabar and a baby together; Jenn’s face went white. “Can I ask...why have another child differently this time? If it worked so well last time by insemination, why have another with Captain Wulfe this time around?”

"I wanted to feel part of the both of us growing inside me, I wanted him to know the joy a baby could bring. Don't get me wrong I love and adore Stev and Jem, they are important to both of us, at least I like to think so." She smiled at how wonderfully Ray accepted her little family. "It is strange, before we were married, we didn't know about Brayden either." Her smile widened at the thought of the young man. "Now we have him, and his young wife. Families are such a blessing."

Coughing a little, Jen moved in her chair as she took up a tricorder in her hand; almost an object to keep her hands busy so as to try and force her mind to nolonger wander. "So your both doing things almost in reverse, start with the ready made family and end, as such, with a birth?"

At this point a beep on Jen's desk indicated an incoming message and the urgency of the beeping indicated a possible emergency. Neither Doctor hesitated as they moved to their feet; sharing a similar smile of apology as both remembered the inconvenience being a Doctor could often be.

"Maybe we can pick this up again sometime." Even as she spoke, the young Doctor grabbed a jacket from the back of her chair as she followed in her bosses wake.



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