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Family time with the Harf’s

Posted on Mon Apr 22nd, 2019 @ 10:38am by Lieutenant Commander Morga Harf & Captain Raymond Wulfe & Petty Officer 3rd Class Josie Harf
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Mission: Mission 29: Shore leave, supporting Leadership of SB-214
Location: Various
Timeline: 10 April 2392


Morga was playing Durga on the floor. Durga had discovered toy cars recently with his teacher but Morga had bee disappointed when told of the story about drawing on the wall. Though he had caught up with the teachers and was happy that they were keep his little graffiti until the had time to take a photo of it. Though he hoped that after it was photographed and place on the wall appropriately that they would ask Durga to help clean it up. He had laughed when when Autumn had actually showed him at how many babies were in Josie’s belly, according to the picture the family was expanding from the to about twelve in swoop. Rolling to the side He watch Josie in the other room. “So what’s on the cards today Josie?”

Josie came out of the head wiping her mouth she'd been brushing her teeth after a bout of nausea. "I suppose we could go to the base and do a little shopping. "

"Anything sounds good so long as it is with you my dear. Durga needs some new clothes so I guess we should take him too. Which would give puff a few hours to herself." Morga said with a smile. At least her nausea appear better this time around, though it was still early in there pregnancy.

"Sounds fine... I think we should pick up some new baby clothes too, Durga didn't leave many of his little outfits undamaged." Josie said with a smile as she looked at their rough and tumble boy.

“That is likely why we use heavier materials than most of the clothes humans would wear in a regular basis. Maybe even some more feminine clothes once we find out either way.” Morga said.

"I think for now some gender neutral newborn outfits will work." She smiled down at Durga. "We can stop for lunch too. Maybe get corn dogs, cheese sticks and onion rings."

Durga responded first and said “Corn dogs like mumma’s.”

Morga added to that “They will probably like mumma’s Durga but I think that is as far as their similarities extend. I have never tasted one as good as your mother makes. Though the onion rings sound nice.”

"I feel like I'm in a carnival mood. First stop is the photographers" Josie knelt down to fasten Durga's boots that looked like miniature Klingon warrior boots to match his outfit. She fussed with his hair. "Now Durga you have to remain clean until after the photos are done. These will be special pictures to send to your grandparents."

“Okay mumma but only if you promise to make sure it the place we go first.” Durga said as a young boy’s negotiation.

“That explains the idea of hotdogs, corn dogs do I expect popcorn might be on the cards too.” Morga said. It would the first time Durga would have tried it. “Mother is going to love this picture with Durga and I looking very Klingon.”

"I know we'll be sending many more once the baby is born but I want this special one of Durga before the baby starts steals the limelight." She smiled at her two men. "You are both so very handsome. I need an injection then we can go, I don't want to deal with nausea again today."

“We’ll stop in at medical on the way to the base. Is the Nausea worse this time?” Morga asked as cheerfully as possible as he hated seeing Josie sick, but in this condition even Klingon women were often Nausious ontop their normally waspish demeanor. That was an advantage that he had with Josie, she wasn’t waspish in the slightest without very good reason.

"A little, since it isn't just in the mornings, but it wont be long and I'll be past this stage." Josie smiled at him. "We don't need to sop in sickbay I have an anti nausea hypospray prepped and set for dosage I'll be out in a minute." Josie went in their room and got the kit down from a high cupboard in the closet, one that was too high for Durga to explore. She quickly injected her hip and put the kit up. "Alright we're ready to go."

Durga got up and ran quickly to his mothers side. Morga couldn’t blame him but quickly picked up his toys and put them in his toy box before he joined them with a quick “Don’t forget to put your toys away when your finished with them please, we don’t Mumma getting hurt and getting cross at you at the moment do we.”

“Sorry Dadda I’ll remember remember next time.” Durga said looking a little glum at forgetting in his haste to have the pictures done so he could start getting dirty as he had promised to remain clean until after the photos.

“That is okay son Mumma has you on a photo promise so I understand.” Morga said and took Josie’s hand and said “Right ready.”

"Lets go, Puff you behave now and stay out of the cupboards." Josie spoke to the cat as she bustled her family out the door. "I think we need cat safety locks on the cupboard, she had the pans out and scattered when Durga and I got home today."

Powderpuff let out a lack lustre growl that was also part purr which was a statement of Awwwwww Mumma it wasn't my fault I didn't do it. Durga dared me too."

"Were they away when you went out? Just don't be so sure it was all Puff. Okay Durga was out but were the cupboard closed cause she doesn't actually have hands to open the cupboards." Morga said before adding " Though the child proof and cat proof locks are probably a good idea."

"Yes, I'll show you when we get back, there are slight scratch marks along the bottom edge of the cupboard." Josie spoke with a sigh. "That cat is too smart for her own good, she's going to get hurt if she keeps getting into things."

"That tells me that maybe we should be looking for some cat toys to, because it sounds like she was getting bored and looking for more adventure." Morga said.

"Good idea maybe something that hides toys so she has to fish for them." Josie spoke. "Oh I should have brought the wagon." She said as she thought of all the things they were going to buy and hauling a little boy that would get tired and want carried. "I suppose we can have our packages transported on board."

“We could go back for it we haven’t gotten that far yet, though if we’re going back for it we should think of everything we might have forgotten the first time.” Morga said with a gentle laugh.

"You go get it, I'll double check the bases shopping decks for bathroom locations. Durga is a big boy but needs his potty breaks right Durga?" Josie said with a proud smile as she looked down at her son.

Durga said “Mumma!” As he said it the brown of his facial skin darkened in colour, in shocked embarrassment.

Morga laughed and said “Okay what is the name of the photography shop I will see you there if I haven’t caught up already.”

"Randle and son photography, they specialize in family photos, and they'll have prints with choice of framing, along with the digital options." Josie smiled and took Durga's hand. "Lets go Durga, you be strong so mommy wont have to carry you." Another glance at the padd in her other hand and she noted any bathrooms on the way. "Don't take too long Morga."

“Randle and son.” Morga said before thinking about the rest of what Josie said and added “I like the digital idea though a few framed ones might be good too so we could watch our family grow over time too and so can our parents too with the other framed copies. I will go directly to the studio and if I don’t see you there I will work my way back until I find clues to you.” He gave both Josie and Durga a kiss.

"Yes I want to do a wall of family portraits one each year." Josie said after he kissed her.

“That sounds like a very good idea and as I said before I expect my parents would love keep up with copies too.” Morga said with a smile as he turned back to grab the wagon.

Josie had Durga's little hand held in her own smiling down fondly at her little warrior. "Oh dear. Durga I think Mommy is in need of a potty break. Well you come with me and hold onto my purse?"

Durga nodded his face serious with responsibility. Daddy only got to hold mommy's purse once in awhile. “It okay Mummy, Daddy will catch up soon.” He hoped he was right.

=======Meanwhile with Morga=======

He had walked back to their quarters. He loved his quarters they were furnished with love, he was thinking of how he would change the children’s room just in case his and Josie’s second child was a daughter.

Entering the lounge area of their home He smiled and picked up one of Durga’s favourite toys and said to himself “Why not have a toy to keep Durga’s attention while they had the picture taken, photographers had been using the technique for centuries to get photos of children.

Once he had the toy and the carriage he set out again. He headed through the halls and just after he arrived in the area around the shopping area he saw Josie and Durga still guarding her purse coming out of an corridor her expected went back to the toilets. “Hello you two!” He said rather than sneak directly up behind them and follow them like his job would have “I think I have a great idea for lunch!”

"Oh that's great, I do have a few cravings too." Josie squatted slightly to take her purse from their son. "You were wonderful watching mommy's purse Durga. We may need to find you a new toy for being such a great security guard."

Durga’s eyes lit up at being offered another new toy “Really mummy, the job wasn’t that tough. All I had to do was hold on tight.”

“Hopefully the owner won’t set me up with a wacko this time! Though we were in the middle of a fight to liberate the station at the time. I expect most people were a little crazy at the time.” Morga said.

After hours of walking around loving his family Morga was carrying Durga who was asleep on his shoulder. They had their photos taken and transferred directly to the Asgard from Randle and son photographic shop on the base, taken lunch in the doughnut shop where he had originally met his contact on the station and what a lunch it was. The owner had probably put on too much on for just three. As they arrived home Morga had decided to let his parents know of the decision that Josie and he had made about going to see them during their lunch.

"Computer a Message from Lieutenant Commander Morga Harf and Petty Officer 3rd Class Josie Harf and their son Durga to Ambassador Dorga and Mrs Betor Harf. Mum, Dad, as we are so close to where your stationed at the moment and we have a shore leave we thought we would come for a visit during our shore leave. I know mum will love to spend time with Josie and spend some time with her little man too. We had a picture taken of the family today and shall bring your copy with us when we visit. I have to approach Captain Wulfe for permission of course but I don't see foreseeable problems with that seeing as your only a sector away. we all miss you and permission pending expect to see you soon. Morga out." Send that highest priority. Morga said knowing if he didn't his personal mail would be read by half a dozen Klingons before they decided it ws personal and involved nothing untoward.


Love and respect always Jana AKA Josie, from Your loving Friend Kenneth AKA Morga, for favourite Klingon.


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