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Scratching the surface - Part 1

Posted on Sat May 4th, 2019 @ 11:09am by Lieutenant Narira Atay & Lieutenant Yukime Winters
Edited on on Sat May 4th, 2019 @ 11:12am

Mission: Mission 29: Shore leave, supporting Leadership of SB-214
Location: SB214 and unnamed asteroid
Timeline: April 14th


Narira hauled her kit bag up the entry ramp to Yukime's runabout and dropped it onto the nearest bunk. They were only supposed to be going for a few days, out to an unhabited asteroid a good half light year away from the station, the asgard and any shipping, or any other possible sentient mind. Narira had chosen it specifically so the only risk would be to themselves. But considering what was going to happen was dangerous to both of them, she wanted to make sure she had everything she wanted, and didn't have to waste time replicating them. After all, she would be likely in the middle of an anuerysm.

"Ready to go?" she asked the white haired pilot.

"She's all checked over and ready. Even got the captain's permission. I had to file flight plans just so you know. We can't just completely drop off the radar. Got a bio tent and fields so we don't have to confine ourselves to the tin can when we are there. Got your meds just in case?"

Narira patted her kit bag. "Meds for me, and their counter agents if you want to hurry things along, emergency painkillers, everything you'll need and plenty of spares." The rest of Yukime's statement caught up with her. "I wasn't trying to be off the radar, just wanted to be out of the way. Minimum safe distance."

"Oh I meant that enough people from the Asgard know where we will be at so if we do not check in after a day someone will come looking for us. There is still the chance, small of Talarian activity along with the usual stuff that goes on around a station." She thought a moment about Hondo and then added, "Asteroids as stuff make convenient spots to stash contraband going in or going out. I pity the fool though that might show up unannounced. Well good enough, shall we?" Silk made a sweep with her arms and hands toward the shuttle.

Narira settled in the co-pilots seat. "Onwards and upwards." she agreed. "Strike whilst the iron is hot, and all that."

Silk just chuckled and lifted the shuttle off gently and got the final permission to depart. Traffic around the station had really taken a distinct jump upward since going back into Federation hands. Thus there was no mad dash away as they had to thread their way through the traffic. After a point, the traffic thinned away and Silk could take more time from watching for freighters, shuttles and ships.

"So a few days alone with a pretty woman. You don't happen to bat for both teams do you?" Silk asked with a bit of twinkle in her eye.

"I don't really bat for anyone." Narira double checked her system board was green. "Too much of a risk to other people, that sort of intimacy." She'd found that one out the hard way.

"Well then missing out on a nice aspect of life. We will see if can change all that. Besides," she gave a sideways grin. "I am pretty good at holding my own mental wise at least." She made a small correction in course and then nodded and sat back letting things cruise. "So when did you really start having problems? When I was on Betazoid most did not really have much problems until about eleven or so."

"I was born switched on." Narira replied. "There were problems before I started school. My temper tantrums could be heard at least five hundred meters away as a toddler. and by the time pre-school rolled around I couldn't keep people out. i've been taking varying drugs since I was three. "

"WOW! That must have been hard. I really did not start 'hearing' voices until I was a pre-teen. You have a heck of a gift, something really special. Well I will not claim to be the greatest teacher in the universe, made plenty of mistakes myself but hopefully we can get you something. " Silk made a bit of face, "Once on the meds then you were pretty much blind headed. When I was on Betazoid, they tended to make a little fun of those. Childhood must have been rough. However, many of the kids resented anyone who was Betazoid that was on their level or better. One reason I wanted to train in Bushido and all. I got into enough fights and wanted to hold my own. Now that I have gotten pretty good at." She grinned. "I can teach you some of that as well. "

"Children are just horrible," Narira agreed. "But some of their parents weren't much better. Vulcan was nicer. No one considered my problem just a lack of character." With all the settings green there wasn't much more for Narira to do. "What's Bushido?"

Silk smiled and leaned back in the chair. "Translated it means the way of the warriors. It is the code of the samurai. Yes there is a martial arts mastery as part to it but it also encompasses sincerity, frugality, loyalty, and honour until death." Her face grew more serious. "As a telepath you should know that truth is a near universal. We both know a lie when it is told to us and to another telepath a lie is soon revealed for what it is. It took me awhile to realize that being one and the code that went with it really fit into the framework of bushido. I am not sure the captain still trusts my judgment but I do think he sees the changes."

"So..." Silk changed the subject slightly. "Vulcan, then that is where I got that part of your dreamscape. The Vulcans must have been trying to teach you control. An interesting culture to be sure. So did you study at a temple?"

"For a while. Mostly after school. I wasn't there as an acolyte, more of a patient. But in their own way they were far more patient and kinder than the teachers on Betazed. I guess dealing with Vulcan teenagers teaches infinite patience, and I'm no where near as physically strong as your typical vulcan sulky teenager."

"Maybe not physically but if the bit of impression I got was any indication you could probably have really done some harm with a mental temper tantrum. Still...." Silk mused, "I think you really know and have a bit more control then you think. We need to work on that, getting confidence up." She did not quite wait for a response before pointing out the rock ahead. "There we go, our home sweet home for a bit. Want to give me a scan as I make a flyby and pick a nice cozy place?"

Narira leaned over the co pilots console, and switched it to the science view. The touch panels lit up and she initiated a scan. A few seconds found a large hollow, that looked like the site of a small meteor strike on its service. It had more than enough space to take the shuttle without requiring aerial gymnastics to get in it. "How does that look?" she asked

Silk made a few passes by and nodded her head up and down. "Looks as good as any, alright," she got the craft lined up and then gently set on down watching the walls go up and with a gentle bump the skids touched the rock below. "Well welcome to home sweet home for a bit. Now then, let's suit up and get the force field projectors set up. I will take the half to rear of the craft and you take the front, deal?"

"Got it." Narira moved to the back and tugged on an EVA suit. "I always worry i'm going to sneeze in these things." she said, before putting the helmet into place, checking her seals, and grabbing the case of the field projectors.

Silk laughed at the mental picture and then had to keep from a sudden urge to want to scratch her nose. Instead she concentrated on what she needed to do. It was fairly easy if one did not get too enthusiastic. While it would take a really good run and launch to achieve orbital velocity, one could find oneself on a very slow arc, something not needed here. So there was a lot of shuffling and dust kicking for a bit but finally the generators were set up and with a sort of yellow blue arc formed a bubble over the crater. At least now if one bounced the field would keep you in place. The next was to have the supplies began to make an atmosphere. A few hours of that and they could have a sort of barren campground to play in.



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