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SB-214: The Herculean games part 2. training

Posted on Mon Apr 29th, 2019 @ 8:59pm by Captain Kabar Brannigan & 2nd Lieutenant Doug Cameron & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Gunnery Sergeant John Stryker II & Petty Officer 2nd Class Bettina Davies EMTP/PO2 & Gunnery Sergeant P'Rorash & Private 1st Class Darrick Nolan & Private 1st Class Nathan Snow & Private 1st Class Brayker Sledge

Mission: Mission 29: Shore leave, supporting Leadership of SB-214
Location: gym
Timeline: 2-11 April 2392

1st LT Brannigan team leader
2ndLT Cameron team
Bettina team
P’Rorash team
Stryker team
Gianna Zhulang Medic
PO 3rd Ralph Henderson Alternate
Private Kendra Reys team
Nolan alternate
Snow team
Brayker Sledge team


[Pillar/rock challenge: Brannigan, Brayker Sledge, Kendra Rey]
Kendra was in the gym lifting weights, not the typical ones on the bench press but practicing lifting varying weights of large naturally shaped stones. She needed practice with balance when lifting them to place on the post, without causing both to topple down. She'd heft it up, get the stone waist level then have to change her hand positions in order to lift higher and put it in place. with no actual grips, bars or handles this was not an easy task. Again the rock tumbled to the floor just missing her toes as she jumped back. "Damnation!! what is the trick to this?"

Sledge came in and watched her "never send a girl to do a man's job." He went to a stone by a pillar "Woman should stick to the brain work and leave the brawnie stuff to guys like me with thick skulls. "Now if you want to get this you flip the rock over till a fairly flat side is down." he rolled the rock three times till it sat still. He straighten and raised the post to the proper height for him. He lifted the rock and set it on the post. It was all one smooth lift and he set it down smoothly. "See just tossing it up there like a he man just doesn't cut it even brawnie need some thought. Feeling all full of himself he leaned against the post and the thing toppled and he almost fell, barely catching his balance before he hit the ground. he stood straight looking confused. "Who would of thought I was dumb enough to lean on that?"

Kendra quirked a brow at him. "It is better not to be so cocky, are you sure they will have rocks that have a flat side?" Her interest was more on the boulder she kept turning to find a flat spot than the man's antics after she saw he didn't wind up hurting himself.

"I can not say for certain but all of these have a flat side that will not roll if you are careful." Sledge went from rock to rock rolling them each till they made a definite stop. "See, they all have a side they are less likely to roll from. Find that side and you will save yourself a lot of time."

"Well here's hoping they don't try to slip one without a flat surface in on us." With her words she finally got one of the large rocks to steady on a flat bottom, she then set the pole and then lifted the rock chest high, where she switched from holding it with her whole hand to raising it higher until it rested on her fingertips, with a grunt she lifted it on the pole and stepped back to see if it were going to be steady or tumble off.

Brannigan came in and looked over the rocks, He rolled out twenty "Kendra find one without a flat spot if you can." He looked at Sledge and tilted his head "Well give her a hand, you signed up for this challenge as well."

"Well this will certainly get the appropriate muscles warmed up to the challenge 1st Lieutenant." Kendra bent to the task. "Wasn't there someone being punished in greek mythology by rolling a huge rock up hill only to have to do it again once he made it?"

Sledge shrugged I heard of Titan having to hold the planet on his back? I will check on this rock rolling guy."

==========Marine training holodeck==========

[5-mile cross country run: P'Rorash, Stryker]
P'Rorash had decided early on that he and any of the distance runners should use the training holodeck and that was where he was. He had decided to use it because it allowed him make his back pack heavier or lighter and allowed him to run for miles, as he got the route for the run he could practice it without actually being using the station track to do it.

[Swim Rescue: Cameron, Snow, Bettina]
While Bettina wasn't particularly fond of water (she believed she had been born a Caitain in a former life), she had signed on for this, so she was going to go all-in. Besides, Doug was here and that was enough to hold her interest...that, and the fact that she was going to do her best for the team and the ship!

After a couple of warm-up laps around the pool it was time to practice, although she wasn't exactly sure what that meant. Still, she had an idea.

"All right, Doug, pretend like you're drowning and I'll save you." She gave him a cheeky look. "There might be some mouth-to-mouth in it for you..." Immediately, her cheeks took on a bright red hue.

Cameron laughed "hmm, might be worth pretending to drown that? Keep a look out for when you get to the finish line." He goaded her with a comment, "For someone struggling to get out of the water."

[Agility Run: Bettina, Brannigan]
"I'm agile," Bettina muttered her mantra as she looked over the impromptu course that had been set up for practice, "I'm fleet of foot, I an a leaf on the wind..."

Glancing over at Brannigan, she shrugged. "Do they give credit for effort?" She doubted that! "After you...I'll be right behind you."

"Afraid not but effort might get you farther than you might think." Brannigan moved like a mountain goat, sure footed hopping from post to post. Often landing on only one foot before moving to the next post with the other foot. His balance was superb.

The training went for naught other than to hone skills as the games were cancelled due to some organizational problems on the civilian side of the preparations.



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