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Asgard: Stubborn problem

Posted on Thu Mar 21st, 2019 @ 5:27pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Lieutenant Narira Atay & Senior Chief Petty Officer Gavar

Mission: Mission 29: Shore leave, supporting Leadership of SB-214
Location: shuttlebay deadline hangar
Timeline: 7 April 2392


Gavar was frustrated and that took a lot to make him thus. The diagnostic on the engines was showing 99.995% sync but he could hear them running out of line. He had rerun the diagnostic three times himself and the team that had called him had done it a dozen before. They could not find the problem so they could not fix it! =^=This is Deck-Chief Gavar. LT. Atay when you have time could you give us a hand?=^= Gavar seldom ran into a problem he and his deckhands could not fix. This Danube though was just not responding as expected. They were using them hard for mid range patrols and a dead-lined boat was not acceptable.

With the cloak dealt with, but the ship docked, Narira hadn't expected to have much more to do for the rest of the day, having set off some level four diagnostics that would need to run over night, so the call caught her by surprise, just in time to save herself from getting changed into her off duty clothes. "I'll be there in a sec." Always better to deal with problems when they arise. Stitch in time..."

She headed back to the shuttle bay in question, replaiting her half undone hair, she didn't want it dangling in anything. "So whats the problem?" she asked, walking on to the flight deck and looking for the petty officer. "Serious?" She asked a bit too cheerfully. She liked a good puzzle. Especially when it wasn't about to kill her.

CPO Gavar stepped front and center "I am really sorry to bother you LT. Atay. This Danube is reading almost perfect on the diagnostic, but we can hear the erratic non-sync of the engines? Both engines are running fine separately, and like I mentioned to link checks out well above needs. You can hear and feel the link is not in synchronization. We traded out so many parts already is almost a rebuild? I need to get this boat back online Lieutenant or I would not have bothered you."

Narira frowned "You can hear the probelm, but its not coming up on diagnostic?" That was not good. It meant there was a glitch in the internal sensors and feedback system as well as what was ever wrong with the engine. "Okay, fire her up, let me have a listen." If she could hear it, she might know what was going on. "Its not a trouble at all."

Gavar signaled a tech at the controls and activated one engine. It started and ran smoothly. Once the engine checked the second was started and ran smoothly. Both engines ran nearly at a 100% efficiency. As soon as they were sync-ed together the roughness in both was easily noticed but the diagnostic showed them in perfect synchronization? Gavar looked to the Lieutenant "we can not make adjustments for fear of causing more damage?"

"Okay, first steps." Narira moved over to one of the external access panels and popped it open. "We're going to replace the vibration sensors inside the engine, because they are obviously not working." She looked inside the engine housing, and spotted the tiny device she wanted. It took a moment to unclip it from the motherboard, and she pulled it out, and threw it at Gavar. "Have a paperwieght. Well, more of a fidget toy, its not heavy."

Gavar nodded and called Younger "you heard the Lieutenant, go get the part she wants." Younger nodded and left at the run.

"Okay, now try it again. It could be the fault in the engines is caused by the faulty sensor. Becuase the diagnostic system is trying to compensate for a problem that isn't actually there." Narira shut the access panel and stood back so the thrusters could be fired again.

The right engine came online than the left engine as well both were running smoothly as before. However as soon as they were linked together the right engine bogged trying to pull the left and than the left raced ahead of the right and the chase continued as each engine would jump past then other rather than synchronizing. Only now they could see the problem and it was a fixable situation.

Gavar made a slicing motion to shut down the engines before they damaged each other. "You are welcome to stick around Chief. This repair should take less than a half hour and you can hear the results. If you wish to go though, you have my thanks. our two departments have always worked well together and I can see by your example that should continue. I really appreciate your help here. Say if you want a coffee? Something to drink? I can send someone." Gavar never thought to say non-alcoholic because this was the shop floor.

"Plomeek tea if its going?" Narira always found it a comfort when she had a knotty problem to solve - a result of long days on Vulcan. "I'll stick around. A spare pair of hands at hand is always useful. You can ttalk me through what your doing, let me know if this shuttle has had any modifications?" A ship as unusually active as Asgard may well have to repurpose the usual compliment its class came with.

Gavar sent a tech for the tea, "Not this boat, it was a new replacement for the base that we transferred over. It is not a new boat by any means though. We had a Danube with a cloak at one time, before we had the Talon Scouts. Now we do maintain some T-9 shuttles with ablative armor for research inside Nebulae. That is an adaptation we have used sine May of '89. It was something Captain Wulfe helped make happen when we were in the Phendana Drifts. Those were the early days for our crew and the Drifts was a tough challenge to cut our teeth on.

The Tech returned with her teas as the work was being finished.

Gavar crossed his fingers "looks like we are ready." The right engine started and checked just fine. The left engine went live and was fine. Linking them together caused an error but using the linkage as it was supposed to be used aligned the engines to 99.899%. Well within the +/- .3 allowed. Gavar gave the team a thumbs up. "That looks like the cure Lieutenant. We will fine tune this a bit more. We like to stay a bit tighter but this is good."

"Nice job chief." She toasted him with her tea as the engines continued too purr in concert, as they should. It was a beautiful sound. "You certainly keep these ships in good order."

"Thank you Ma'am, I got a really dedicated team, that makes all the difference. We hand-pick every tech and pilot. We look for dedication first, skills second. We figure we can train the skills up to our standards but if they don't have the attitude? Well that is what makes the difference. Captain Wulfe told me himself what he looked for. What he wanted me to look for in my teams. So far it has worked."

"Sounds like he gives good advice. Ignorance is curable, indifference less so." she blew steam off the cup and took a sip. "So anything more I can do for you? I'm always happy to lend a hand."

Gavar looked around, "all else is routine maintenance or rearming but you are welcome to stay and check things out. Jump in where ever you want of course."

"Rearming?" She knew the principles, but her previous vessels had been science and survey ships. "I could use the refresher, if you've got the time?"

Gavar nodded "Grey-Hunters have four Raptors being rearmed, we are off-loading their micro torpedoes for inspection and reloading new ones into the magazine. While in port we take a flight at a time to inspect ordinance. We keep them armed and ready to launch otherwise." He walked with her down to the four teams doing the task. He pointed to an Andorian "PO2nd DeRoth. Lieutenant Atay was interested in watching and working with you here."

PO2nd DeRoth nodded "welcome Lieutenant what would you like to know, or where do you want to jump in at? Offloading is being done as well as loading. There were two carts at each raptor, one pair was offloading, visual inspection and loading on a cart. The other team was visual inspection and loading the magazine from the other end.

Narira looked at the raptors, feeling almost giddy with excitement. This was exactly the work shed been hoping for. A far more interesting posting than examining quasars. "Lets start at the beginning."


Lieutenant Narira Atay
Chief Engineer
USS Asgard


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