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Science: The Slingshot Meteor: Julia's adventure

Posted on Mon Apr 29th, 2019 @ 9:07pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Lieutenant Julia Wilson

Mission: Mission 29: Shore leave, supporting Leadership of SB-214
Location: Soverieign Lounge
Timeline: 12-14 April 2392


Nathan was looking at some PADD's on the last diagnostic run when he saw Julia walk into the lounge area. "Hey!" He stood and crossed the room to her, a whole three steps, and one was shorter. His arm slipped around her waist "so are you done for today? Can I get you a drink?" It was all sythenol but some flavors were better than others!

"Yes, please," she said after placing a kiss on his cheek. "I'm dead, no idea leading something like this could be so tiring."

Nathan nodded going to the replicator and bringing her back a fruity drink. "So would a massage help you relax? I happen to know someone who is quite good at shoulders and foot massages. He is available whenever you go to your quarters as well." His arm slipped around her waist once more. "Want to watch the stars here in the lounge for a bit to relax first?"

"I'd never say no to your hands on me," she said as she plonked down on the sofa in front of the window and accepted the drink he'd gotten for her. She held her head a bit crooked as she looked at him. "You know, I don't think we ever looked at the stars together. Which is stupid if you consider what I'm trained in." When he kept looking at her she padded the empty space next to her. "Well? I think you will like the view from here."

Nathan sat behind her and pulled her into his lap. His hand drifted through her hair as he looked into space. "It is a comfortable spot Julia. I can not tell you how often I wished to have you sit with me like this and just be together on adventures." His one arm around her waist, that hand on her belly he tickled her just a stroke of the fingers. "Now you are here and it is happening. I hope you can see how happy you have made me."

"I know how happy you are, because its exactly how I feel. Like its finally our time. After everything we fought for we can finally be together. I just feel silly sometimes that it took such a long time to come to this solution. That neither of us considered it before." She took a sip from her drink as she placed her other hand on the hand which he had placed on her belly. "But we had agreed not to discuss the past anymore and focus on the future. A future of being together." She leaned her head back against his shoulder and relaxed.

The stars streamed by and the engines purred, the vibrations of a healthy well kept boat around them. Nathan was more content than he had ever been in his life. These yachts had a lot of amenities as they were for ship Captains and Diplomats. This trip could last a long time as far as he was concerned. Time drifted by but he was loathe to get up and end this snapshot in life. He was feeling ornery though and his finger slipped higher under her hand to tweak a nipple between finger and thumb, He knew she felt it, even through her uniform and bra.

"Hey," she said as she playfully hit his hand away. "Not here, no matter how good that feels" She closed her eyes and leaned into him.

He kissed his fingers like they were burned and made silly pouty eyes at her. "If you touched me somewhere naughty I would not smack your fingers?" He shifted so she could feel he was getting aroused with her so close. "Maybe we should go someplace more private. I have not had you around enough to be bored yet?" His eyes were full of mischief as he teased her.

She turned around and she straddled him, a position where you could feel exactly what he meant. She put her hands on the seat, one on each side of his head and whispered "Is that so, mister." and places kissed near his ear.

He gulped air at this sudden show of assertiveness before he smiled "It was so before you turned around and it is even more so now Mrs. Lieutenant person. I do believe you know exactly what the situation is. Especially now, since you are in a perfect position to handle the situation." Nathan smiled wickedly "you know if you ever started wearing those skirt female uniforms this could have some real possibilities? Sitting as you are now that is." His expression was downright lewd at the moment. Like he was seeing her naked!

=^=Lieutenant Wilson. Bad news Ma'am. We have been recalled to the Asgard docked at SB-214. Is a direct order from Captain Wulfe Ma'am. No real explanation other than all personnel assigned to the Asgard are being recalled to the the ship.=^=

The message announced the Yacht class ship was back at the base by the morning of the 14th.



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