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Science: The Slingshot Meteor: a simple project part 2.

Posted on Mon Apr 29th, 2019 @ 8:59pm by Warrant Officer Bill Swenson & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant Julia Wilson & Lieutenant JG Tarah Swenson & Petty Officer 3rd Class Jason Thunderbird

Mission: Mission 29: Shore leave, supporting Leadership of SB-214
Location: base launch bay
Timeline: 12 April 2392

Science; LtJG Julia Wilson
Ensign Tarah Swenson (Amar)
Pilot; Ensign Gavin Wade and Ensign Bill Driscoll (wulfe)
Operations; CPO Nathan Wilson (wulfe), PO3rd Chris White, (open) PO3rd Brian Dunbar (wulfe)
Engineer; WO BillSwenson (wulfe)
Medical; PO3rd Jason Thunderbird (Amar) and CM3rd Gabrielle Hutchins (Amar)
Couples: Julia & Nathan Wilson; Bill & Tarah Swenson; Brian Dunbar & Gabrielle Hutchins


Bill Swenson and Tarah Swenson were among the first to arrive at the Sovereign class yacht. Since Tarah was going as a Science officer Bill had been assigned as the crew engineer. Bill carried their bags and his tools as he walked beside Tarah. They had been celebrating life quite a bit since the volcano mission on Casal. Bill was still smiling from all the affection he had been receiving and returning.

Tarah's color seemed brighter as she followed Bill, a mischievous smile touched her lips as she took in the shape of Bill's rear and strong thighs.

Nathan transported all their personal stuff directly to the yacht. The equipment to the Science bay they had worked on till late last night. Nathan turned to Julia "I still have a hard time getting all this resolved inside my head!" He was like a kid at Christmas, he reached for her hand "I never dreamed, never hoped to dream you would be going on space adventures with me!" They would be beamed over to the yacht from the Asgard.

Julia answered his smile and quickly put her head to his shoulder and took a deep breath. "Me neither. It still feels like a silly idea, but I don't regrets taking this opportunity. We should have done this years ago. Travel together, have adventures together. Think of all the opportunities we lost being together."

"Julia, the past is behind us. Just think of what the future holds though. This is the best of all adventures just because I am with you." Nathan his arm around her shoulders kissed her cheek. "Of course I have to say this, I told you so."

She softly hit him without saying anything. She hated it when someone else was right, even if it was Nathan.

The two pilots had spent the night on the base and were in fine shape despite the last evenings activities. They had quit early and detoxed before bed. They did not want to disappoint Silk, Talon, or their fellow pilots. The skills bar on the Asgard was already looking unreachable and neither wanted a black mark! Gavin Wade was senior for the trip just because Talon had made him so. Bill Driscoll had been envious till he saw where they were going and he felt the risks made being the one responsible less attractive!

Chris White, Dunbar hand in hand with Gabrielle, were walking into the bay together Their belongings beamed aboard a little while ago.

Thunderbird's gear had been transported ahead of him, he carried his med kit and smiled as he joined the group. "Hey Chris, Gabby, Brian. I hope I wont have to patch anyone up." His words held a soft chuckle.

Ensign Driscoll went into the passenger area and spotted Julia with her head on her husband's shoulder. he closed to a polite distance "Excuse me Ma'am but how soon do you wish to launch. Control has given us two windows for launch. the sooner on is twenty minutes, the latter is three hours from now."

She stood up straight, as she looked at one of the pilots. "Are we ready to leave? Is all the equipment on board?" She asked and looked at Nathan.

Nathan did not release her, as he looked around, "I know all equipment is aboard, we set up your science lab last night and secured everything for travel. Let me do a roll call." He raised his voice slightly "Sound off when you her your name." He squeezed Julia's waist "your here, I am here. He went down the list after that with everyone sounding off.

Nathan nodded "all present Lieutenant. Dunbar see to sealing the boat. White see all personal gear is secured. We can launch on your say so. Just need to give the word to buckle up."

Driscoll nodded "Flight is ready, by your command Lieutenant. "

"Then let's take that earlier slot," Julia said. "Let's get this show on the road."

Driscoll smiled and headed for the flight section.

Nathan smiled guiding Julia to a seat up front for the mission commander and he took the operations station. Once seated he opened the internal comm. Launch in 18 minutes buckle up."

Julia sat down in the seat and made sure she was ready for the launch.

Bill and Tarah sat on a passenger bench and buckled up, they had a good view of the inside of the docking bay at the moment.

Tarah took Bill's hand in her's and waited. She glanced out the window then leaned against Bill with a soft sigh. Things had heated up between them lately and she didn't want to have a long assignment cooling it down again.

Dunbar and White finished their tasks and sat on either side of Gabrielle and buckled up. Brian put his arm around Gabrielle and kissed her, excited to get to go on a mission with her. Most of his away mission had been highly dangerous so this was really nice.

Jason smiled at Brian and Gabrielle when they kissed, he then turned his attention elsewhere wondering if he would ever find someone.

Up front Wade was getting instructions for launch and naves to the buoy he was to proceed to. "12 minute to launch. All secure." Wade powered up the engines and ran his final preflight as this was a bigger boat than he was used too. Time dragged on but he finally could give a count down. "Launch in 10-9-8-This is so cool-3-2-1-launch!" The Sovereign class yacht was lifting from the deck and slowly moving on toward the big air lock. Passing through the force field caused a sort of ripple of light and sparks. Than they were in the black and weaving through the local traffic out toward the nave buoy. Wade called out "We are away, we are on mission!" His excitement was obvious.

Nathan took Julia's hand "We are launched you are free to move about the cabin." He sighed with a peaceful expression. "So Lieutenant, you have your first command under way. How does it feel?"

"Amazing," she replied as she looked at him. Hoping he could see in her eyes she was terrified.

"Your going to be fine you know. You have a top crew aboard and this boat is in perfect shape. This is going to be amazing Julia. Wait and see." Nathan slipped an arm over her shoulder. "You are amazing, this is going to pen your eyes My Love."

Since they were now en route, Tarah stretched and leaned across Bill as she looked out the view port, she leaned back in her seat. "Bill what do you think about cats?" She knew it was out of the blue but she saw a fluffy orange kitten in a shop window at the starbase.

"Cats are fine, easier to take car of than dogs." Bill rubbed her shoulders with both hands "why are you thinking of getting a pet?" He laid his chin on her shoulder "why would that be? Am I not affectionate enough for you?"

Tarah chuckled and shook her head. "Yes you are affectionate enough for me Bill. It's just I saw this little thing when I passed by the pet shop... And it stared at me with such sad eyes like she wanted me to bring her home."

Bill knew when he was beaten. "I guess we will get a kitten when we return but you take care of the litter box and feeding. Also unless you want to hear her crying pitifully you should have her fixed. I heard cats as a kid all night bawling pitifully when they were in heat. It is not a pleasant sound." he pulled her back into his lap as his arms encompassed her. He kissed the back of her head, looked around and licked her antenna with his ring.

"Bill... someone may see." Tarah whispered even as she felt that familiar tingle of arousal going through her. "Yes I will be certain Marmalade is fixed from what I understand it will help keep her healthy too. I'll take care of her." She wrinkled her brow. "Bill you do know there are automated litter boxes right?"

Bill shrugged "what do I know about taking care of animals?" He lowered his voice and leaned close to her ear "the only beastie I ever lived with is house trained and very sexy."

Her eyes grew a larger as she looked at him. "Bill I am not a beastie." Tarah's bottom lip stuck out as she pouted.

"Your not? I guess I should apologize?" Bill lowered his voice "maybe tonight I could make you purr?" His grin grew wide as he teased her.

"I could try but purring isn't natural for me, I will most assuredly moan." Tarah smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Mincing words with me are ya? Maybe I should test this maon vs purr hteory right now?" Bill gave her a look, she knew he was teasing her, but also he might push the limits of propriety as well.

Gabrielle grinned as she sat next to Brian, leaning against him.

"Excited about the away mission Gabby?" Jason asked glancing over at the couple.

"In a sense, I'm excited to be part of something with Brian... It's nice to get out of sickbay, usually I'm just making up beds and pushing gurneys around." Gabby squeezed Dunbar's hand.

Brian smiled squeezing her to him "I am just glad Commander Amar let you join this. I know I hate to be away for long periods, and that Casal mission was a long enough separation. Although I do have to wonder what sort of mischief Watkins and Day are going to get into without Gabrielle here to chaperone them."

"They'll probably add a hammock to our open living area. Or rather questionable artwork." Gabrielle chuckled. "At least they work in different departments, so I don't think they'll damage anything."

Thunderbird laughed. "A hammock?"

Everyone in earshot of Jason's comment laughed. The gathering began breaking up as the day was drawing to an end and only the night shift flight crew would remain on duty till morning.



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