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Opposed exit part 3. : GunSlinger's second strike / The BountyHunters and the big show!

Posted on Sat Jan 5th, 2019 @ 8:43am by Lieutenant Commander Brad Talon & Captain Ryder Gawyn & 1st Lieutenant Raymond MacDyer & 2nd Lieutenant Ranulf Blackhawk & Lieutenant JG Jake Zempke & Lieutenant JG Butch Stryker & 2nd Lieutenant Chang WangXi & 2nd Lieutenant Kraden & Ensign Scott Barby

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: Space, Casal system
Timeline: 23 March 2392


The good news about the Grey-Wolves first strike was welcome news as the GunSlingers made a wide in system Warp move to get into strike position on the remaining Squadron of Vultures. They reached their drop point just as Paladin lead his rear attack on the three Talarian cruisers. The Talarian interceptors were just turning back to try a forlorn hope return to their base ships before they were attacked. They turned in a manner that gave the GunSlingers an easy rear-flank angle.

=^=This is Scout and I am ordering you to just unload everything into these guys. We are returning to the barn after this and we can spare the ordinance. Just make your shots count.=^= Scout raced in as his Squadron spread out behind him. The Interceptors were turning back? Their formation in disarray from the sudden departure from their previous orders. Apparently they had not known we were coming for them?

Scout opened the fire first. His phaser canons damaged one Vulture and he was already rapid firing his mirco-quantum torpedoes. They cycled through rapidly and struck one Vulture after another as the Talarian squadron tried to regroup. Scout had accounted for four destroyed Vultures by the time he passed through their remaining craft. He had damaged several others as well.

Jestor this was his kind of turkey shoot! Firing this much ordinance he had to hit something? later when the gun cameras were all crossed checked he did get credit for one kill. He fired a lot of torpedoes though for all the more good he did. Later in lounge on the Asgard though he would brag about his daring-do as he ripped through the Talarians.

Frosty just could not do this. He just could not waste shots by throwing ordinance down range. He was a perfectionist and targeting was very important to him. It was one thing to use four torpedoes to bracket a wily opponent into a trap but this just went against the grain. he locked and fired his phasers, cutting a Vulture apart with accurate short burst. He did use four Micro-torpedoes to bracket and destroy two other Vultures. Than he was through their formation or what was left of it.

Rhino was a good shot but the almost reckless loosing of all his ordinance touched a Klingon part of his soul. Like Frosty he took time to aim. Just the same he got off an extra torpedo at his two kills before he was past the killzone.

Cougar and his three young pilots dropped low below 1st flight and ran down the four fleeing Vultures. Cougar assigned targets and allowed his pilots to rapid fire micro-torpedoes as ordered. Cougar himself held his fire till his people had done their worst. he used his phasers to snipe and destroy the last two damaged Vultures.

Third flight never got a chance to even fire their weapons here. They flew in behind to mop up but there was nothing but debris left.

Scout banked away scanning for survivors. =^=GuunSlingers regroup and check for survivors. We can call in SAR to pick them up and beam them to the Casal before we depart the system.=^=

Scanning found no survivors, most of the damage to the GunSlingers was collateral damage from their own ordinance! Cougar was laughing when he contacted Scout =^=I hope you enjoyed that because when we return I would not want to be you. Your going to lose a few pounds boss after the ass-chewin your gonna get.=^=

Scout was laughing before he responded but his tone was serious once he opened the Squadron channel. =^=Everybody check navigation. You know where we are going and I do not want to have to search for anyone. Prepare for warp in 5-4-he gave a short pause in case anyone had found damage,-3-2-1- warp4 now.=^= They left Casal in flights of four each. Their part of the skirmish was complete.

Paladin and his six Raptors met with Bulldog and his twelve peregrine attack fighters. =^=This is Paladin letting you know the GunSlingers are on their way to their second target. Target's one and two eliminated. Are you ready for the main show.=^=

Bulldog looked around him and saw his peregrines all armed to the teeth =^=All set Paladin. I have been watching the Cruisers approach though and they are bunched together, no fighter escort? I was thinking maybe if you took your six Raptors at the Talarian fleet from the front as a distraction? They do not seem to respond quickly to new information. I am not asking for you to attack just to show up out of range and keep them looking till we strike. Than just bug out with us.=^=

Paladin thought about it as he heard Ghost report on the success of the GunSlingers second attack. True the Talarians did not seem to react very well to new information. =^=Sounds like a plan Bulldog, just remember you will not have fighter escort.=^= Paladin sent orders to his people on the change of plans and sent navigation to where they would exit warp in front of the Talarian fleet. =^=Remember something people, they have big guns. If you close to range you will not be going home. Seems a waste since we have already done what we needed. So pay attention to your range to the Cruisers.=^=

Paladin gave the countdown and all six Raptors arrived an instant later in front of the Talarian Cruisers. They bunched even tighter obviously expecting to use their point defense weapons in common defense.

Bulldog lead first flight at the center Cruiser. They dropped from warp just out of range and raced in firing micro torpedoes as rapidly as possible to overload the defenses. Voiceman and three newer Ensigns were in this flight, but they had three experienced weapons officers. They fired on Bulldog's command, twenty-four full sized photon torpedoes left the rails, all locked onto the rather large ass end of the Talarian cruiser.

Stryker, one of the few pilots who still had no callsign? he just never had one stick. he lead the second flight against the rear of the port Cruiser. His order to fire was a short moment after Bulldog but it meant the twenty-four torpedoes were much closer when released.

Mongoose lead third flight he jumped the gun firing almost as soon as they dropped from warp. His flight firing was a bit erratic but their aim was not really bad despite the staggering firing from the flight.

Each flight pulled away as soon as they finished loosing their ordinance. They would go back to warp and fly away from the massive explosion that was going to take place here in a very short time. That was why they had a cloaked Talon here, to record the destruction being wrought.

As the last Peregrine went to warp, Paladin called the bail out and banked away. The Raptors were going to warp even as the first micro-torpedoes began striking the shields.

The Talarians had taken the bait and only realized they were tricked as the peregrines loosed torpedoes behind them. The right and left flankers tried to turn away from the center so their close-in defense batteries could help defend. The Micro-torpedoes were already striking the shields though by the time they made their move and those explosions confused the defensive systems. The real photons began striking the ships and the massive firepower knocked down the shields of all three ships. The center Cruiser was hit directly astern where the shields were thinnest. The engines exploded, causing a fireball to race up through the ship. The ship and crew was consumed by the released plasma. The warp core exploded a moment later and that added to the damage of the other two cruisers.

The port cruiser had almost gotten into position to use defensive batteries to the rear. That maneuver spread out the inbound photon torpedoes. So more of the ordinance was wasted on the knocking down the shields. That cruiser was listing and without power but seemed to be a survivor. Till the explosion of the still too close center cruiser caused a warp core breach. A brave Talarian chief Engineer tried to jettison the core but too late. He thankfully never lived to know he had failed. The cruiser exploded adding to the shockwave.

The Starboard cruiser had not made much headway to be able to help the rear firing defensive arc. However the Captain did accurately foresee the plight of the command ship in the center. he had ordered acceleration to get out of the explosion radius. His defensive batteries were somewhat successful but the number of hits staggered the Cruiser. When the center cruiser exploded that knocked down their shields. When their other sister ship exploded they were knocked into a tumble. The crew was skilled in operating the ship. They had limited power available though.

The starboard cruiser in a display of skill and courage righted the ship and made it safe to launch the lifeboats. The ship was abandoned and the self destruct was activated so it would not be a flight hazard. The ship was dead for all intent or purpose.

The Talon recorded all from a safe distance. Once the last ship was abandoned they waited around to see what would happen. As soon as the lifeboats were at a safe range the last remaining ship exploded. The Talon reported there was no longer any pursuit just before it went to warp.

It was 1400hrs when the Fighters began recovering to the Asgard. By 1600hrs all small craft were recovered. Sakura reported a small civilian freighter moving on a parallel course to the Sarahale. Wulfe already knew who that was and told Sakura "it is okay, keep it in view but don't worry about it."

It had been a long day, even if successful. The Asgard would catch up with the SaraHale in bout six hours unless there was a real reason to do so sooner. No pursuit was going to make the five day return trip much less stressful. Wulfe just hoped his new Chief Engineer had found all the traps left behind on the SaraHale.



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