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Asgard/Casal: An explosive problem! Part 4.

Posted on Mon Jan 14th, 2019 @ 11:14am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Captain Ryder Gawyn & Lieutenant Commander Ryder Hawken & Lieutenant JG Serran & Warrant Officer Bill Swenson & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant Commander Anlya D'Tries & Lieutenant JG Tarah Swenson

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: Asgard Ward room
Timeline: 28 March 2392 (report on mission 22 March)


Wulfe called the team from the volcano mission into the Wardroom. Once everyone was seated and had refreshments as they desired Wulfe opened the meeting. "I want you all to know officially you are all outlaws if you ever return to Talarian space. All manner of charges from entering a restricted zone to reckless endangerment of a civilian population center." Wulfe sat down and sipped his hot chocolate.

"Now than unofficially The local Council has in private sent you all a word of thanks and a message that a reward will be awaiting each of you on SB-214. I cleared it with Starfleet and you can each accept whatever the reward turns out to be. I myself was not told what it was. I was informed though if anyone would speak of this reward in public it would be venomously denied by all involved on the Talarian side. So are the reports finished?"

Predawn on the 22nd Gawyn had flown the wyvern into the mouth of hell! He had been tested since coming to the Asgard but this was an entirely new level of adversity. The heat and the turbulence could in a hearbeat slam them against the wall in here. The poisons and heat would make short work of them even suited up. Ryder Gawyn wondered again just why he thought Paladin liked him? "Team-1 prepare to disembark."

The hatch opened as they had decided to not use teleporters in here unless it was an emergency.

Ryder Hawken had the heavy end, Anlya was the guiding end for this specially fitted torpedo casing. They had to align it with a precision that bordered on the ridiculous considering the conditions.

To say the least, Anlya wondered what they had volunteered for. The ride itself was crazy as the most warped wave coaster on Risa. Once they left the capsule of relative safety of the craft it was even more so. The heat was felt even through the suits and gases pushing past threatened to dislodge them from their perch. At least she thought if they went, she would be going with the one she loved. Somehow they got the torpedo situated and placed and then armed. All they needed now was to be picked up before the thing went off or mother nature decided to speed up the eruption and fry them all. She held onto Ryder's hand and squeezed it tight hoping they would just be laughing about this later.

Once team-1 was away Gawyn shifted the wyvern carefully, doing his utmost best to keep his craft steady. The torpedoes were not likely to detonate, but they might just crush someone.

"Team-2 away." Gawyn called out, the strain was evident in his voice now.

Bill Swenson had the heavy end this time, his wife Tarah a science officer had the guidance end. They moved together into the blistering heat. A splash hit the deck of the airlock near Bill's foot and the metal sizzled as he stepped away using the suit's anti grav device.

"Bill are you alright?" Tarah's voice held a note of worry as she angled slightly watching to be certain they wouldn't hit a puddle of lava.

"I am good but watch your step." Bill Swenson took the weight and moved on out of the airlock. "You have control Tarah drive us where we need to go."

Serran was at the control console aboard the wyvern. as inside the sealed off cockpit section so the heat was pretty much bearable. The environment suit was still bulky to work inside of in this particular circumstance. =^=Commander D'Tries continue as you are for four seconds than you need move to your right about 30degrees and down. There appears to be a suitable ledge in that location to secure your device. Send confirmation that you understood those directions.=^=

Anlya thought they had everything set but when Serran called she looked at Ryder and nodded her head. She went back and disarmed the torpedo and looked to where Seran indicated. It looked a lot harder to get to than whatever he thought. She looked over at Ryder and shrugged. "Think we can edge down without losing the stupid thing?"

"Sure, you just warn me if you have to make any sudden changes. As long as keep moving together we should be fine. Handling the weight with anti-grav was not a problem. However if one of the anti-grav devices malfunctioned it could get interesting. Hawkeye knew where they were going so he could anticipate Anlya's course corrections. As he said only if something happened and she had to make a sudden movement change would there be a problem.

Just as Hawkeye was thinking that the torpedo became much heavier! One of the anti-grav units had been splashed by a bursting-bubble and melted through. He made no sound other than a sort of grunt as he compensated for the new dilemma. Hope we get there sooner rather than later."

Anlya felt the shift in the torpedo as well and stopped. She slowly set her end down and waved at Ryder. "Darn, well let me shift the remaining one. We can sort of teetor totter it then." The ledge was narrow but she managed to work her way to the units and with one foot managed to push the remaining working unit more toward the balance point. Going forward yet again, she then lifted, surprised at how heavy the thing was, not horrible but once the torpedo got up to the balance point it was easier. "Alright let's go." It took longer than she wanted but they finally got the torpedo where Serran had indicated. She double checked with him and gave Ryder the thumbs up.

Gawyn had to shift the wyvern over to the other side of the cone for team-3 and as he was trying to just sort of float into position a steaming geyser hit the bottom of the wuvern and forced it upward rapidly! Gawyn could not stop the upward motion with any certainty but he did bank away from the inside wall of the cone showing an exceptional reaction speed and pilot skill. he was almost shot all the way out of the volcano! Once he had missed the wall he had circled around over the two deployed teams and reached the deployment position from another angle.

In the cargo bay The crew had hung on to whatever they could and everyone had held the torpedo casing. If it had been lost this entire mission would have been game over. Gawyn spoke with only a trace of tension in his voice "Deploy team-3. Sorry everyone, that was a bit ugly."

"Just so you know you don't bring me back and Emily will be very upset with you!" Murphy joked as he felt the responsibility as Bosun to keep the mood light even in the face of death.

Team-3 deployed with instructions from Serran on direction and where exactly to place the torpedo. Serran had made preliminary placements bsed on computer images collected of the inside of the cone. Being here though variations in wall thickness and the shape of the inside of the cone had made some shifting necessary.

Serran noted team-2 was securing their device when there was a steaming flare! "Team-2 status."

Swenson felt the heat surround him and his suit had warning lights and emergency beeps across the inside of his helmet. "As soon as I get this last clamp secured I need an emergency transport out of here, my suit had less than forty-five seconds before breaching." Swenson continued working despite the intense heat he no felt. Even knowing his suit was failing he had the dedication to see the task completed before leaving.

"Bill please don't wait too long. I can finish here. I have to set the timer." Tarah spoke now scared for her husbands life, her antennae still focused on the task as she hurried with settings on the torpedo to arm it. Even as her suit was functioning properly she was feeling the heat and warnings had began flashing.

Anlya called back. "Torpedo set and if it is not right, too bad, the anti-grav units are failing and the suits will not be far behind."

1stLT Brannigan had volunteered for team-3 and he was the muscle for the team. PO1st Rawlings was the Science person guiding the torpedo. Brannigan was moving quickly which was giving Rawlings a hard time keeping up. "Lieutenant you need to slow down."

"Just keep up Rawlings, we don't have time to play games here." Brannigan moved to the ledge directly. "Okay Rawlings guide us to final placement."

PO1st Rawlings was frustrated by Brannigan's use of speed but the placement went smoothly and she had to admit he had taken them almost to the location, only needing minor adjustments before securing. 'Done Lieutenant?"

Brannigan nodded "Lets get out of here." He followed Rawlings back up toward the Wyvern.

Bill Swenson "Secure time to move on up!" Swenson was feeling the heat "Bosun Murphy can you beam me back up?"

Murphy linked directly to the Asgard where Dunbar was on station-3. "Locking on Bill just hang in there." Swenson vanished in a transporter beam and sent Bill directly to a quarantine ward aboard the Asgard.

Bill was hosed down on arrival and decontaminated on arrival. Swenson was surprised to say the least!

"Okay lets get everyone out of here! Anyone else need beamed out" Bosun Murphy asked those moving back to the wyvern.

"Ryder and I are about to become baked potato in about another two minutes," Anlya called back.

Tarah spoke after the timer was set to sync with the other placed torpedoes. =^=I can make it back on my own.=^= She moved cautiously at a fast pace back to the wyvern.

Hawkeye was following Anlya up, using his body to shield her from anything that might shoot up from below. This place seemed to be highly active? Something he had not expected from Serran's report.

Anlya got in and called at, "Things are going faster then expected. Best we get out of here and hope that the torpedos do not get fried before going off."

Serran noted the activity was indeed much higher than predicted at this point. "Commander D'Tries you are correct on both points, activity is higher than expected and we do need to be gone from inside this volcano."

Lines were dropped to Anlya and Hawken as they were not inside yet. The cables were made to withstand space environments so would hold for a while at least in these conditions. Once the last two outside the wyvern had a hold of the lines Murphy began hauling them in. "Gawyn we have the last to on a line start climbing out of here."

Gawyn was holding the wyvern as steady as he was able, he had gotten a feeling for the thermals by now and had seen clues when they were going to affect the craft he flew. So when Murphy gave him the go, he waited for an uplifting thermal and only used enough thrust to clear the top of the cone. As soon as he was outside he checked the lines visually to make sure he still had Hawken and D'Tries.

Gawyn flew away from the cone slowly with the two officers dangling below the wyvern. They were hauled up and pulled inside.

The wyvern had taken damage from the volcano and Hawken reported that to Gawyn.

With everyone inside Murphy sealed up the cargo area and pressurized, it had a few minor leaks which he worked on fixing as the jumpers were helped out of their gear.

Serran warned everyone, The time has come brace yourself just in case this doesn't work." What he said next was a give away as to how anxious he felt inside. He showed no emotion but he made an "ahh" sound before he paused and added "Port side windows will be a visual." He silently counted down from five and the last number he rushed as even that was not going to be stable enough of a prediction. His calm sing-song voice came over all channels "Setting off devices now."

They were about five miles away and at 40,000 feet when the event took place, far enough away to escape if it went badly. Close enough for everyone to see though. A spout of flame shot about the cone but it poofed as if it was swallowed! The cone seemed to expand outward then shrunk back as if the air had been sucked out. The lights of the city died and the heat of the volcano visibly vanished! Out along some of the veins the ground seemed to sink. The results were nearly instant.

As the Wyvern circled so everyone could watch, Serran checked the seismic readings and closed his eyes before announcing "We have succeeded."

Ryder listened to all the reports before giving his to the Captain. The Wyvern had surface damage and some minor hull breaches, a lot of wiring and computer wear meant we basically gutted the boat and rebuilt it. Which means..

Brannigan cut in "it is now the best shape of all our wyverns Sir." He laughed at Gawyn's expression as Ryder had just been given a his marine Captain bars a few hours before the meeting. Brannigan was teasing that Ryder would not be getting a lot more respect due to the promotion!

Wulfe shook his head, he was sure the Marines would work it out, if it even needed working out. "I thank you all for your dedication, the success of this mission you took on may help greatly in our efforts to make peace with the Talarians. At least an entire planet is aware we meant them no ill will despite our reasons for being in the system. Dismissed and great job all of you."



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