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Sara Hale: This is a problem Part 2.

Posted on Sat Jan 5th, 2019 @ 8:41am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant Commander Morga Harf & Lieutenant Narira Atay

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: aboard the SaraHale
Timeline: 22 March 2392


Taking the signal block and her pliers, she got down on her knees to better reach. The signal blocks were simple, it clipped onto the wires above and below where she wanted to splice, and stopped any inputs coming past the isolinear tap, either from the panel or from the computer. then she used the wire cutters to strip the covering from the cable just in front of each block. "How are we doing?"

Lindsey got to work as soon as requested he measured the cable twice before cutting and stripping the ends for her to attach. He crouched down next to her ready to hand her what she needed. As he leaned forward he couldn't help but pick up her scent, either she used a scented soap, a cologne or she just naturally smelled good. "I've the cable ready ma'am." His ears showing the first signs of a blush.

Narira took the wire, and quickly spliced the two ends in place. "Alright.Wish me luck." She put the wire cutters around the original wire, a few millimeters from the tap, she closed the jaws carefully, and then snipped."

"Lieutenant we have a problem, we have activated a red alert signal.." Tanner no sooner got the information spoken than the RED ALERT alarm sounded! =^=All crew abandon ship! All Crew abandon ship. Proceed to the neares lifeboat station and follow standard procedures to abandon ship. Do not panic, follow your training protocols.. This is not a drill.=^= Once the message completed it began repeating itself!

Tanner was furiously punching buttons on the PADD "Damn, Lieutenant I can not over ride the red alert!" He feared people were going to try and leave the ship and this ship had escape pods for no more than fifty people! There were over 1600 aboard right now.

Narira frowned. "Does anyone have the command codes?" They might overide it!" She scrambled to her feet and went to the captains chair to open the shipwide broadcast. "This is Lieutenant Atay. Stand Down. This is a false alarm. Repeat Stand Down: False Alarm." The ships com crackled, her own voice mixed in with the repeating alarm. "Lindsay, can you take the speakers offline?"

"Yes ma'am." Lindsey attempted using the comms station to turn off the audio to the alarm. He wound up on his knees taking off the panel and pulling a chip. He thought about using the comm badge to notify officers so they could calm the passengers. He looked at Narira. "Lieutenant Atay..." And flushed beet red. "Maybe one of us should use our comm badges to let the other officers know what's happening? ma'am."

"Good idea!" Narira shouted over the noise. She cursed her lack of telepathy. If there was ever a time when being able to unblockably shout into the heads of hundred of other people all at once would be useful, now was it, and as usual, she had as much ability as a housebrick. "Do it!" she shouted to Lindsay

Tanner ran over to a back up operations station and began locking down the life boats so they would not allow boarding. "I think I can lock the life boats out? Keep anyone from leaving the ship that only hears the alarm. That might cause a panic as well though?"

"Better than than wasting a week here trying to find them all again. We're too close to hostile territory for it to be easy." Narira replied.

==Transporter room 2==

As Morga stepped up onto the pad to return to the Asgard a familiar chirping went off and the active lighting turned red. “Well there goes heading home I guess.” He said to himself as he tapped his commbadge and said =^=Computer Locate Lieutenant Atay for Lieutenant Commander Harf.=^=

The computer responded and said =^=Lieutenant Atay is currently on the bridge.=^=

=^=Lieutenant Atay Is this another one of our Saboteurs problem or a complete accident?=^=

=^="Both sir. Red alert is false, but won't respond to being switched off."=^= Narira looked at the captains panel. Maybe they couldn't switch it off, but maybe they could stand it down. She pressed the Yellow alert switch.

=^=I am on my way to the bridge now, the red alert caught me just about to transport away so until we can turn of the alert I am stuck here so I may well assist with trying to rectify the predicament.=^= Morga sent through the comms.


The red alert was still running. Narira glared at the captains panel, and prodded the Yellow alert switch again. When it refused to comply she growled in frustration and smacked her fist down on it in sheer annoyance.

The red lights vanished, replaced by the warm orange flash of the yellow alert. The abandon-ship notification shut itself off. "Hey. What do you know. The Klingon Wrench actually works." She flashed Lindsay a grin. "try the command codes now."

Lindsey made adjustments beneath the console. "Command is transferred back to the bridge ma'am."

"Do it!" Narira wanted the flashing lights to go away, She wanted her full attention on the isolinear tap when she cut it the whole way out

At her orders Lindsey stopped the yellow alert and the flashing amber glow stopped. He sighed with relief. "Now when we go to yellow or red alert it is your decision ma'am."

Internally, she heaved a sign of relieve. 'Technically, its his." She nodded to Morga as he arrived on the bridge. "He's the ranking officer right now."

Morga looked around and said. "Lieutenant Atay, while you are correct technical, you know your team better than I do and vice versa. You may not be used to command as yet being Junior Officer but I expect this is a good time to get some experience with more experienced one not far away. I was on my way back to the Asgard I think I should continue doing that. I have a criminal saboteur to chase down and I can do that better from my crypt with my team.”

"Before you go, sir." She put her head back inside the panel, and carefully cut the isolinear tap completely away from the wire. She brought it out and handed it to him. "Your saboteur left us a present. I don't know if it will give you anything new or useful sir. But you never know."

Morga smiled and said “Both new and useful, unless of course that ‘gift’ was left by someone else! Let’s hope it wasn’t.” Taking out and evidence bag out for Lieutenant Atay to put it into before he sealed it. “Thank Lieutenant and good hunting.” He said as he got ready to leave. “Oh seeing as your finding quite a bit of evidence I think Yellow Alert might be a good idea until you stop finding clues for us.”

Tanner was curious why the klingon was here wasting time, but than he was just an NCO and the Spook was a Commander. He looked to Atay "Lieutenant. Maybe a few words from you on the intercom? We have a sort of panic among the freed captives!"

"Um. okay. Lets see if the ship wide works again." Narira perched on the edge of the captains chair, trying to think what to say. Taking a breath, she touched the shipwide broadcast again. "This is Lieutenant Atay. Please would everyone return to their berths. The alerts were caused by a small malfunction that has now been repaired. There is no reason to be alarmed."

She looked at Tanner with a hopeful look.

Tanner put up the ship interior on the big screen. Red dots were the rescued Captives, Blue dots were the crew from the base that had transferred over from the two ships that brought the Talarians here to exchange. They were slowly moving away from clusters at the entry ways and halls. It was a slow impact at first but gradually things picked up till everyone was returning to their beds. Dozens of calls came to Operations warning the life boats were not working. Tanner sat down in the seat after a few minutes relieved it had worked. He looked to Lindsey and than over to Atay. "Sorry Lieutenant for creating a 'situation'. Thanks for handling it."

"It was hardly you, Mr Tanner."Narira said. "I think the credit goes to our unpleasant friend and all his unwanted gifts."

Lindsey looked at the others on the bridge then back at the console he was replacing a panel on.

Morga with a low growl said “Looks like you have a growing list of problems for fixing. If you find that the lifeboats are part of the sabotage, and I expect you will, contact me on the Asgard.” With his last words he headed to the transporter station.

Tanner did not bother telling the Klingon the lifeboats were fine. He just began reactivating them. Once the Klingon was off the bridge he nodded at Narira "Life boats are unlocked and back on line Lieutenant. Do you need anything else to finish the repair to the deflectors or the main Operations station?"

"I don't think so." Narira Yawned, she wanted her bed, she hand't been in it long enough for her liking. "Double check the splicing, then pull off the signal blockers and run a level 3 diagnostic on the connections between the panel and the computer, make sure everything's working. Then we should be good."

"Double check the splicing, remove the signal blockers, and a level-3 diagnostic." Tanner nodded "Can do Lieutenant and thanks for coming so quickly." He smiled "You join the Asgard soon right. If you need a NCO? Name is Tanner Ma'am, I would be honored to stay on your team."

"I won't know until I get there," Narira replied, "But you'ld be welcome, if there's room for you."

Tanner nodded "I will put the paperwork for the transfer to the Asgard at my first opportunity. Say Lindsay what about you? Feel up to a combat ship assignment?" Tanner had noticed the enlisted engineer's crush on the chief. It was not meant to be cruel but it was teasing.

"I..." His ears turned red first before the blush slowly covered his face. Lindsey turned and began to rearrange tools in his tool caddie to hide his face. "I... I don't think..." He just didn't have any idea what to say fully flabbergasted at the thought. "I haven't thought about it."

"Well, I'm sure there's always room for a decent engineer." Narira replied, "And I don't think its any more of a combat assignment than any other border patrol. You'd probably only have to buckle up once a year or so."

"If they have an opening that needs filled maybe." Lindsey spoke quietly with a quick glance at Narira before he looked away.

Narira had been packing away the tools she had brought out to splice the wires, so didn't see his shy glances. "I'm sure they will. I've never met a ship that couldn't take two more good engineers."

"They could have a full crew... Lieutenant Atay." Lindsey spoke with a soft voice. He was good at his job but he didn't like to have attention focused on him. He was the type that preferred to blend in the back ground normally, now with him being so attracted to the chief it intensified his shyness making him tongue tied and his stomach feeling knotted.

"There's no harm in asking." Narira said. "Plus, you're far more likely to find a new challenge on a patrolling ship than back at that starbase. You know what some ships are like. Voyager, Enterprise, Excelsior..."

"If you want me Ma'am... I promise to do my best." Lindsey responded his eyes cast down. He thought about the Asgard's reputation with their old ship... And with the same captain and crew he was certain the new ship would need frequent repairs.

"Thank you. And I promise I'll let you know, as soon as I've spoken to the captain." Narira closed up the panel under the ops station. "But right now, I'm going back to bed. You should too."

"Yes ma'am, I will as soon as I get some tools put away and secured." Lindsey looked at Tanner. "Do you have someone to spell you on the bridge PO Tanner?" Concerned the man might need a break too.

Fade, Off:


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