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The reality vs dream

Posted on Sun Mar 24th, 2019 @ 10:04pm by Lieutenant Narira Atay & Lieutenant Yukime Winters
Edited on on Sun Mar 24th, 2019 @ 10:05pm

Mission: Mission 29: Shore leave, supporting Leadership of SB-214
Location: Starbase
Timeline: 11th April 2392


When narira had first woken up she hadn't been sure if Yukime had been a real dream invader, or just part of the dream, a symbol of her anxiety over her current situation. It took her two days to get the nerve up to even check with the computer. And then it turned out that Yukime was a real person.

The fact that someone had got inside her head made her squirm. She didn't know if she'd pulled them in or they had come in consciously. She wasn't sure she trusted her brain. And frankly, she was embarrassed at the loss of control. So it took her nearly a week before she pulled her self together and went looking for the woman in her dream.

She found her in the lounge of the Asgard that evening, and she lurked for a few moments to be sure that the white haired woman was alone, before approaching. "Excuse me? Lieutenant Winters?"

Silk looked up at the woman. She recognized her from a week ago and said, "Narira correct?" She waved a hand toward the chair opposite from her. "I know we sort had an odd meeting didn't we?"

Narira gave a little sigh of relief. She hadn't dreamed it, and Yukime didn't seem too upset by being dragged into her dreamscape. "I'd like to apologise for that. I'm not normally so ... forward."

"Nothing to apologize for," Silk replied. "You have a rather strong gift and it was like flashlight in the dark. One could not help but notice it. If anything it is I who should apologize to you. I came in uninvited. Now with that being said, as I mentioned there, the medications you mentioned will suppress but it is not the ultimate best way to handle things. I think your mind is telling you that by dreaming up a Vulcan teacher."

Narira bit her lip. "His name is Sumek, and he's been my teacher, and my friend, since I was thriteen."

"I see and so you carry that in your mind to try to help. Well let me tell you I was a pretty stubborn little girl and probably for most of that including my adult life I was pretty much not in control as I should have been. Even now I am working on trying to work that out. So in a way I understand, and in another way, I know just how dangerous it can be not to have more control. I would love to work with you and perhaps we can learn together. There are not many strong minds here or for that matter too many other places."

Narira hesitated. Dangerous didn't begin to describe what she was unmedicated. "I..." she began, and then stopped. Control was a pipe dream. Wasn't it? "I've had some of the best teachers on Betazed, and Vulcan. And its not been enough."

Silk nodded. "I understand. Tell you what, if you would like I could try to make contact with the Medusan. That was my teacher really, well that and a visit to a Bajoran Temple but I digress. If at some point can arrange a meeting would you be willing? Also, when your drugs are wearing off, would you let me sit with you in dreamscape and work with your Vulcan teacher?"

"A Medusan?" They were supposed to be the most incredible minds in the known galaxy, They were almost completely no-corporeal, though their true visage was supposed to drive lesser minds mad. "I think everything is worth a try." And there was the other request. "I'm not allowed to stop my medication. Its a condition of service," she explained. "But if you can get in, you're welcome to try." It was a definite option. The perceptual twists of the altered state that dreams occured in meant she might get more done in those scant minutes between full consciousness and the need to medicate, and her mind being open and not being filled with the screaming thoughts of every nearby being.

"Very good, I will see what I can arrange and you can always send me an invite. Anyway," Silk held out her hand, "glad to have met you and hope we can become good friends. So besides our shared little talent, want to tell me more about yourself?"

"There's not much to tell,"NArira said. "I'm an engineer. I like to draw, and most of my free time is taken up with keeping my brain under control. I've never met a medusan. How did you manage that?

Silk smiled. "Well it was a mission or so back. We had to stop a war with the Gorn and needed to get there fast so a Medusan navigator was transferred on board. Since the ship is not designed for a Medusan they needed someone with a strong telepathy to interface and do the actual navigation. Of course I had to wear a special helmet that could not be removed. As for me, well I got trained by my mother as a geisha but I also got trained in busido, the martial arts. I am pretty good these days in hand to hand."

Narira gaped a little bit. "A geisha? And a martial artist? And a pilot? You're...incredible." she finished, a little awestruck.

"And I cheat sometimes at cards," Silk laughed. "My mother was a geisha and thus it was expected that I would become her atotori, her heiress. It was also a deal that I made in order to study martial arts. While both were a lot of work, believe it or not, I found learning the ways of the willow to be actually more demanding. I am not that good at it, enough so that I am allowed to wear my hair if I choose. Pilot, well that comes from the Academy. I could have gone security but wanted something more than 'sock 'em in the jaw or phaser them down'. You might find your pretty good at a fight yourself. While technically we are not supposed to read minds, I think we sort of know what an opponent might do. I think a sort of pre-cognition thing. I bet when your meds are low you 'hear' a lot of people. Sort of the same thing, just more filtered and specific. Something perhaps I can show you, sort of how to focus on one person and shut some of the background out."

Narira looked a bit stunned? Fight? Her? That wasn't something she'd ever thought about. "I do hear lots. Though I'm normally awake by the time it gets much beyond a ten kilometer radius. Thankfully in space there aren't that many people close by."

"I know, it can drive you nuts to hear all that buzz. Almost like a bunch of little no-see-um's...." Silk paused realizing she might not know the insects. "Tiny little biting flies that basically match their name. You hear them but do not see them and they can drive you crazy. Like I said, we need to work on your shielding and focus. Can't do much when you have the drugs in your system so guess maybe early morning then."

Narira looked down. "I'm not allowed to go unmedicated. Conditions of service. I have to dose as soon as I'm conscious in any inhabited area."

Silk frowned but nodded at the information. "Understood, well then, we will have to wait then until a shore leave where we can get a way. Until then, though if you want, just dream call and I will try to answer."

Narira nodded. "I'll try." She said, because it was polite, though the idea kind of terrified her. What if her mind got used to projecting half conscious? Then she gave herself a metaphorical slap. She had to at least try. If she didn't get herself under control she was facing a future as a vegetable. "Is there ...better days than others." She didn't know if this brash pilot was in a relationship. She didn't want to interrupt. Especially if the Pilot herself was a telepath, who knows who else might be listening. Or what she might hear.

"Basically when I am not on duty. You will know. You will get a sort of not right now." Silk just shook her head. "Well best be off, speaking of which duty doth call. Anyway, hope to get to know you a bit better Narira." Silk stuck out a hand while getting up. "You seem like the nice type, a bit of intrigue, a bit of shyness all wrapped up in a pretty package."

Narira blushed. "Thats very kind of you to say so." She didn't really know what else to say to that. Yukime herself seemed very self possessed, with a sophistication Narira doubted she could pull off.

"Well then," Silk nodded, "best I be off. See you around in more ways than one." She winked and then left. "Cute girl," she thought to herself, wondering just how flexible she was in certain matters.



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