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Meet the new boss

Posted on Mon Jan 14th, 2019 @ 11:59am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Lieutenant Narira Atay

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: USS Asgard,
Timeline: 29th March 2392


Narira had crossed to the Asgard a few hours ago, and stashed her few personal items, mostly the current portfolio and her drawing equipment. Whilst she could always replicate new ones, after a bit, her pencils and brushes molded to her use, became broken in, and she never liked changing them before she had to. She replicated a few other things. Some candles, a Kal-toh set, and rearranged the furniture to her liking.

Then she checked her hair was neat, her uniform pristine and headed to the observation lounge for her appointment with the Captain. She found the room easily enough, already familiar with the layout of the Akira class ship. Not knowing if she was supposed to knock, and without anyway of knowing if she was there first or not, she took a breath, and walked in.

Wulfe saw he enter the Observation Lounge and waved her over. It was a small lounge run by Operations at the moment. The capacity was twenty here but you could get thirty in here without being cramped. Wulfe liked looking at the stars though so he often came here for filling reports and informal meetings. "Before you sit lieutenant, if you want anything to drink or eat go for it."

Wulfe shrugged "We are not on leave just yet so the ship is dry, only synthenol is served. It is one of my rules. I had a Chief of Security once who developed a drinking problem and caused a lot of trouble. I was the XO of that ship and after I made the rule. I have never had to deal with a drinking problem since then." His smile was mild "you will come to learn I do everything for a reason, any time you feel the need you can ask me why I do anything. Welcome aboard LT. Atay."

Narira went to the replicator and ordered a plomeek tea. She took the earthen ware cup over to the table, and set it down. "Thank you, Captain. I'm glad to be here." She crossed her hands in her lap, waiting for the scented steam to disperse, unsure what to say next, waiting for him.

"You did a real professional job on the SaraHale, I appreciated your efforts and displayed skills there. I am sure you will find a lot of work to keep you busy here. Training is the key, you keep your people up to date on their skills set and any problem can be solved. So tell me are you moved aboard as yet? Need anything?" Wulfe had an easy smile that even touched his eyes. He seemed to have an easy manner for someone who had a reputation for being demanding of his crew.

"I have everything I need, thank you. It didn't take me long to settle in. I hope to inspect the engines here soon though. I will probably take longer there." She picked up her cup. It was still too hot, so she blew the steam away and put it down again.

"You will see you have good people soon enough. I am planning on an extended shore leave here. The base is settling down some and it will help to have us close at hand. This crew has been through a lot as well so a bit of R&R is in order. I guess I will get right to business. While at the base you will likely have base crew aboard helping with some projects? For instance we used our cloak system extensively last mission so it will likely need overhauled." Wulfe was talking in that same calm controlled voice.

"Now everyone coming aboard is to be vetted by Security and be expected to stay within the work space or the most direct route to an from that work space. You can allow people to visit but we keep track of visitors." Wulfe took a deep breath. "Once again we had an assassination attempt our first Security Chief by people posing as base work crew. We almost lost three people, I like to think I learn from my mistakes. Any questions on that?"

Narira thought about it. "I thought cloaks were illegal, sir?" she asked carefully. She'd love to get her hands on a cloak system, but maybe this was a trap, maybe he was checking that she wasn't someone too keen to break the rules.

Wulfe shook his head "not illegal, but frowned upon. This ship was built with the device and we used it on this mission to mask our approach and keep them feom seeing us while we were there. My thoughts being if they could not see us they might be less tempted to attack us. The mission was to get the SaraHale and our people on the ship back. I guess it might not have been needed but it all worked out and we are mission accomplished."

Wulfe shrugged "so you get to play with something new? If you want any help check with Mr. Eric Stoltz. He is our resident special tech expert."

"Yes sir." Internally, she did a little skip. That would be something fun to play with. "Thank you sir. Are you expecting any problems with the return to base? Or is there anything I should take a look at whilst we're there?"

Wulfe thought about how to answer before saying anything. "Not so much expecting but the base still lacks leadership and senior people with experience. Most of those we just recovered will be given a survivors leave than reposted somewhere else. So I expect we will be getting request for support upon return. Just keep in mind that his is your assignment, the Asgard comes first for us." Wulfe laughed "which is not to say if they have a life and death problem over there and you are working on something vital but not threatening here. You are free to decide where you are most needed. That is what command is all about. I will back your decisions, at least in public." He shrugged so, is there anything at all you want to ask about the Asgard? Have you seen the botanical garden yet?"

"No, sir." Narira realised she hadn't been clear, "I meant things to look at on the Asgard, sir. Having an umbilical hook-up lets us take a lot of otherwise essential services off line, like life support. Being stationery, the deflector dish can come offline too. Tactical systems. Anything yould like, really. Stations make overhauls so easy."

Wulfe laughed nodding his head "Unless something happens count on three weeks to do whatever you want. I won't micro-manager you, it is your department. Just please one critical system off line at a time and keep me posted. If you need people we will make sure you have them." Wulfe shrugged "I do apologize Lieutenant, I was listening but I fear my frame of mind was on a different page."

Wulfe made eye contact, I would like to ask you another question, something I just thought of. Many of my senior people I use their first name, rather than using rank all the time. For instance I call Commander D'Tries by her first name more often than not. There are some like Commander Harf that do not approve of such familiarity and I call him Commander Harf. My feelings are you know I am the Captain, I know your the Chief Engineer. If you are okay with me calling you by name, it will not cause confusion as to our relative positions. If you are comfortable you can call me Raymond, or even Wulfe. So having said all that. Are you comfortable with us using names, nicknames? If so what would you prefer being addressed as?"

"Narira is fine, sir." She wasn't going to be familiar. She needed the distance between people she was going to be physically close too. For their safety and her health.

Wulfe noticed she seemed uncomfortable "It is up to you Narira, I am fine with keeping protocol's intact, there is a reason for them. I like my department Chief's to feel more at ease around me, but as I said there are a few who are more comfortable with the system. Are you sure you are okay with me using your name and being informal addressing you?" The entire point of this was to give his officers an early chance to make a decision and see he would honor it. He needed his Senior officers to know when he gave then choices, the choices were real, not a test.

Narira squirmed. she didnt want to seem stand offish and snobby wth anyone, let alone her boss. but the walls it created would keep everyone safe in th e event of an accident. But if she said that, she'd just come across as unbalanced and possibly unfit for duty. "It will just take some getting used to sir. That's all."

"Narira I come from a fighter pilot background. Most of my command was killed or transferred during the Dominion war. We fighter pilots tend to have a short life expectancy. High risk and all that. We use callsigns to enhance the concept that we were individual people. It was important to know if you bought it on a mission people would remember you as a person. Not just a rank and name. Your callsign was part of your personality. You are an Engineer though. Wulfe laughed "and I do understand titles mean different things to everyone. I won't ask you again but you seem uneasy still. If you change your mind at any time I do Understand and it will not affect my opinion of you." There was a brief pause before he added "Is there anything else I can help you with Narira? Anything at all."

She was pretty sure that it would be a while before she knew the answer to that. She wanted to see the engines and crawl through the warp coils before she would know what the Asgard needed, and by extension what she needed from him. "Not right now sir. If you don't mind I'd rather look around first." she looked down at her fingers, not wanting to be forward, but burning with curiosity. And he had said anything. "But if you don't mind sir, what was your call sign, when you were a fighter pilot?"

Wulfe leaned back in his chair, he almost laughed as a smile formed on his face. "I would think it was obvious?" He stroked his hair covered chin and face, it sported a neat but soft half inch growth these days that he was a Captain. He made a feral expression "My callsign was 'Wolfman'. My name made it an obvious choice but I was and am rather aggressive in battle. I always go for the throat of my enemies, a swift kill. The less time they have to react the safer my people are." His friendly expression popped back into place on his face. "Sorry, I just could not help that. Even Captains have moments of being silly and I do enjoy theater."

Narira had looked a little taken aback at his agression, and took a moment to relax when she realised he was being dramatic. "yes, sir." It seemed the safest thing to say.

Wulfe felt a bit guilty and thought oh how he had scared his Orion yeoman a few years ago. It seemed now she had been gone for years as well. Nancy Luke did the job admirably but he still missed Marlyna. His expression soften, almost becoming sheepish "I do apologize Lieutenant, I had not the willpower to resist. Is there anything else you wish to know. I promise to behave even if the question is very silly."

"I have meetings scheduled with the Doctor, and the cousellor. Is there anyone else I need to see as part of your onboarding routine?" Narira asked, not sure she wanted to ask anything silly, who knew what her new captain might do?

Wulfe shook his head, "you here so you already went through operations. You have your quarters and ship access codes. So once you clear medical you are clear to take over your department on your say so." Wulfe figured he had made about as bad an impression on his new Chief Engineer as possible as he stood to see her out. "If you feel you need my assistance in anyway. I am only a com call away. I will back up any of my people against anyone, as long as they are in the right."

"Thank you sir. And thank you for taking me on sir." Narira took a deep breath. debating wheter or not to say more. She decided against it. She was loathe to admit this would probably be her last tour, no need to add that burden to the CO. He would, he should, have more important things to worry about. "Its an honor, sir."

"Well we were lucky to get you, you have a fine record and I do believe you will be a fine fit here." Wulfe nodded "I will be sitting here a while yet if you want to chat? You are officially checked in now with me."

"With all due respect sir, I should really get down to engineering. Look around and see what my staff are like." SHe hesitated, remembering her comments to tanner and lindsay. "Are you are to complement on Engineers at the moment sir?"

"Feel free to request anyone you want. I will sign off on the transfer and see what we can do. We see a lot of action on the Asgard, so we always have a few wishing a calmer berth. So we are almost always ready to take on new blood. I have four people from Engineering wanting to transfer to the base right now." We can always find a way to bring in good people." Wulfe waved his hands "just get me the request and I woll expedite them."

"Thank you sir. I did have some people in mind." She stood to leave. "With permission sir, I'll get to work."



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