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Casal epidemic: We are not the only aliens here! Part 6.

Posted on Sat Jan 5th, 2019 @ 8:42am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Gunnery Sergeant John Stryker II & Petty Officer 2nd Class Bettina Davies EMTP/PO2 & Lieutenant Yukime Winters

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: Casal, Industrial part ruins
Timeline: 21-22 March 2392

Team: Pilot: LT Yukime Winters (Silk)
Medical: PO2nd Bettina Davies
Security: PO3rd Del Clayton

Mercs: Hondo Lane, male Human; Kimmot Saiba, female Betazoid; Depax, male Ferengi; Cuta, Female Romulan; Rescued are two young male humans and one female human (ages 21-23)


Silk was in her element with this and quickly made it down. As she got down she peered into the gloom to make sure nothing was waiting. So far so good.

One by one Del helped lower the from floor to floor, paying particular attention to the wounded who went right after Bettina.

While the team was getting down to the ground level Hondo shimmied down a beam and moved slowly across the floor to the North he marked the floor with chalk where to walk. Once he reached the far doors he moved out and into the trees. From there he could watch for trouble and cover the others if it became necessary.

The Tallarian patrol of four walked under the skywalk as the group was still moving from one level down to the other. Depax flipped a box of the large serpents so a half dozen of them fell into their path. It was a lot of noise, between shooting and screaming. The Talarian NCO leading the patrol called in with an embarrassed voice all was clear here, "just those damn snakes!"

Silk froze as she heard the sounds and then the screams. She motioned to the others to freeze in place waiting to see what would happen. She sort of wished the Ferengi had waited until absolutely needed but done was done. Things settled and then she could hear the patrol calling all clear. In a few more moments the patrol moved on.

She waved the rest and began to scout out. She discovered the first the chalk mark not too far from where they had gotten down and followed along until she also found the open door and trees not far beyound. She did not go out but returned and told the others to follow. "I will bring up the rear just in case. Once out the back door we are in tree line. A bit more and I think we can relax."

Relaxing sounded like a great idea, but Bettina was pretty sure that once she had a chance to 'relax', she was just going to toss in the towel and be done with it. She was hungry, sore and exhausted, but between the activity and the knowledge that there were others that were in worse shape, she was fine, and could keep going.

Silk was last out and so far nothing to hold them back. She made her way to the trees following quickly after the last of the group got there. Hondo was waiting and she shrugged, "Well at least past the Talarians but wrong way from where my ship's group is. We can't go much further without getting the injured some real medical attention."

"We're fine," Bettina muttered, glancing at the young man she was helping, who gave a weary nod of agreement, "prefer to just get it over with, then we can all really relax."

Del walked up an stopped next to her, looking over the wounded man and the four others they were escorting. To say the least, they were bedraggled. Obviously, those not injured were haggard from the stress and the forced march.

Hondo nodded "I have a ship, so we don't need yours." He saw Depax rejoining the group and just waved him to keep going North. He looked at Bettina and Del "I would suggest you keep moving as part of the main body. Those rich kids are going to need help to keep moving at speed. Silk why not wait here with me and watch. Just to see if we are in the clear." He looked at Silk "I know you want to contact your ship but..." He stopped talking as a comm message came through her personal comm.

=^=LT Winters, please respond. LT Winters, please respond. It was repeating on a loop. This was a standard search message, it would cycle though ten times and than end. It would be repeated at irregular intervals to make it harder to trace.

Silk was surprised and hit her comm. =^=Winters here,=^= she said quietly. =^=Got chased away by canines and ended up behind Talarian lines. Past those, picked up some civies. They claim to have a ship nearby. We can't get back to base right now, basically opposite side. Will contact again in two hours.=^=

=^=Copy, will be here in two hours. Gladyou are okay.=^= Kraggar notified the Captain and Talon that Silk was located and okay.

Del looked again at Bettina and the others. "Maybe we cut us some walking sticks for the others, that might just offer enough support for them to have an easier time of it." He offered, trying to come up with anything that would improve their ability to keep up. He understood the need for a faster pace moving forward, but their charges were anything but in shape for this little hike. That Hondo had a ship was stimulating. A means of escape from this place and that couldn't happen soon enough for Del Clayton.

"Sure, if you can find something." Bettina nodded agreement, then grinned. "Or, you encourage them by telling them what will happen if they don't keep up." Mostly, it was going to be a matter of prodding them, reminding them that capture by the Talarians wasn't a good option. "I think between the two of us, we can keep them going."

"That would be the plan, this little foray has turned into quite the hike." Del responded with a smile. "Whatever those things are, the offshoots look to be pretty solid," He drew his knife and started for the brush, "be right back."

Silk looked at Hondo and nodded, "Well looks like your our way out."

"Always happy to give a pretty lady a ride. Athough my ship is up there and my shuttle is a long hike away. We might get lucky and steal a land cruiser? No worries beautiful I will get you home!" Hondo moved into the lead to guide the group of refugees toward his shuttle. The Countryside was rough and not easy going.

Silk made a bit of a face. They needed to get away and not catch the eye of the Talarians. She figured that it did not matter if Federation or private ship. She also wondered about how this was going to play out if they did get away. 'Well,' she thought, 'cover that later.' "Alright let's get the rest safely away and then we can see what we can steal. That group that we dropped the snakes on had a transport and might have abandoned it."

"Some sort of transport would really be a godsend," Bettina had to agree, although the walking sticks that Del had provided seemed to actually be helping the civilians keep up, and had stemmed some of the complaining. It helped, too, that they seemed to realize what was at stake, and none of them wanted a confrontation with the Talarians.

That said, they could all use a break, a bath and a good meal, but they still had a way to go before they could get that.

Hondo shook his head "Messin with the military might be a righteous thing but I think we will keep moving away from the dudes with guns. We should find a ground vehicle in time. Lot of agriculture up this way and a truck stop not too awful far away." Hondo glanced at Saiba before he moved on.

Saiba used her telepathy to boost the three packages energy levels and reduce their pain. What she was doing was extremely illegal but it helped keep the pace to a decent level. Of course the three people would need substantial recovery time as they were basically fueling their body with reserves that would weaken the overall body.

Silk knew what the Betazoid was doing. She also knew that it was going to catch up major time to all the parties involved and sometimes without much warning. She instead decided to focus her attention with what Hondo had said. He had obviously been this way or at least close enough to know the layout. "Alright, that sounds good to me. Always wanted to drive a tractor but I suppose a truck is a better choice. Come on let's see what we can round up."

Meanwhile. It took a lot more time and energy to hack free the first branch if that’s what it could be called. After that, he used his phaser to cut through the dense vegetation until he had enough ‘walking sticks’ for everyone.

This mission seemed to change by the minute, and with it the dangers they faced. Not just another day on the job, but a challenge day after day. He had no doubt that this Hondo fellow would get them through to safety and a return to the ship. In fact, he was impressed at how both Silk and Hondo had averted disaster more than once so far.

He took up the bundle of staves and moved back to Bettina and the others, dropping the bundle he said, “These will make it easier going for all of us.” Then he sat down and waited for whatever was next.

"Thanks." Nodding, Bettina nodded to Del, then sat wearily beside him. At least the civilians and Hondo's wounded man seemed to be holding up well, and it was good to take the time to rest before they had to make any mad dashes.

Digging in her pack, she pulled out some hard candies that she'd put in there quite some time ago and handed them around. "Might be kind of stale," she explained, "but it's better than nothing." Lastly, she gave one to Del and took a lemon drop for herself.

“Del took the candy gratefully. Unwrapped it and popped it in his mouth. Cherry. Not his favorite, but at the moment a welcome treat. “This can help with thirst by manufacturing saliva. Won’t replace water, but it’ll help for the short term.” Funny, he thought, how there was water on an alien world, but then he figured all forms of life needed water to survive. He’d be glad to get back to the ship and take a sonic and a fresh uniform, not to mention real food. “Wonder how long till we can be off this world?” He questioned aloud and looked to Bettina.

Silk and Hondo had moved off from the group but Silk could not help but look back hoping that the rest were alright. Still, she thought, better to be away from here as soon as possible and that way the injured could all get help.

It was evening as they were moving North. Local broadcast news stated the Asgard and the SaraHale had left the system. Right on the heels of that report it was reported their own fleet was moving to warp in pursuit. The fleet would be moving through the system in a few hours.

Hondo did not like the sounds of that! He summoned his shuttle which flew to them at tree top level. The pick up went smoothly although they were fired on by searching gunships as they broke for orbit. The low altitude gunships had no chance to pursue and just reported the incident.

Hondo's ship flew out from the darkside of the moon to recover the shuttle craft and they jumped to warp as soon as everybody was aboard. Hondo looked at the Fleet personal especially locking eyes with Silk. "No worries anyone we are going to SB-214. Although I would appreciate no one arresting me on arrival?" It was going to be a long and cramped five day flight!



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