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Science: The Slingshot Meteor: a simple project part 1.

Posted on Fri Apr 26th, 2019 @ 8:41pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Lieutenant Commander Brad Talon & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant Commander Anlya D'Tries & Lieutenant Julia Wilson

Mission: Mission 29: Shore leave, supporting Leadership of SB-214
Location: Wardroom Asgard
Timeline: 11 April 2392


Wulfe entered the room after everyone was seated "So I have something that might be of interest to you. Anlya, I asked you here as the department Chief, only as that. Any advice is welcome but, I expect you to take a week or so leave after that Casal thing. I think Hawken might just kidnap you if you don't go?" Wulfe laughed "I really don't want one of my best fighter pilots in the brig for kidnapping his wife."

"We will try to limit adding desertion and dereliction of duty as well," she replied with a smile.

Wulfe was in a good mood as he faced Julia "Please excuse me for being a bit more human than some Captains. Now than LT. Wilson this is what we have and since you have been stuck here on the base for a while I was thinking you might enjoy an outing." He activated the holomap "Starfleet Science just sent us this. They call it the 'Slingshot meteor'. About every twenty years a large moon sized rock is flung from the Nebula here and according to the last four studies it follows this sort of round about route."

"Since we are in the best position we have been tasked to study the rock. It was suggested we put our team here by Beloti. I will leave that up to you LT. Wilson as the team leader. I am assigning a Sovereign yacht to you, there is one here on the base. The team will consist of Two pilots, four Operations people, one engineer, and an assistant from Science. So there should be enough room on the yacht for some privacy."

"I'll ask PO third class Jason Thunderbird if he wants the assignment." Amar spoke as she looked at roster for her medical staff.

Julia needed some time to process what had just been told. She was gonna lead a team. Wow. Awesome. She hadn't expected to be leading a team so soon. "Sounds good. When do we leave." she said with a chuckle as she read over the information.

Talon had to laugh at her enthusiasm. "Well Lieutenant this thing is moving fast but not so fast you will be taking any chances of missing it. I can have a pair of pilots ready for a launch say tomorrow at 0800hrs. That should put you where the fleet suggested in three days time. That gives you a window of three days to watch it approach and another three to watch it depart from the system."

Wulfe smiled at Anlya "thanks for coming, I thought of not bothering you but I decided you might want to look at the material and maybe point out things you felt were important to watch for?"

"I think everything is in good hands. You may wish to collar a couple more people. Perhaps Tarah and maybe one or two of the NCOS like Feldman and Levine."

Wulfe looked to Julia "those are all solid picks for Science team members, you can meet with them all if you like. You only need one as an assistant though."

"Tarah would make sense, being a Stellar Cartographer." Julia said.

Wulfe stood "thanks everybody LT Wilson please remain behind a moment, everyone else thanks for your input and you are all free to go." Once everyone was gone Wulfe smiled at Julia "I wanted to ask you something before assignments were made. I do not know the arrangements between you and your husband. I wanted to ask if you wanted him on your team as the lead Operations NCO? I was not sure how you felt about working together?"

"We haven't discussed really working together. Like an away mission, I mean." she said, not sure if you would want to have him on this away mission or not.

"LT. Wilson you need to make your decision on this manner." Wulfe shifted his weight to one foot, 'if you make it now I can take responsibility as if the order came from me. Take some of the heat from your shoulders. Seeing as you have to pick your team within hours you really do not have the luxury of much internal debate."

"Then lets add Nathan to the team. I know he is good at what he does and so far he's the only person here I actually know." She thought out loud. "Guess there is no better way to test if we can work together then by working together on a mission like this."

Wulfe smiled the relief evident on his face. Having a married couple was awkward if there was a problem with them working together. In this case separating them so soon after her arrival seemed cruel. Wulfe knew better than to take too much for granted though. "So Lt. Wilson I leave it to you to deliver the happy news." Wulfe smiled "The Captain's suite on the yacht is very nice, I think you and your husband might get spoiled by those accommodations." He smiled with a knowing glint in his eyes "Dismissed." He almost laughed sending her off with thoughts of luxury possibly on her mind.

Julia blinked a few times figuring out if the Captain had really just said. Not knowing how to response to that she just turned around and left the room. She had someone to find to bring the good news...



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