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Sara Hale: This is a problem Part 1.

Posted on Sat Jan 5th, 2019 @ 6:42am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant Commander Morga Harf & Lieutenant Narira Atay
Edited on on Thu Jan 17th, 2019 @ 8:37am

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: aboard the Sara Hale
Timeline: 20-22 March 2392


"Good plan." she looked in the med kit for the cream, and tried to put it on at the same time as looking at the tricorder read outs.. Large dollops of cream landed on the worktop and she rolled her finger in it, to make sure she got it on the second time. "This is nasty. Looks like it was triggered by the moisture on my skin. Inside the chamber, that couldn't happen. It wouldn't trigger until the draw on the warp engine started to stretch it at the molecular level. Anywhere between.."she sucked at her teeth, trying to estimate. "Warp three and warp five." She picked up a bandage and fumbled to unwrap it with her cream smeared fingers

Laughing at Narira’s fumbling Morga took the bandage off her opened it and applied it for her. “Those things are notoriously difficult to unwrap with slippery fingers.”

"Thank you," Narira held still whilst he wrapped her thumb up. "You weren't wrong about this man being nasty. I think we'll have to be extra careful with the intermix chamber. "

"I found this in storage ma'am, sir." James spoke as he came out. "There's a dent but it's still solid I checked for cracks and loose seams." He plunked it down on the work bench. "Is your finger okay ma'am?" He looked at it carefully.

"I think so. Its stopped burning. Not the first time i've lost my fingertips. On the bright side, we've found problem number one." She held up her hand and wagged her thickly bandaged fingers. "I'm going to need you to open the intermix chamber though. I'm sitting out fiddling stuff for the next hour."

=^=LT. Atay. This is CWO Stoltz we have come across a problem here. One of the Operations crew has been badly burned by a substance on the plasma lines? We isolated the area and rerouted the plasma but this section of line needs repaired. The substance is highly corrosive, and acidic. I fear the plasma lines have been compromised. I suggest we have found the sabotage event. I have a sample and we can search the lines for other compromised areas. Will send you the information immediately. Be advised this stuff is nasty, do not touch it.=^= Eric sent the information from his tricorder to hers. It was the same substance they had found themselves!

=^="Thank you, Chief"=^= Narira replied, =^="Check those lines, lets find out how much we need to replace."=^=

Morga chuckled to himself before he said “That warning would have come in really handy about five minutes ago. Oh well it has been treated now and I am sure that lesson was learned the painful way.”

The betazoid engineer shrugged. "Not the first time, doubt it will be the last. Lets check the intermix unit. i promise not to scrape paint before its fully scanned."

"Excuse me Sir, Ma'am... I didn't see any lines in storage and we don't have replicator ability for anything but food right now... We will need to get replacements." James spoke softly hating to interrupt the officers but he felt it important they knew now instead of later.

"Hang on." Narira pulled over a pad and checked the inventory of spares her team had brought with her. She frowned. "Well lets hope we don't have to rewire the entire ship. We've only got about fifty meters." She knew without looking that it probably wouldn't be enough. It was the standard length, if she was sabotaging the ship she'd make sure she got at least twice that, if not more. "we may have to contact Asgard. Or strip it out of the shuttles, or some non essential systems. We'll find a way. We just need to know how much exactly we need."

“I would suggest borrowing from the Asgard. Shuttles don’t necessarily give you main lines to work with. Being a larger class the Asgard is more likely to have larger supply of your needs.” Morga said.

"Yes ma'am." James said with a glance at both officers, then he went to check the intermix chamber to be certain it wasn't tampered with. First examining the exterior and all fittings into and out of the chamber. It would take awhile. Going over the matter and anti matter pods as he stooped to visually check then scan for the corrosive used he glanced back to where Atay stood talking with the Klingon, just as quickly his attention returned to the task at hand. Every seam and connection, control panel and plasma tube. He may not be very articulate with women but he was focused and went over the chamber slowly with a fine tooth comb.

As Morga chatted with Lieutenant Atay he assessed the Petty Officer as he went on with his duties. He noticed the Petty Officer look him over and smiled as he assessed that so long as Atay was amenable they would be a close relationship between the colleagues. He expected they would be a good match either way. He smiled to himself but maybe some time as matchmaker. “So Lieutenant during your off duty hours what do you like to do with your time?”

"I draw, and paint, a little." Narira felt a little put out at being told how to do her job by the large Klingon, but she had to keep it to herself. He was a senior officer after all. And she wanted to be watching what Lindsay was doing, so she turned back to the petty officer, as he took it apart with a practised hand. She picked up her tri-corder. "Let's see what we've got here before we start making any decisions, give my people time to chart how much conduit needs splicing out.."

James generally liked doing diagnostics and finding the cause of a problem and how to fix it. But this wasn't typical and there were a lot of lives at stake if they missed something the saboteur did. He went over everything once and was starting the second go through.

Satisfied the intermix chamber was clean, Narira nodded with the satisfaction of at least one job well done. "One down. Only three thousand more individual parts of the ship to go."

Hours had gone by, as the time was reaching beyond a double shift Eric Stoltz contacted the Chief Engineer. =^= LT. Atay we are calling it a day on this. Will you be spending the sleep cycle here on the Sara Hale or will you be moving over to the Asgard to sleep. A small chuckle escaped him before he continued. "I have you set up in the Captain''s quarters if you are staying though. Only private quarters to be had here tonight.=^= He had made sure the Chief got special treatment.

=^=I'll be staying, thank you chief. Not sure If I'll actually get to the captain's quarters though."=^= Not given how much checking they had to do, and then reinitialize the warp core. And relay about two hundred meters of EPS conduit. But it was kind of him to check. =^="Have you got everyone else a place to get their heads down. I'm sure I can share."=^=

=^=Lieutenant, it has been at least eighteen hours since you began working. Don't make me call a medico to put you to bed. I would hate to be insubordinate on our first chance to work together. Look Lieutenant, you have to be tired, your not a green blooded Vulcan you know. You would make your people stand down for a sleep break. So this is the deal. You go to the Captain's quarters, it is a nice bed and we made sure everything was swept and clean. All your kit is there. You sleep four hours, get something to eat and I will not bother you about anything else." He laughed and it was obvious in his laugh he was tired as well." His voice changed and sounded a bit silly. "Purty, purty please with sprinkles on top? Take five hours Lieutenant and let me take a break knowing I took care of my Chief.=^=

Narira smiled, even though he couldn't see it. =^="Yes chief. I will go to bed. See you in the morning."=^=

Eric had not bothered to check where the Klingon was but he called him next =^=Commander Harf. If you are returning to the Asgard I need you to go to the transporter station on deck-3. There are no more shuttle flights tonight and as you know Captain Wulfe does not wish to let his shields open for a transport any more often than he has too. If you are staying we have a cot for you in the shuttlebay.=^= Eric was not overly concerned about the comfort of anyone not in engineering tonight anyway.

Morga looked around at the crew working around him on the Engines and thought about where he would stay. He had nothing that couldn’t wait on the Asgard, his team were perfectly apt, in fact meritorious in the work and they all knew how to work very well without his continuous observation. =^=Thank you Chief Warrant Stoltz I expect I will take the cot in the Shuttlebay for tonight At least.=^=

=^=Good night than Commander, sleep well. Once I get verification you have arrived and gone to sleep I can take a break as well. So if not for yourself, I would appreciate you taking a sleep cycle as soon as possible.=^= Eric hated dealing with department heads. They were all stubborn chuckle-heads.

=^=Very good Chief Warrant Stoltz we’re just about done for the day I believe. As soon as Lieutenant Atay have the engine back together I will be heading to the Shuttlebay for a sleep.” Morga said, he knew telling your bosses to get some sleep was a duty that Warrant Officers took very seriously so he decided not to test this one.

=^=Commander, the work for now is complete. You can do nothing to help anyway with the current state of affairs. If you are to be any use you need sleep. Please report to the shuttlebay to get some chow and find a cot. Remaining where you are is part of a problem and in no way helps get to the solution.=^= Eric wished he could just leave officers at home.

Morga smiled =^=On my way Chief Warrant Stoltz.=^= He laughed at stopped short of saying Commander. Morga was still working through what was happening. He expected Lieutenant Atay had it under control now and he would be able to return to the Asgard in the morning.

==4.3 hours later==

"Computer where is LT. Atay?" PO2nd Tanner asked from the bridge console. =^=She is in the Captain's quarters=^= "Thank you." Tanner had been working the off shift while most were asleep. He had been going over each station on the bridge, just as a redundant back up diagnostic. The better safe than sorry seemed to be the order of the day here. Now though he was worried. He had found something well hidden under the main Operations console. He had found a splice on the wires and the splice had no purpose that he could detect. This was not SOP and it was above his skill level. So..

=^=LT. Atay could you please come to the bridge and have a look at something here. This is PO2nd Tanner, and I hate to bother you but I have found something that really looks wrong?=^=

Blurry eyed and discombobulated, Narira rolled out of the bed in the captains cabin, She hadn't bothered to changed so was still in uniform. =^="On my way." =^= she acknowledged. She went and stood under the sonic shower long enough to work the sleep out of her eyes, and grabbed her medicine before walking straight to the bridge, loading and injecting the hypospray with practised routine movements and stuffing it back into her pocket. She probably didn't need a dose this early, but she was also tired, and that could be problematic.

Morga woke a few minutes later. He knew another day on the Sara Hale was unnecessary and he headed to transporter station 2 so he could be back on the trail of his Saboteur. Hoping to get him before he had the chance to get another ship in his clutches, though convincing the Talarans to give up a saboteur like him might be difficult but Captain Wulfe had done harder before.

Five minutes after her rude awakening, she stood next to Tanner, frowning. "Really looks wrong?" she asked squinting at it. She lifted up some wiring with the end of a spanner, and saw the problem, and felt a grudging respect? awe? horror? at the lengths this sabateur was going to. "Well, you're not wrong."

A frown crossed his face, the last thing he really wanted to hear was that he was right this time. He had a optimistic type personality and normally was pretty happy with life. The Tallarians invasion had dented his outlook but it had been recovering nicely. He had volunteered to help with this exchange even. He was 5'10" and exercised regularly and he was not a weak man. Right now he wanted to crawl into a ball and cry! He managed to suck it up though. "What do you need Lieutenant, how can I help?"

"Run diagnostics on that." The little box rounded off like a tiny torpedo case was squatting in a bundle of wires coming off the main ops console, leading off the the main computer. "That's an isolinear tap. It sits on the conputer cabling and reads inputs and outputs going to the console. And depending on how its made it can also intercept commands and even replace them with their own. "See if you can find out what its listening too, and if its got a charge inside. I'm going to get the tools i need to pry it off."

"Sure thing Lieutenant." Tanner plugged into the system and followed the a route to the splice. He used the console itself to scan the slicer. He found it was easy to get information from but it was hard to read what information he received? He ran a translation program and the information became clear. "Lieutenant, there is no explosive material, but this is a Tallarian chip. It had been coated with a layer of clear plastic. Like we do for tricorder chips or those that might be used in a place where they could be damaged."

Tanner shook his head "I am not sure exactly as the translation seems unclear. Something about the power for deflector shields being rerouted once we are beyond warp-2? That makes no sense?

"It makes perfect sense when you add to the other stuff we've found" she called from the captains ready room, where the case of tools had been stored to keep the bridge itself clear. "At warp 2, the deflector shield is disabled, At warp 4, the Dilithium chamber and the EPS system goes into melt down. If we don't get taken out by a warp core explosion, then we just come out of warp. Newton's first law says we'll be doing close on the speed of light, most likely with no other nearby body to exert a force on us to slow us down. Now imagine going at the speed of light, with nothing to protect you from even an atomic particle sized piece of space dust."

The light dawned in Tanner's eyes. "So we were suppose to just die in space? That is mighty evil even for these people."

Lindsey found a case of isolinear chips in the transporter station and was walking onto the bridge as he heard the Lieutenant and PO 2nd Tanner in conversation. He paused not wanting to interrupt them.

Tanner saw Lindsey "You bring the new chips." He saw them and nodded "Lieutenant Atay, Lindsey is here with the replacements. I will get out of your way so there is room for him to assist you." Tanner moved out of the immediate area so Lindsey could assist in the repair.

"Yes, they were sent over by the Asgard so we know they haven't been tampered with." Lindsey said with a serious face his eyes flicking to the chief as he added. "Ma'am, I don't know that we should trust the bits and pieces that are cluttered around the supply room, most look like they've been picked through and anything in decent shape had been scavenged."

"I wouldn't trust them either. I brought a lot of spares with me too. Great minds think alike." She came over to the open panel and had another look at the wiring. "I want someone to keep a scan on this little monster at all time. And what's the current status of the Deflector shield?"

Tanner nodded "I can scan the system while Lindsey here assists you with the repair." He used a tricorder as the station was powered down to be worked on. He checked the ship's power grid and the deflector shields. Nothing seems amiss as yet Lieutenant. Power supply is a steady flow, Deflector shields are online with no fluctuations."

"Good."Narira flexxed the wire cutters in her hand, and poked in the box for a couple of signal blockers. She didn't want to risk tripping the tap accidentally. "Keep an eye on that. If changes, let me know.." She turned to Lindsay. 'I'm going to splice a line around it, then cut it away. Can you cut me a half a meter of RX cable?



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