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Casal Epidemic: What can we do

Posted on Sat Jan 5th, 2019 @ 6:24am by Lieutenant JG Datav & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Warrant Officer Dawn Sumner Miss

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: office of the Chief Doc
Timeline: 21 March 2392 / epilogue 26 March


Datav had received the summons and brought along Dawn as his assistance. He held the door for Dawn on arrival. He presented himself to the XO promptly once the door was close. "You wished to see me Commander? You know Miss Dawn Sumner, she has been aboard the ship for some time in another capacity. How can Diplomacy be of service to the ship and the Federation."

The corner of Amar's lips lifted in a slight smile at Datav's formality. "Yes I remember Dawn." She nodded at the lounges former waitress. "Please take a seat both of you this may take a few minutes to explain and I don't want a crick in my neck from looking up."

Datav moved so Dawn could be seated first. Once she sat he sat beside her. "Commander I was under the impression the pow exchange had been completed and we were merely waiting for the Sarahale to be made ready to depart. Has this something to do with the marine team on Casal, or your own away team?" He had not pried as he was sure if it was something he was needed for he would be called in. He was aware of the away teams but not really briefed on the purpose of either team.

Still he knew there was a plague on the planet and he also knew a lot of equipment had been stolen from the base. He was smart enough to suspect what was going on. "This is about your team is it not. You found something and need a way to present it." Datav if truth be told had a mildly smug expression. It could be considered his normal expression, but there was a trace of his pride displayed.

"Yes, I want you to contact that councilman you worked out the POW exchange with, and see if he'll accept the medical file that contains information for a vaccine and treatment for the influenza pandemic they have." Amar paused with a soft sigh. "Their own medical personnel can make and test it in their labs before using it on their people."

Datav hesitated briefly before standing. "If you will prepare the medical files I will do what I can to see they are delivered. since lives are being lost even as we speak I will go immediately to attempt making contact." He put his hand on Dawn's shoulder "my assistant will remain here to collect the files if that is convenient." He thought a moment before leaving trying to think of anything else he might need. "Commander Amar I might need a shuttle, with a pilot of course. I might have to hand deliver this?" He stood straighter "if you have nothing else I will take my leave Commander."

"I'm certain a shuttle can be arranged if needed." Amar spoke with a nod. "You may go." Her attention turned to Dawn with a soft smile. "Dawn how do you like being Datav's assistant?" Amar asked as she readied the files and copied them.

"I'm enjoying it, although there has been some adjusting. Like not being on my feet for eight hours a day." Dawn chuckled and crossed her legs.

"Datav seems quite happy with the arrangement." Amar smiled at her. "As happy as a Vulcan allows at least." She had the file organized, and the chemical compositions of the vaccine and how to create them, the medications that treated the Flu including the medication to lessen the severity and quicken recovery for those with the virus. "Here you are Dawn, take this to him."

"Yes Commander." Dawn took the PADD from her hand and stood to leave she paused and said. "I'm quite happy with the arrangement too." With a not and swaying hips she went to the diplomats office carrying the file.

Datav went to main Operations and spoke to the duty NCO at the desk. He was ushered to a room where he could have a private conversation. Operations signaled Casal requesting to speak to Councilman Savan. The Talarians at first were openly hostile, calming to just negative attitude. Finally someone agreed to contact the Councilman.

It was several ling minutes before Datav was beeped that a secure comm link had been established. Savan was glaring at the screen when it went live. "This is a highly distasteful situation. I trust you understand this. What is it you require Junior Officer Datav?"

"I thank you for allowing me to speak with you Sir. I know you have a serious plague event happening on the planet. Multiple People are dying as we speak. The medical team aboard the Asgard has discovered a cure. They have seen this sort of problem before and are convinced they have a cure. We wish to give this information to you. It can be transported to a location of your choosing. I can meet you anywhere, even in space to turn the data over to you. I have been assured once you run your own test that you have everything you require to mass produce the cure." Datav had maintained eye contact as he spoke. He had seen the Councilman's expression fade from belligerent to non-hostile, now there was a slight expression of hope?

Savan's daughter had just become sick and he was told she had days to live. The Federation medical tech was well known so he did not have any doubt the Vulcan he faced spoke the truth. Still he knew if he accepted the formula, if he allowed it to be used he was done politically. The lives saved might mean a simple censure, but his rise to any sort of position would be over. The other problem would be convincing the local doctors to create, test, and administer the cure. He was sure the red tape he would have to cut would mean his own daughter would not benefit from this? Much more went through his mind before he spoke.

"LT. Datav, I require twenty samples as well as all the data and information you have. I would have you bring them as quietly as possible to this place. Sending coordinates now." It was a small air/space pad in the mountains South of the city. We use that Landing zone to meet with mercenaries often, so your landing there discreetly would not raise alarms. I will be there waiting in an hour." His expression showed his distaste and his personal abhorrence as he forced two words out "thank you." The contact ended abruptly after that.

Datav stood, not sure what to do next as it had been quite an abrupt ending to the conversation. He stepped from the room and contacted Elisad directly. =^=Commander I need twenty of those vaccinations and a shuttle. As well as your information. We have 58minutes-24 seconds to deliver to the planet all you offered.=^=

=^=I'll have vials of the vaccine ready, and I'll put the dosage in Talarian so they wont make a mistake. I'll also send the medication to treat those that are all ready ill and instructions in Talarian on dosage and diet during recovery.=^= Amar spoke quickly. =^= Arranging for a flight now.=^= She tapped her comm. =^= Amar to Wulfe, Ray I need a shuttle with pilot and security to take Datav to the planet for a clandestine meeting with the councilman.=^= Even as she spoke to him she was going into the medical supply room and replicating the medications they would need, luckily they had enough cultures to quickly blend a batch of the vaccine.

=^=I will get one prepped right away Elisad.=^= Wulfe was as good as his word and called the CAG as soon as the line was closed to Elisad.

==CAG office==

"Paladin you are the boss, so you have to stay here. I can take the Diplomat down to the planet. I will use one of the armored T-9's we use for nebula exploration. It will be just a quick trip, no sweat." Ryder Gawyn was in the office looking at the volcano mission that had just been received, his name as the assigned pilot for the Wyvern. Which was why Talon was objecting.

"Look you took the medical team down and you have this Volcano thing in the morning.." Brad was cut off before he could finish his thought.

Gawyn was having none of it. "And you took the engineers over to the SaraHale and did a quick inspection tour. Look we have all been busy and you know yourself how close those Talarian cruisers are right now. Your second is going into the volcano and he is with his wife right now. We both know my wife is back on the base with the kids. I need to keep busy or crazy and Mac is back on the ship. So my second is ready to take my place if the Talarian's do something unexpected while I am away from the ship. I am more replaceable than you are it is just that simple. So I will take the guy down to meet the Councilman. If it makes you feel better we can arrange the flight so you are on CAP while I am down there."

"Okay you fly him down but get your ass back here asap as I have a bad feeling our time is running out. Those cruisers are inching closer every few hours like they are anxious to pounce." Talon conceded the point. Besides the short flight was not going to over tax Gawyn any more than it would himself but the volcano thing tomorrow was extreme. He did not want Ryder flying a CAP today before that mission. So in a way giving in to this shuttle mission was a win. It was becoming annoying though having to send others out rather than just take the mission himself!

==almost an hour later==

Ryder Gawyn sat in the cockpit of the armored T-9 already having clearance to launch. he heard/saw Datav and Dawn arrive "Just take any seat and buckle in. We will launch as soon as your ready, I already have clearance."

Datav secured the case of the medications before taking a seat. Dawn had the case with the paperwork on PADDs to be distributed by the Tallarians. Once Dawn was seated beside him in the second row he reached over taking her hand. "We are ready LT. Gawyn."

Dawn had buckled in just before Datav took her hand. She gave his hand a gentle squeeze and smiled as she looked into his eyes. She held the case with the medical information securely.

Ryder powered up as the shuttle sealed and atmosphere stabilized. Within minutes he was lifting smoothly from the deck and turning effortlessly to face the exit lock. "We will take a short ride down LT. Datav, Dawn. No worries I will make the trip as smooth as possible." Ryder made a slow smooth acceleration out of the bay and into the black. He immediately angled toward the planet making a quarter orbit before descending into the atmosphere.

Ryder followed the flight plan exactly and set down on the designated landing pad. The shuttle sunk onto its struts without even a bounce. Ryder was proud of his skills and he sort of showed off in this quiet manner every chance he got. "LT Datav if there is any shooting I will cover you and call for a transporter beam to get you both out of here. So just take cover and hold where you are. I will keep their heads down till you are both away."

LT. Datav was clearly not in agreement with that plan but he did not know how to reject it really. After all it was logical and the safest way to withdraw if anything became hostile.

Dawn's brow furrowed in concern but she clutched the case to her chest and nodded. She hoped this would go without a hitch, she had heard people were dying, and the young and old were most at risk.

Despite's Gawyn's cautious stance, it was all unneeded. The exchange was a smooth transaction. Councilman Savan waved his escort to remain at the vehicle and he approached Datav and Dawn alone. "He stopped short, his native xenphobia made it impossible for him to close those last few steps. "I thank you for this. I understand you have no reason to show us any kindness. Maybe this will help. I will make it known you made this cure possible. It is the least I can do."

Datav bowed and set down the case with the vaccines between them. He waved for Dawn to leave the data/research materials as well. Datav stepped back giving Savan plenty of room. "Councilman you do whatever it takes to save your people. The masses are seldom to blame for the actions of the rulers. They normally bare the brunt of the outcome just the same. Perhaps the next time we come here you and my assistant here, myself and perhaps your mate can all share a meal together. It is something to hope for."

Dawn smiled and nodded, then made a slight curtsy out of respect before stepping back.

Datav stepped backwards another step before putting his arm out to Dawn to walk with her back to the shuttle.

Councilman Savan took everything and hurried back to his vehicle. His guards seemed unsettled by this odd exchange but they were soldiers and obeyed. The Talarian's were gone before Gawyn could seal up and lift off.

That made Gawyn nervous but he was as cool as a cucumber as he sealed up and launched smoothly from the landing pad. he made a wide spiral climb away and was back in the black of space within minutes. He took a deep breath once they were clear. "Well looks like you two just helped save a few million people. I bet that feels really good."

"It does, especially with so many being children," She then snuggled into Datav's shoulder and sighed. "It was the right thing to do regardless of our relationship with the people."

To test the vaccine a Talarian Doctor and Nurse injected five volunteers to be injected and kept in quarantine, five more were injected then exposed to patients with the virus then placed in a separate quarantine. "We will know in the next few days if the vaccine works." A doctor said in a communique to the councilman.

As these tests were taken place they began the treatment plan in ward 6 with severely ill children. Savan's daughter laid coughing with and weak with a high fever. She trembled and cried. "Please I'm cold."

One of the nurses on the ward came and sponged off her sweat. "Hush little one, I'll get you a warmed blanket.

A doctor came in having checked the antiviral medication for any poison and satisfied was ready to begin treatment at Savan's orders. "Lisi... I have a new medicine for you. "

"Please no poke me again." The girls bottom lip trembled.

"No I can put this medicine in the tube going to your arm. You wont get another poke." The doctor spoke with a smile as he injected the medication. "Nurse I'll be sending in more staff to help you monitor this ward during the treatment plan. It also says to stay away from milk products as that worsens the cough."

--Five days later--

The test subjects for the vaccine showed no signs of contagion. They were happily released and feeling that taking that risk made them heroes.

The fevers had broken, the children in the ward were feeling much better and had mainly to recover their strength before they would be released again.

The Talarian counsel had decided to begin manufacturing the vaccine and get it out to those that were still healthy, while the antiviral treatment was being manufactured into pills to be distributed to the ill by mobile nurses that went to their homes.



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