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SB-214: Just too many missing Part 3.

Posted on Sat Jan 5th, 2019 @ 8:44am by 2nd Lieutenant Duffy MacBain & Lieutenant Lorix & Lieutenant JG Dahlia Vine

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: SB 214: bay 160/2
Timeline: 24-26 March 2392


The crew of the *Seabulk Pride* worked hard and were right on schedule as they unpacked than began taking aboard their cargo. The falsely marked stasis chambers were among the first of the cargo brought aboard. Those crates were scattered and buried under other crates of regular cargo. Under normal circumstances no freight inspector would make them unload half a cargo bay to inspect a crate. So the method was sound. Also all the paperwork was in order? A PettyOfficer assigned to inspect cargo on the base in those containers empties had signed off everything as being what it was listed as?

The appearance was the Local operators had not warned the *Seabulk Pride* that their cargo had been IDed? Maybe their mole had been located.

Dahlia shook her head with frustration as they scrolled through the reports, her weight shifted on to one hip as she tapped the side of the console with her fingertips. "I don't understand how everything looks so clean...I know this is the right scent, I just know it..." she looked across to Lorix with dark eyes.

"They've been doing this for a while and we haven't spotted it before now so I suggest they have a good cover on this. What could they be doing that lets them clear their tracks? If they delete their entries, cold we follow the paths?
Who is letting them use their identity and log in?" Lorix queried, trying to think this out logically.

"PO3rd Brent Durst." Which is a good trick because right now he is on the SaraHale on his way back here? I would say we need to back log this entry and see where the information is actually originating from." LTJG Chuck Hannigan looked at the two ladies "I think I can handle the computer angle if you want to assign me some people with good legs to run down this scalawag."

The cargo was loaded but just when it appeared the ship was going to call for inspection a list of passengers boarding appeared on the base manifest docket? Twenty-seven passengers were boarded in a fashion to bypass Operations, so they were never seen to board the ship. The inspectors were called in to check the cargo and manifests.

"Look, there... a manifest just appeared... who logged it? Can we trace the input details? whose ID is it on? Johnson? But he's off duty... he's on nights.... has been for a while, since his wife had her baby.... how is his login being used?" Lorix wondered aloud.

"None of those passengers are real! In fact eleven of them are currently in our brig for Syndicate infractions during the occupation. The cargo is inspected, those were civilian inspectors and not in the loop of what was going down. LTJG Chuck Hannigan laughed and than coughed in pain! "The cargo inspectors signed off as expected, after all our own missing people already signed off on the cargo as being legitimate. Better move now! All twenty-seven passengers just reneged on their tickets so the ship is sealing up to depart!"

Shuttles blocked the exit with security details and marines aboard just in case. The magnetic locks were not released and the ship was seized. A furious Captain and his officers disembarked shortly from the ship to demand knowing what was happening. When their cargo was revealed to them they all looked appropriately shocked. Security made many arrests and interviews were conducted of everyone involved. The computer security was also rebooted and additional safeguards added. With the intent that no one could login with someone else's ID.

The Operation caught the attention of the local news people and the story was soon broadcast all over the base. Chief of security Lorix was hailed as the new sheriff in town! Chuck made sure Dahlia was never mentioned in public. Her part would remain secret, as befitting a spook!



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