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Casal epidemic: We are not the only aliens here! Part 5.

Posted on Wed Dec 5th, 2018 @ 4:06am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Gunnery Sergeant John Stryker II & Petty Officer 2nd Class Bettina Davies EMTP/PO2 & Lieutenant Yukime Winters

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: subway tunnel under the Industrial park
Timeline: 21 March 2392

Team: Pilot: LT Yukime Winters (Silk)
Medical: PO2nd Bettina Davies
Security: PO3rd Del Clayton

Mercs: Hondo Lane, male Human; Kimmot Saiba, female Betazoid; Depax, male Ferengi; Cuta, Female Romulan; Rescued are two young male humans and one female human (ages 21-23)


The clock had ticked past midnight. The military had cordoned off the Industrial park on two sides. North and East. On the west was the city which was on high alert and on the South was the river. The unit inside the Industrial park was cleaning up the mess of a team ravished by canines. The lone survivor had nothing to report, still upset over being the last one alive from his team. The unit packed up and returned back to the Northern cordon. They had been here several hours and had nothing but three dead troopers to show for their time. The leaders in the field expected the intruders were dead already. Either taken down by the gunships or the canines. whichever the bodies were likely already in the bellies of a few canines already. They obeyed orders like any other soldiers in history and returned to the positions they were to maintain.

Finally there was a new platform and stairs leading up. Silk went first as quite as she could remembering the way she had been taught to be quick and quiet. So far so good, she did not encounter anything but a few small rodents that scurried away. She got to the top and looked out. There was definite activity to the North but it did not seem to be coming this way at the moment. She was about ready to head back when a glint of metal caught her eye. There was another patrol. They moved easily though as though there was little to worry about. That meant they could not call for help, the Talarians might be looking for any transmission even if they could not break the code.

She went back down to help the others. "So far so good as far as animals go but the two legged kind. Spotted a patrol so I do not think quite in the clear and I don't know about you but walking down more dark tunnels is not my cup of tea." She nodded her chin down the tunnel the rest had come down. "Hondo any indication our slithery friends decided to follow?"

"Not that I noticed and I saw no flashes. Depax's toys would be quiet but the flash would be noticeable for quite a ways back. Now they might be smart enough to avoid them?" Hondo shrugged "I wouldn't know about that though." Hondo pointed up the stairs "so how deep are we? Any chance to escape upward?"

"I it appears that we are still within the patrol area. I saw one go by. Get everyone up to the top and then let's see how often and maybe we can head out between patrols."

Del listened to Silk and Hondo as they conversed about what was to happen next. This could become lethal, then again, maybe not. Maybe luck would be on their side and they could avoid a fight and get clear of the area. He waited for orders, there were injured to consider.

Standing still to preserve her energy, what with the injured man leaning on her, Bettina listened to the others, then asked, "What about some sort of distraction, a flash-bang or something to draw their attention away from us?" That depended on someone being able to toss something that made a lot of noise far enough away to be of value to allow the group to slip away.

"Perhaps but I would prefer that they have no indication that anyone is here at all," Silk replied. "Everyone let's rest up keep an eye on how routine the patrols are." She turned to Hondo. "Feel up to some scouting to see what we are up against?"

She knew he had been in and out of a ton of places.

Hondo smiled "always up for a walk in the park with you Silk." He winked at her as he drew his own phaser to check the settings. He glanced at Bettina with a lewd sort of grin "you know Silk-y my girl those Talarians already know we are here. They just do not know exactly where we are. I also enjoy having a plan-B just in case." He waved Depax over "You heard the young lady, can you create a distraction to make those troops keep their heads down long enough to get our packages safely away?"

Depax almost did a gleeful jig "rest assure Captain my Captain. I have some toys here that would make'em think long an hard before comin outta their hidey-holes."

Hondo looked to Silk his grin shameless. "We go with your plan but if we need to, we have serious back-up planned. Does that meet with your approval Admiral?" Even as he teased Silk Depax scurried out of view into the shadows and vanished.

Taking advantage of the chance to rest, Bettina helped her charge to sit on the floor then gave him some water before seeing to the civilians, making sure that they had an energy snack and water as well. There was no telling how long they or how far they were going to have to hold out, and her task was to keep them as ready for the long-haul as possible.

Silk would accept a diversion but with wounded they could not move fast. She would much prefer to keep things discreet at the moment. "Alright, but the less that they know anybody is here the better. Come on." She waved Hondo and slipped quietly out and into the shadows. Her training making her quite as the breeze. This was almost Ninja style work. Quick silent and deadly. She paused only long enough to scan the area. The patrols and the ships pretty much had swept any four legged types into hiding. There was an overhead walkway not far away that offered cover across the open street. She pointed to it and to the door near this side building and then moved. She found the door unlocked and slipped inside but so far nothing.
A set of stairs headed up and the walkway lead off that. She felt she could at least whisper.

"That should get us across the street into the next building. Nothing came at us so I think this one is safe enough. Scout ahead and see what lies in the next building and see just where the Talarians have set up their perimeter."

Hondo slipped past her without a word. His acknowledgement he had heard her was a firm hand squeezing her bum as he went by. He was not so great in the woods or any natural setting but among buildings, on metal walkways and the like, he was a ghost. He knew how to move so his shadow did not reveal his location, he understood how to disguise the creaking of the floor so it seemed natural. He was in his element here. A city boy through and through. At the farside of the walkway he listened at the door as his eyes searched the layout about him. He tested the door, it was not locked but it was warped into the frame. He took a small serrated hacksaw blade from his boot top and proceeded to cut off thee hinges. It took a few minutes but once done he slowly flexed his legs and lifted the door out of the frame. By moving slow he made very little noise as the door was freed from the frame.

He carried the door inside with him and set it alongside the frame on the inside. He moved down the steps and about half way down saw the stairs had collapsed all the way down into a basement level. He checked the walkway and it was compromised in both directions. He was pretty sure the left hand walkway was sturdy enough to lower people down by rope. Nothing but some bats hanging from the ceiling, the place smelled bad but he saw nothing to contest their escape. He could see trees through an open door to the North, scans showed no Talarians within a reasonable distance to that door. He picked up four vehicles and he quit counting at twenty Talarians.

He realized if he could scan them they might scan him and started back toward the tunnel. He figured Silk would already have the group briefed and ready to roll. He moved like a ghost back across the skywalk.

Silk watched Hondo disappear. She waited listening and watching and prepared just in case. There was a little noise behind her and she went to full on alert. It was a rustle not much could even be just rodents. She moved slowly and quietly and further back into the building questing for more noise. Another little rustle and she spotted a dark shape down below her perch. After a moment it resolved into a few more shapes. It was more of those large snakes and appeared they were just slowly coming awake. She best get the group on the move but also it gave her an idea.
Making her way back she had not seen Hondo but in a dark hidden away made a small note for him. "Getting the rest, snakes in the building waking up. Might have your guy use them for a diversion as well. Hope the way is clear."

Cuta and Saiba were with the packages and as Bettina watched Saiba without any reservation or hesitation used her powers to calm all three people. She did more than that, she sealed away their fears and ability to feel pain as well. All three settled into an almost trance like state.

Nodding to Saiba, Bettina smiled. She didn't know the woman, but she clearly was some sort of Empath, and that was a good thing at the moment, to help calm the civilians, who weren't accustomed to the combat-like activity they were encountering. And surprisingly, Bettina even noticed that her ankle was hurting nearly so much and she was confident now that she'd be able to get herself and her charge where they needed to go, freeing the others to cover their backs.

Del had watched this entire sequence pretty much in awe of what he was seeing. "That's some serious....yeah." He looked to Bett whom he knew was favoring one leg. "Bett, How's the leg? You gonna need help moving forward?"

"I'll survive." Bettina grinned. "'Tis but a scratch!" Then she looked at him a bit more seriously. "But...if you want to hang close, I wouldn't object, I mean, just in case." She was pretty sure she could handle one injured man, but she'd feel better having someone there if something happened.

"If they don't stick me on the point again, I'll be glad to lend a hand," Del replied. He wasn't sure what would lie ahead, but either way, he'd do his best to look out for the medic. She might have to save his or another's life.

Silk got back and nodded to the rest. "We have to move now. Depax back yet?"

"Now I am and thanks for asking knockers." Depax came out of the shadows behind the group "All set, you want the triggers? Four of'em flick each one three time." He made a gesture with his thumb flick- flick back- flick. Will be on a five second delay. You do the last button four flicks and they all go off at once." He looked around "so what happens next?"

"Do you have anything left?" Silk asked. "We found a walkway across the street to a warehouse that looks like it will get us past the Talarian perimeter. However the warehouse on this side has some more of those snake things in the back. They are sleepy but I am thinking a patrol comes by something to rouse them out and provide a more natural diversion. Just something unpleasant. In fact I think there is a water pipe above the nest. Pop that and most snakes do not like water. Everything looks like just old building falling apart and we do not rouse more patrols by blowing too much up."

Del had been listening to the exchange between Silk and Depax. He looked to Bettina as said; "Excuse me," he walked over closer to the others. "So what's the plan? Blowing stuff up sounds to me like we'd be drawing every Talarian within earshot. Not that I'm against a good fight, but we've wounded and moving'll be hindered some, not to mention we're not in contact with the rest of the away team.".

Depax frowned at the Federation guy, "who said anything about blowing anything up? Just noise and a light show is all. We want them to investigate of hunker down some. Blow'in stuff up they might call in an airstrike or worse. I ain't planning on dying here big man." He looked at Silk and smiled "okay Knockers I will go see about agitating your snakey friends. Catch ya on the other side." Depax slipped away back into the shadows once more.

"Alright," Silk said and then nodded to the rest. "It will be getting light soon enough and we have a little ways to go. Let's get going." She turned to show the way.
She hoped Hondo was alright, he had not returned but then again he might be making sure that they could make it past the Talarian perimeter.

It was a bit slower going with the injured but they finally got everyone across the sky bridge to the other side. Silk noted the hinges had been cut so Hondo had been this way. What she had not expected was that everything was collapsed. They would have to rope down unless there was another way around. Another patrol would soon be coming. Well hopefully the cheeky Ferengi would have gotten something in place to rouse the snakes.

When Hondo saw the group he pointed to Del, Bettina, and Silk. "Silk your an official officer type so you take command here, okay." He was teasing her status as much as asking her to organize. "Del, right, Bettina. I need the big strong guy here to lower people down to the ground level. I left ropes down to the left there. Set up however you think works. Bettina I would like you to go down first so you can calm down anyone who gets excited. Cuta you go next to help her. Lower the three packages next and Saiba you keep them clam while they wait, then go down after them."

"On it." Del responded and went after the rope. Looking for the sturdiest place to use.

"Once all of them are down I figure you and Silk-y here can make your own way down." Hondo smiled "so all set now?"

It had taken some effort, but with Del's help, Bettina had managed help her charge get to the next stopping point. The man was doing well, considering, and with the meds taking the edge off his pain, he was able to keep his feet under him and not rest all of his weight on her.

When the rope was mentioned, Bettina winced but nodded. She was fine with it, but the wounded man was pretty weak. Of course, he could be lowered, so he wouldn't have to put out much effort.

"I can repel," she said, just so they didn't feel obligated to take the time to tie her off and lower her. Still, she had to close her eyes and she held her breath during the descent -- heights weren't her favorite thing -- and soon enough she was on the ground.

Stepping back, she waited for the others.

"Okay, Bett, over you go, I've got this end." Del said, his gloved hand holding the rope in place. It was wrapped around a metallic round post that connected both to the floor and the ceiling which He believed would be sturdy enough. He held it in place for her to make her descent to the floor below. There was more than enough of the rope to accommodate both repelling and lowering technics.

TBC: on to part 6.


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