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Asgard/Casal: An explosive problem! Part 2.

Posted on Wed Dec 5th, 2018 @ 4:12am by Lieutenant Commander Ryder Hawken & Lieutenant JG Serran & Lieutenant Commander Anlya D'Tries

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: shuttlebay Asgard
Timeline: 20-21 March 2392


Ryder Hawken was standing at the wyvern airlock as it opened. He greeted the passengers as they disembarked as he waited for his wife to appear. He figured she had a lot to do on her return but he was going to greet her anyway. It had been a few days and she had been in a possibly dangerous location. The thing was she was there without him. He was polite, even friendly when he saw a familiar face but he was also anxious to see just one face in particular. When that one face he was searching for his eye lit up as his smile covered his entire face. "Welcome home Commander."

Anlya was tired, bone tired but as soon as she saw Ryder waiting she felt as if a hundred pound weight lifted. She went over and hugged him and kissed him not caring who saw or protocol. It was nice just to be back in his arms again.

Hawken embraced and lifted her into a secure hug as he kissed her back. He turned and took a few steps toward the exit with his eyes closed and his lips pressed against Anlya's. He lowered her to her feet before he ended the last kiss, his lips still pressed against hers as he savored the kiss. He slowly opened his eyes whispering his lips still against hers "glad to know you missed me." He smiled as he straighten, loosening his embrace slightly. "I got nothing on my plate at the moment can I escort you anywhere?"

Anlya just sighed as they broke the kiss. "Got a meeting with the Captain. Hopefully nothing too bad. When I have the chance it is you and I, a hot bubbling bath, with cold glasses of bubbly."

Hawken slipped his hand into hers as he started walking toward the bay exit "Sounds rather nice to me my Wildcat. I guess I can walk with you as far as the bridge. "So how did things go over there. We have been flying patrols but nothing happening in space inside the system as yet. I think the Captain is right, I think they are waiting till we leave the system so casal is not endangered."

"It was not a lot of fun. Of course we were watched the whole time so could not get too many details but I can tell you that the Talarians slipped in some of their mine accident victims along with other non-prisoner of war people. Some of those and some of the captured off the station people were pretty well abused. So if you happen to catch a stray Talarain ship that is not where it is supposed to be and want to punch a small hole in the cockpit to let the air out....well..." she just shrugged.

Hawken slipped his arm around her shoulders. She was pragmatic to a fault but not normally like this. It must have been rougher over on the SaraHale than he had thought. "No worries Anlya, if push comes to shove we will teach them another lesson like we did before. These guys are not bad but they are not up to speed on space tactics." He kissed the top of her head. "The worst is likely over. It won't be long till we are bac.."

LT. Serran came around the corner in a bit of a rush. Which meant he was walking fast, after all he was Vulcan and he would not run in the corridors! He came up abruptly and nodded "Excuse me Commander but I wish a word with you about a most urgent matter. Do you currently have time to speak with me?"

Anlya let Ryder's hand go and looked at him a moment before replying, "Yes I do. I presume you do not want to talk in the hallway?"

Serran spoke in more of a rush than was usual. "Here is fine, actually I hope if the Talarians can listen they hear this." He handed over a PADD "I am seeing a catastrophic volcano eruption within the next five to seven days. This will be huge Commander. I warned the Captain I had suspicions but I just got the final pieces from Intelligence. I think we can protect them? I do not think they can save themselves in time." Serran took a deep breath and straighten his posture. He had been excited and it was unseemly. "If we try and fail though, the death count will appear to be our fault to them. We can count on that."

Anlya looked over the data. "It does not look good but then again we are dealing with some stiff necked people here. Let's get this to the captain and let him make the decision to do something or not. I will back you up on the data."

She hit her comm, =^=Captain, a moment of your time when you can. There is a new situation brewing.=^=

=^=Of course Anlya I am in the stellar lounge just join me there=^= Wulfe hoped they had not found an explosive device on the SaraHale? Just his luck if the entire ship was rigged too explode! He would hear Anlya out but if it was really bad he was going to need to figure a way to move over 1500 people without drawing attention from whomever was watching. He hoped it was something else that she felt was urgent. Mayybe it was just a raw material shortage for the replicators? That would be an easy fix.

Hawken decided to tag along, after all this was not a security matter anyway. He checked his PADD as they walked, the city population and area Serran described was nearly 250,000! That was a lot of people to move if this could not be fixed!

Anlya waved the two others along and checked what direction they needed to go.

Serran followed as he was the one who had discovered this situation and he had researched a plan to hopefully make a temporary fix. His mind was on facts and figures as he walked absently along with the other two officers.

The lounge was not too far away and they all entered and Anlya smiled to see the captain. "Sorry sir, but this is rather important. However it was brought to my attention by Lieutenant Serran so I will let him give the quick brief. Lieutenant?"

She nodded to Serran

Serran nodded accepting Commander's D'Tries offer. Facing the captain in a manner to include all three officers he began his presentation in his monotone voice. "Being in a stabilized position these last few days I used the Science station sensors to do some studies of Casal. I noticed high amounts of Hydrogen chloride gas, which leads me to believe there have already been phreatic eruptions. The gasses have been blowing out to sea so have mostly been unnoticed by the locals. From the research conducted though. 'Cloud sensing' has revealed eruption clouds, which can be distinguished between two different thermal wavelengths. I am sure these are not meteorological clouds in those scans.

Our Gas sensing results revealed a high Sulfur dioxide content. Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometers measured show a level of sulfur dioxide gas released consistent with an eruption event taking place. Also Carbon dioxide emissions detected in the short-wave infrared are at elevated levels. Thermal sensing And Deformation sensing by the ships sensors combined with data from intelligence on recent geological reports all combined show an increasing heat and size deformation. I would estimate a level 7 Plinian eruption with a toxic gas event that would suffocate anyone within 56.4 miles of the event. Those killed would be buried much like what happened in Pompeii on Earth. Serran took a deep breath as he finished his report on what he expected to happen.

Now as was done on other planets if we were to intercede? Three photon torpedo casings filled with a freezing agent, placed in specific locations, and set off in a proper sequence could flash freeze the core deep enough to allow time to more safely bleed off the explosive gasses." Serran pulled up other charts showing the density and strength of the walls forming the cone and along the base. "This area is solid and should be able to withstand the pressures exerted by sealing the current emissions. In fact the reason for the strength of the soon to happen eruption is this very strength of the formations surrounding the cone." Serran made eye contact with the Captain.

"The risk is Captain that I have only collected data from our ship sensors and the questionable reports gathered by Intelligence. If there is a fissure hidden from us it would mean what we do would speed along a disastrous eruption. I fear I have not given you many options Captain."

Wulfe looked to his Science Chief "What do you think Anlya. If we warn them, we would have done all that was required. We both know they are not going to accept our offer to help let alone request our aide. So we would have to proceed with this support plan and explain it to them after the fact. If we warn them though, do nothing, we will be back home by the time of the eruption so they can point no fingers at us. Knowing if we try to help and fail we will be held accountable." Wulfe smiled as he shook his head. "Do you advise making the attempt to save those many lives with a risk of failure? Or would you advise to simply give them a warning and leave. Let them succeed of fail on their own abilities but at least we have no culpability in the affair."

"They could always point fingers at us sir," Anlya replied. "What a coup for the Talarian government, we warn them and leave it tarnishes the Federation reputation. A sort of: 'See you can't trust them after all, turn tail a fled. ' We do nothing and it comes out later that we knew then sort of the same thing. We warn and then they turn us down, well we will have that on record but then it can be our word against theirs and still be a diplomatic problem. While much more dangerous to us I would think that my parents would say that it would be best to do what we can. The data indicates little time before a major explosion so even if the Talarians responded they would not have enough time or effort to affect anything." She signed, "So my recommendation, we be as discreet as we can and try to save people. If the Talarians eventually find out, well it is better to ask for forgiveness then to ask for permission which they will be stubborn to give."

It was a well thought out answer and several of her points he had not considered yet. Her conclusions agreed with his instincts though. He always felt it was better to act in good faith than to debate on the merits of acting. "I agree and since you are both here." He included Hawken in his gaze "I will leave this to the three of you to plan and execute as quickly as possible." Wulfe looked to Serran "what do you need for this project?"

Serran appeared distracted for a moment as he considered the requirements. "Captain LT. Hawken would know better than me but I think a Danube is too large to fit inside the cone. Which would mean I guess using one of the type-11 shuttles? We would need three volunteers to place the modified torpedoes in precise locations within the cone itself. I expect they would need to be anchored as well. One person to control from inside the shuttle, a pilot, and possibly as many as six people to place each casing. One might be sufficient for each casing, as the danger will be extreme, but I would recommend two." Serran thought a moment more before adding "than of course the three modified torpedo casings.

Hawken was looking at the volcano and the dimensions as Serran made his presentation. "I would recommend one of our Wyvern Hoppers. They are designed to handle extreme turbulence and they have a powerful short range transporter. If anyone got into too much trouble I am thinking we could beam them out? That was what those transporters were designed for, close-in work. So we would need to add a transporter tech as well to the team." Hawken laughed "I volunteer myself to handle one of the placements. So I volunteer Gawyn as the pilot for the Wyvern!"

"Well I am going," Anlya said. "I have pretty good idea what placement we need, Serran can handle the scans and triggering. "

Serran was pleased things were going so quickly. "I will nee some help from Operations to prepare the torpedoes. I am estimating two-point-one-fifty-three hours to prepare each torpedo. I will oversee each one to ensure all is prepared to exact specifications. When would you want to load them aboard the Wyvern? When would you suggest a launch time. I suspect it will be impossible to fly into the volcano without being detected."

Hawken nodded "I will be down to the bay in seven hours than, we can plan for a launch tomorrow morning say 0800hrs. That will give everyone plenty of time to prepare and double check gear. It is also true LT. Serran, you are correct about us not getting into position unseen. Maybe we should have the Captain?" He glanced at Wulfe, "or someone explain what we are doing once we get spotted?" He looked to Anlya "it might help keep anyone from investigating and getting in our way? Maybe a prepared statement to be transmitted to their news agencies and government."

"Perhaps, I am thinking if we are successful that it is a no one the wiser. I will put something together just in case we are observed."

Serran looked toward Anlya "I do not see as I am needed here any longer. I should be starting with the torpedo modifications. By your leaves?"

Wulfe nodded looking to Anlya to see if she had any need for her officer."

"Indeed, captain, time is limited so if we can be dismissed and get everyone and everything together?" Anlya asked.

"Looks like we have a plan. Contingencies if we need them." Wulfe sighed there was so much that could go wrong and they had been pushing their luck quite a bit already. "Go save the city."



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