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POW: Going to the Sara Hale Part 8. We have found a problem

Posted on Fri Nov 9th, 2018 @ 12:38am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant Commander Morga Harf

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: Intelligence department on Asgard
Timeline: 20 March 2392


Morga had spent as much time over night looking over his padd that at least Josie hadn't kicked him out out of bed to the couch because he was ignoring her and Durga. During his periodic glances at the padd, he had borrowed down from five to three. None of then quite looked right though. He was walking through the ship back to intel. "Good morning everyone." He said on the way through the crypt as He made his way across to Kilara.

"Goodmorning Commander... I was planning to start an open image search just in case your suspect used an alias." Kilara spoke looking up from her console.

Wulfe passed through the Intelligence department seeing everyone hard at work monitoring the planet and nearby space. Listening to comm traffic in hopes of getting some clue to a possible problem before it was acted upon. He passed into the Crypt where Morga and Kilara were "Good Morning everyone. So any progress on this problem we might have? Where are we as of this moment."

"We're getting close Captain, I took a Padd home last night with five names and faces and faces and I have narrowed it a little more. Lieutenant Alajandra and I were about to run a background scan for Alias's incase we get the right Tallarian. Sir" Morga said.

Wulfe glanced over at Kilara, "keep up the good work." Looking back at Morga, Once you know this fellows method return to the SaraHale and inform our replacement Chief Engineer. A Lieutenant Narira Atay, she was on the StarChaser helping out there as she arrived shortly before we left to come here. Help her find the device if one exists." Wulfe thought a bit Also send Commander D'Tries back here. We have a situation on the planet I need to discuss with her as well.

"I'll send Commander D'Tries back as soon as I get over there again, I might catch up with Lieutenant Atay first but only because that part of the mission may be that more immediate." Morga said calculating the needs of the ship and crew.

Wulfe was going to leave but decided it would be unfair not to mention Silk. After all she trained with Morga quite often. Stopping mid turn he made eye contact "A lot has been going on while you have been out of touch. Silk went to the planet as the medical team's pilot. Something we are not quite sure what, but there was a disturbance. She and a couple others were sent to the shuttle to safeguard it and prepare for launch. They were cut off, no comms as of yet. Your team here lost her and the team when they went underground. We are sending in another pilot tonight but for now.. I trust Silk to get her team out of whatever they got into. We wait till we see them again. If we do need to send a team down to locate her, I will keep you in mind."

Morga listened to every word Captain Wulfe. Like the Captain he knew Silk was very well trained in survival tactics, he should know he had run her last few skills updates. She annoyed him sometimes but she was a damn good shuttle pilot, she had pulled Morga's butt out of the sling on more than once. "Captain so long as I know the Sara Hale is safe I will be the first to volunteer to lead the team, or fill a spot under whomever you place in command of the team Sir."

Wulfe nodded "well carry on here." Wulfe went back out on his way to the bridge this time. He had a lot of irons in way too many fires.

Morga smiled, "Will do Captain. As soon as we know something you will." He turned to Kilara and said "Let's crack on and nail this Tallarian terrorist."

Kilara was running the face through a search for names that had been associated with explosions, and heavy damage to ships and bases. One face came up with fifteen incidences and five names, Ventra, Kindar, Sivle, T'rar and his true identification Taavetti. "Commander this face fits a pattern of incidences sir."

"Hnaev,(Shit) fifteen incidents. What are the common denominator in these explosions?" Morga asked as he read all he could.

"He favors the power plant sir." Kilara spoke as she read through. "I'll upload the files onto a PADD along with what I have found on the aliases files."

Morga read it a little "There right there he targets the intermix chamber, it seems the engines on a station are too hard to get to as he seems to use explosives. The Captain definitely needs to know this." He immediately tapped his com badge and said =^= Lieutenant Commander Harf for Captain Wulfe. Captain we have out saboteur sir. His true name is Taavetti!=^=

=^= Get me your report as soon as you have it done. As much on this guys profile and methods as you can find.=^= Wulfe would send a copy to Talon as he had gone to pick up the last of the Federation crew on the StarChaser. The last snag had taken longer than expected. Talon would be taking those crew directly to the SaraHale. That included the Asgard's new CEO. Wulfe felt she could handle the task but on second thought, maybe later on in the day Morga should go help there. =^=After you send me the report might still be best if you go over to the SaraHale later on and check on progress.=^=

=^=Obviously Captain we are still in the infancy of this investigation and we will keep going until we get enough on him until we have a good trail on Taavetti and I will get a full report to you once it is complete for official dispersal and then I will head over and Meet our new CEO and inform her of what is necessary.=^= Morga said.

=^=Commander just send me what you have, I want to give it to LT. Atay as soon as possible so she has something to work with. Your complete report can be polished at your own speed.=^= Wulfe kept his frustration out of his voice but it was not easy.

=^=Yes Captan. You'll have the information momentarily Sir.=^= Morga responded with a few taps of the console Morga sent the captain the information that he a Kilara had collected on Taavetti. "Right lets get it a bit more polished before I head back to the Sara Hale then you can keep polishing it and present it to Captain Wulfe."

As the jumble of what had been found on Taavetti was sent off to the Captain Kilara began the task of unraveling then knitting together the report. She glanced up at Harf. "I can get this finished then send it to you and the Captain sir. I know you need to get ready if you're going to the SaraHale."

Morga started reading the information then quickly he loaded it to a padd. He listened to what Kilara was saying as he go read to head to the transporter room.

*Taavatti was more a hired gun than connected to any Talarian military establishment. Judging by the aliases. One of the suspected ships destroyed was meant to take out a higher ranking counselman and his family.* "Goodness a whole ship of people to get one family and make it look like a malfunction or attack by a non-Talarian."

She continued listing incidents under his name and aliases. *His method was explosives in engines and powerplants. Six were ground installation power plant explosions, nine ships three of which were nere star bases where the explosions were witnessed. How he accomplishes the explosions are still unknown, no traces could be found in the power plants or ships remains. It is suspected that fuel supplies have been tampered with or time released corrosives are used. No warnings before the explosion takes place. Systems and diagonstics don't dectect anything is out of order before the explosion, no alarm, or warning message.*

Kilara finished the report saving it to the intel files then sent copies to both Morga and the Captain. "There that is finished..." She spoke with a sigh.

"Sounds like he is more a Mercenary then, which means he is very well trained." Morga said as he finally left the room.



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