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Signs and Symptoms pt 2

Posted on Sat May 4th, 2019 @ 1:04pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class R'Sohl & Petty Officer 2nd Class Purrsephone
Edited on on Sat May 4th, 2019 @ 1:04pm

Mission: Mission 29: Shore leave, supporting Leadership of SB-214
Location: Varies
Timeline: 14 - 15 April 2392


Purrsephone smiled happily as R'Sohl approached the entry to sickbay. "My handsome escorrt." She giggled as she took his arm and snuggled close to him rubbing her cheek against his. "I wish to drress up forr dinnerr."

R'Sohl purred, taking Purrsephone's hand as he came into sickbay. "My beautiful mate," he said in return, moving his hand to her hip as she snuggled up beneath his arm, pulling her close. "I will starrt dinnerr while you drress up loverr. Orr would you like a prrivate balcony on Caitia overrlooking lake P'Roan?"

"I think the second would be a betterrr choice if we can use a holodeck. I think it wont be long beforre you arre spoiling me with trreats." She chuckled a low purring sound.

"I rreserrved it forr us afterr dinnerr but I doubt it will be in use beforrehand. Few crrew use them this time of day." R'Sohl nuzzled Purrsephone, "I will be good and not spoil you too badly my love." He said, before whispering softly in her ear so no one could hear him, "I know you worry about yourr figurre loverr and I know cubs will change yourr body, but I also know no matterr what you will rremain the sexy kitten I fell in love with."

She smiled softly feeling relieved that R'Sohl would always find her attractive. "I will need to watch my weight so I have no health issues durring the prregnancy." Purrsephone spoke in a soft purring voice. "We want fit cubs."

"We do. And we will exerrcise togetherr, keep ourrselves fit for ourr cubs." He purred a little, "I could use it myself. If ourr cubs arre as rrambunctious as I was as a cub, we'll be chasing afterr them all the time." Holding her hand he guided them out of sickbay. "You look beautiful in that little drress we worre on ourr firrst date. Wearr it to celebrrate the new life grrowing inside you love?"

"If it will fit. It had a snug bodice. But I do have another in the colorrs of the trrees in autumn. It is what is called a wrrrap drress, I can tie it looserrr." Purrsephone nodded softly. "I will need to have the little drress alterred afterrr ourrr cubs arre borrrn."

R'sohl nodded, as much as he wanted to see her in the little dress, he didn't want her to feel overweight and disappointed in herself for not fitting into it. "If you think it betterr the wrrap would be fine as well loverr. And the fall colorrs go well with your furr and eyes." He nuzzled her, "Motherr said a women's body fills out a little, makes herr morre beautiful after herr litterr. Dad always seemed to agrree." he said, hoping to reassure her a little.

"My brrreast have become larrgerrr..." Purrsephone paused then continued. "and my nipples have become tenderrr, would you mind if I skip wearring a brra?"

"I do not mind loverr. You arre carrying ourr child, yourr health and comforrt is imporrtant." R'Sohl replied, "If you wish anything frrom me, just ask." Nuzzling Purr he smiled, "Let's go change and celebrrate. P'Roan is beautiful this time of yearr."

After they took the lift down to deck five. "I will rrreplicate larrrgerr ones in the morrning, you can help measurrre me." Purrsephone walked beside him holding his hand, she paused at their door and keyed in the code.

R'Sohl couldn't help the purr that escaped his chest as his wife suggested the bra sizing in the morning. Any chance to admire his beautiful mate was a good morning in his books. "I would love to, but don't be surrprised if I do morre then measurre."

"You go and change firrrst then I will while you wait. I want to drrress up and be beautiful forrr you." Purrsephone smiled as they entered.

R'Sohl paused in the entrance to their quarters, putting his paw on her belly as he nuzzled her. Never in his dreamed has such a beauty as Purrsephone entered his mind for a mate. "I am lucky to have you Purrsephone. To be chosen as yourr mate and allowed this, to sirre yourr cubs." He kissed her, "I will be back shorrtly, a little morre dressed up."

She smiled after he kissed her. "The Goddess has blessed us both." She looked down at her flat abdomen amazed that two cubs would be growing and wrestling in there in two short months she'd be feeling the movement.

"She has," R'Sohl remarked, stepping away. A few minutes later he reaapeared, a bit more dressed up to still not super formal. He looked to Purr, "This go with your dress love?"

"It is perrrfect my love." Purrsephone paused to brush her cheek against his and smell his neck. "Oh what a nice cologne, it smells like catnip in a meadow." She purred and breathed it in again. With another brush of her cheek against his she went into the bedroom grateful to finally get the binding of her bra off. In only her panties she let her hair loose and brushed it allowing the waves to fall free, she then pulled her dress from the closet, the brown, rust, bronze and yellow pattern resembled that of leaves that had fallen on the forest floor. She tied the dress on the side after feeding the inside belt through. The soft fabric not truly a relief to her nipples but more comfortable than her bra. With a spritz of her own cologne, vanilla and sandlewood she came out she paused to twirl that caused the skirt to flare. "Will we dance too?"

"If my Purrsephone wishes, we can." R'Sohl remarked, admiring his mate, her delicate features, wrapped up in the dress she wore. He stepped closer to her, nuzzling her and taking in her scent mixed with the perfume she wore. Taking her hand, he pulled her close, kissing her. "I love you mate."

"And I you R'Sohl my hearrrt." Purrsephone smiled as she rubbed her nose against his. "Now lets go and eat, ourrr cubs need prrrotein and calcium to grrrow and be healthy when borrn."

He nodded, his tummy was already starting to grumble a little for not having eaten since his break during shift. "Afterr you my love, motherr of ourr kits."

Purrsephone went through the door feeling the heat of R'Sohl's hand on the small of her back. "Which holodeck arrre we going to use?"

"Holodeck 3. Smaller one that's usually quiet in the evening. And I have it booked as well, so we shouldn't be disturbed." R'Sohl remarked as they began to walk down the hall.

"It will be a grrrand celebrration forr just us, although laterr I am surre ourr frrriends will want to celebrrrate ourr cubs."

"New life is always rreson to celebrrate Purrsephone, in some ways a morre joyous celebration then even the bonding of two hearrts." He pulled her close, nuzzling her as they walked. "When we werre mated my love, I said I would walk by yourr side through all life thrrew at us, that includes the changes to us that cubs will bring. You arre my mate and I will always walk beside you."

"Until ourrr cubs take off in separrrate dirrections." Purrsephone said with a purring giggle as she leaned into him while they walked. It wasn't long and they approached the holodeck entry. She smiled at him. "Do you have the prrrogram rrready to load?"

"Except then," R'Sohl said, grinning a little. He keyed in a personal code into the holodeck panel and pressed the open code. As the door swished open, a tree lined boulevard on Caita Prime beyond the door. "Ourr evening awaits."

"What a beautiful lane. I love the tall trrrees." Purrsephone purred softly as she stepped inside. "Although they don't look very good for climbing, not enough thick brrranches to rrelax on. They must rreprresent youngerr trrrees."

"There are parks nearby where we can climb if that is your desire lover. But yes, they are younger trees, this area was recently given a facelift." He took her hand, "The place we have reservations for is just around the corner. The are renowned for their view of Lake P'Roan, and the food is amongst the best around."

"It will be perrfect because we arre togetherr." Her voice a soft purr. "Will we be eating indoorrs orrr on a verranda? Even though a holodeck it feels like we are rrrealy outside."

"A verranda. This time of night the view acrross the lake is beautiful and therre is usually a soft warrm brreeze that blows in frrom the norrth." R'Sohl said, purring as he held his mate.

"It sounds purrfect." She purred in response as she walked beside him, her tail swaying brushing against his and at times seeming to entwine with his as they strolled along the path to the restaurant.

Close physical contact was natural for Caitians and as the two walked, R'Sohl nuzzled Purrsephone. His tail wrapped around hers, hand resting on her hip. The stroll wasn't far and R'Sohl led them onto a porch, holding open the door which opened into an expansive dining area, hemmed on two sides by a large balcony, and beyond the lake shimmered as lights from the houses around cast a glow on the water.

The young cait near the entrance gestured towards them. "Your table for two awaits." He smiled to Purrsephone, "You are radiant tonight."

"Thank you. My mate makes me so." Purrsephone responded in a soft purring giggle. "It is lovely herrre."

R'Sohl held Purrsephone's hand as they followed the young waiter to the table set aside for them out on the veranda. Holding her chair for Purrsephone, the waiter gently helped her scoot in before going around the. "We have a fine selection of wines, and non-alcoholic choices for the mother to be." He said, "Some water to start and I will let you both look over the menu."

"Water will be fine thank you." Purrsephone smiled with a nod then watched as R'Sohl sat down. "Caitian's from your region can tolerate alcohol?"

"My clan ferments something akin to Terran wine from a local fruiting tree. We actually can't tolerate alcohol any better but the fermentation process introduces a enzyme that breaks down the alcohol rapidly upon ingestion. It's unique to our region so not too well known." He glanced over the menu a little as the waiter finished pouring two glasses of water for them, traditional even though R'Sohl was considering one of the wines.

"I will have milk with my meal, it will be good forrr ourr grrrowing cubs." Purrsephone lightly touched her flat tummy amazed that there were two babies growing in there. "Oh baked fish with lemon butterr sounds nice." She sniffed the air. "Do I smell yeast and honey rrrolls?"

"I'll have the roast gr'nash with vegetables. And a glass a Lukra wine." He handed the menu back to the waiter before turning his attention back to Purrsephone. "You do. A minor cheat of the program for my mate. I know how much you enjoy them."

Purrsephone smiled at how thoughtful her mate was. "As long as I don't make myself grrrow fat on them." She said with a purring giggle. Her eyes then turned to the view from the patio tables. "Can we strrroll the grrounds afterr our meal?"

"You won't my dearr," R'Sohl remarked, "I know you well enough to not worry." Glancing out the large picture window near their table, he nodded, "We have the evening to ourrselves mate, we can do anything you wish."

"This is perrfect. Perrhaps one day we can go to the rreal rrestaurrrant. I would like to meet yourr family someday." Purrsephone sipped her water and glanced in where a trio picked up stringed instruments and began to play.

"I will take you there the next time we have a month's leave. My family will be glad to know their youngest son has found a mate, a story for another evening." He purred as the music began. Caitian music, excluding some tribal drumming, tended to be very soft and easy on the ears. Though as a species with very acute hearing, the appreciation of music, especially softer music made from natural materials, was quite common and Caitian music was known for it's depth and variety.

"The holodeck does an okay approximation, but when we go to Cait, I will make sure we listen to these play, there are subtleties the holodeck cannot get right." He said, taking a sip of his wine.

"Yes I can underrstand, the sound does feel a bit flat." Purrsephone agreed. "It is still a lovely melody even though the holodeck can only prroduce a copy without all the nuances and hearrt of the music."

R'Sohl remained quiet, listening to the music, watching his mate as she listened to the music, her ears gently twitching as she listened. When the song came to an end, R'Sohl took a sip of his glass, looking at Purrsephone. "Have you thought of names for our cubs? Or do you wish to name them as they are born?"

"I would like to choose family names R'Sohl, if you think that would be acceptable to your family?" Purrsephone nuzzled her cheek into his hand purring softly.

R'Sohl gently stroked her cheek as she nuzzled him. "They would be okay with it. Ourr clan believes the motherr knows herr cubs best, afterr all, she carried them to theirr birrth and is the closest to them while they are nurrsing."

"A name from both sides, perrhaps ourr grand motherr orr grandfatherr." Purrsephone's soft purring voice was low as she spoke.

***15 April 2392

The next morning the world seemed to have turned on its ear! By noon everyone knew that Wulfe and Amar were going to transferr to Veloz for an indefinite period of time. The Asgard under new command was going across the Galaxy to the Alteran Expanse!

Being pregnant Purrsphone did not think it wise to go to Veloz as she would be on a quarantined planet. Going with the Asgard was not appealing either. It was decided the Couple would go visit R'Sohl's family and give birth on family estates. The transfers were readily accepted as the command team was speeding all transfer request through so the Ship could determine replacement needs more rapidly."

Not to say the next few days would see many tearful farewells!



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