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Asgard/Casal: An explosive problem! Part 1.

Posted on Wed Dec 5th, 2018 @ 4:08am by Lieutenant JG Serran

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: Science computer lab
Timeline: 18-21 March 2392


Most of the cities on Casal were coastal seaports. They all radiated higher temperatures than the surrounding areas near them. Serran had noted that when he had scanned the planet. It had been curious enough of an event to cause Serran to scan several warmer cities more closely. It had revealed some interesting data but one City in particular was it appeared to be in peril.

The coastal cities had all been built near active volcanoes. They had learned to use the thermal energy to power their cities. They had also learned a method to sort of stabilize the volcanoes through a venting process that kept the crust thick maintaining a thick cap. Seven of the cities Serran had scanned all were in harmony with the surrounding landscape around them, including Casal.

One equatorial city however was not, the funnel of the volcano near Kunduz had deformed 10mm in the 4.6 hours it had been scanned. That sort of ground deformity was a tell tale sign of a possible eruption. Serran needed more data to be sure as he needed to know if this sort of deformity was normal. He would not go off on a wild tangent on one small clue. He would seek to investigate it though so he went to Intelligence to speak with PO1st Patrick Wayne and PO1st William Trent.

Serran had authorization to be in the outer offices but not the crypt so he went to the inner door and tapped the comm, "PO1st Wayne, or PO1st Trent I would speak with you about a matter I wish to have investigated farther."

Wayne looked up from his work station smiling, this might be something interesting. More interesting than scanning thousands of bits of communication on the planet and in space around it. Trent beat Wayne to the door and they had to jostle each other to get through it, as only one person sit through the door at a single time. Wayne was the first one through the door and he asked "what can we do for you Lieutenant?" He asked as he straighten his askew jacket. Trent was a step behind and sort of glowered at Wayne's back.

Serran handed over a PADD "I have scanned eight coastal cities which use thermal energy from an active volcano to produce their energy needs. One of those I witnessed appears to be possibly preparing to erupt. I need more information from the archived material on the planet. I would believe they monitor those volcanoes regularly as they harvest more than energy from the volcanoes."

Wayne took the PADD and smiled happily. "I will get right on this Lieutenant. Anything for Science you know!" Trent backed through the door into the crypt. "Newspapers, say back two months. Oh and any scientific journals on the volcano! I think that is a good place to begin." Wayne nodded as he resealed the crypt door, "I bt I can find out more from the power company records! I bet they monitor their source closer than anyone else." Both men returned to their stations still arguing the merits of their paths to information.

Serran went back to his work area in the science labs, he focused his own scans on the fumaroles, the steaming gas emissions from the volcano. He was surprised to see a high content of Hydrogen chloride gas in the steam clouds.
Since the moisture in the area created a corrosive hydrochloric acid. The density of that acid would be harmful to people? A simple change in the wind could cause all sorts of problems. Inhalation of the fumes would cause coughing, choking, not to mention inflammation of the nose, throat, and upper respiratory tract. Severe cases, could result in pulmonary edema, circulatory system failure, and death. Just the skin contact alone would cause redness, pain, and severe skin burns. Unprotected the Hydrogen chloride could cause severe burns to the eye and permanent eye damage. Serran could not believe this high a density was a normal circumstance. He now had two clues.

While Serran waited for the Intelligence, he went back to Science's own sensors. The volcano over the course of the day expanded upward at the base of the cone .845m, which was a really strong sign of an imminent eruption. Serran checked where the senior officers were and saw his Chief was back on the Asgard. He decided to compile his data and take it too her. He was aboiut to leave his station when PO1st Wayne from Intelligence beeped his commbadge. =^=Yes Patrick. Have you found something."

PO1st Patrick Wayne loved to find things no one else found. In this case though he was all business as he saw the importance of the information. "LT. Serran I think you have detected a really dangerous seismic event. This volcano over the last three weeks has been growing at an increasing rate. The gas emission have increased in toxicity to this point where they are truly dangerous to the living within a several mile radius. This is not to my estimation known to the public. This is for a few reasons. Let me explain.=^=

PO1st Wayne sent the file to Serran. =^=I just sent you my file. The locals are to a great extent isolated due to the local plague event on the planet. So the experts who could investigate are not there. A local university normally measures the data but the five person team were recently discovered dead on the slopes. That was nearly five days ago. They died due to breathing the toxic gasses from the volcano while performing standard testing. The local government requested help but was refused. They to my best research never tried to get help since than. No one is watching and with some background checking on these sort of things. I would hazard a guess that it might erupt anytime within the next three to ten days.=^=

=^=Thank you Patrick. That is very helpful and your abilities to crack local networks to gather information is as clever as ever. My thanks. I will report this and note your assistance. I will get back to you if I need more information.=^= Serran took this new information as well to add to his report.

He had read of using a torpedo casing with liquid nitrogen to freeze and crust a volcano. After a proper capping material along with adequate venting could be added to stabilize the area for an indefinite period of time. He looked at his geological report and the surrounding rock base should be sufficient to contain the active volcano if it was capped. Any possible fissure points were well out to sea. The Asgard could safe the city? If they were allowed to?



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