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POW exchange: Time to change ships Part 2.

Posted on Fri Nov 9th, 2018 @ 12:47am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant Narira Atay & Chief Warrant Officer Eric Stoltz

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: aboard the SaraHale
Timeline: 20 March 2392


Narira picked up her own equipment case, and was the last of the transport ship. She left her team to stow gear neatly. They'd do a visual inspection of the whole engine room before anyone did anything more. Then they'd run full diagnostics using nothing but their own equipment, so if any blindspots had been made in the existing sensors, they wouldn't miss anything lurking there. She took a moment to assign routes to her team, and then headed towards the engine room to see what she'd be dealing with in there.

==In the engine room==

CWO Eric Stoltz had a small team from the Diamond Prince checking the work stations out for sabotage. About half were monitoring the engines and the other half were scrambling around under the control stations looking for traps. When he saw the Lieutenant his head sagged in relief. He hurried over "glad to see you Lieutenant. I am suppose to overseeing the arrangement of quarters and they stuck me in here overseeing this." His weary smile spoke of over work and lack of sleep. "I am guessing they briefed you already?"

Looking around the engine room, and noting the awkward configuration - there was barely room to breathe in here, and far too many nooks and crannies and things shoved in haphazardly - she gave a distracted nod. "There may be little presents from the previous owners?" Narira asked, just to be sure. "Ones that could go boom?"

"So I was told, I am not surprised the Talarians had a great big propaganda blitz when they took SB-204. Parading prisoners and captured equipment. Now they have had several set backs and are effectively losing the war. This might to us be an atrocity but to them it would look like they out-smarted us. As you can see they have ten work stations where there should be four. I have two people clearing out the clutter but we can not move to fast for obvious reasons. Now that you are here I will turn this mess over to you and get back to my own task." Stoltz looked around the clutter filled room, "once you get it cleaned out it might not be too bad a place to work?"

She looked around, imagining the humiliations and worse the walls might have seen.
and the fear and desperation that would have been here when it was captured. It made her very glad that machines couldn't pick up peoples thoughts and emotions like they did in the ghost stories. You didn't have to be telepathic to know if they did, anyone working in this room would probably be traumatized after a few minutes. "Probably. Though given its history, it might need a good scrub and anew crew first. How far have you got. No point in reinventing the wheel."

"I have two PO3rd working watching the monitors, two more are, there and there." Stoltz said as he pointed to two sets of legs whose bodies were under work stations. "They are looking for sabotage in the obvious places. Two more people from the security detachment are inspecting than removing unneeded equipment and junk. We wanted to make sure the ship was running. We are trying to create a safe work environment for the trip as well. Once we checked the work stations we are using we did a diagnostic through the night and that showed no problems. I know Captain Wulfe thinks we need to treat this as a prospective bomb site. He is rather a cautious fellow though."

Narira looked around. "I could probably find a way to have this place blow up by the time you hit warp four with just what's laying around. Someone's who's had time to plan." She shivered a little bit, it didn't bare thinking about. "I mean, What I could do right now would be bloody obvious. From what I understand, the Talarian's have had the ships for a little while. I'd rather be cautious than vacuum frozen."

"True they had this ship a few months, but the POW exchange was only just arranged a couple weeks ago? I see where you are coming from though. Same place the Captain is. Better safe than dead." Stoltz shrugged "Looks like you have quite a job ahead of you. If you need more than your own team and these people let me know. I am guessing the sooner we clear the ship and leave the better for us all."

"Absolutely." Narira was already cataloguing the tasks that would need to be done to see if she did need extra hands. "At some point in the next twenty fours hours, we're going to have to visually check every last centimeter of EPC conduit. That's an all hands, well, all eyes, on deck call, if you by some miracle don't have too much else on?"

"just give me an hour heads up before you need us. I will check through those recovered if you like. Might be some engineers among them not to traumatized to be useful?" Stoltz was aware how cold that sounded but they were in a time crunch and using people to out there to be reliable was even worse than having too few bodies on hand. He was hoping to get some help but he was not relying on the concept of help from those rescued.

"Not a problem. Have you found anything yet? Or is it all clean so far?" The lack of anything obvious would only mean there was something more devious hiding elsewhere. though if it was her and she had three weeks to plan, she'd have put in a obvious decoy. If they look let them find what you want them to find, so they don't look for what you don't want them to find.

"We have had six false alarms through the night. Nothing was actually a device although several items were in places that could have caused a problem under certain conditions. All those problems were dealt with. It did feel like we were being played at times." Stoltz was not found of those sort of games, he had seen the result of far too many attempts of sabotage in his career.

"Not my idea of fun either." Narira agreed. At that moment, two of her engineering team moved their external scanner pack towards the warp core, and she stood back so they could push it between herself and Eric. "I want level threes on the warp core and EPS network, and start off level ones for everything not currently switched on."

"Call me when you need me Lieutenant. I won't be hard to find." Stoltz took his leave as the Lieutenant had the situation under control here.

"Thanks. Wish me luck."

With Stoltz gone, Narira turned around to the rest of the crowd. "All right everyone, listen up. Here's the starting plan!" She waited till she was sure she had everyone's attention, or at least everyone was looking her way. "We're going to Level one every system on this ship using our own kit, in a minute, I want a volunteer to level four the entire ship and draw up a schedule for the level ones based on the results. We're also going to visually check the entire EPS network, the impulse manifolds and the nacelle. We're going to start with the impulse engines in-case we have to move in a hurry, and I'll want volunteers to go EVA and check the manifold outputs and thruster nozzles. We'll revisit every twelve hours until we're done. Questions and volunteers?"

PO3rd James Lindsey stepped forward. He raised his hand hesitantly not because of the volunteered duty but simply because he felt shy around the chief.

It was one of those moments where Narira wished she had access to her telepathy. Lindsay was one of the engineers she'd picked up in transit and she didn't know him well. His hand and had gone up but hesitantly and she didn't want to make him look bad by saying the wrong thing. Unlike her fellow betazoids who'd know what he was doing it for, she'd have to ask, and possibly make him a laughing stock. "Volunteering?" she hazarded a guess.

"Yes sir..." James cast his eyes down and looked at her boots. She was simply too pretty and he knew he'd get tongue tied looking at her. "I have had additional training in exterior ship repairs, so I'm comfortable working in EVA. sir."

Narira was relieved. She wasn't fond of EVA. Even if there were no other volunteers for EVA at least she wouldn't have to go out by herself. "Good. WE'll try and get that out of the way first. We may have to move in a hurry. Anyone want to come with us?"

No one else stepped forward for EVA, but Narira did get a volunteer to do the scheduling, That would help speed things up. "Alright. Everyone from you" she pointed at a petty officer just in front of her, "to you." she pointed to the last engineer on her right. "You're all first up to start a visual inspection of the warp coils. Whilst were waiting on the level 1 schedule, take your tricorders and get as far through the left pylon as you can. The rest of you will start on visual check of the EPS conduiting. Start at the deck 1 trunk, and spread out. You've all got wiring plans, so make sure you've marked where you've been. We're going to switch out regularly so no-one goes blind. Everyone back here in ninety minutes to hear the level 1 schedule. Last chance for questions?"

Her team with their orders received disbursed to get dressed for unsafe areas or just get the tools they would need to perform the tasks assigned. A couple had everything they would need at hand and those went directly to their jobs. Everyone felt the pressure of knowing this was a very possible matter of living and dying!



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