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Opposed exit Part 2.: Gray-Wolves strike from ambush

Posted on Sat Jan 5th, 2019 @ 8:43am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Lieutenant Commander Brad Talon & Lieutenant Commander Ryder Hawken

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: Casal system, asteroid belt
Timeline: 23 March 2392


The Asgard had warped away from the system at 2300hrs. The three fighter squadrons already deployed among the asteroids by 2200hrs. Now it was 0200hrs and the Talarian fleet was about an hour away. Intercepted comms had revealed they were going to sweep through the system to make sure 'we' had left no surprises behind. They seemed to feel very confident about catching the SaraHale, which they apparently felt would put the Asgard in a twist. They were going to soon learn a lesson about screwing with the Asgard.

Paladin lead his Gray-Wolves through the asteroid belt to get into strike position. The squadron split into flights with the goal to regroup on the other side. Paladin had three fairly new Ensigns in his own flight. Flying around, over or under the large boulders in space. Paladin kept his young pilots in view as much as possible. The field was not really dense but the random movement encountered was still enough to make even seasoned pilots sweat.

Hawkeye lead his flight along a flight plan he had chosen. he had but one young pilot, his other two, Snake-eyes and Coyote were both LTJG's and had more experience. All three of his pilots had been part of the squadron through several skirmishes though and Hawkeye pushed the speed a lot more than Paladin was. He challenged his flight to keep up.

Batman was the third flight leader. He had two newer Ensigns and one LTJG with more experience, Tomcat. Their path had been picked with Paladin's aid. They had the most direct route so even flying at a slower speed they would arrive at least near the same time as the other two flights.

Paladin was in his element flying and weaving among boulders almost the size of small moons in some cases. He could not see the rest of his squadron due to interference from the asteroids. That was a mixed blessing as he was pretty sure if he could not see his other fighters no one else was going to see them either. The flight took nearly an hour to get into position. Paladin and his flight reached their planned ambush position after a harrowing flight in fifty-three minutes. Paladin began searching for the rest of his squadron immediately.

Hawkeye had been in position for six minutes when Paladin's flight arrived. He lead his flight toward his leaders flight at a sedate pace so they could see them approach. Even as they were linking up Batman's flight showed up. Paladin did a silent quick scan of his fighters and than made a brief contact =^=Take positions with your flight leaders and we wait.=^=

Time passed slowly for the pilots, the recent harrowing flight giving them something to think about as they waited for the expected Vulture flight to show up. It was over an hour before they flew into sensor range, another twenty minutes before they were flying past the Gray-Wolves position. Paladin sent each fighter a target so the squadron would target the maximum number of targets. Paladin waited till the Vultures were passing, it would be a flank attack but they would have a rearward angle on their targets.

=^=Time to go, fire for affect as soon as you get your locks.=^= Paladin was racing out of the asteroid field toward the Vulture highest section compared to their position. He locked on his target and fired even as the first Vulture exploded! Paladin's target was struck repeatedly and the shields collapsed quickly. The thin armor was no real defense and the Vulture he targeted came apart before exploding. As his target exploded several more of the vultures also were being destroyed.

Hawkeye had his target and as soon as Paladin spoke the first word he was racing out of cover of the asteroid field and racing in. He locked onto his target and fired before any other of the wolves. Hawkeye was keen on being first, he could live with not being first, but he still strove for it just the same. It was a small point of pride to be the first one to achieve a kill. Shortly after his target exploded several more Vultures were made to vanish. Both Snake-eyes and Coyote achieved kills in that initial strike.

Falcon had been part of the other skirmishs since joining the Asgard. This was a shoot first scenario and it was unusual! He sped out on the port most position of his flight locking on to his picked target. He achieved a lock quickly. He saw other Vultures vanish from his sensor screen even as he fired his phasers. His phasers hit time after time. The Vulture shook under the impacts and exploded before it really even really tried to defend itself.

Eight Vultures had been destroyed in the first strike. Now those Vultures were turning into the fight. The Gray-Wolves still had a slight advantage in position going into the furball that was beginning. In fact Hawkeye was already on the tail of his second target. Two micro torpedoes vaporized the target!

Falcon was on Tomcat's wing when one of the Vultures turned in their direction. The vulture jinked away and above Tomcat which gave Falcon the better attack angle =^=I am in Tomcat, I got him!=^= Falcon jinked and rolled in a scissor move with the Vulture. The Vulture had been concentrating on escaping Tomcat and gave Falcon the prime shot angle in the process.

=^=Take him Falcon, he is begging for it=^= Tomcat was jealous but happy at the same time. If Falcon did well, it was good for Tomcat as well.

The thrill of the contest filled Gavin's mind. Control your speed, stay in tight with the turns. All his training came into play as he out-piloted the Talarian. All those hints and suggestions by his senior pilot friends revealed as truth as he kept the Vulture in his sights. Falcon fired his phasers, and added two micro torpedoes as well just for insurance. The Vulture exploded in a bright but brief fireball.

=^=Stay with me Falcon, this is not over yet!=^= Tomcat turned away back toward the fighting. =6=Excellent shooting Falcon=^= Tomcat added in a brief compliment as they flew back into the furball. Only four Vultures were left. But a call came over the unit push.

=^=Gray-Wolves first flight form on me. I need Snake-eyes and Coyote as well. Hawkeye take charge here, you have half the squadron.=^= Paladin flew away from the furball leaving six Raptors to battle the remaining four Vultures. =^=Gray-Wolves we are moving to escort the Bounty-Hunters in. Two Raptors per flight of the Hunters. We follow and cover. If there is no interference we add out full size ordinance before we pull out. Remain with your attack flight after the strike. We will return to the Asgard with the Hunters.=^=

=^=Paladin this is Ghost. Bounty-Hunters are on course and in position awaiting your arrival.=^= Ghost was the Talon from the Shadow squadron flying cloaked to coordinate between the wide spread fighters. =^=Be advised the GunSlingers have struck. No losses among the marines as yet. Vulture 3rd group destroyed or scattered. They are proceeding to second target as we speak.=^=

Paladin lead away six Raptors toward the rendezvous point with the Bounty-Hunters. Meanwhile The other six Raptors fought on against four Vultures.

Hawkeye banked to run down a Vulture that was attempting to pursue the departing Raptors. =^=Stay with me Heat-Wave.=^= Hawkeye accelerated through the turn noticing he left his wingman far behind. =^=Heat-Wave stick with Batman I got this on my own. No worries.=^= Hawkeye was already locking on as he gained on his target. The Vulture spotted his pursuer and broke off to engage. Hawkeye moved wide to let the Vulture turn as he maintained a lead on angle. The Vulture realized he had gained nothing in the way of position in making his move!

Hawkeye had gained distance and let loose a pair of micro torpedoes at the closer range. The Vulture pilot apparently was better then the norm as he used defensive measures and evaded both torpeodes. Hawkeye stayed with the jinking interceptor. He learned a new respect for the Talarian craft's nimbleness. It was equal to the fleets Razor if flown well it seemed. Hawkeye was impressed but not out maneuvered. He was still locked on and fired his phasers. After a few short bursts he loosed another pair of Microtorpedoes. The phasers knocked down the shields, a wing sheered off just before the torpedoes struck engulfing the interceptor in a fireball. Hawkeye rolled into a tight 'J'-turn to return to the fighters left with him.

As that fight took place Tomcat and Falcon had chased around another of the Vultures as it tried to escape. Tomcat got the kill as he was in the best position this time for the killing angle.

Batman and the two Ensigns with him had been fighting against two Vultures. Dancing about Batman found himself rescuing the pair of Ensigns by chasing off one Vulture than the other as each Ensign got into positional troubles time after time! Both of those Vultures fled though when they spotted the returning Raptors closing in to join the fight.

Hawkeye smiled =^=I have Vulture 2. No worries people.=^= He closed in on the Vulture as it accelerated to escape the other raptors. Hawkeye locked on but was surprised when the Vulture turned back to engage, It was a near miss collusion and Hawkeye lost his lock during the evasion. The two enemies scissored and barrel rolled as each tried to get a firing position on the other. The other five raptors had gotten into a dance with the other Vulture and had not noticed Hawkeye was in a duel. Hawkeye enjoyed a challenge and this Vulture was giving him a hard time.

The thing with this Vulture pilot was not how good he was but simply how aggressive he flew the nimble interceptor. Hawkeye had never been against anyone who flew so much like he did himself and it was interesting to see how it must look from those pilots he had faced before. Every time the Vulture was in trouble it turned in toward Hawkeye, which forced Hawkeye to give up his own attack to maintain a position of slight advantage. This dance lasted many seconds before Hawkeye used a cobra style maneuver keeping his nose and weapons on target as the Vulture sped past. Rolling his raptor to keep on target Hawkeye hammered the lighter interceptor with shot bursts of phaser shots. The front end of the Vulture crumbled and the other half seemed to fly into the expanding debris. The entire mess exploded a short time later.

The last of the Vultures was tricky and he used the numbers against him time and time again ruining one enemies shot after another. The Vulture was simply flying in and among the Raptors so none could fire without risking hitting on of their own! It had lasted a few seconds before Tomcat figured it out and called off everyone but his wingman and himself.

Falcon was on the Vulture almost immediately once he did not have to worry about his fellow squadron mates. Falcon kept right on his target as it scissored back and across trying to make Falcon overshoot. Those tactics failed and being up close as he was Falcon loosed four micro torpedoes in quick succession one after the other. He fired his phaser canons as the Vulture was bracketed by torpedoes and the phasers tore through the rear shields and thin armor like butter. Falcon dove below the exploding Vulture, Tomcat flew above and there was no one left here but the Gray-Wolves.

Two of the raptors had some damage and their Wing lead was helping them deal by comm. Hawkeye's wingman was one of those with damage. Hawkeye was calmly talking the Ensign through the protocols as all six Raptors turned for the rendezvous sector.

As much as Hawkeye hated to leave a fight, he had two damaged craft in a very hostile environment. So he did the 'leadership' thing' and lead his flight of six Raptors to the rendezvous point just out of the System.



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