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Opposed exit part 1. : GunSlinger's ambush

Posted on Sat Jan 5th, 2019 @ 8:42am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Captain Ryder Gawyn & 1st Lieutenant Raymond MacDyer & 2nd Lieutenant Ranulf Blackhawk & 2nd Lieutenant Chang WangXi & 2nd Lieutenant Kraden

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: Casal system, asteroid belt
Timeline: 23 March 2392


Three of the Warrior class battlecruisers from the Talarian fleet had closed into the system. Apparently us finding and defusing their attempt at sabotage was not something they wished to permit. The SaraHale had used a flight plan to put the asteroid belt between them and the Talarian fleet. The Asgard had used the same belt to conceal launching their fighters before cloaking and moving out into deeper space. The three fighter Squadrons had split up and flown among the Asteroids into ambush positions. Then they had waited among the huge space boulders for the Talarian fleet to fly into range.

When the Asgard vanished from their screens the Talarians had grown less confident by a large measure. Each cruiser carried a fighter group of sixteen interceptors. All three launched their Vulture class interceptors to lead the way past the Asteroid belt. One Group on opposite ends of the Asteroid field and the remaining group on the other side of the planet as a sort of wide flanker to protect the fleet from an end run. Thus the fighters were in advance of the cruisers so they came into range first. Sweeping with sensors ahead of the fleet to make sure the Federation had left no surprises behind.

The GunSlingers let the Vulture group fly past, maintaining comm silence which for many was a true test of willpower. There was no need to communicate, everyone was briefed. They would attack on Scout's command. For his part Ryder Gawyn was willing to wait and let them get into a kill zone. This would be a turkey shoot. Every marine here knew of the deaths,the torture, and the attemptd sabotage to kill all those returned. There was not a marine in the squadron who felt this ambush was wrong.

Scout waited till the entire Talarian group was in view and everyone of them was moving away. =^=Sending targets lock on as you approach and fire for effect. This is open season, go, go , go.=^= Scout's raptor leapt around the asteroid he was using as cover and he sped toward the middle of the formation. Jestor on his starboard wing, Frosty and Rhino on his port side. The other two flights were only a heart beat behind spreading out as they flew to lock onto the targets given them.

Frosty was the first to fire. =^=Weapons hot, target locked and firing.=^= His phasers lit up the black void between him and his selected target as they closed the gap and struck the rear of the Vulture. The Vultures were barely reacting as yet, Frosty's target exploded before it even had a real chance to jink!

Scout fired second but he made no call. His phasers volleyed short bursts, the hits sparkled off the shields and light armor. Once the shields went out the thin armor was little protection and the Vulture became a bright brief fireball leaving only scattering debris behind.

Rhino was the third to fire. His first volley's tore past the targeted Vulture but it was bracketed and had no direction to evade! Rhino sent two micro-quantum torpedoes with the next volley and his target was vaporized almost instantly.

Jestor was not known for his gunnery skill, but he was an excellent pilot and this time he had a sitting duck for a target. His phasers were hit and miss but his two micro torpedoes slammed right into the exhaust of the engines. The Vulture had almost no chance to evade before it was destroyed.

Cougar got his target as well as four other of the twelve. Nine of the sixteen Vultures were destroyed in the ambush attack. That left seven to try to get into the fight or scatter and run for their lives. Three extended and raced away. Four tried to turn into the fight.

Scout had one of those four in his sights within a few heart beats. =^=I am in, Jestor are you with me.=^= Scout was easily keeping the targeted Vulture in a lead angle not allowing the Vulture to maneuver for a return shot.

=^=I am here low and on your starboard wing boss just like you told me.=^= Jestor took a lot of pride in being able to keep up with the squadron leader. Scout was a known pilot in the fleet and a top ace. Jestor was not that great of a gunner but he could fly with anyone!

=^=Firing, on target.=^= Scout fired his phasers and a pair of micro torpedoes at the same instant. The Vulture tried to turn away to lose the lock but it was too little and too late. His Vulture exploded before he even got turned away.

Frosty and Rhino were on another of those remaining. Rhino had the initial advantage but the Vulture went low in a YoYo hooking turn and that put Frosty in the better position. =^=I am in Rhino. Locking on and firing.=^= Frosty was one of the fastest to lock onto a target in the group. His knack at predicting and aiming where his target would be was uncanny. His phasers laced along the wing and across the fuselage. The shields failed and the vulture broke in half before exploding. Frosty banked away with Rhino on his port wing.

Cougar was another hunter and he was chasing one of those that had sought to escape. His wingman struggled to keep up but was at least in view of the flight leader. Cougar locked on and fired short burst from his phaser canons. He score hit after hit and before the Vulture could escape his rear shields failed. he tried to turn back to avenge his destruction and only succeeded in making his Vulture a larger target. His boat exploded in mid turn. Cougar broke off and flew to rejoin the Squadron.

The other six Raptors had disposed of two more vultures. With no targets in view the squadron was regrouping. =^= Reform flights we are going hunting once more. Anyone with damage speak up so I can send you away for SAR escort.=^= Scout listened for any report as he aimed the Squadron toward the planet. They were going after the group on the other side of the planet.

=^=Gunslingers reporting in. Ambush successful, fourteen Vultures destroyed against no losses. Two escaped. Gunslingers moving to second position. Scout over and out=^= The Gunslingers were formed up and Scout began sending flight instructions for going to warp. It would be a short tactical jump to get out in front of the other group of Vultures.



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