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The traditional medical

Posted on Mon Jan 14th, 2019 @ 12:03pm by Lieutenant Commander Brad Talon & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant Narira Atay & Lieutenant Commander Jenna Cair

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: Main Sickbay
Timeline: 29th March 2392


Cair was covering the reception desk as she worked on the nursing staffs schedule. She was humming Someone to Watch Over Me softly to herself and thinking about Brad taking her dancing sometime soon.

A woman Cair didn't recognize entered the bay, her pale face looking confused. "Excuse me?" she called out, "I'm here for my medical? I'm not sure who I'm supposed to be speaking to?"

"Oh yes, MWO Sakura notified us that he was sending someone our way, I'm Lieutenant Cair. May I have your name please?" Cair asked as she smiled in welcome at the young woman and wondered if she were perhaps anemic.

"Narira Atay, Lieutenant." She added as an after thought.

"I'll let Doctor Amar know that you're here Lieutenant Atay." Cair spoke as she buzzed Amar's office. =^= Lieutenant Narira Atay is here for her physical ma'am.=^=

=^=I'll be right out.=^= Amar spoke as she saved the report she was working on and stood straitening her tunic. She exited her office and stepped into the reception area. "Lieutenant Atay, I'm Commander Amar welcome aboard." She extended her hand to the woman.

Narira shook lightly, cautiously, just in case, and then said, "pleased to meet you ma'am." She held out an isolinear rod, 'My records, ma'am."

"Thank you." Amar took the rod and turned to the desk. "Cair would you upload her records onto a PADD for me."

"Yes ma'am." Cair took the rod and uploaded the medical files.

As they waited Amar took in the woman's coloring. "Did you grow up in space, a ship or station?"

"Neither. Betazed at first, then Vulcan from thirteen."she replied. "I've traveled, but didn't really get based in space unitil I joined Starfleet." Narira didn't think that was atypical of most fleeters.

"Here you are Doctor Amar." Cair spoke as she handed her the PADD with a smile, she then turned her attention back to scheduling.

"I'll be in exam room one Jenna." Amar stated then turned her attention to the woman beside her. "This way please." She walked with her to the exam room and after the door swooshed closed behind them. "If you could make yourself comfortable on the biobed."

Narira hopped up on the bed and swung herlegs around. She took a moment to pull her braids out of the way, and the settled back to stare at the ceiling whilst the scanners in the bed got to work.

Amar started scrolling through the PADD to see if the woman was possibly anemic. "Scans wont take too long... Have you always been this pale?"

"Pretty much." Narira replied. "I spent my teen years coated in sunblock and with a parasol. Vulcan is hot. Their idea of 'temperate zone' needs serious work. I can do a very good impression of a lobster without much effort."

"You'll need to continue with sunblock when under a natural sun, but I do suggest taking a vitamin D supplement." Amar spoke with a nod. "Yes, I'm aware of the heat and sun on Vulcan. You spent your teen years there? We're your parents stationed on Vulcan?" She looked up from the PADD.

"No, we moved there to help me with my condition."

"Your condition?" Amar asked as her attention went back to the PADD perhaps she was anemic as well as having used so much sunblock. she thought.

"Scroll down to the big section headed Precocious Paracortical Hyperdynamism and Neurogenesis." Narira quoted the title with practised ease. "I have an itty bitty problem with my telepathy."

"Yet you were able to learn control and shielding to get through Starfleet Academy and to where you are in your career without becoming overwhelmed by internal voices and emotions of people around you?" Amar asked as she began to read the information on her PADD.

"I have a lot of medication. Blocking doesn't do much once it wears off. That's part of the problem. My shields aren't strong enough. Its why we moved to Vulcan, to help me improve me mental disciplines. It helped, but I still need the drugs." Narira's voice was calm and even. She'd come to terms with needing medication a long time ago.

"So this would be debilitating if you were stuck somewhere you couldn't get a supply of medication?" Amar asked as she looked over the list. "Have you considered an implant that would act as a damping shield, one you control of course. A simple matter of tapping behind your earlobe to turn it on and off. That with some practice with one of the Vulcan's on board could help to wean you off the need for medication."

The betazoid shook her head with a resigned look. "I tried one a few years ago, there were tons of problems, including tissue growth pushing it out. It wasnt fun." It had been an excruciating six months of patchy relief and debilitating headaches. If anything she'd ended up in a worse place than she started. "The psi labs at Daystrom are working on a new biogenic/psion field interface, but there's an issue with the field ionising various parts of the paracortical neurotransmitters. Its a good six to twelve months before I get to try it. Assuming its not delayed again. Just got to hang on a little longer."

"We'll be able to keep your medication supplied simply enough on the ship... enough for away missions should you be assigned any and simply hope for the best." Amar said with a smile. "In the mean time we have a Vulcan diplomat I'll refer you to for refresher training on psychic shielding techniques and meditation, now to get this baseline out of the way... make yourself comfortable please."

Narira lay back, folded her fingers over her chest, and automatically fell into the measured breathing of a meditative state, relaxing herself for the bio bed to take her readings.

Amar started the scans, and taking notes as she went. "Lieutenant Datav has a calm and logical approach, there is also Lieutenant Serran... He's the ships botanist if you begin feeling overwhelmed or frazzled a walk in the gardens when he plays his lyre is calming. My daughter is apprenticing under him, she joins him at times and plays her flute."

"Sounds lovely." Narira said. "I can't carry a tune in a bucket. If I try and play and instrument, its quite horrible. Like someone is torturing small fluffy animals. How old is your daughter?"

"Jem and her twin brother Stev are fourteen." She smiled as she thought about how mature they were.

"That sounds like a recipe for a noisy life. " Narira had no siblings and it was one of the things that still left a pang. if she'd had a brother or sister to fill the silence would she be so desperate to hold onto her telepathy?

"Oh it was when they were younger. Now they have their own interests so it has quieted down. Our family dinners can still be noisy if there is something exciting taking place." Amar chuckled. "Still not as loud as when they both wanted the same toy as toddlers. I don't know what I would have done without our Nanny."

"I can imagine." Narira said, even though she really couldn't. She'd had her parents undivided attention as an only child, and even then managing her condition had meant she'd been a fairly quiet child, even during puberty. "Are they both aboard?"

"Yes, Jem in apprenticing under Lieutenant Serran, she plans on becoming a botanist. Stev is training to be a pilot, he got his permit when he was 13." Amar said with the smile of a proud mother.

"Wow. That's young." Narira was impressed. "I was still trying to not butcher Vulcan and handle calculus and regression." The bio bed clicked again. "And I still can't fly more than the basic shuttle ops they teach at the Academy. Which is mostly where to find the auto pilot."

"I'm not much of a pilot either." Amar smiled. "Do you sleep well?" She spoke as she looked at the readings.

"Normally." Narira replied. "Sometimes I get woken up by people. Especially when I'm in a really dense place like a city. Even if sleep blocks out 99% of people, there's still more than a few who get through. So every now and again I'm treated to other people's early morning routines."

"Should you need it an alpha wave inducer might help. But I'm sure a few people you could distract yourself enough to block them out and get more sleep." Amar stated as she neared the end of the medical scans. "Let me know if there's anyone a bit too intrusive."

"I will." Narira promised. "But I should be okay on ship, with Meds and a wave inducer. Especially one like this, its not as big as some." She stared at the ceiling. "Is everything else okay?"

"Other than that you look to be in fine health." Amar smiled at her. "All I need now is a DNA sample. Please sit up." As she spoke she took note of the number on a vial holding a swab on Atay's medical records. Then handing her the the vial. "Just rub the swab on the insides of your cheeks then deposit in the vial."

Narira took the swab and flicked it over her inside cheek, then handed it back. "There you go."

Amar took it and sealed the vial. "There if we need it at some point in time we won't have to search your quarters for you're hair brush." She smiled. "I'm marking you fit for duty, should you start to feel overwhelmed at any point where we have to adjust your medication do come in at the first sign. We wouldn't want it interfering with your capacity to fulfill your duty obligations."

"Absolutely not. I need this to last as long as possible." She knew that unless she got lucky, she didn't have long left. She was going to eke out every possible day. "I'll be back if there's even a whiff of a problem. I promise."

"And remember walks through the arboretum to relax, meditate and reach inner peace could help strengthen your ability to block thoughts and emotions from others. At least to recognize what isn't your own feelings." Amar smiled. "Go and get settled. I'm sure you'll be in the engine room soon enough."

"Yes, Ma'am."


Lt Narira Atay
Cheif Engineer
USS Asgard


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