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Sara Hale: Lt Atay I presume

Posted on Wed Dec 5th, 2018 @ 3:59am by Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant Commander Morga Harf & Lieutenant Narira Atay
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Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: Sara Hale
Timeline: late 20th March 2392


Narira was on her hands and knees, crawling along the hallway, working her way down a length of exposed EPA conduiting that had been patched, repatched and spliced a dozen times. Not unusual for an old transport, but when any one of those fixes could hide something far more sinister, she wasn't going to be happy until she'd checked every one by eye.

Absorbed in the task she never heard anyone approach, wasn't aware she was no longer alone until she practically crawled across a pair of heavy boots. Surprised she looked up a pair of sturdy legs, up a trim waist and broad chest, until she was looking up at a Klingon.

"AHhhh Lieutenant Atay I presume?" Morga said "We need to talk, I am the Chief Intelligence Officer on the USS Asgard."

Narira got to her feet and dusted herself off. "That's me. Hi. Actually I was hoping to run into you to. I assume that this is about the sabotage situation?

"That is affirmative." Morga said then added "Is there somewhere we can discuss this privately, I don't think it would he a good idea to be over heard."

"Lets step into main engineering, less likely to be tripped over in there." she suggested

=======Main Engineering=========

Engineering was over crowded with both the excess equipment the Talarians had put in, as well as the gear Nraira and her team had brought along to verify sensor readings, rather than rely on the possibly compromised internal systems. She pointed him into an alcove where they could talk without getting in anyone's way. Narira hopped up onto the work station to make room for the large Klingon.

Morga consumed the space in the room, not all of it of course but a good third of what wasn't already taken with projects the bench or Lieutenant Atay. "Captain Wulfe has put upon me that I might seek you out as there maybe something that we can help each other with. I am on the hunt for a very dangerous man, a terrorist that like to use bombs, or rig the engine to be one, where the danger, obviously is the loss of everyone onboard. Your expertise might make finding the bomb and disarming it quite a bit easier. I won't give you his name because often just knowing that has lead to the death of someone unprepared."

Her black eyes went wide, She knew there was a dedicated saboteur, but Morga made it sound far more serious, and professionally thorough. You could killed for just knowing his name. "We’re doing a fingertip search as it is, and rescanning with entirely external equipment. Its slow, but thorough. If you know anything about their methods and techniques, it would help. Every engineer gets habits and preferences. It might help narrow it down."

"He likes to target the antimatter injectors and the intermix chambers. It destabilizes the..." Morga said but stopped as he recognised that Lieutenant Atay would know the reality of that better than he would himself. "Suffice to say the boom leaves no witnesses."

Narira winced. "Hells Bells, that's ..." going for the intermix chamber and anything that played with the antimatter units was beyond sabotage and into suicidal. Get it wrong and you had an intensely personal encounter with the rules of subatomic physics. "...Dedicated."

"Or just really really good and knows his stuff and how the smallest amount of explosive or however he does it would damage the vessel to a point that nothing would be left, including clues." Morga said.

"We're still running the level one on the warp core. I'll make sure we pay extra attention to the injection chamber." And then she was going to pull it apart down to every last stem bolt.

“Anything, and I mean anything, it might even look like normal Wear and tear that look a little advanced of where it should be, could be our only clue. Oh it may also be that there is absolutely no sign either the only examples of failure we have is that there were no alarms or even alerts, it came down to an overly alert Engineer that decided to do early routine visual inspections early that saved the entire crew and passenger list. He has an attempted murder list as long as my arm, so I would hated to see the suspected murder list...” Morga paused to breathe before he added, “And I have seen that list Lieutenant Atay!”

"And if I find anything, I'll certainly let you know, but I can't promise I'll let anyone to get close to her. It will depend what state its in. If I think its safer to beam it as far of this ship as I can, then I will." Narira shrugged. "Safety of this ship and crew before anything else."

"That would have been my exact suggestion. I can't guarantee how far along it is or when it is set to explode, so caution is likely the best and safest option." Morga said with a smile.

"In that case, sir, I best get on. The injection chamber won't check itself."

"Good point, hopefully we can get it before we go to put any pressure on the engines and avoid making them explode. if we need to do it at sublight speeds then we will but I am sure there are replacements or the replicators should be able to make one so light speeds even low light speeds would be better than sublight all the way." Morga said before he added "Now time to send Commander D'Tries back to the Asgard. I'm sure I will see you again soon." Morga said and turned to leave.

Narira followed himout of the alcove, "I'm sure we will. Nice to meet you, commander."

Morga smiled as Lieutenant Atay returned to work. "Nice to meet you too lieutenant." He then tapped his com badge and said, =^=Lieutenant Commander Harf for Lieutenant Commander D'Tries, Where about's are you at the moment, I need to catch up with you.=^=

=^= errr... Hello Sir...=^= Reggie a comm officers voice could be heard. =^= I'm sorry Commander Harf but Commander D'Tries has already left the ship sir."

"Crap in a hand basket!" Morga said to himself. =^=Well I was just supposed to tell her, she was needed there, Okay At least she got back to where she was needed.=^= Morga said over the com before he turned to Narira before he left and said, "Maybe I could help out down here for a while."

=^= Yes sir. =^= Reggie responded as he turned his attention back to monitoring comms. He scratched behind his ear and found a flea of all things did someone transport animals on this ship? He thought with disgust as he looked around his station and harrumphed.

With Morga on comms, Narira moved into the main engineering section. "Is the warp core fully offline?" She asked a petty officer leaned over a monitor watching the diagnostic feeds with laser intensity. "I want to pull the anti matter and the Dilithium crystals."

PO3rd James Lindsey looked up from the monitor, pushing a few stray red curls back off his forehead, he looked in her eyes then glanced back at the monitor. "It's offline ma'am but the cooling unit is still active, another five minutes and she should be ready sir." His freckled cheeks flushed when he realized he didn't know which she preferred. "Chief." His eyes not straying from the monitor.

Narira noticed his stuttering and tried not to smile. "Ma'am is fine," she assured him. "Narira is better."

James looked up. "Yes ma'am..." His cheeks turned red and he opened his mouth to say her name getting tongue tied he shut it quickly then he turned his attention back to the monitor again.

Morga rolled his eyes and almost laughed. He was glad the Chief Engineer was making friends. He headed over the the love in and asked "Is there anything I can help out with? My second task seems to have got that message already and left before I got back."

"I'm about to pull the dilithium chamber and anti-matter housing. Maybe you can take a look, tell me if there is anything inside that makes you think twice?"

Morga laughed. “You would better know what looks odd inside a dilithium chamber, as for what would make me think twice let’s start the the dilithium and finish with in inside of the outer chamber. I would like to let you know that if and Intelligence Officer will help in any way possible.”

"Well, if your guy likes intermix chambers, then you may well see something I don't. And if not, more eyes is better." Narira said

"It should be ready now..." James coughed because of the presence of the Klingon. "ma'am."

"Thank you James." Narira moved over to the warp core, paused at a workstation to retrieve the needed tools, and started to open up the key parts of the engine.

Morga chuckled at the unconscious nervous flutters of the junior NCO. “Good choice Petty Officer. Always err on the side of caution on duties.

With red cheeks James nodded. "Yes sir."

Narira had the main access panels off in a few moments, and then she beckoned James over to help remove the Dilithium chamber. "Let's get it over to the bench."

"Yes ma'am." James disengaged the clamps on the chamber then with gloved hands he grabbed hold of the grips to lift out the chamber.

Morga waited near the bench for those that knew what were doing, meaning Lieutenant Atay and her underling Petty Officer 3rd Lindsey to bring the dilithium chamber over. He knew the dangers of dropping it and shattering the crystal. It would be faster walking home. He knew some of the idea’s he was looking for as to the saboteur calling card.

They wrestled the the unit onto the bench and each of the engineer grabbed spanners, working around the casing of the converter unit until all the bolts were lined up neatly, and they lifted the top away, turned it over and set it down next to the bottom. Narira leaned over to take a look at the dilithium. There didn't seem to be any booby trap on the draw mechanism. The crystals themselves also seem normal, though significant decrystalisation had taken place. "Those crystals look a bit tired. I think we'll replace them anyway. " She looked up at Morga. "Before we pull them out, Do you see anything that fits with what you know about your man?"

At this point he wished he was a scientist with their tricorder he expected they both had something they would magnify the surfaces. Lieutenant, Petty Officer do either of you have a magnification device. If we have caught it early enough the damage may still be microscopic!” Morga said.

Narira cast around, and spotted an pair of magnifying goggles in one of the open tool boxes dotted around. She handed it over, and then reached for her own tricorder, popping out the scanner and running it down into the nooks and crannies.

“Thank you.” Morga said “These will make seeing micro fractures some what easier to see.” He concentrated his time on the crystals them selves. Rura pentha made excellent dilithium crystals so he thought I’d the engineers concentrated on the casing he could start on something he understood. After what he called a thorough search of the crystals he said “I can’t see anything too unusual with those how does the casing look to you Lieutenant?”

Narira was focused on her tricorder. "The inner plate coating is non-standard." she said with a frown. She put the tricorder down and scratched at it with a finger nail. It came away easily. She looked at the translucent shavings on her thumb. Which began to burn. "Owww!" She shook her hand on instinct, but the pain just kept building. her skin split and beads of blood started to fall from the blister site. "I need a flush kit!" She grabbed at her hand, as if pinching off her thumb could stop the burn.

“At a guess I believe the inside of the chamber has been treated and will need a good scrub and if there was s a spare I would change it until it can be properly scrubbed and I believe you engineers call it cut back when you take a layer off the inside and polish the surface.” Morga said looking around for a first aid kit. Finding it he got a flush kit out ready to flush the corrosive liquid from under her finger nail. “I would like to think that was a lesson you don’t plan on repeating.”

Narira held out her hand for the Klingon officer to rinse, biting her lip to stop from squealing like a baby at the burn. It might not have been the first time she'd burnt, scalded, bruised, skinned or scraped some part of her on an engine, but it didn't mean it hurt any less.

Rolling his eyes Morga said. “Next time when someone said a saboteur uses corrosives I suggest using something less attached to you than your finger nail.” Chuckling then he started the flush of her finger.

"Don't forget the antibiotic cream and bandage ma'am." Lindsey spoke softly looking on with concern. "I'll go and check if we have have a spare chamber... If not Lieutenant Atay could contact your ship sir and see if they can supply one?"

TBC: Continued on Sara Hale: This is a problem


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