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Casal epidemic: We are not the only aliens here! Part 3.

Posted on Fri Nov 9th, 2018 @ 1:53am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Gunnery Sergeant John Stryker II & Petty Officer 2nd Class Bettina Davies EMTP/PO2 & Lieutenant Yukime Winters

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: industrial park, city
Timeline: 20 March 2392

Team: Pilot: LT Yukime Winters (Silk)
Medical: PO2nd Bettina Davies
Security: PO3rd Del Clayton

Mercs: Hondo Lane, male Human; Kimmot Saiba, female Betazoid; Depax, male Ferengi; Cuta, Female Romulan; Rescued are two young male humans and one female human (ages 21-23)


The Talarian moved toward his screaming friends and began firing into the pack. He moved up a stair case to get high ground as he avenged his lost patrol mates. Three of the hover vehicles could be seen approaching by the flood lights they had on. The pack of canines began to scatter, many had chunks of their prey held firmly in their jaws. The lone Talarian guard held his position as he had no stomach to go closer to see what was left of his squad members. The vehicles were firing at canines as they formed a crescent forcing the canines from the center.

Silk knew that there was not a lot of time. She waved to her companions, "Come on, let's see what they were interested in." She slipped across the space to peer down the stairs. The other patrol member was gone so she felt safe enough to use a light.
"Light the stairs up, let's see what we have."

From down the stairs, off in the distance below gunshots and snarling of the canines could be heard. A few canines yips of pain were heard but the snarling continued. The shots were few and seemed to be well spaced.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Bettina didn't specify going into the darkness to see what was there, or lighting that darkness with Talarian patrols so close, and it wouldn't stop her from going along. Besides, she was still a little shaken from hearing the patrol being torn at by the dogs.

"Won't lighting a light alert whoever is down there that we're coming?" If it was an enemy, the team would be highlighted, and even if it was friends they might be perceived as a threat and get shot at.

Del looked to the others with a crooked smile, his hand found what he hoped was the light switch, then aimed his phaser down the yawning mouth of the dark staircase."Here goes nothing." And with that, he triggered the switch.

Nothing happened, there had been no power in this area for decades. None of this industrial park had power, there had been an accident that none living remembered but now only the ghosts of the wind and the canines lived here.

"Well," Del began with a chuckle, "it was worth a shot." But the phaser remained trained on the darkness as he waited for the Lieutenant's next order.

Hondo had heard the weapons fire above and feared the Talarians were closing in. he had opened the door to the room they were hiding in and shot point blank two of the canines. One had been killed instantly but the other was wounded. It was a serious wound but it was still alive. The rest of the pack had drawn back snarling and growling. Hondo had to carry the wounded youth and he could not do that and fight.

Depax was terrified but he moved forward firing single shots and missing badly. Still the canines snarled, growled, but still backed away from the firing weapon.

Saiba used her abilities to look around and found the Talarian firing at the canines on the staircase, his fearful determination to not bring dishonor to his clan was predominant. Than she noticed a powerful mind! "Hondo there is a telepath here? She does not seem hostile to us? Who?"

Silk moved forward swiftly. The pack would hear them and they had little time.
First went the stars and then the sword flashed. Howls and yips quickly followed and the pack moved to one side. "Hurry she said," to the others. "They will not pause long. Get to that door." She waved the katana dripping with canine blood.

She felt the psychic brush but ignored it for now. There was no time for that and it was not an attack. She shouted, "Whoever is in there, we are not Talarians, have a medic." She decided that best not identity as Federation quite yet since she did not know exactly who was there.

"Silk is that you? Damn, when you said you would take me into custody if I crossed the line I never expected this! This is more like a rescue." Hondo moved to the door, he knew her voice but he was still being cautious. When he saw Silk his smile covered his face. "I don't know how you found us but I am sure glad you did. I can explain once we get outta here though. Speaking of getting outta here, how are you getting us outta here?"

Saiba leaned her head around the corner "Say did this Silk person bring a medic by chance? We need a medic here."

Bettina's heart was pounding in her chest as she wondered what was behind the door, but she was glad that the others were seeing to the dogs...wild or not, she had a soft spot for animals, and she would have felt terrible having to hurt one.

But now, she was focused toward the front, toward the door, and when it opened, she nearly jumped, and she did take a step back, letting the more combatant of the group take care of that contact.

But then someone called Silk's name followed by the request for a medic, and she stepped forward. "I'm a medic...what do you need?"

"One of the young man in here needs medical attention." Saiba said as she cleared the path into the room. "Something for the pain would help? I know we have to keep moving."

"Let me take a look." With a patient to tend, it distracted Bettina from her own minor pain, and she pushed past the others to get to the wounded man. "Hey, how are you doing?" She gave him a bright smile. "You didn't have to do this just to get a visit from me," she quipped, "you could have just asked me to dinner! I'm Bettina."

The injured young man grimaced, he remained quiet as he had already learned making noise was going to get him slapped in the head. He merely made eye contact, on some level below his conscious thought he realized the woman was not Talarian?

"All right, now, not to worry." Bettina grinned as she patted the young man in the shoulder, "I'm trained and know what I'm doing! At least, that's what I've been taught to say!" Gently, she began to check him over and plan her treatment.

Hondo shot another dog with an off hand shot that almost looked careless as he walked to Silk. A huge smile on his face "So did you bring the entire fleet for little ole me?"

"No, there is just us three and we are going to have to move." She was glad to see him but her tone was terse. "The patrol will have called in help by now," she hoped that explained why.

"Makes sense, I expect they will expand the search as well." Hondo was unhappy about the way things were going at the moment. He shrugged "we need a way to get some distance."

Depax moved into view and ran up the steps. He checked on the shooting in the street and came back down faster than he ascended "Three of those damned APC vehicles, we need to find a way out of here like yesterday!"

Cuta was looking down a long black track, It was about a four foot drop into the tunnel but the tunnel had a very high arched ceiling. It lead out West away from the coast and East toward the City. "This looks promising if the dogs are not too densely populated in there?" She pointed into the black gaping mouth of the tunnel.

"I do not think we have much choice," Silk replied. She turned to Bett and asked, "Can he be moved?"

"Is there a choice?" There seemed to be no question, so what they had to do, they had to do. "We'll find a way," she grinned at her patient, "won't we...I mean, unless you really like dogs?" It seemed like there were enough healthy people here to run defense and help the injured man. "I'll just go easy on the sedation."

"No choice really unless you want to be a guest of the Talarian government. Most people that visit here get an extended tour of the local mines, complete with a work permit. As I understand the reservation is for the rest of the visitor's life." Hondo shrugged "not my cup of tea though."

"Rather not." Bettina shrugged and glanced at her patient, then back to Hondo. "We'll find a way to manage, might not be fun, but it'll work."

Saiba looked at the other two packages and frowned. Neither the man or the woman were going to be of any real help. "The door? knock off the hinges and strap this package to the door. we have some rope we can drag him faster than carry him."

Depax eager to please Saiba hopped over a canine body and and pulled out a small vial, he poured a couple drops on the lower hinge and handed it to Saiba "just a few drops."

Saiba nodded and used three drops placed evenly at the top of the hinge. The hinges sizzled and the door tilted. Saiba grabbed the door "help me. Just don't touch the acid stuff."

Hondo walked over to where Cuta was standing and peered down the tunnel. His smile grew "Looks safe to me. Depax you take the rear and leave some presents for anyone who tries to pursue us." He glanced at Silk and added "put them on a timer so they are neutralized say in three hours."

Depax nodded as he moved into the shadows opening his pack.

Hondo next looked to Silk and Del. "So Silk you want your guy here with you on point or me? Between the three of us someone has to stay with Depax at the back." His smile, aimed at Silk, was downright seductive.

"While I would not mind you here," Silk was business right now and pushed aside Hondo's familiarity, "I need a quick thinker and good shot watching the rear. Alright everyone we are moving out." She had one more thought. "Just in case, try to make our route as confusing as you can in case they decide to follow. I am betting that after the pack, the dead patrol and all heading into a dark tunnel is not high on their list. " She pulled the sword again and a phaser and started off. She hoped they could find a way back up and that the tunnel would not have any real nasty surprises. Perhaps they could find an abandoned rail car or something to help make a temp shelter or to utilize to make a carrier for the injured.

"All right, Sport, time to go." Tugging on the reluctant man's arm, Bettina helped him to stand, then she helped support him. At least there wasn't going to be any running, what with the condition he was in, so she'd manage so long as he stayed upright.

"Let's get to it. Del muttered, he didn't mind being on point, but he really disliked tunnels and whatever might reside in them.

With Silk and Del moving down into the tunnel Hondo went to check on the wounded "Cuta you keep the walking packages up near the front, after all this we want paid after all." Hondo moved to the room "time to move Miss." His friendly smiled at Bettina was as calculated as most everything he did. Meant to get the needed response from her.

"On it." Feeling a little more confident, Bettina nodded to the man, then looked at the kid who had an arm draped over her shoulders. "This isn't going to be nice, but once we get home I'll make sure you get whatever you want for dinner!"

Saiba moved shoving the two walking packages ahead of her "Don't sprain an ankle dropping into the tunnel, I ain't gonna carry you. You two are worth money to me but not my life." The two already traumatized young adults stumbled ahead toward Cuta. Cuta for her part dropped down into the tunnel deftly and reached up to help guide the two packages.

Silk with Del at her side headed out. She could not sense anyone which was good and hopefully the Talarian patrol was lazy enough or frightened enough not to bother investigating further. She figured a bunch of dead dogs and torn up Talarians would occupy them enough.

There were skitterings and periodically the light would catch some shiny eyes that would resolve for a moment into rodent creatures very similar to rats. They would stare for a moment before disappearing back into the dark. There was dampness down here as well and she stopped suddenly as a new sound caught her ears. It was a hiss and an odd rattle sound. She pointed the sword in a direction and nodded to Del. "Snake or snakes I think."

Holding the lights and shifting thenm into one hand he drew his phaser, then began a slow sweep for the reptile, if it was a reptile.

It took a moment for the lights to sweep by and then back again. Silk thought as the light came back to center on the eyes and scales now illuminated, make that plural. They were a bit like Earth rattlers if those Terran things grew to small python size.
She could pick out at least four individuals now coiling up around a makeshift nest with eggs. It was no wonder why there was no dogs down here, or if there had been they probably had long become food. They would become a meal themselves very soon.

"Be careful of the smaller ones they are likely more toxic than the larger ones?" Saiba was helping drag the travois and spoke from behind Del. "I think we are deep enough underground limited phaser fire should be undetectable? I think speed is more important than caution at the moment in any case?"

Dropping down into the tunnel hadn't been easy, but it had helped that Bettina had a patient to tend to, so she had something to focus on...and she was especially glad for that distraction when they got to the snakes.

"Oh, yeah, I'd rather go by sleepy snakes than ticked off ones." Bettina's nose wrinkled. "You don't think the noise would draw more?" Unless they emitted some sort of pheromones or something like ants, and the alarm had already spread through the local population.

Silk shook her head. "No clue how or what these guys will do but," she nodded to the rest. "Best we deal with it now, I got center boy." She quickly changed the phaser in one hand over to heavy stun and then said, "Fire!" The beams lanced out and for a second or two she was not sure if they would work or not. At least the bright beams seemed to startle the creatures long enough that they did not strike but finally they collapsed in a heap.

"Alright move, move, not sure how long the effect will last and if they will come a hunting after they wake up." She waved the group down the rest of the tunnel hoping to find a way up soon.



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