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Casal epidemic: We are not the only aliens here! Part 4.

Posted on Wed Dec 5th, 2018 @ 4:04am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & 1st Lieutenant Raymond MacDyer & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant JG Sol & Private 1st Class Brayker Sledge

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: industrial park, city on Casal
Timeline: 20-21 March 2392

Team: Pilot:
Medical: Commander Amar, LT Richardson, LTJG Sol, PO3rd Bess O'Keef, PO2nd Bettina Davies
Security: LT Luke, PO3rd Bill Smith, PO3rd Dillion Anders, PFC Brayker Sledge
Operations: PO3rd Brian Dunbar, CM1st Tom Watkin, CPL John Carter


The Asgard monitored the sector around the City of Larkana, closely watching the industrial park area. The day passed and no one needed pulled out. The news feeds were going on the story of a rebel attack on the city. The ground units were still North of the Industrial park, still searching. They had lost contact with Silk and her small team. Wulfe had decided to wait and watch for her signal. He did not want to compromise the situation by going in. He knew Silk and was sure she was okay, if she was not he felt he would know.

So as darkness fell over the city He sent a Danube out with the fighter screen. Aboard were 1stLT MacDyer, CPL Carter, and PFC Sledge. They were going to make a space jump and move to the medical team on the ground. Without Silk the team needed a pilot. Carter was going along to check the shuttle out, Sledge was sent as back up security. They would make their jump late at night, the plan being they could reach the shuttle before first light.

The jump had gone well, the three marines landing in the river. They weighted down their chutes and sunk them into the water before moving ashore into the park from the South. They all carried crossbows just in case they ran into the canines. They reached the shuttle with an hour to spare. Carter and Mac checked the shuttle as Sledge stood guard. Everything checked okay so they moved on to the lab camp.

Mac checked in with Luke as they moved closer and Dunbar waited for the team at the doors. None of the canines bothered them and soon they had slipped inside the building. Mac looked to his two marines "go ahead and find a place to settle down, I need to check in with Commander Amar."

PFC Sledge picked a spot near the door and laid down.

CPL Carter knew his lady was here somewhere and stood in the middle of the room looking for her.

Bess heard the marines coming in when she was in the sectioned off lab. She peeked out and saw John. She gasped in her excitement and nearly dropped the vial she'd been holding. They were testing anti viral drugs against the flu virus. She put it in a holder carefully. Then as fast as she could she stepped through the decontamination chamber stripping off the lab coat, gloves and mask as she stepped into an antiviral mist. "If it isn't Prince Charming."

"Hey," he held up a few chocolate bars. "I thought you might have run low since you been here a while." Carter walked closer eager to get his arms around her. "I missed you." He removed and set his battle harness on the ground so he could hug her.

Bess wrapped her arms around him and squeezed as tight as she could, her lips kissing his Adam's apple. "I've missed you so much." She murmured looking up at him with half closed eyes and waiting expectantly for his kiss.

Carter kissed her his own hug snug, He leaned into her bending her over backwards a bit as he let his kiss express how much he missed her. Unbidden a few called out or whistled. Luke waved his arms standing to draw attention and used hand motion to remind people to be quiet. Smith, Dunbar, and Watkins all winced and moved back out of view. Carter slipped an arm around Bess to walk her out of plain view of the rest. Once under a staircase he kissed her again.

She parted her lips under his and gripped his shoulders as the kiss deepened. A soft moan vibrated in her chest as Bess thought. He's still better than hot chocolate.

He leaned his forehead against hers after a few kisses "it has been a long time since we were together Bess. I was sure bent when I got back and found out you were on a mission!" Carter smiled kissing her nose. "I guess it was only fair you were away. "Sounds like two more days but at least we can be together." He rubbed her back as he still held her close, "I truly missed you."

"I missed you too, I was afraid by the time I got back you'd be off on another mission." Bess spoke softly snuggling into him. "I'm glad we can be together." Her voice lowered to a whisper. "Even if we can't be intimate... We have to keep things quiet you know."

"So I heard? Maybe we can't do everything, but I might be able to give you something to relief the tension. You would need to be quiet though." Carter winked as his hands moved up to her hips and caressed to her belly. "A lot depends on how close the Talarians come to this place. When you get your rest cycle we will see what happens. Till than though what are you doing here?"

"Running tests with various antiviral drugs to treat the illness. Although the doctors are working on a vaccine." Bess hugged him again tightly. "It's strange something we rarely have trouble fighting off with our own antibodies the Talarians so protected from anything outside their planet in bringing in slave labor have created a pandemic in their own people. It's ironic." She sighed. "I will have to get back in the lab. I think tonight I'd rather just snuggle you and wait until we get home for more." She blushed knowing in the close quarters someone would definitely hear her even if she wasn't calling out his name.

OKay, I will check with the officers and take my shift with security now. I would not want to have to be on duty when we had a chance to cuddle." Carter took a deep breath, squeezed her tight, before letting her go. "See you when your shift is done."

"I love you John." Bess gave him a smile that lit up her face. "See you later." She gave him one last kiss and stood.

"Love you too Bess." Carter headed off to where he had seen the security set up so he could get a shift now. He really did want that time with Bess even if he had to behave himself.

Bess went back and got a fresh lab coat and mask on, then pulled on gloves she walked in and paused looking back at him once more before entering the lab. She checked one of the cultures in a petri dish and found the virus immobile.

Mac found Amar and strode over to her "Hello Commander, I have this from the Captain for you." He handed her a PADD. "If you no longer need me Ma'am?"

"Thank you." Amar took the PADD with a smile. "Please go on about your duties." She nearly shooed him away but stood instead waiting for him to walk off.

"Yes Ma'am." Mac moved away to join Luke at the monitors.

Looking around Amar found a quieter corner and took a seat to read the message.

The message on the PADD: My Dear, I miss you quite a lot as you might imagine. That aside we have completed our mission and have the SaraHale. We need to get out of there and the sooner the better. You have less than forty eight hours to wrap up down there and return. I wish we had more time. I fear any longer and we will invite significant trouble. The kind that might jeopardize us all. Hurry home My Love.

Amar smiled at the sentiment but felt rushed with the timeline. She walked over stood next to the Lab and spoke clearly for those inside and out in the main room to hear. "We have forty eight hours to wrap this up. Lets get a vaccine formulated tonight."

Sol arched an eyebrow at the news, his breath catching slightly. "Tonight...?" he closed his mouth, looking away. "Understood," he added quickly, turning to make his way to the lab area with quick strides. He didn't foresee the situation having a...satisfactory ending on such a timescale. Her parameters were clear though.

Luke hoped it would be less than the forty eight hours but the deal was as long as the XO needed it to be. He added Mac, Sledge, and Carter to the security rotation. The Talarians were farther North but it bothered him he had not yet heard from Silk.

Carter was watching the monitors and Smith was off duty till tonight. Sledge was sacked out on a second floor platform that looked sturdy. The day moved on as the medical team worked. The rest there rested or watched. Luke however grew increasingly more concerned about the missing team members.

Inside the lab Bess was excited. "Doctor Sol... Sir could you take a look at this petri dish... It's one of the the cultures we were growing. I tested it with an anti viral... at least it's something to start with for those already sick."

Sol glanced her way before nodding, reaching for the scanner. He moved in close so he could start a thorough scan of the sample, his head tilted in an expression of curiosity. "In some ways, finding a treatment for this is the easier task. Making sure it does not mutate and re-infect in an even more deadly form is the hard task," he mused, more thinking out loud as he frowned. His analytical instincts had kicked in, but he had learnt over the years that some humans saw it as pessimism and were not fond of it. "One step at a time," he added for good measure with that thought in mind.

Amar came in and caught up with what was taking place. "This will be a good treatment for those with the infection, Doctor Sol have we come any closer with a vaccine? I need this by tomorrow, we'll have to return to the Asgard soon."

"It is...progressing," Sol settled on the word as a satisfactory compromise to the abrupt answer. "But not as fast as we would like," he had to add, shaking his head, his slight frown pensive. "The similarities between past outbreaks is helping though."

"The information Doctor Richardson found on this influenza pertains to several outbreaks during the 21st century on Earth. We can start with a replicated vaccine from the last outbreak then and see what is needed for this outbreak." Amar said as she looked at the results. The relief of getting close only showed in her eyes above the mask.

Sol nodded in clear agreement, offering a PADD over with some rudimentary findings. "Here are some initial results using historical sources. It is not enough yet, but it is certainly...promising," he considered sharing his concerns about the virus mutating, but thought better of it. They had enough to deal with presently, without concerning themselves with more.

"This is different than the ones in 21st century Earth, but with some tweaking." Amar took his findings and scrolled through them then she went over to look into a microscope. "Alright I have a culture in the petri dish, let's try a drop of the vaccine I want to watch the results." Using a dropper she introduced the vaccine they'd been working on an intermix of the Talarian Flu Strain (mutated H1N1), Formaldehyde. Aluminum Salts, Gelatin, Thimerosal, Chicken Egg Proteins, Antibiotics. She waited watching through the microscope, after awhile she asked for a stool.

Bess pulled a high stool over to her and made sure she was safely seated. She didn't want her pregnant doctor to fall.

Several hours later Amar resisted the urge to rub her eyes blinking then looking again. She then took scans just to be sure her eyes weren't playing tricks on her. "Doctors I believe we have a vaccine." She nearly shouted. "Come have a look and verify."

Sol moved quickly to her side, taking the PADD to read over the results scrolling up the screen at a ferocious rate. "It would seem you are right," he replied in his usual calm voice as he glanced to her. "The results are positive. Predictions are for a low side effect risk. We shall have to hope this is accurate...we will not have time to refine this if there are reactions."

"That's true, this is why I'll be using a substitute egg protein." Amar smiled with relief. "We return to the Asgard post haste!"

When given orders to launch Mac sent a time schedule he would need for a predawn launch. Luke called the team together and assigned everyone tasks to break camp. The Doctors were responsible for the medical stuff, their records, experiments, and the rest. Everyone else was given equipment to gather to be destroyed in place or taken back to the ship.

Everyone was anxious to get back. So the work went with precision and speed. Mac lead the first wave back to the shuttle with the heavier stuff. They loaded and secured everything before Luke brought the Doctors and the rest.

Once loaded Luke used a remote detonator to destroy what was left behind. It was cooked into a meaningless blob in an instant. There was no outward sign from the shuttle, if anyone had been outside the building they would have felt the flash of heat though. Luke went aboard and sealed the hatch.

Mac gave a verbal warning "we are good to launch, we are airborne. Remember everyone we are going underwater." He laughed "so no worries right, I am not crashing. Hang on!" He took the shuttle the short distance to the river and skimmed the surface. Slowly he submerged and rode the current out into the sea. He would rise back to the surface once safely away from the city. Than it would be a short flight to the Asgard.

Luke watched out the portal, "where are you Silk? What are you up to?"



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