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Casal epidemic: We are not the only aliens here! Part 2.

Posted on Thu Nov 1st, 2018 @ 2:20pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Gunnery Sergeant John Stryker II & Petty Officer 2nd Class Bettina Davies EMTP/PO2 & Lieutenant Yukime Winters
Edited on on Fri Nov 2nd, 2018 @ 7:32pm

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: industrial park, city on Casal
Timeline: 20 March 2392

Team: Pilot: LT Yukime Winters (Silk)
Medical: PO2nd Bettina Davies
Security: PO3rd Del Clayton

Mercs: Hondo Lane, male Human; Al Matchten, male human; TuMail, male Romulan; Kimmot Saiba, female Betazoid; Depax, male Ferengi; Cuta, Female Romulan; Rescued are two young male humans and one female human (ages 21-23)


Moving North being the only option the canines were moving mostly parallel to the group. The Hover vehicles were soon moving up behind them and the gunships were above criss-x-crossing the sky trying to find those being chased.

"We gotta get off this street, get away from both the gunships and these damn dogs!" Del stated as they plodded forward carefully.

Move for a few hours before finding some place to hide just North of the Industrial park. Maybe a power substation? Or some abandoned building with decent walls? The searchers will set up camp to the North after dark.

It was a really weird thing Silk decided. The group of dogs and the three of them sort of moving but keeping a wary eye on each other while avoiding the ships that came on in. Silk get looking for a way to separate themselves from the group of dogs. The nature of the buildings began to change becoming less warehouse and more heavy industrial. She spotted one building, some sort of heavy factory from the stacks and heavily built walls. A couple of broken windows were above what appeared to be dumpsters. That might work, the dogs could not climb.

"Bett, check out that building," she waved the sword for to indicate the building. "Those windows just above the dumpsters. Not sure how much longer we are going to be able to avoid each other as the street is narrowing."

Bettina was more than happy to find shelter from the dogs, it was nothing short of a miracle that they had made it this far without an attack, and she readily scrambled onto the dumpsters. She had to balance on her toes to reach the ledge, and even then, she could just get her fingertips on the edge. Still, she managed to pull herself up and brace her arms on the ledge enough to push the window all the way open so she could get a better look inside.

"Yah, that could be the solution!" Del commented as he kept an eye on the canines and what they were up to, He had no intention of getting eaten or worse if there was a worse.

"I think it's clear!" Bettina called back to the others, "I'll look and get the door." Well, this was more adventurous than she cared for, but there was no choice, and she took a breath, then shimmied over the ledge and tumbled into the darkness.

The floor was farther than she'd though, and she hit hard, landing on debris, but somehow fortunately managing not to do more damage than spraining her ankle. She'd worry about that later, though, she needed to find a door and let the others in. Her flashlight didn't do much to cut through the darkness, but she did manage to find a door, and she sighed in relief as the only resistance was from junk on the floor that she was able to quickly clear.

"Got it!" she called to the others, "Over here!"

Hondo Lane had not expected gunships to deploy so quickly and the ground responses was in his mind rather excessive! "Keep moving we need to get out of here!" The choppers racked the vegetation with shells and one of the packages was clipped twice. Once inside the arm and across the ribs as the shell passed between limb and body. The other shell took a chunk out just below his right hip. He fell screaming and Cuta hit him, but could not lift his limp form. Hondo hoisted him up and waved the group forward, "They might just kill us all so move, move now!"

They reached some old buildings after the gunships had passed but now two problems replaced the one. Behind them hover vehicles were entering the swamp to pursue. All around them were canine scavengers, feral dogs of some local breed. Some were rather large and most eyed them with a combination of anger and fear. The dogs were closing in till Depax tossed tear gas grenades among them. The gad was low hanging so did not rise to give away their position. It forced the dogs to skirt wide of the group though. Depax moved away from the group and Saiba took the lead. Cuta was busy encouraging the two unwounded packages to keep moving. Hondo was carrying the wounded fellow but now he noticed there was a blood trail revealing their direction!

"Cuta, we need to stop this bleeding!" Hondo set down the now pale young man just inside a building. Everyone gathered around as Cuta cleaned the wounds and bandaged them. She was just finishing when Depax ran into the building, there was an air of excitement and anxiety that filled the space around him. "I covered the blood trail, and I found a place to hide but we need to move like yesterday if we are going to evade those coppers!"

Hondo hoisted the young man smoothly into firemen's carry and glared at Depax "lead on." Depax lead the way off to the North, the direction they wanted to go anyway. Saiba and Cuta each took one of the rescued young people in tow keeping them with the small group. Depax lead into a larger building and down several flights of steps. The smell was extremely unpleasant but he moved behind a wall that seemed solid at a glance! Behind the partial wall was a heavy door and inside was a sort of break room. The group entered and closed the door. The idea was to wait and hope the searchers moved on.

==Near nightfall==
Hondo was not a truly sympathetic type but the young guy was in real pain and keeping him quiet was not easy. With the blood he had lost sedating him was not a good idea either. If the guy died it would cost him a third of his fee! Hondo was troubled as he watched the boy, he was actively listening trying to figure out if it was safe to make a try to move on. His mind reaching out as he tried to remember the terrain they would be traversing.

Silk kept watch near the broken windows. The pack had moved on and only the ships had followed seemingly ignoring where they were. They were looking for someone or something but they were gunships so sensors were probably very limited. In either case they had passed by without incident. The windows had lead into an office that overlooked the floor of the factory. There was a walkway that circled the place so she suspected supervisors could keep an eye on the workers and machinery. The machinery looked like heavy stamping equipment but everything was cold and silent at the moment. Then something caught her attention. It was nothing outside or inside, something else an impression and she furrowed her brow. She knew that feeling or presence. It could not be, but it had the same impression of the man she had met on the base.

She turned her head and thought a moment more and then said, "Bett, Del we are going to move. Patrol ships have not been around in a bit and the packs have moved on."

"Yeah, I'm fine." Bettina had wrapped her ankle and it was hobble-worthy, so she could move when they were ready, and honestly, she was tired of just sitting here, she wanted to be somewhere safe, maybe have some hot cocoa with marshmallows! "But dang, I was hoping to get me a nice puppy!" She laughed as she slowly stood, careful of her ankle.

Del scooched up from where he'd been keeping watch, "sounds like the thing to do. Maybe we can make it to the shuttle now." He could not be sure, but he was hopeful.

Silk nodded but very slowly. "I suppose but..." she paused looking out again looking for any signs of well anything.

"But what?" Bettina's nose wrinkled up, wondering what the woman was thinking.

"But call me crazy but I have this odd feeling that there is someone else out there and they need help. I know it is not fair to ask but I would like to check it out." She nodded her chin toward the north. "That way, not too far, I think."

"They're not part of our group?" Bettina shrugged, assuming Silk would have mentioned if they were some of the rest of the away-team, but then, if it wasn't, maybe the others had made a safe retreat. Shrugging, she glanced at Del, trusting that Silk wouldn't take them into something if it wasn't necessary. "Sure, I'm in...lead the way."

"'scuse me, LT? Talarians?" First, we're running from them, trying to remain undetected, now you want to go rescue them?" Del queried. "Or, could it not be Talarians, but another group, another race? I mean, hell, yeah sure, I'll go. Beats sitting in this building."

Silk shook her head. "No not Talarians, someone...familiar or that is the way it feels." She turned to the rest and added, "I am getting this weird psychic impression. Like I said there is worry, someone is injured badly and needs help." She shifted and went down the stairs to the door and unlocked and opened it. She carefully peered out and then waved to the others to come along. She did not want to use communicators as while whoever was out there with the gunships might not be able to hack in, electronics might provide a signal they could zero in on. She waited for the other two and then pointed with the sword. "That way." Silk slipped out and used the shadows and cover checking for leftover feral dogs or anything else. If she was sure it was fine she would hand signal the others.

Bettina nodded, gimping along with the pair, knowing that as long as she kept moving her ankle would be had to be, and a sprain wasn't going to kill her...and she could get some sympathy from Doug later, and milk that for a massage and breakfast in bed!

“You okay, Bett?” He asked in barely audible tones. He knew by now that the medic was tough, but offering a hand was simply a gesture. She would proceed however she wanted. He simply wanted her to know he was there for her.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Bettina grinned. "'Tis but a scratch!" She'd heard that somewhere. Still, she appreciated the offer and stuck close to him in case she needed help.

The evening had brought some semblance of peace back. The Talatian military had camped to the North, but patrols were on the move in this sector. The feral dogs were returning to their homes to the South to avoid the armed people. Overhead a gunship flew over but those flights were less numerous.

It was funny, Bettina thought, but this place might actually be kind of nice if it wasn't so...not nice! At least the coming darkness might help conceal their movements, if it didn't just make things worse.

Knowing that dusk was almost upon them, he too was considering how the darkenss might well benifit them, at least to some degree, tough he was still concerned as to where they were headed as it was away from their mission objective.

A pack of several feral dogs had got the scent of blood. The blood was different but it was a wounded creature and they were hungry after a day of running and hiding. The pack followed the scent moving into the building and down the steps. Their low growls echoed off the walls.

A Talarian patrol numbering four saw the dogs enter a building. Their behavior seemed odd so the patrol moved closer. Seeing the dogs go downsrtairs was something they did not expect either? They moved to the top of th stairs and listened.

Hearing the approach of the dogs Hondo knew they were in trouble. Neither Saiba nor Cuta were much good in a fight. Depax was obviously terrified of the dogs as were the two unwounded young people. The wounded fellow was already mostly delirious so he would be of no help even if he might not be scared. He waited for the dogs to arrive knowing he was going to need to shoot, knowing that would give away his position, knowing the wounded youth needed medical help. He had few answers for any of his present problems.

It was kind of unsettling, the way that Silk seemed to have her goal in mind, and led the way unwaveringly, but then, that only counted if there was something at the other end. And Bettina was hoping they'd get there soon, since her ankle was screaming at her to rest.

Then they came on the building with Talarians in the doorway and Bettina looked at the others. "Is that it?" she whispered. "We need to help them?" Certainly, that couldn't be right...after all, the Talarians were the enemy, and none of them seemed injured, but Bettina was still willing to trust their companion.

Silk pulled up and held a hand up. "No not them, someone else in the building. The Talarians seem to be looking at something. I could take them but then a not reporting in would be worse. Still with all the dogs around..." She made a tight smile. "Hunker down, I am going to draw them off and and figure a few slices and dices they will be having a time with the packs. "

She slipped away and down to the ground. She made her way quietly down and then purposely made noise to draw the Talarians away. She shouted out, "NO! I found it first! It is mine!" The spot she had chosen had a quick upward escape but penned in otherwise.

The Talarians turned hearing the shouting and frowned. Finally one of the group said something and the other three began to move off. The remaining one held his weapon at the ready. The three Talarians made their way down the street and past the turn moving carefully. Though they tried to keep a good eye out they never saw and barely heard the slight whir as three metals razor sharp starts whizzed through the air and caught them. Silk had aimed for arms and at least two of the group dropped their weapons. All three though were now bleeding and in a few more seconds a howl echoed down the street. Dark shapes began to pour out of doorways as the smell of wounded prey caught the dogs noses. Silk made her way up not even noticed as the three Talarians focus was now on the glinting eyes and teeth of the packs that smelled blood. She went across the roof tops back to her companions hearing the firing of a gun and yelps but also not so long afterward the screams as the packs pulled down their prey.

She dropped down back to her companions and said, "Three down and hope the packs does not get indigestion." That left the one Talarian who after hearing the firing, the howls and the screams looked very nervous. Suddenly he seemed to realize that being alone here was not a good idea. He began to move off and said into his communicator, "Patrol four, attacked by packs, three down. Too dangerous right now!"

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