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Casal epidemic: We are not the only aliens here! Part 1.

Posted on Thu Nov 1st, 2018 @ 2:18pm by Lieutenant Frank Luke & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Gunnery Sergeant John Stryker II & Petty Officer 2nd Class Bettina Davies EMTP/PO2 & Lieutenant Yukime Winters & Lieutenant JG Sol & Crewman Tom Watkins

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: industrial park, city on Casal
Timeline: 20 March 2392

Team: Pilot: LT Yukime Winters (Silk)
Medical: Commander Amar, LT Richardson, PO2nd Davies, LTJG Sol, PO3rd Bess O'Keef, PO2nd Bettina Davies
Security: LT Luke, PO3rd Del Clayton(Stryker), PO3rd Bill Smith, PO3rd Dillion Anders.
Operations: PO3rd Brian Dunbar, CM1st Tom Watkin


It was predawn and this was the quieter shift. Only problem was the wild dogs would try to sneak in closer at this time. Other than that the City was quiet. Tonight that changed and it changed drastically! Gunfire erupted from within the city, it was some confrontation from the Government buildings. Dunbar sent a signal to all those present, a sort of vibrator signal from each commbadge.

Luke was sleeping next to Dunbar and he was at the monitor in an instant. Using the local satellite system he zoomed in on the city capitol building. No fewer than thirty of the local guard were chasing after someone. They were firing weapons as they pursued. Police hover vehicles were arriving and the chase was picking up speed, they were coming in the direction of the industrial park!

Luke shifted his search and located a open-topped, six people were crowded into the vehicle and two were shooting back at the Talarian guards. The Vehicle was obviously trying to bypass the Industrial park, possibly trying for the hills to the North of where the team was. They were being herded though directly into the park. "Everyone grab what you can carry and prepare to move to the shuttle."

At the sound of gunfire, Del was on his feet, weapon in hand. He needed to get his boots and shirt on, but acclimating to what was happening took priority. He tapped his com-badge and replied =^=Standing by.=^=, then finished dressing, waiting on orders.

Silk was dreaming. It was a nice pleasant dream that involved Hondo. They were just talking after the most pleasant session of love making. He was reaching over and put his hand on her chest and it started vibrating. She was puzzled for a moment and then came awake. A second or two and she realized it was the comm badge and that meant an alert. She was fully awake in a second and grabbed her sword and got up. She spotted Luke and made her way quietly but enough so she would not startle him. "What's up?"

The buzzing of her comm badge startled Bettina awake and she sat up, almost instantly alert, albeit confused. Still, someone was calling for them to grab stuff and get to the shuttle, so she did just that, reaching for her pack as she stood.

Because of the nature of her job, she was already mostly dressed, it was just a matter of yanking on a few zippers, and she did just that as she headed toward the lab area to see what they needed her to carry. On the way, she passed Del and gave him a nod. "I bet they could use some help in the lab," she suggested. After all, the whole mission was a bust if they lost the samples and any test results.

Having received no orders del replied, "Let's go! We can't afford to let this whole thing fall apart. No idea what's going on, but it don't sound none too good!"

Sol had sat up abruptly, looking around in disorientation before getting the instruction for a quick evacuation. He had strode for the lab without much thought, reacting on instinct as he started swiftly and accurately packing up what he could, ready to carry out. He didn't pause for soon as one hand had slotted or packed something away, the other hand had already grabbed another.

Bess was getting cases ready for equipment to be packed in if they had time. If they wound up bugging out she knew things could be replaced people couldn't.

Amar was more concerned with the results they had over the last few days. She was ready personally since she lived out of her duffel and it was just a matter of grabbing her kit, the shoulder bag that contained PADDs with research and test results. She knew Richardson was ready if they had to leave quickly.

Smith was at the monitors and he frowned as he called out to no one in particular. "They are sending in what looks like a reinforced platoon. I am getting something that looks like air support as well." He looked up and realized no one seemed to be listening.

Luke looked to Silk as she joined him at the monitors. "Looks like someone is running from the local authorities. You take a couple people and make your way back to the shuttle just in case we need to evacuate."

Silk watched a moment and then nodded and replied, "Very good." She did not say more but just headed back toward the shuttle. She had her sword and stars, the gag was still there and she grabbed it. She knew that they should not leave anything behind or it needed to be destroyed. There was little in it but just to be sure best take it. She passed Del and Brett and told them what she had been told. "Need to be prepared so need an extra hand and medic just in case."

Silk needed to get to the shuttle to start a quick per-flight check. If they had to flee, she needed to make sure everything was ready to go and running under water was not a good thing. The salt water had a corrosive effect. While the hull and plating would be fine, it could get into connections and cause problems.

Del paused at being re-directed. He was armed and ready, all he needed was to know what in blazes was going on. He looked to Bett as they paused and were re-directed by Silk.

The three Doctors and nurse O'Keefe were in the lab so Smith, Dillion, Dunbar, and Watkins went about preparing to leave, Everyone had a day bag that was supposed to be kept packed with what people wanted to take with them if the team had to flee. Everyone also knew everything else would be destroyed when they fled. The day bags were gathered onto an anti-grav sled and the rest was prepared to be destroyed. As this was going on the local military was taking action.

In the lab, Sol worked calmly and methodically, but his shoulders were tight. He had already secured two cases of samples and research, gathering them together in a pile with a kit. He knew once they were moving, they would have to move fast, so he fastened them together before turning to the next table to work swiftly through.

"Is everything secured?" Amar asked as she held a mask over her nose and mouth to look around the lab.

"I believe so ma'am." Bess answered and looked over at Richardson who nodded her readiness.

"So what the hell's going on out there?" Del asked as they moved in the direction of the shuttle.

What looked like military gunships were entering the sector. They began firing as they flew overhead! 30mm auto canons spewed thousands of rounds into the swamp and ruins as they passed over head. The path toward the T-11 was abruptly cut off as packs of wild dogs filled the streets! Chased from the swampy habitats they fled into the industrial park. Most were too panicked to care about anything more than running or maybe finding a place to hide. Some packs fought each other over territory. Other packs sought what seemed like revenge! One pack of nearly thirty was facing The three Asgard crew! Big vicious animals with sharp pointy teeth and claws. They were spreading out as they approached.

Silk instinctively ducked at the sound of the firing and then moved to look out carefully at the scene making sure plenty of screening cover. The ships were not targeting anything in particular but they had stirred up the local denizens and know one was forming and heading toward the opening.

"Del, Bett, you best get regular weapons. I am not sure we can keep the group from over running the place by sword and bows and arrows alone." She unseathed the sword and unsnapped her pockets. She picked out the alpha male, a big brute leading the point. Shifting the sword she fetched a star. If lucky enough to take that one out might make the pack disperse, fight amoung themselves or at least pause some more.

Well, this wasn't good, and it only reinforced to Bettina why she wasn't a 'dog person'. You'd never see a pack of cats fixing to attack you or blocking your path from where you needed to be so you didn't get massacred!

Pulling out her phaser, she took up a stance with the others, now wanting to hurt the creatures...they might be feral and hostile, but they were just being dogs.

"Leave us alone!" she shouted. It wasn't as if the noise was going to make a huge difference over the rest of the din. "Get out of our way! I don't want to have to shoot you, but I'll do it!" She took a step toward them as she called out, holding her arms out a little to make herself look bigger. Surprisingly, while they didn't move away, the dogs hesitated, watching the crazy woman.

Del raised his weapon, knowing if something wasn't done, and done quickly they were going to meet a grizzly end. Thirty-odd wild dogs, the odds sucked! But he waited for Silk's order to fire. To his way of thinking, this was no time to set for stun!

Silk spared a glance at Brett. That was one thing that everyone taught. Try to look scary. The second was not to try to stare down, that was considered a threat. "Back off slowly, do not turn, do not run." She swished the sword and yelled at the pack as well.

Del did not stare at the animals but looked just above them. At Silk's direction, he began retreating without lowering his phaser or looking directly at the canines. The trip to the shuttle had been delayed for the moment. Not much he could do about it either.

With the gunships passed by overhead the canines began coming back out into the open. Attracted by all the noise there were now many more of the wild canines. The only path open was now to the North, away from the shuttle and away from the rest of the group. The beasts were used to people and the shouting caused them become more inquisitive. With the Talarian troops moving into the swamp, many in lightly armored and armed hover vehicles the canines had no where to retreat. The three puny humans blocked their escape and they from past experiences knew what those vehicles behind them meant. A standing fight here would lead to an engagement with the locals and that had to be avoided.

Silk saw more so that meant more packs. Normally wolves if you killed the leader would retreat but these were feral dogs as well and not so sure that there would not be a full on fight. "Move nortward, the ships are forcing the pack as well. If we can get to a better cover. Keep moving and be prepared."

Inside the building Dunbar was at the doors with a crossbow. There were thirty or more of the feral dogs outside and the sound of the guunships overhead. One larger dog spotted him and charged. Dunbar had trained in security and was a security counter sniper-sniper. He had not gone into that full time as he had no wish to be a killer full time. His reflexes and skills were as sharp as ever though and he downed the beast with a bolt as it leaped. He turned aside afte he shot so the beast could slide past him inside the building.

Watkins with another sled barely refrained from a scream of shock! He did make a bit of noise and Dunbar closed the door "We will have a real fight to get out of here." He closed the doors. Luke heard Dunbar as he was watching the monitors. He slid down the ladder and went to Amar. "Commander I think our best bet is to wait here. With the feral canines outside and the gunships above, moving means a fight. A fight would reveal our location to the gunships. Those troops are passing North of us so they might not even come this way. I don't think we can now get to the shuttle anyway?"

"We'll wait it out and not draw attention if at all possible." Amar sighed. "Wouldn't it be nice if we were armed with pepper spray to repel animals."

Luke gave her a moment to let that information be thought about. "If it comes to a fight we will need to be transported out of here Commander. I am sorry." Luke frowned, "do I have permission to contact Silk and her team, tell them to just hold what they have and wait. To just fly out if they are detected?"

"Yes, you have permission Luke. It is at present out only option." Amar concluded and walked over to sit on one of the trunks holding equipment. "I expect that anything that needs to be left behind will be destroyed. So we will need to be certain the samples and present research and results are kept on us."

Luke tried raising Silk and her team even but got no reply. He checked the monitors at the shuttle LZ and there was no sign of the three even being there. Now worried he contacted the Asgard and reported in that they were pretty much just trapped here, pilot missing, and Talarians all around. His reply came swiftly to hold what he had and to request a beam out if things got too bad.

Wulfe looked at Kraggar after the reply was sent with an evident frown. "What do you think happened? I don't think Silk got her team captured without a fight. She must be in hiding. Okay use the ship sensors to actively search the area, even if it is detected. Get Intelligence to help hide the search. Find those three people."

With Kraggar on the locating of our three missing people Wulfe went to Ryder Gawyn and explained before requesting "I need a pilot, a tech to check the shuttle, and best add a marine to provide security while they check the shuttle. I have Talon busy right now, Silk is on the planet so you are the man at the moment. Send your team out on a Danube with the night CAP and use a space jump to get them on site." When Ryder acknowledged Wulfe went back to Kraggar to check on progress. It did not look good but he was not ready to try a beam out of anyone just yet. Kraggar keep me informed. Anything happens I want to know when it happens."

Wulfe went to the bridge after that. The marine recon team had found the stolen equipment, fighter, shuttles, most likely about everything stolen and still on the planet. It was a massive base and defended. It would be a job to crack and he just did not feel the loss of life justified the destruction of the base. He had been thinking of just destroying the base. That was before he knew how much destruction on the surface that would cause. It would be an act of war that would escalate the tension dramatically. He looked to Murphy on the Ops station. "Bosun I want a recall sent to LT. Brannigan and the marine recon team. Tell them we will beam them back to the ship at 0600hrs in the morning. Tell them mission completed and job well done. Send it coded and stealthy. No sense in alerting the locals after the team did such a great job staying unnoticed."



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