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POW: Going to the Sara Hale Part 7.

Posted on Fri Nov 2nd, 2018 @ 1:17pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Lieutenant Commander Anlya D'Tries & Lieutenant Commander Eve Coventina & Lieutenant JG Tristan Arundel & Petty Officer 3rd Class Jason Thunderbird

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: aboard the SaraHale
Timeline: 17-20 March 2392

Reference: Away team (25 in first wave)
Team leader: LtCommander Anlya D'Tries
Counselor: LtCommander Patricia Montgomery, LtCommander Eve Conventina,
Thunderbird Nurse w/Counselors
Security w/counselors: LTJG Tristan Arundel
Mission Advisor w/counselors: LtCommander Morga Harf
5 x check-in teams each w/ 2-Operations, 1-Nurse, 1-Security
Team-1: PO2nd Hank Miller (O), CM1st Ken Taylor (O), CM1st Tim Jones(S), Nurse John Leland
Team-2: PO3rd Chris White(O),CM1st Zach Thomas(O),CM1st Zarath(S). nurse Lily Wyman
Team-3:PO3rd Greg Joyner(O),CM1st Adrian Mcphee(O), CM1st Keira Bancroft(S), Nurse Beau Cadman
Team-4: PO3rd Carrie Simms(O), CM1stMartinWood(O), CM1st Security??, Nurse Roger Gurion
Team-5: Po3rd Operations??, CM1st Frank Martin(O), PO2nd Cehn(S), Nurse Mariah Simons

Background: Sara Hale is a Grissom class ship. Set up for passengers rather than cargo. Talarian crew 21 plus 200 Talarian troops to guard 1586 Federation prisoners. There are also 110 corpses in a morgue, remains recovered to complete the exchange.


On SaraHale Stoltz divided his unit into three teams and went to modify three cargo sections for more normal crew quarters. Po2nd Miller got the transition team settled in for the night as they still had a lot of work to do the next day. It was getting close to the end and morale was higher just because everyone knew the task was just about done. The Counselors both were with one of the holding cells working with those already processed. 2ndLT Delaney went to Anlya "anything you need Commander?"

"No, I think we are good. You and the rest have done a wonderful job. I will just be glad to get away from here." She thought a moment more and then added, "Keep an eye on the counselors, even they can get overwhelmed."

Stoltz cocked his head to the side confused? "Sure thing Commander but you understand I have nothing to do with your mission. I am here to remodel the ship for better accommodations for the trip back to the starbase. I sort of doubt I will even be in contact with your Counselors for at least a day or even three maybe?" He smiled mildly "by your leave Commander." Stoltz left to join his people. The three teams were escorted away and he never looked back.

2ndLT Delaney shrugged "don't look at me Commander, I wouldn't know what to look for or how to deal with it if I did." Delaney turned and sort of fled back to the cockpit area before the Commander thought up something else for him to do!

PO2nd Miller walked into the wyvern "Commander except for the Counselor's we are all bedded down for the night. The Operations team are out of course. That should help morale in the morning when we start back up. We can let people know we are preparing to take over the ship!" His morale was certainly raised by seeing the work crews arrival and deployment. "Anything else for the night Commander?"

"No I think we are good. Have a good one," Anlya replied glad to be out of the morgue and hopefully soon away from this mess and the Talarians.

Eve moved carefully and slowly through the holding area, smiling and nodding to those she passed who were making eye contact. She could see the change already amongst the group. Of course, they were still anxious, some scared even. Tired and pushed to the edge. But there was hope rippling through the group now. A little more talk. A little more life. It was the first tentative steps, but steps forward all the same. She was watching though, for those who weren't improving.

Noticing her rank a young CM1st stepped from the shadows coming to attention. His eyes were sunken and hallow,even his stance at attention was stooped. He was weak physically and his demeanor seemed broken but mildly defiant in a manner. "Commander is it true we are being exchanged for thugs, pirates, and murderers?" It was something that seemed to weigh on him more than his time in the mines.

Eve met his eyes, a sense of compassion washing over her at seeing his state. She touched his arm to motion him to walk with her, leading him off to the side to have a little more privacy. "There is an exchange going on," she said softly and honestly. "Their people for ours. It's not unusual in situations like this. It's a way for everyone to get home without anymore violence."

The young man relaxed "I am glad to be going home Commander, I really am." His shoulders slumped slightly though and he shook his head. "I sure hope the cost was not too high? As much as I want to go back home, I don't want to cost us the base to be rescued? These Talarians need to be stopped." he shook with suppressed anger "They are evil."

Eve took a hold of his hands, squeezing reassuringly as she watched him with calm eyes and a gentle smile. "The Captain has this under control," she said softly, but firmly, wanting him to believe it, trying to convey confidence to him. "So I want you to just focus on keeping yourself, and these people here with us, safe and well. You're nearly there. Just a little longer, I know you're strong enough."

"Yes Commander, I will do all I can. You can count on me." The crewmen smiled sadly "I know it is wrong, but I hate what they have done to us." He was moving back to the group he was with. They welcomed him back readily. Most still seemed to scared to speak.

Eve's smile faded when he walked away, the regret for his predicament and pain reaching her eyes as she took a deep breath. They were strong though, that was true enough. They'd get through this...even if they didn't believe it yet.

The rest of the POW's were processed and the reports were ready to be finished. The Talarian crew and security were being beamed off ship as crew from the StarChaser and Diamond Prince were ferried to the SaraHale by wyvern. Wulfe felt that would cut down on any interaction between crews. It also meant hios boats were the only ones flying ion the sector. Less chance of an incident there as well.

The shortage of named people we were suppose to receive though was a point. Wulfe spoke to the Talarian captain directly face to face via ship comms. "Captain FanGang I am finding errors in your manifest." Wulfe looked into the eyes of the Talarian on the screen "this is not acceptable. How do you intend to remedy this unacceptable situation."

"I have no idea what you are speaking of Captain Wulfe? You know nearly all my people are already departed, you have only an engineering team left aboard the StarChaser. I think this is a poor time to bring up issues. We have turned over the number of people requested, I would think that would be sufficent sign of our good intentions."

Wulfe smiled a feral expression of the hunter he was at heart. "Hardly acceptable, people are not cattle where you can substitute one person for another." He nodded to Bosun Murphy and the Bosun sent a message to the SaraHale's bridge. "You just received a list of the names that are missing. We will need a full accounting before we leave this system. I need the return of the living person or the body of each of those people before we are done here Captain."

"I dislike ultimatums Captain Wulfe. We have honored our end of this transaction and I expect you to honor your end. I wish to take command of the StarChaser immediately and complete the transfer of crews so this can be over with."

"I do not care Sir what you like or dislike. I think you undrstand for a transaction to be seen as complete both sides must be satisfied of the outcome. The completion is dependent on the agreement of both sides that all criteria have been met. Which means we are not done till I am satisfied that I have every person back I came for."

Captain Fangang's frown deepened, he knew why the bodies had not been returned. Those not returned had been badly mutilated by over zealous interrogators. Their work was used to convince others to talk. The replacements had been people taken from other ships recently. Most of the prisoners had been used as slave mine workers anyway. The General Staff had felt it would be best not to return those bodies that had been abused. He finally made eye contact with Wulfe after long seconds. "I will send the bodies to the SaraHale immediately." He grew defiant and stood taller adding "what was done was not my doing. I just arrived here recently. I was given the task of exchange, before that I was not involved."

"I understand what you are saying Captain FanGang. There are those on all sides who do things reasonable people would never consider. I will relay what has happened to my command accurately and your words, your cooperation will be noted. I assure you of that." Wulfe feared the worst, He understood this officer's hesitancy as well though. No one wanted to be blamed for what others did before. Wulfe would not wish to be blamed for the atrocities of another commander either. "Let me know when the missing have been moved aboard the Sarahale. Once the names are all accounted for we will conclude this affair. Thank you for your time Captain."

==predawn 20th==
Delaney woke Commander D'Tries "Ma'am the Captain is on the line, for you."

Anlya was dreaming of the time when Ryder and her had discovered those ruins and chased through the tunnels and crypts. They had just reached a puzzle door when the place started shaking. "Earthquake?" she said in her dream and then a voice, "Captain is on the line." She thought it odd Ryder would say that then reality filtered in and she came awake. "Oh, uh, right, I will be there. Thank you."

Wulfe spoke slowly and quietly. =^=Anlya, the rest of those named should be in the morgue as of now. Take LT Arundel, and PO3rd Jason Thunderbird to the morgue. Verify, document and record everything. When you are done cover up everything you saw and encode the report. Let me know when you are done. If everyone we came for is accounted for we will finish the mission and go home.=^=

=^=Very well sir.=^= she replied. She was not sure what good it would do at this point but orders were orders. =^=I will get the group together. Anything else sir?=^=

=^=I am going to hold up the final exchange of crew till we verify we have all our own back. So keeping crew on the StarChaser till you finish, so just get the verification, we can examine on the return trip or back on SB-204. Just make sure we have our people for now. I want to get us out of here before things get ugly here.=^= Wulfe had no reason to suspect trouble, but the Talarians were not a patient race. They had been here a while already.

=^=Understood sir,=^= she replied. =^=We will get things wrapped up post haste. Anything else sir?=^=

Wulfe frowned, she must be tired she just asked me the same exact question twice in a row? "No Commander, just call when your done so we can finish the exchange and I will send a shuttle for you after the exchange is complete."

=^=Very good, sir. Anlya out.=^= As she finished the connection she really did not relish dealing with anything more but work was work, sometimes messy and nasty.

=morning 20th==
Delaney prepared to launch once the exchange was declared finished. He would fly the Asgard team back to the Asgard, the rest of the base team from the StarChaser would make their way over to the SaraHale. The last of the Talarians were transporting away to the planet as quickly as they could. They were in an obvious rush to be away.

As the crew boarded a few decided to remain behind, the Counselors all decided to stay. Many of the team members requested permission to remain as the task to prepare the SaraHale was so obviously a daunting task! In the end about half remained. Delaney left the SaraHale passing the inbound Wyvern flown by Paladin.



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