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SB-214: Just too many missing Part 2.

Posted on Sat Jan 5th, 2019 @ 6:28am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Lieutenant Lorix & Lieutenant JG Dahlia Vine

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: cargo bays
Timeline: 21 - 22 March 2392

Sort of two different angles in this jp. I figure to combine them as are the same base story


==Cargo bay==
The three person security team was checking another cargo bay. A PettyOfficer 2nd in charge of the team walked up to Dahlia as they finished the check. "So you want to return with us or are you going your own way?"

Dahlia was clearly undecided as she looked around, tapping her hand anxiously against her belt. This was the first real scent they'd caught on this investigation. She wanted to sprint off after it. She finally nodded, moving to walk with him with a slight frown. "I don't suppose you found anything?"

All three were shaking their heads in reply when two male Klingons walked past going in the other direction into another corridor. Were they from the *DessertRose*? Their faces seemed familiar and she had seen all the crew while there. She had not worked with them but that cruel gleam in the one's eyes sparked a memory. They were walking to another area with cargo bays.

Despite the memory that fired at the men, Dahlia resisted the urge to stare after them, holding her breath tightly as the hairs lifted on the back of her neck. She leant in close to the security officer with her, her voice a whisper. "Do you know those Klingons who just passed us?"

The PettyOfficer2nd looked at the pair for an instant before shaking his head. He knew they were tem-hires by the shirts they wore. "Not really, they work the cargo bays? Those Orange shirts are wore by the tem-workers that hire on the base while waiting for a billet on a ship or a ride on one. We have a lot of transient population and working helps get them a few extra amenities while here."

Dahlia frowned as her mind went back to her time on the *DesertRose*, shivering slightly as she remembered the goings on there. She took hold of the Petty Officer's arm, delicately turning him so they changed direction and started following the Klingon's at a distance. "Let's....just see where this goes...."

The PettyOfficer2nd was a friend of Chuck's and he never hesitated to turn and move with Dahlia. However have a four person tail, in uniform no less was not something the Klingon's would miss. They went around a corner and split up one going right and one going left. The one on the right went down the ramp toward the next deck bumping into people, making a ruckus as they were knocked into others. The path to the lower deck became a mire of confusion. The fellow on the left moved faster and evaded everyone, so the path to pursue was not blocked. The PettyOfficer2nd pointed to one of his people "You stick with me." He looked to Dahlia "if you want to split up I can send one of my crew with you?" His perplexed and annoyed expression was enough to explain he had no idea why they had run.

"Tell them to run fast!" Dahlia slapped his arm on the way past, already sprinting off, her eyes shining with the chance to catch someone who might just have some answers. It could just be coincidence...but she didn't really believe too much in those. She ran fast, pursuing the one on the left with the clearer path. She breathed hard through the exertion, her body pushing to the limit in her determination to catch the low life.

CM1st Cade Vallen ran for all he was worth just to keep up. He realized he was not paying enough attention as he ran as he was just trying to keep up. Losing an Intel officer was not something he wanted on his record after all. The other pair of security crew ran in the other direction as they tried to get through the crowd to pursue the fled Klingon.

Khitem, the Klingon Dahlia was chasing was indeed from the DessertRose, he had not made it back to the ship after the kidnapping. Stranded he had hired onto a freighter to get off planet. Now he was with the BlueOrchid guild as an enforcer. He had been staying under the radar up till now despite the Guild's set-backs. He had noticed and known Dahlia immediately, even clothed, even in an Intel uniform. he did not so much fear her but he knew she could point him out and he was done for if caught. He ducked into a side corridor and shortly into a jefferey tube sliding down a ladder to the next deck down.

Dahlia breathed hard through her sprint, refusing to relent. This was the first thread they'd had in ages, there was no way she was letting it go. When the route cleared enough to be safe, she grabbed her phaser, using a stun setting to fire at him. She slowed down when he fell heavily to the ground, catching up to grab him, slinging him roughly over. She jumped on top of him, straddling his back and using her weight to pin him. "Hey sweetheart, remember me?" she said in an overly sickly sweet tone, but there was anger under her words.

Through the haze of being stunned he spooke in short barking words. "Cap-tain's play--toy. You don't--look--dif-erent--in that--uni-form. Just-wait-till-I-get-my bod-y--working. I -will-beat-your-bare-ass-for you." Khitem felt the artrival of a second person and as his hands were bound and secured to his body he growled in dismay. "You - have -day - I have mine."

CM1st Cade Vallen arrived as she jumped on the Klingon and wrapped a sort of heavy zip tie around the fellow's waist before securing his hands together and than to the make-shift belt. "That was a nice shot Lieutenant. You want to beam him to the brig or should I?"

"Oh I'll do it, with great pleasure," she replied, loud enough to make sure their prize heard it. "You'll be seeing me later," she assured with an edge in her tone, standing before ordering the transport, watching the man dematerialise with satisfaction. She moved in closer to Vallen, shaking her head with a frown. "He's part of smuggling and slavery ring, and was on a particularly nasty ship..." she met the man's eyes. "I don't believe in coincidences...a man like that being here with so many women missing? If that's just a coincidence, I'll eat my real silk dress..."

Vallen's eyes grew larger as he visualized her in a silk oriental style dress and he licked his lips. "I would guess you knew what you were talking about Lieutenant. It sure would be a shame to ruin a nice dress!" Since we nabbed our guy are we done or should we go fine the other half of the team?"

"We're done here at least," she assured with a smile that showed her mood had distinctly brightened at getting some kind of lead at least. "Come on...we'll take the scenic route back, just in case, and see if we can meet up with the others on our way. Doesn't hurt to keep our eyes open."

The two security crew had been thwarted by the crowd. They were searching the deck with mounting frustration. As they searched a female Bajoran was spotted trying to steal an expensive dress and the shopkeeper yelled, the woman ran. The Security team ran after her as she fled into a maze of narrow corridors between habitats. This area had been designed as a cargo bay but it had become a sort of refuge for what amounted to homeless folks. =^=We lost the Klingon, are currently in pursuit of a female thief.=^=

Dahlia glanced to Vallen with mild surprise, a small smile of amusement coming to her all the same. =^=All go this morning, hm? Keep us posted; we can try and meet up with you en route .=^=

The Klingon watched from his hiding place. A shadowed entrance to another passage. The Tallarians had caused people to make do as best as they could. Which meant a lot of areas were well hidden from sensors and on no schematic. He moved past the sliding door that appeared in the dark as a wall. He moved down a hall showing his palms to several wall monitors till he reached a well lit room. Inside were two dozen stasis chambers. These however contained people. Held in stasis till they were thawed out to be sold on a slave block in Cardassian space. Two Orions in the room frowned as they saw the Klingon. One spoke up "You risk too much coming here to hide." The Klingon shrugged and walked over to gaze at a naked woman in one of the chambers.

==Main Security==

A PettyOfficer 3rd approached the base Chief. "Excuse me Ma'am the teams are calling in the cargo bay searches are wrapping up. Several of the teams are asking if you have any other orders concerning this matter."

"LT. Lorix, Flight just reported a freighter wishing to dock. The cargo pick up is the bay you were investigating. Do you want them searched? If yes before or after they dock." It was important as they had to get back to flight if before docking so the freighter could be halted at the outer marker.

"Before they leave!" Lorix replied. "I don't expect them to be bringing anything in, but I want to see what they try to take out!"

"Please let me know what their schedule for their stay is logged as. I'd like Dahlia to know as well. We need to be on them like lightning as soon as they start to try to leave and any prior warning or clue, or even odd behaviour, all needs to be monitored but as discreetly as possible." The C Sec instructed.

It was two hours later the freighter docked at bay 160/2 and began offloading cargo. Security monitored the off-loading cargo and it was as detailed in the manifest. Raw material for the replicators, and several crates of furniture ordered from various businesses on the base. The ship had come from Cardassian space and was to return their with a cargo from Cargo Bay 153 on Deck 360. Their requisitions were as the crates labelled in the cargo bay. So the stasis chambers were in crates as mundane items. The schedule would, if kept to, have the cargo loaded on March 25th, their departure was scheduled for March 26th. The Captain had requested no down time on this stop.

The *Seabulk Pride* had a report of a three minor smuggling fines but nothing major. Their fines had been promptly paid and no further actions had been taken. The ship had a crew of thirty and ten were released to the base upon arrival and clearance.

Lorix received another visit from the Petty Officer she had spoken to earlier.
He was arriving with a PaDD accounting all the information he and his team had monitored and collated. She looked through it and nodded her head.

"Good work Marks, has this report been copied to Lt Vine as well?" she asked as she ran her eyes over the predictable schedule, just as Dahlia had suspected and clearly an obvious pick up for the stasis chambers they had found hidden in the boxes in the Cargo Bay. It was coming together. Lorix put together a trusted team and included Marks in it, she sent a message to the rest of Marks' team and instructed them to keep monitoring and let her know direct by comm if anything looked like developing to the next stage.

This new security team made their way down to back up Dahlia, passing their two colleagues on the way, finding that they had chased and lost a thief and were now looking out to find Dahlia as well. The Team with Lorix absorbed the pair into their group and Lorix put in a call to find out where Dahlia had got to at this point.

=^= Lorix to Lt Vine =^= she sent, tapping her comm badge as they were descending to the level where she had last seen Dahlia. =^= can you please give me a location to meet up? I have some updates for you. =^=

=^=I'll come to you,=^= Dahlia assured, using her tricorder to pinpoint Lorix's commbadge signal so she could make her way across. It didn't take all that long for her to get there, jacket still discarded as she slipped her tricorder away with a glance around the area. "What do we have?" she asked softly, but her dark eyes were shining with the feeling they were finally picking up a scent on the trail.

Lorix handed over the PaDD with the details of the Flight and Docking plans for the incoming suspect ship "Seabulk Pride".

"I think they're over confident according to how unsubtle they've been" she commented as Dahlia read. "More fool them." Lorix shrugged.

"Well, they've gotten away with it for long enough," Dahlia had to say, shaking her head with a sigh at that, looking over the PADD. "You're right though, maybe that will play right into our hands. If we're going to take them down for this, then we need them literally caught red handed."

"What did you have in mind and what part do you want me and my people to play? I assume you have a plan formulated going on from where you started uncovering all this?" Lorix asked.

LTJG Chuck Hannigan rolled into the room in a wheelchair. "Easy enough ladies." he was informal mostly because he was not on duty as yet. In fact he had not been released from sick bay even, he was still suppose to be in recovery. In fact he had two IV lines going into him as it was. His smile was smug as he continued speaking. "We know what crates have the contraband. We tag them and keep a long range watch on them till they are loaded. Once loaded we seize the ship and lean on the Captain, anyone we recorded as being involved. A lot of them will be clueless but someone will know what we need to learn." Chuck tilted his head smiling smugly "agreed?"



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