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Signs and Symptoms pt 1

Posted on Sun Mar 24th, 2019 @ 10:01pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class R'Sohl & Petty Officer 2nd Class Purrsephone
Edited on on Sun Mar 24th, 2019 @ 10:01pm

Mission: Mission 29: Shore leave, supporting Leadership of SB-214
Location: Purrsephone and R'Sohl's Qaurters/sickbay
Timeline: 11 April 2392


Purrsephone was feeling a little off this morning, nothing at all appealed to her to eat. She'd decided on a vanilla nutrition shake this morning and carried it in the bedroom to sip on while she dressed. She put it down on her dresser then slipped into her low cut panties that allowed her tail to drape over them.. When she pulled on her bra it didn't feel right either when she started dressing she tossed it on the bed. It was aggravating her and put too much pressure on her nipples... "R'Sohl I think my brras shrrunk." She complained as she tossed another one aside and picked her shake up to take another sip.

R'Sohl was busy finishing his morning grooming, making sure the extra fur around his beard (if it could be called that on a species covered in fur) was properly trimmed when he heard Purr complaining her undergarments didn't fit. Glancing in the bedroom he saw his mate, backside to him, panties on, several bras on the bed, taking a sip from one of her nutrition shakes. He quickly made a final pass with his grooming comb and came into the room, stepping close to his mate. "Shrrunk?" he asked.

"They arre too tight." She put one on to show him how she now over flowed the cups. "And they push my nipples in." She unhooked it and took a deep breath letting it out in a heavy sigh. "I'll need to rreplicate one with cups that strrretch at least for today."

He couldn't help himself, purring as he watched Purr slip on a bra, her breasts covered by the silken cloth. She was sexy both in and out clothes but those urges would have to wait for later when they were off shift, for now he'd just look and enjoy. But she was right, the bras did seem a bit small for her figure. But if they hadn't changed, could Purr be the one who'd grown a little. He nuzzled his mate, "Maybe they've grrown a little, not that I mind my sexy kitten."

"Am I getting fat?" Her eyes opened wider and she turned to look in the mirror. "I will need to cut down on ice crrreams at night orr I could get thick thighs. My motherrr had thick thighs." Purrsephone pouted. "You don't mind too much if I'm morre rrounded. I was adequately currved before."

The age old question there was no right answer to. "No Purr. You aren't." R'Sohl remarked, hoping to reassure her. "You arre the same svelte Cait goddess I spied that firrst day we met in that forrest." He stepped closer, placing a paw on her hip. "Even if you get currvierr I won't mind my love. You arre beautiful no matterr what."

She smiled relieved up at him. "I am a forrtunate female to have you forr a mate... I would hate having to give up ice crream. But I will have smallerr serrrvings." She slipped her arms around his neck and nuzzled his cheek before giving him a quick kiss. "Unforrtunately I have to rreport in to sickbay soon so I must hurrry and drrress."

R'Sohl nodded, gently stroking her hip. "A few morre walks in the holodecks my love, good forr us both rregarrdless. That way we can still enjoy the icecrream as we wish." He glanced at his mate, "Arre therre otherr things that could make your brreasts grrow? Icecrream always settles arround yourr hips you said once, neverr elsewherre."

"Perrrhaps but I do not parrtake of caffeine it can cause tenderrness as it affects horrrmones." Her gaze turned thoughtful. "Maybe my horrmones arre out of balance." Purrsephone's eyes widened. "I think I'd betterrr rrequest an exam and test." She didn't want to voice what she thought unless she was sure. There was no sense in getting R'Sohl excited if it weren't true. She picked up one of the bras and made adjustments to the straps. "R'Sohl could you help me fasten it. best use the last row of hooks. It will have to do forrr today." Her heart racing with excitement now.

"An exam?" R'Sohl asked, curious. "Test?" Moving around behind her back, he adjusted the bra on her chest before clasping the strap behind her back. After they were on properly, he wrapped his arms around his Purrsephone and cupped her breasts. "Do I have to hold you herre my mate till you arre late. You arre too excited forr this to be a medical prroblem."

"We have been trrying to concieve R'Sohl." Her voice a breathy whisper. "That could cause horrmonal changes." Purrsephone stroked his ear and smiled at him. "Now let me finish drressing. I am surre I can get fit in durring my brreak."

"The trrying? Orr a successful conception?" He asked quietly, nuzzling her just a little. "I prromise to contain my excitement until Dr Amarr has done herr tests." He let go of her breasts, taking her paw in his own. "Can she do the test beforre you starrt yourr shift?"

"If not, perrhaps Demic can beforrre he leaves sickbay." Purrsephone gave him a soft warm smile and leaned her forehead against his. "We must hurrry then." She kissed his nose and squeezed his paw. "Now I must get in my uniforrm."

He nodded, purring gently as he let her go. As much as he was content to see her in her birthday suit, Starfleet Policy dictated she be clothed while on duty. And it was practical to have the coverings, the cloth got dirty, saving one the need to wash more often. He gave her one final kiss, watching her as she dressed. "I wonderr how big a litterr we might have? I was the rrunt of three cubs."

"I was a single birrth. It is harrd to guess rreally. But we will find out eventually." She smiled and adjusted her tail before closing the velcro tabs of her slacks above it and pulled on her tunic fastening the top.

"Multiples rrun in our family Purr," R'Sohl noted, smiling a little. "All that matterrs tho is if we arre, they arre healthy." He waited until she'd finished dressing before he took her hand. "Rready?"

"It would depend on me and how many eggs drrop." Purrsephone spoke as she held his hand and nodded. "I am rready will you come in with me?." She had a feeling of nervousness that gave her butterflies.

"I suppose it is yourr bodies' decision," R'Sohl remarked, "I will come with you Purrsephone. I would not miss this." He was equally as nervous, excited and also a little scared too.

She smiled at him. "It isn't something I can contrrol. If only one cub this time... We can always expand ourr family in anotherrr yearr or so." Purrsephone spoke as they exited their quarters and went to the turbo lift taking it up to deck four. She was silent as they walked then she paused at the entry into sickbay. "I am afrrraid R'Sohl."

"I know mate. Just as I cannot contrrol the genderr of our cubs." He walked with her to sickbay, pausing, holding her close at the entrance. "I am nerrvous too Purrsephone." He nuzzled her, "It will be okay, whateverr the test says."

She entered and smiled as she saw Gild and Demic at the desk. "Doctorrr Demic do you have a few minutes beforrre the shift change...."

Demic pinched Gild's rear and got a giggle from her when he heard Purrsephone's voice. "I can make the time Purrsephone, what do you need?" He left his wife and walked over to the Caitian couple.

"I would like an exam and test to see if I am prrregnant." As she spoke Purrsephone's hand gripped R'Sohl's tighter.

"Alright, R'Sohl I assume you would like to be present. Why don't you go ahead on to exam room one. I'll be there soon." Demic spoke as he turned to Gild. "Gild could you get a urine sample cup please." He patted Purrsephone's shoulder. "I'll need a urine sample. Just give it to Gild when you finish. I'll be waiting in the exam room.

Gild had gone quickly to fetch the sample. "Here you are Purr. I'll be right here when you've finished."

Purrsephone took the cup feeling her face warm at least no one could tell she was blushing under her fur. She went in the head and a few minutes later came out handing the sample to Gild.

"I'll get the test run. Go on to the exam room." Gild said with a smile.

As they had entered the exam room Demic nodded to R'Sohl. "Have you been trying to conceive or is this a surprise?"

R'Sohl smiled a little nervously, their romps in bed tended to be private affairs they didn't talk about much, if at all, with anyone. "We've been trrying for a little while, Purrsephone would know betterr forr how long exactly."

"I wanted to be certain... there are steps to that can be taken if the pregnancy wasn't wanted." Demic turned his head and watched as Purrsephone entered.

R'Sohl frowned, knowing what Demic meant about taking steps, steps he considered distasteful and immoral. "I would not have put herr in this position if the desirre was not mutual Doctorr." he remarked, seeing his mate enter the room, cutting short the rest of what he might have said.

"Up on the biobed Purr. Now what symptoms are you having?" He asked as he picked up a PADD to pull up her medical records on.

"My breasts are tender and seem to have gotten larger. My appetite has lessened especially in the mornings. I have indigestion." She sighed. "My back has been aching a bit too."

It was then Gild came to the exam room to give Demic the test results. She had a wide smile and a sparkle in her eyes.

Demic looked at the results and smiled. "Well it looks like you two are going to be parents."

R'Sohl, having taken Purrsephone's hand by this point, gave it a little squeeze as he looked at her, a deep purr setting in, a smile on his face evident this was great news. Yeah he was also a bit nervous but they both desired this and had been trying for a litter, and now his Purrsephone had one or more cubs growing inside her. He looked at Purrsephone, placing his paw on her stomach. "Cubs," was all he could say to her.

"Now to focus on keeping you healthy." Demic spoke with a smile but didn't rush the couple. "If you'll excuse me I need to step away for a couple minutes. I'll do your exam when I come back." He took a hold of Gild's hand and together they left the two of them to give them some privacy so they could absorb the happy news.

Purrsephone had tears in the corners of her eyes as she looked from R'Sohl's hand to his face. "Ourrrs." Her lower lip trembled and she wept with joy.

Purring away, R'Sohl embraced her in his arms. "We did it love." He remarked, stroking his cheek against hers. "We'rre going to have cubs."

"We'll have a larrrge family eventually. Maybe five cubs someday, that would keep the day carrre quite busy these next few yearrrs." Purrsephone wrapped her arms around him and just held him tightly. "I love you so R'Sohl. You fill me."

"I am happy with howeverr many we have." R'Sohl said, pulling back just a little to kiss her. "I love you too Purrsephone. My mate, and motherr of ourr cubs."

There was a light tap on the door. "Shall we do scans now?" Came Demic's voice.

"Yes please Doctorr." Purrsephone gave R'Sohl another kiss before she laid back, his hand still gripped by hers.

Demic came in with a smile. "Well let's see what we have." He turned on the biobed and first went over her vitals. "You appear quite healthy. Now breathe normally we're going to see what's taking place in your womb. As he spoke he moved a diagnostic screen over her abdomen. "Would you like to see?"

R'Sohl stepped to one side, holding Purrsephone's hand as she lay back for Demic to run scans. He was curious what they could see by now, but that was Purrspehone's choice, not his.

"I think yes." Purrsephone spoke in a soft whisper.

He nodded, "I would as well."

Demic pressed a few controls. "Alright if you look at the screen on the wall. I'll even save a couple images." He moved the scanner down closer to Purrsephone's abdomen then pressed controls until the image of the inside of her uterus was on the screen. Two pink curled up embryos that didn't look like much yet floated in their separate ambiotic sacs.

R'Sohl watched the screen as Demic brought the screen to view for them both. Seeing two little blobs settled in for a long nap, he guessed those were their cubs. At this point the gender didn't matter, he was just glad they were there nestled in his mate's womb, their offspring growing inside her. He squeezed Purr's hand, grinning as they saw their handiwork on the screen. "Ourr babies," he said softly.

"Two... they look like pink tadpoles." She scrunched her nose as she studied the screen.

"It is far too early to know their gender, you are about a month along." Demic spoke softly and slipped a disc in to capture the images. He moved a cursor along the spine and tail. "Here you can see the spine and the merge into the tail. The stubs that will form arms and legs. They look to be very healthy. Now I'm going to send you home with prenatal vitamins. If you start having morning sickness let us know and we'll get you an anti nausea medication."

"Alrright." Purrsephone's eyes were glued to the screen. "I guess we betterrr starrrt thinking about names."

"We have time my love," R'Sohl remarked, squeezing his mate's hand. "They arre beautiful, even this young." He looked to Demic, "Thank you forr showing us."

"My pleasure." Demic grinned at them then turned off the scanner and handed the disc over to the couple. "Now Purrsephone if you get dizzy let us know and you can lay down on one of the beds in recovery. If you become fatigued we can shorten your duty hours."

Purrsephone nodded. "I am fine rright now." She moved to sit up.

R'Sohl moved to help Purrsephone sit up, unsure if she needed the help but the instinct to care for her, the mother of his cubs, was strong. He purred gently, helping her back to sitting, letting her get back on her feet even as he hovered a little beside her.

"Now Gild has the prenatal vitamins for you, I want you to take on now and then one every morning until those precious babies are born." Demic spoke then held his hand out to R'Sohl. "Congratulations to the father to be."

"Thank you Doctor." He said, taking the man's hand in his paw. The human greeting of hand shaking felt a little odd but he'd grown used to it. "The rreal honorr goes to my mate who's going to carry them to terrm. I am just lucky to have found a strrong mate whom will be a great mother, and was willing to let me sharre in the moment."

"We'll be certain to take good care of Purrsephone." Demic spoke with a nod. "Now I'm going to go off duty and have dinner with my wife. The next shift is arriving. I'm sure you have to get to your station as well." He nodded at the two of them to go update his paper work.

Gild came in. "Here are your vitamins Purrsephone. One in the morning or if too queasy at your break, but eat something with it." She handed her the jar.

"Thank you Gild." Purrsephone put it in her tunics pocket. "I'll take one during my break and eat a snack."

Gild left the two of them.

Purrsephone slid off the biobed and on to her feet. She wrapped her arms around R'Sohl and nuzzled her face into his neck. "I am so happy. We will need to celebrate later. A special dinner."

R'Sohl helped her down, nuzzling her as she stepped close. "Afterr shift we'll do something special togetherr mate." He held her close, just soaking in the moment before he quietly spoke again, "Thank you forr accepting me as yourr mate Purrsephone. And letting me be ourr cub's sirre."

Purrsephone hugged him and rested her head on his chest. "You had best rreport in beforre you arre late my mate." She rubbed her cheek against his and stepped back. "We arrre a family."

"I best. I'd almost forrgotten I have a morrning shift." R'Sohl said, grinning a little. "I will trry and keep it a secrret for now until we arre rready to rreveal the news."

"Yes, I would like to keep it between us at least forr today so we may celebrrate prrivately." Purrsephone nuzzled his neck then parted from him. "We will go out to dinnerr then home to cherrish what time we have left as a couple beforre our cubs are borrn."

"Sounds wonderrfull mate." He nuzzled her once more. "I'll see you in eight hourrs okay?" he said, giving her paw a squeeze.

Purrsephone nodded. "Eight hourrs."



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