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Casal Marine recon: Part 5. Something unexpected, a new source of information

Posted on Wed Dec 5th, 2018 @ 4:02am by Captain Kabar Brannigan & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Gunnery Sergeant John Stryker II & Lance Corporal Braden Colt

Mission: Mission 28: They do not play nice
Location: Mountains on Casal
Timeline: 19 - 21 March 2392

The base team is 1stLT Kabar Brannigan, Comms CPL Tom Ridgeway
GunnySGT Stryker, PFC Sinn
Medic: PO 3 Gianna Zhulang (Amar)
Recon Team1: CPL Ken Gaeta and LCPL C'kekaw (Stryker)
Recon Team2: PFC Alexa Loken and PFC Testor (Wulfe)
Recon Team3: LCPLBraden Colt and PFC Tony Kilgore (Wulfe)


Once his leg was held straight, she flushed out the wound. Gianna used forceps and moved the bone back in place, then she took the osteo regenerator and used it to knit the bone together, an anabolic protoplaser to repair muscle and tissue damage, Finished with wrapping with a bandage and a splint. She then moved on to cleaning wounds and fishing out what schrapnel she could with tweezers, forceps and a magnetic probe she got what she could without opening him up further. . She cleaned the wounds then closed with a dermal regenerator and bandages. "I suppose he has to be strapped down now. Just be careful and avoid the bandaged areas." She spoke as she gave the Talarian a dose of antibiotic.

"You know this guy, this guy is not gonna thank you for saving his hide. They hate all of us as beneath them." Testor bound his hands to his hips so they could be seen. He did not gag the fellow but he left some tape nearby just in case he needed one. Sine his leg was in a splint he left his legs free, Testor felt the guy was going nowhere fast on a broken leg even if it was splinted.

Once he was secured she covered him with a sheet and a blanket, stuck a pillow under his feet and monitored him, taking scans every few minutes. Gianna glanced up from the tricorder. "Someone let 1st Lieutenant Brannigan know he's coming around."

Stryker went over to the wounded Talarian, Testor and Gianna. “Anything I can do?”

Testor shook his head "I think we got him cared for Gunny. He is all bandaged up and I am pretty sure he just ain't gonna get loose anytime in the near future."

Brannigan was not far away, he was just behind a tree watching the valley below. He came into view and strode over to the medic. "How long before he will be coherent enough to talk Gianna? It is important for us to know what just happened here."

Gianna looked from the medical tricordor to the Talarian's eyes. "I'd say about now." The man's eyelids began to flicker. "Just remember if you touch him wear gloves. I don't want him freaking out and opening up anything."

Brannigan waited for the Talarian to come fully awake and become aware he was bound. His eyes were large as his fear shown through them. Brannigan sat beside him "You are my prisoner, your wounds have been treated and you are in no danger of dying. Do you understand?"

The Talarian seemed to calm as he listened to Kabar's deep quiet voice. "Did you touch me?" The fear was returning.

Kabar lifted a pair of gloves. "We did not touch your skin. Our medic wore gloves, all the bandages were in sterile containers. You have not been contaminated. I have some questions for you. If you answer it will mean you have more freedoms. If you refuse you will be kept as a prisoner. In any case you will not be harmed. We do not do that. If you cooperate we will free you when we leave and leave you plenty of supplies. If you do not cooperate we will take you with us as a prisoner. Do you understand?"

The Talarian frowned but he obviously understood his choices. "I will not betray my race no matter the consequences to myself."

Kabar shrugged "as you wish I was just wondering why the military just attacked and wiped out your group? I was wondering why your group was here in a military base as well. Your society does not appear to be very open?"

The Talarian winced as he shifted "It is no secret not all of us approve of this war. We have nothing to gain and as is obvious much to loose. All that filthy military equipment brought here, and those xeno miners! They caused this plague to befall us. We just want everything from your vile races removed from our planet!" The forceful exertion as he spoke his mind was causing him more pain.

"Gianna can you give him something for his pain?" Kabar looked back to the Talarian "are you hungry, thirsty? we recovered some of your own supplies and water bottles? You would be given your own stuff, not tainted by our contact." Kabar realized that was a dumb thing to say as they had carried the stuff here after all.

The Talarian froze when he saw the female, he was scared once more.

Gianna gave him a soft gentle smile as she showed him her gloved hands and took a hypospray from a sealed bag, loading a fresh ampule. "These are sterile so you needn't worry about any germs transferring from my care. Please don't be afraid. Our medications are comparable to your own, as is our physiology you've nothing to fear. This is metorapan it will help ease your pain."

The Talarian was tense right up till he got the pain killer and he relaxed as the pain receded with the relief plain on his face. He glanced at the female medic "I have heard you xeno females had a gentle touch, it was true. My thanks." He frowned as he had just spoken to a xeno and his eyes became alarmed that the drug had something in it? He was growing anxious again when the xeno with the deep voice spoke once more.

"This tech your faction no longer wants here? I am here to try and dispose of it if possible. This is a large base, any help would be appreciated. We have the same cause."

The Talarian made eye contact and his resilience eased his mind that he was not drugged into cooperating. "Our causes though they might seem similar are indeed not the same. I will never betray my people to a xeno!"

C’kekaw crested first followed by Gaeta, both looking dusty and hot. Stryker, who was simply standing around saw them and walked over.

“Anything?” He asked.

“Nah, whatever happened, they moved on. Left the no sign of them.” Ken relayed.

“We checked best we could both directions. Nothing to see for klicks, ‘cept forest and that could hide anything.” C’kekaw added. “I think we can rest easy, at least for a while.”

“Best report in.” Stryker advised. All three walked over to Kabar and the two repeated the report.

Kabar nodded and stepped away from the prisoner. He pointed for Sinn to watch the Talarian with the medic Gianna. Out of earshot of the Talarian, Kabar replied. "Button up the camp so we can not be seen from the air. Since they are not closing in we will stay put and not give away our presence by moving. Remind everyone about sound discipline." Brannigan knew the camp had been set up with an eye for cover from the air but they had been here a few days and checking the camp was what he felt was a smart idea. Sometimes movement was not the best course, movement was easier to detect than being quiet and stationary.

"Aye Sir. Stryker responded. He gathered those available and the began securing the camp against detection from the air as ordered.

Kabar left Gunny to his task and went back to the Talarian. "So now lets talk you and me."

Gianna had been trying to get her patient to accept some ice chips. "Water is water and ice is just frozen water. It'll melt and help sooth your thirst, it's much easier on you this way. Too much too soon could upset your stomach." Her voice remained gentle but her eyes were starting to show her aggravation with her patient. She stepped back and began to busy herself straitening up so that Kabar could maybe get the man to talk.

Kabar spoke to the Talarian at length. He learned enough to understand there was a faction on the planet that did not approve of the war. They were not well armed or well organized but from the sounds of it they were a sort of grass-roots majority. The fellow was worn out so Kabar left him to sleep.

"Gunny Stryker keep someone on guard of him at all times. I don't want him injured worse trying to escape because we were careless. Set the team on improving the camp we might be here a few days."

"Roger that LT I'll get the boys on it. The camp is secure from aerial detection." Stryker responded. I'll have my people watch the prisoner 'round the clock. Folks are already working on improvements to the camp. I'll see that it gets done."

==19-21 March==

The time passed, watches were taken and patrols walked. Kabar checked in with the ship twice a day. Their wounded prisoner was healing well, and had become more chatty. He was still afraid of the 'aliens' but was seeing he could eat, drink, and speak with them with no dire consequences. As he healed he became more anxious but he did not attempt to escape. He seemed to have mixed feelings about our being there. He did not approve of aliens on his planet but the idea we were there because of our military hardware on the planet? He seemed to accept the idea it did not belong on his planet.

It rained the night of the 20th so being under cover with drainage dug around the camp made the night much more pleasant. By the 21st the local animals seemed to accept their presence and began moving about normally. Colt took alot of pictures of the animals as they just behaved normally. he figured Science might have fun with them. Plus they helped kill time. Alexa pretended to hunt, taking aim and enjoyed the hunt even without the shot. Tom kept hot coffee available and he heated meal packets for anyone who wanted a hot meal. With the extra mouth though the supplies were dwindling.

Over those few days the Talarian rebel healed but never warmed to our presence. The team received a pick up code on the evening of the 20th for the next morning at 0600hrs. All gear to be packed and tagged for the beam out. Anything not tagged would be left behind. Kabar spread the news as soon as it was decoded. "Listen up, we leave in the morning, mission is complete and job well done. Gianna leave out friend here a pack with twelve days rations." Kabar looked at the Talarian "there is a store for campers eight days from here, even with the limp you should make it easily."

Kabar faced Gunny "I want roll call at 0500hrs and our extra gear packed and tagged by 0530hrs. Everybody can enjoy a last meal packet as we kill time till pick up after that. Also double the guard duty, I want no one slacking tonight. We can sleep back on the ship."

Striker nodded and said, “As you wish LT.” It sounded as if they were in for a long night, it wouldn’t be the first, nor would it be uncommon, it was a part of what they did and generally what might be expected as part of whatever mission they were on. He was glad to hear that it was at an end, and he hoped there were no last minute surprises.

He went about carrying out his orders overseeing and helping with packing and tagging the gear and spreading the word of the 0500 roll call. He assigned the double guard duty as ordered.

Everyone was up and ready to go. The thought of showers, clean cloths, and a real bed was by this time a very appealing thought to about everyone. When the signal came they were all ready to go. =^=Take everyone and the gear, give me a two minute delay for just myself.=^= Kabar nodded to his team as he watched the Talarian. Kabar had no reason to distrust the fellow but he also had no reason to trust him. Once the team vanished in beams of light he pointed "start walking."

The Talarian frowned, the thought he was not trusted was not lost on him. These Xeno's had gone out of their way to save his life and see he would live beyond their leaving. He had never been friendly to them. He had never really thanked them for his life. Even now this Xeno officer made no disparaging comments, it was not really even uncalled for that he did not be trusted. He knew he had done nothing to earn trust. He had been hostile to those who had fed and protected him. He turned and began walking away. The shame of his actions heavy on his soul. Still not heavy enough to allow him to admit he was wrong. He felt the beam that took away the officer, he did not look back.



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