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"Let's Do Lunch"

Posted on Sun Mar 24th, 2019 @ 9:58pm by Commander Ryder MacCloud & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Karyn Dallas R.N.
Edited on on Sat May 4th, 2019 @ 11:59am

Mission: Mission 29: Shore leave, supporting Leadership of SB-214
Location: Amar's Office
Timeline: 15 April 2392


Things had been quite busy aboard the Asgard of late and Karyn decided she had been spending way too much time to herself. Her personal assistant, Julia Monsoon, had echoed the sentiment and practically begged Karyn to take some time away from her office. They compromised and Dallas had agreed to have lunch with Amar in her office. It would allow both medical professionals to have a break without having to move too far away from responsibilities.

Karyn had arranged the lunch previously, but decided to wait to take orders until they both knew what they would feel like. Dallas tapped her comm badge. "What are you in the mood for, Doctor? I can stop by the mess hall for something fresh or head to the replicator."

"We can just use the replicator in my office, Reubens aren't on the days menu in mess hall. And I am having a craving for one with more sauerkraut than corned beef." Amar spoke with a chuckle. "We've barely had a chance to chat since we got the new ship... How do you like your office?"

"Your wish is my command," Karyn answered with a chuckle over the comm. "I love my office, as a matter of fact. It's very big and I might never return to the Galaxy at this rate. Of course, any office without stairs is an improvement for my chair, but that's a whole other story. Maybe I will tell you over lunch. See you in a few minutes."


In less than five minutes, Dallas was in front of her lunch companion's office door. Even though the doctor was expecting her, Dallas still wanted to be polite and press the chime anyway.

"Enter." As Amar spoke the door swooshed open. "Come in Karyn. Shall we set up at my desk or at the coffee table?"

"I'm thinking you are desk if you don't mind? My have her chair's height is adjustable, but I think your desk would be just the right level." Out of politeness, she waited to see what the doctor's response would be to make sure the desk was clear before she approached. "I'm sorry it's been such a long time since I've reached out for the two of us to get together. I guess I've buried myself in work… again," she added with a chuckle.

"The desk is fine, let me move these PADDs out of the way." Amar answered with a smile as she pulled out a drawer and began moving them into it after saving work on each. "I was just going over files on inoculations that may need renewed."

"Always a good practice," Karyn agreed. "With so many people coming and
going, it must constantly need checking. I know we have our hands full keeping up with the psych evals." Karyn moved over to the replicator. "What can I get you?"

"Why don't I get that. My replicator may be a bit too high for your chair." Amar stood with a smile. "I'm thinking Rubin and tomato soup with iced tea." She said as she went over to the replicator. "I know your office has been adapted for your needs."

"Thanks," Karyn replied sincerely. "It would be easier for you to get it, but I do my best to adapt. If you don't mind, I'll take a roast beef sandwich with provolone cheese and yellow mustard."

Amar requested the sandwich and placed it on a tray taking it over to her desk with her soup and sandwich, a pitcher of iced tea and two glasses. She placed it on her desk. Smoothing her maternity tunic before sitting down. "I'd read there was a time on Earth when women tried to hide their growing babies, and then a time when they flaunted them in skin tight clothing." She chuckled as she poured the iced tea. "I'm just glad that now we are more concerned about the mother's comfort in clothing."

Karyn smiled and shook her head. "It's amazing how the pendulum seems to swing back and forth on a lot of things. At one time, pregnancy was treated like something to be, if not ashamed of, something to downplay. The pendulum swings and then it's in everyone's faces, probably in reaction to all the years women were expected to be modest. Perhaps it's not true with this particular issue anymore, but it seems like a lot of issues seem to swing back and forth that way even now. I'll tell you one thing, the thought of new life coming into the universe is still as exciting as it ever was to me." There was a hint of wistfulness to Karyn's last words. Even in this modern day of medicine, she was getting to be long in the tooth to have her own children and that brought her more sadness than anyone would know.

"I do enjoy delivering healthy boisterous babies." Amar chuckled ant tasted her soup. "There is nothing as beautiful as the sound of a new born crying. Not only is it good for the babies lungs, it lets the whole of sickbay know the child is here."

Karyn turned her attention back to Amar and even though there was a slight she into her eyes, she smiled and nodded enthusiastically. "The birth of a child is certainly a change from what we all usually see in sickbay certainly. Not to pry, but I trust you're feeling well?"

"I'm doing quite well. Doctor Sol has been taking care of my prenatal needs. I did have an issue with coffee in my first trimester but that has balanced out." Amar smiled as she sipped her tea.

Karyn grinned. "It's fascinating to me how pregnancy impacts the body in the smallest ways, like smells. Coffee seems to be one of the things women of all walks of life want to give up, including any coffee like beverages. I'm certain the sacrifice is worth it, however." She was a bit wistful as she spoke, thinking of her desire for her own children and how time seemed to pass so quickly.

"I'm happy to be able to drink it again without heartburn, but for now I'm not having more than two cups a day. Although I do miss the boost when sickbay is overflowing." Amar spoke as she dipped her sandwich in her soup then took a bite.

The two women continued chatting during lunch. Amar feeling content after topping lunch off with a hot fudge cake sundae. "That was lovely Karyn. I'm afraid I need to get to my rounds. We'll need to do this again sometime." Amar smiled as she stood. "I'll have Day tidy up in here." She smiled broader. "All I can say about our resident Deltan is that I'm glad her significant other isn't an orderly too." Ending the comment on a chuckle.



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