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Asgard: baseline time: Lt. Julia Wilson

Posted on Thu Mar 21st, 2019 @ 5:29pm by Master Warrant Officer John Sakura & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant Julia Wilson & Petty Officer 2nd Class Varidae & Petty Officer 3rd Class Josie Harf

Mission: Mission 29: Shore leave, supporting Leadership of SB-214
Location: medbay
Timeline: 9 April 2392


Sakura was going to just leave Julia at medbay and return to Operations but he saw his wife Varidae. As he stepped out of the turbolift he waved Julia to follow. "The lady at the reception desk is Josie Harf. She is the wife of our Intel chief. Now if you will excuse me i have someone special to me to visit since I am here."

"Thank you," Julia said to John. She looked around the facility quickly. It somehow looked exactly like the medical facilities on Earth, but then on a smaller scale.

Josie looked up hearing Sakura's voice, she smiled at him then her attention turned to the woman in front of her. "How can I help you?"

"My name is Julia Wilson, I'm here for my medical exam," she said as she passed the padd with the information on the desk in front of her.

"Lieutenant Wilson, I'll notify the doctor that you're here ma'am." Josie said with a smile.

Sakura walked into medbay waving at Josie as he walked over to a nurse and put one arm around her kissing her on the lips with a passion almost inappropriate.

Varidae returned his kiss her pleasure at seeing him and feeling his love as intense her own. Her hand cupping his cheek as she pulled back with a soft smile. "Hello John my dearest." Her voice a hushed sultry whisper.

John's lop-sided grin was as wide as ever as he made eye contact momentarily. There was no question in his eyes about his devotion to his wife. He tilted his head toward Julia, "brought you another Science Officer to check out."

Varidae glanced at the young officer. "I do hope she'll like it here." She paused when her eyes met his once more then asked. "Should we let Tasha look after Rose for a couple hours tonight and go for a romantic stroll along a beach in the holodeck?"

His lopesided grin and the twinkle in his eyes was answer in itself. "I think that is a most excellent idea. We have not had any alone time in far too long." John took her hand discreetly and squeezed it. "Okay back to work for me, but the end of the shift suddenly feels very far away."

At the reception desk Josie pressed the intercom to Amar's office. "Doctor Amar, Lieutenant Wilson is here for her baseline ma'am."

=^= I'll be right out.=^= Amar's voice came through the comm. She finished her coffee and exiting her office walked over to reception to meet the young woman standing there. She offered her hand. "Lieutenant Wilson, welcome aboard. Shall we get your baseline out of the way it wont take long."

"Yes please, " Julia said.

"This way please." Amar spoke as she walked ahead of her. "I'm certain you'll enjoy working under our Chief Science Officer Anlya D'Tries. She is quite a remarkable woman." She paused and a door slid open that allowed privacy during physicals. She was glad that operations got the update done, she disliked using curtains. A door allowed for a more private conference with patients. "Please relax on the biobed."

She followed the doc and sat down on the mentioned biobed. "I haven't had a chance to meet her jet." Julia said. "Her public profile looks impressive, can't wait to start working with her." She had tried to read about her new boss on her trip to the Asgard, but hadn't found much. But what she had found looked impressive.

Amar picked up a PADD and began going over Julia's medical file. "I see your inoculations are up to date. Please lay back and we'll get these scans run."

Julia did as asked and stared up the cieling for a while with her hand behind her head. She didn't expect any surprise to come from this exam, as she just had one on Earth. But she was thought that it was normal practice to have a exam upon arrival.

"How was your trip here?" Amar asked as she made more adjustments with the biobed controls and took notes from the read out.

"Long," Julia said with a chuckle. "First time off planet, but I guess every journey looks long at the beginning."

"I'm the XO too so if you ever have a problem come to me." Amar said with a smile as she made another notation on the woman's medical records.

"I'll keep that in mind, if I ever need help." she said quietly as she waited for the exam to finish.

"I'm sure you'll find yourself feeling at home here in no time." Amar spoke as she finished scans. "All I need now is a DNA sample." She turned and took a vial from the drawer in the counter and noted the number on it on her medical file handing her the vial. "Just use the swab in it to scrub the inside of your cheek and put it back in the vial."

Julia accepted the vial and did as instructed. "Sorry for saying, but why don't you use a DNA code analyser for this?" she asked.

"This is to have an actual sample not just an analysis. There are at times incidents that require filtering contamination or a parasitic infection on a cellular level, an actual DNA sample helps in that." Amar stated as she took the vial. "Now I'm marking you fit for duty, don't forget to get your psyche eval as soon as you can schedule it."

Julia nodded as she understood. "I will plan a meeting with the counselor soon." she said as she stood up from the biobed.

Amar smiled. "Again, welcome aboard Lt. Wilson, I hope you'll enjoy serving with us. The lounge and the gardens are good places to meet and get to know crew members off duty."

"I will remember that," Julia said. "I've got some other socializing to do right now, though."

"As long as you have no questions Lieutenant, go and familiarize yourself with the ship. I need to lock away your sample." Amar paused to wait.

"I will," she said and headed for the door to explore her new surrounding.



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