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Asgard: What are you doing here?

Posted on Thu Mar 21st, 2019 @ 5:29pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Lieutenant Julia Wilson

Mission: Mission 29: Shore leave, supporting Leadership of SB-214
Location: Nathan's Quarters
Timeline: 9 April, late afternoon 2392


After her medical exam Julia headed for their quarters, nervous as hell. Although the idea that Nathan wouldn't be there jet when she arrived made her feel a little better. She needed some time to settle in before meeting him. So time to get her thought in line before undoubtedly would screw with her mind. He always had that effect on her. She only had to see him to completely forget what she was doing or any other coherent thought.

As she entered the room she couldn't help but smile the little details she forgot since they last were together. He was neat, probably drilled into him when he joined the military. Padd lying in a neat stack on the desk. After she dropped her bag she walked to them and noticed they hold the statistics he like to study.

She took a deep breath and headed for the replicator. "Tea, peace, cold" Grabbing her drink in one hand and her bag in another she started unpacking. This would be her home for now so she needed to make it feel like a home, in order to make this new adventure of her a success.

Somewhere during the unpacking she came across some padds with data about the subject she had been researching before she left Earth and couldn't help herself and reread them. That's how Nathan found her several hours later. With her legs pulled under her on the couch completely lost in her work.

Nathan had been working long hours just in repairs to the ship. Engineering here he had found wanted diagnostics run nearly around the clock. There dedication was not something he could find fault with but it meant a lot of work for his team. He was exhausted as he quietly entered his quarters and kicked off his shoes. That was when he felt a presence and got the whiff of a female scent? 'Damn' He saw a blonde head of hair on his couch and exploded. "LINDA! This is a breach that I can not overlook. I told you I am happily married and using the Operations code to enter my quarters is totally unacceptable. I thought you were teasing when you ..."

Nathan's mouth dropped open and he rubbed his eyes as he saw the face of the woman on his couch! "Julia?" The anger subsided in a flash replaced by a dumbfounded confusion. "Julia." It was almost funny seeing his face reveal the emotions spinning through his mind. Though one thing missing was an elation of seeing her there. In fact the curiosity and bewilderment were the only effects shown in his demeaner. "Julia, what are you doing here?"

The opening of the door had gotten her attention before he started speaking. At first she didn't know what to say. It been a long time since she'd seen him and all she could do was stare. He looked different, his hair was longer and his eyes looked tired. Not a physical tiredness but something else. Was she the reason for the worry lines on his face. They couldn't be, could they. If it was then why hadn't he made a bigger effort to be together. A remembrance of the reason why she'd take these drastic steps removed the smile from her face. The smile that had come on her face by simply seeing him, something her body did without her mind agreeing to it.

The looked on his face was slightly amazing. It hadn't happened that often that she had managed to surprise him this much. Not even on their wedding night. She shook her head, she didn't want to think about that. And then she remembered what he had said when he had entered. She stood up and the emotions on her face changed to pure anger. "Who is Linda?"

The realization she was indeed here began sinking in and he was about to step closer when her face turned angry and she demanded who 'Linda' was. He dropped his arms before they had even risen far. and stopped in mid-step. "So this is what you want to talk about after all this time? She is a crew member, young, just out of training and she thinks she is in love with me. She had this fantasy she can steal my heart because you were not near enough to interfere. She told me she might just sneak into my quarters some night. I told her that would be an unacceptable breach of protocol and she would be reprimanded." He crossed the room to his fridge unit and got a cold synthenol beer. He opened it and took a long drink, half the bottle or more.

"Now than Julia, what is this? Are you visiting? Is something wrong?" Nathan asked the easy questions because he feared she might be here for a divorce. He had put in for assignments closer to Earth but he had always ended up on a ship moving farther from there rather than closer. There was no use explaining he loved space and Starfleet. It was no more use than trying to explain how his heart ached to just see her face every night. He cursed his fate almost every night thinking how big a fool he was. His two greatest loves were totally incompatible! He saw her empty bags from where he now stood, "are you staying?" The incredulous tone in his voice was unmistakable, and his belated smile did not assuage his stiff body language.

Dammit, Julia thought. This isn't how she had imagined this conversation to go. Was she really that jealous that she had to start on that after not seeing him for months. "Oh, I'm staying." she said softly. "I decided to stop complaining and do something myself so we could be together finally."

"Really?" Nathan knew when he said it that it sounded wrong. Instead of welcoming it sounded sort of pensive. He hesitated to go to her as he tried to figure out why he had spoken in such a manner. The pregnant pause was very noticeable when he started toward her. His arms came up. The hug he gave her felt awkward and he sort of walked into her in his rush to close the distance. He hugged her loosely so she could push away if she did not desire the hug. It all felt stilted and he was not sure how to react. It was wonderful to have her here, she had made a huge compromise and he loved her all the more. Why did he feel so clumsy? A sudden fearful realization hit him 'had they been apart too long'? Did they need to relearn how to be together? He tried to kiss her but they collided nose and forehead painfully. He leaned back to see if she was all right but it was a separation that he noticed as he leaned away. "Sorry." He frowned, even his apology sounded lame to his own ears.

Julia needed a few seconds to process being this near him again after so long. To smell him again. But he'd already stepped away. She tried to look in his eyes to see how he was feeling, but she couldn't. She shook her head to shake off the disappointment. Had it been to long? She stepped back more, back to the glass of wine she'd been drinking. She needed a excuse to do something. This wasn't she'd expected it would be, seeing each other after so long.

Nathan searched her face to try to understand what she was thinking, he remembered as a kid his dad had been away a lot and this was like those awkward homecomings. They would talk fine over the coms and make plans but than when they were together things seemed to fall apart. His mom had said they were trying too hard. Was that what this was, were they just trying to hard to be who they were. "I am really happy to see you Julia." He smiled "are you moved in already? You must think I am not much of an Operations guy that my own wife could come aboard and move in without me even knowing she was coming." He tried to make it sound light, but it was troubling that she was here without him even getting a hint, was he that dense?

That remark made her smile. "I may have requested some help with that." she started. "I asked them to keep my arrival silent so I could surprise you. I know now that was silly, but it made sense then."

"You surprised me, do you want to try and start this over again? Or have I bungled this beyond repair?" Nathan sat down in one of the chairs shaking his head "I have missed you, more than I can put into words. I do love you even if I did not succeed in getting back to Earth." He smirked than, some of his old attitude returning "You came this far? You going to come the rest of the way so I can be naughty with you?"

Julia couldn't help and laughed out loud as she shook her head. This is the side of him she liked most. The joking side. "You wish," she said automatically. Although she wasn't sure what she really wanted, to be honest.

"Oh really." He began loosening his shirt as he stood. "I think you are playing hard to get my Princess bride? I am going to huff, and puff." His shirt came off and it was obvious he had been working out more since they had been apart. "I am going to snarl and blow your cloths clean off your soo perfect body! Than this big bad wolf is going to gobble you up.. All night long!" He was approaching her now like a wrestler, just his pants still on. "You might not make it too the bedroom Julia?" He was really into being silly now, being goofy and physical was his 'go to' solution when he was clueless.

"Knock it off, Nathan," she said. "I just got here. Haven't seen you for months. Sex won't fix us and you know it."

He stopped and sat back down, he was getting confused by what she wanted? Everything was just so damn awkward right now. His expression was belligerent as he sat there "so what do you want from me? I mean right now at this moment. You crossed the Galaxy to surprise me. I am surprised!" He raised both hand palms inward about head high for emphasis. "I mean after doing all that to be with me what did you expect of me? Did you expect me to sleep on the couch?"

"I don't know, ok. I hadn't thought that far." She said after sitting down across of him. "All I know is that I love you too much to give up on our marriage. I just had to do something, so when a friend mentioned about Starfleet needing scientist I went for it. I did tell you I have a position as a Astrometrics officers on the Asgard, I hope."

"You said you were here to stay? Your assigned as a Science officer to this ship? Do you know about this ship? This Captain flys into Nebulae that every sane person flies away from.. And being in Science you will be at the tip of the spear! You know your Department Chief is nuts right? She has a list of amazing accomplishments and nearly everyone of them involves some life and death situation where it is nothing short of a miracle she survived." Nathan shook his head "of all the times for you to decide you just had to be near me why now?" He was frustrated and more than a little worried now and it was noticeable in his voice.

"Big a pardon" she said and looked at him before replying. "First of all, I'm an astrometrics officer. I'd love to fly in a Nebula. Second, I don't remember met telling you your job was dangerous. You think I didn't know the kind of dangers you expose yourself to day in day out. All the spaceborn illnesses and all the hostile aliens. You think I never worried over you? But I managed to keep those thoughts to myself, because why wouldn't I. You love this, this is your passion. It formed you to the man you are now, the man I love. At least this way you can keep an eye out for me." she said the last with a slight smile.

Nathan faced palmed sighing. "Yes my passion is being in this environment. You always said this scared you, being in space, no solid ground under your feet. You understand we just can't pull over so you can get some planet time? You have to.. You are not some crazy Amelia Earhart! You are nine-to-five dinner at six safe. How are you going to handle.." He waved his arms up and down several times "all this!"

"I can change!" she said. "Just because I like routine doesn't mean I can't adapt to this kind of live. I also happen to love my work and my work is in space. To be honest I don't understand how long I could have managed not going to space. As for space itself, it isn't as bad as I thought. I haven't been sick jet so that's a good thing." Julia rambled.

Nathan shook his head "I really am glad your here. I am really tired and I may not be making any sense. I am going to bed. Are you coming? Even if you don't want sex we could cuddle together, I would enjoy having you next to me." He turned around and walked toward the bedroom. "I have to say Julia, when you decide to jump into something you dive in head first! Maybe you do belong on this ship."

Julia couldn't help but smile as she looked at Nathan going to the bedroom. She finished her drink before making up her mind about what to do next. Follow him in the bedroom or find Jen's quarters and sleep on her couch. After taking the last few sips she got up, turned off the lights and headed for the bedroom. Not being able to not to sleep next to him.

Nathan went to the shower and was using warm water rather than the sonic thing. He normally used the sonic mode but he wanted the soothing splatter of water. Besides the water was loud enough he would not hear her leave, He did not want to heat the door open and close. Why had he been such an idiot? All he wanted, more than anything was to put his arms around her and just breath in her presence.



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