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Asgard: Welcome aboard, hope you had a pleasant trip here

Posted on Thu Mar 21st, 2019 @ 5:28pm by Master Warrant Officer John Sakura & Lieutenant Julia Wilson

Mission: Mission 29: Shore leave, supporting Leadership of SB-214
Location: Transporter station #2
Timeline: 9 April 2392


The pretty woman stepped off the transporter pad and John waved to focus her attention "Good day Lt Julia Wilson, yes." John had checked her files so he knew what she looked like at least in the file photo. He knew the transporter had ID'ed her as well but e liked the more personal touch. His normal lope-sided grin happily in place "please this way Lt Wilson. I need a quick verification of you being you and I can get you on your way to medical for your baseline exam." John pointed to the device "please looked into the scanner here and place you palm there. It is painless and only takes a second or two."

"Yes, Julia it is." She said with a smile. It took her a few second to recognize the machine he was mentioning towards and did as he asked. Her palms were sweaty, this wasn't new to her but still. This room made her nervous. It was so different then what was known to her. When the machine signaled that the scan was complete she removed her hand from it and wiped it on her uniform trousers.

John handed her a packet "All confirmed and you are indeed Lt Wilson. "This has all your needed information to access ship systems up to your security clearance. Also is a code to allow you into your quarters. You are on this deck, deck-5. Ships lounge is also on this deck. Science main office is deck-4." Sakura did a bit of button pushing before adding "Your husband is on Deck-D at the moment but I am sure he can meet you to welcome you aboard? Would you like to contact him yourself? Is not a problem to access and i can walk away for a short while?" John had assigned quarters to him based on her rank as a junior officer married quarters were slightly better than enlisted ones.

Julia's eyes grew at the mention of Nate. "No, no, that is not necessary." she said quickly. "I'll see him after his shift, I'm sure. Those few hours won't mind," she smiled slightly. She wasn't ready to talk to him. When she spoke to him she wanted to be face to face. She had lot's of explaining to do.

She had requested her arrival not be announced so she was not listed om the general inbound list. No as Sakura watched her reaction she was noticeably nervous. Just the same it was not his place to ask so he simply nodded "do you wish your belongings sent on ahead to your quarters or should I hold them in storage for you?" Sakura had a philosophy to do what he could for each crew person to the best of his ability. So if she did not want her presence known he would help her achieve her wishes if he could.

"Can you hold them for a while? It's not much anyway." she asked. Most of the things she would need for now were in her handbag anyway. She took a deep breath and smiled at the man in front of her. "Sorry, if I'm not your avarage Starfleet officer. This is all a bit new to me. Is there anything else you need from me?"

Something that rarely happened, Sakura lost his loped sided grin and his expression became serious. "Lt Wilson it is no trouble for me to so anything you asked. I think I should explain that once you use your access code you become part of the ship system. Your husband is a Chief so he will have access to see you are aboard. I just wanted yo make you aware of that." After saying that his lopesided grin slowly reformed and his eyes were gentle "I have nothing more for you, main medical is on deck-4 and that is your next stop for signing in. They will do a baseline exam to get all your vital readings. Lt Wilson if you have no questions for me let me be the first to welcome you aboard the Asgard."

"Thank you for letting me know," Julia said. "I wasn't aware of that. But he doesn't know I have a rank, or even are working with Starfleet. Let's hope he doesn't connect the dots. At least not before I'm able to talk to him after his shift." she explained. "I'll now go to medical. If you tell me how to get there."

Sakura held up his hand before turning to look at a young Petty Officer. "Watkins take over here for a while." He walked toward the inner hall "I can escort you Lt Wilson and explain a few things that might help. Just walk with me please." he pointed to the PADD he had just given her "First that has a GPS for the interior of the ship. Just enter where you are and your destination and it will show you the way."

She felt stupid, she worked with PADD's all the time, she should have thought about the GPS function. "Thank you, I should have known that."

Sakura walked easily falling into step with her. "It is no problem, many people just prefer a personal touch. Right this way." Sakura walked her into the turbolift and a few seconds later it opened up just outside main medical. John waved "here we are. Please if you require anything at all just contact Operations and we will do whatever we can to make your tour of duty here pleasant."

Julia couldn't help but smile. She knew that for the next few hours she wouldn't contact Operations, to prevent any chance at Nathan responding to her request. "Thank you very much for you assistance. I'll think I can manage from here."



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