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SB-214 : Shoulda, woulda, but didn't, and an accident happens Part 1.

Posted on Tue Mar 12th, 2019 @ 12:55am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Richardson M.D. & Petty Officer 2nd Class Bettina Davies EMTP/PO2 & Petty Officer 2nd Class Purrsephone

Mission: Mission 29: Shore leave, supporting Leadership of SB-214
Location: SB214 jeffrey tubes
Timeline: 29th March 2392


==Jefferey tubes SB-214==
The three operations crew people were doing general maintenance work moving through the jefferey tubes. They were joking as they passed over the one long downward tunnel, It was a spooky sight looking down through a dark chasm only a few feet wide but several decks long. It was a major power conduit and the lines needed inspecting from time to time. It was a shaft through the center of the base more or less. With the safety lines and normal precautions it was safe enough. No one had fallen but everyone talked about it. Tim Metcalf was only 22 years old and had only been on the base a year, the Talarian invasion had unsettled him and he was not the same after. He was more nervous and jumped at noises. He was impatient now as well. He had been told to see a counselor but had made excuses. Now here he was and his safety line snagged. He yanked on it and almost pulled himself off balance. Instead of becoming more cautious though he reached over and unfastened the safety line and gave it a jerk. His two buddies tried to grab him as he lost his balance. The line had come free unexpectedly and he was falling. The two men heard him crashing into the walls as he fell out of sight. They called it in as they climbed down toward their friend.

==SB-214 Deck duty officer==

=^=This is Ensign McCauley from Operations on SB-214 we have a man trapped in the jefferey tubes. He is badly injured and unconscious. We need an emergency team right away. Do you have anyone ready to be transported to the base.. Right now!=^= McCauley was nervous and his voice was high and revealed his anxiety.

== Sickbay Asgard==

Inside Sickbay, Bettina was restocking the medical jump kit, making sure all was in order, not that she had any doubts...once used, the packs were restocked at the soonest opportunity, and even then, checked on a daily basis.

When the call came in, she glanced at Jenn, sealing the pack and standing. "I can go," she commented, assuming the doctor would be coming along as well.

Jenn nodded her head in agreement before looking about the room. “Can you transport to the base, evaluate and stabilise for transport. It’s going to be a tight squeeze down there so I’ll send back up but you’re going to have to get the patient here for proper treatment. If you can’t stabilise I’ll need you to feed back and we’ll have to go to plan B and get a surgeon down to patch up what’s wrong. Purrsephone go as back up. If anything you’ll be able to set up a supply line and additional support to Bettina. At all times keep an open channel back here to sickbay.”

"Aye, sir." Bettina nodded, already starting to mentally prepare herself for what they might run into, then glancing at the other medic. "Size up and make a plan..." She just hoped that plan didn't really involve tight spaces or heights, neither which thrilled her, but she'd do what she had to.

Purrsephone was quiet before she added in. "I am verrry good with climbing. thrrough jefferries tubes." She grabbed a med kit from stock, glanced inside than adjusted the strap on her shoulder. The tip of her tail flicking as she thought of someone hurt and trapped.

Jenn nodded her head in response to the woman's words, moving to a computer terminal as she opened a channel to operations. =^=Richardson to operations. We need an immediate site to site transport of Petty Officer Second Class Bettina Davies and Petty Officer Second Class Purresphone to coordinates I am sending to you now as supplied by the station=^=

Bosun Murphy was on duty at transporter station #1 so he responded. =^=I will get you as close as I can.=^= Bosun Murphy knew that was an engineering area and as he suspected transporting people into that area was difficult, not as bad as trying to lock onto them for a beam out though. He locked onto an area about thirty feet down the hall from the location requested. =^=Locking onto the two medics and sending them to the base.. Now.=^= They would arrive down the hall from the entry to the jefferey tubes.

Bettina kind of hated transporters, the tingly sensation and praying everything went right and the pieces were put back together in the proper order...not that there was really cause to worry, transporter accidents were rare, and usually...fixable!

As soon as they were on site, Bettina moved forward with Purr, looking over the area. "Who's in charge?" she asked, wondering if there had been any arrangements started yet in preparation for their arrival.

An ensign was sent to direct them. "The access port to the jeffries tube is down this corridor please follow me. This is a tricky one we can't put you exactly where he is and luckily he got caught up in one of the ladders as long as he doesn't move. When you were notified we had sent someone up from two decks down to attempt to hold him there. We weren't even going to try and move him until he was accessed."

Nodding, Bettina followed, thinking ideas over as they made their way to the tube, and she was glad that she had someone as agile as Purrsephone with her.

"So we will be going down... hmm." Purrsephone started thinking as they followed the ensign.

The Ensign looked at the medics "if you are trained in zero-'G' I would request you each a pair of anti-gravity boots? That would give you greater mobility?"

"Um...I've had a little training," Bettina confirmed, glancing at the other medic. "What about just lowering one of us down there? Or would we both fit?" Or maybe one of them could replace the man at the bottom and assess and maybe even assist in treatment from there?

"Zerro G may make the patient move and cause morre injurry when he floats." Purrsephone spoke thoughtfully. "What about rrrappelling down to him, that would be fasterr than a ladderr. We could have a rrrescue basket lowerred to us and get him strrrapped in and lifted up and out. We'd also need a safety line and harrrness if he wasn't wearrring one."

Looking down the tube, Bettina frowned. "Looks kind of tight," she commented. "I mean, maybe the two of us can get down there, but we'll barely have room to move as it is, much the less maneuver a basket down there."

Her nose wrinkled up. "Do you think you could get down there and just...strap him to you? That way you can keep his neck stabilized..." And Purrsephone was stronger and more flexible than Bettina was.

"No, I do not think strrapping him to me would be feasible. The basket should work. Once he is in place and strrrapped in we could hall it up verrtically, as long as we have a harrness holding his hips and grroin in place to take some of his bodies weight." Purrsephone was doing a visual measurement of the 'hole'. "I don't think we would need to have it fully verrtical. I can go down, strrrap him in and guide him up, if you rrrun the wench in slow incrrements."

Back on the Asgard

Sitting back into her chair as she listened to the conversation over the open channel, Jenn rubbed the back of her neck as she understood the predicament. =^=Could I suggest just getting down there and evaluating first? From what I understand from you both, you also need to look at if he can be moved full stop. The equipment you've mentioned; I'll request that the station have it on standby aaa sap so as there is no wait.=^=

Back on the Station

=^= Yes ma'am.=^= Purrsephone responded. She looked at the Ensign with them. "Please get the equipment rreadied. I am heading down. Bett if you could rrrelay the findings to Doctorr." As she spoke she stepped into a safety harness and attached the safety lines hook to the guide. "heading down."

"Yeah, okay." Anxiously, Bettina knelt beside the hole, waiting for instructions, hoping that there was nothing that was going to be even more of an impedance to their efforts.

Purrsephone used the ratchet on the line to drop down, only using the ladder as a guide until she reached the wounded and luckily unconscious ops officer, the leg caught up in the ladder had compound fractures and was bleeding...

"I did get his harness's line hooked to the ladder, but I am glad you're here. My arms are getting weak from holding him up." He said grateful help had arrived.

"I will be as quick as possible." Purrsephone began scans as she dangled next to the man. "there are several contusions on his head, he is concussed, unconscious, heart rate low, there is blood loss, right leg compound fractures of both the tib fib. Bruising of the torso three busted ribs on the right side, a hairline fracture of the right hip." She called up to Bett to relay. "Have them send down a basket, we can't transport him out or treat him from here."

"All right, hang on!" Sitting back and out of the way, Bettina nodded to the men to lower the equipment, then contacted Jenn.

=^=Davies to Asgard, update...=^= She relayed the information, knowing that it was pretty devastating...the man's heart rate alone was a major concern. For the blood that he's lost, he should be tachycardic, the heart trying to compensate by beating faster. But being slow in the presence of a head injury...that was a very bad sign.

=^=We're working on bringing him up and we'll get that bleeding controlled.=^= And there was the other problem...he needed fluid for his blood loss, but that would cause additional swelling of the brain that he couldn't afford. =^=We'll get you that update in a few...=^= It would be hard to make the call on field treatment, and the doctor would need as much information as they could get to her.

Back on the Asgard

Jenn had already moved to the medical stores, selecting what medication she knew would be needed aswell as programming the computer to produce an oxyglobin which could act as a substitute until the proper blood transfusion could be arranged. Through all of the multi tasking, the Doctor also had the nursing team putting together an emergency surgical pack in preparation if she was going to needed on the station.

Back on the Station

A base team set a wench across the opening and started lowering it down, with a back board in it.

The first thing Purrsephone did was secure a neck and back board even though she was working upside down. The basket was being lowered to them. She looked at the ops officer that had been holding there for some time. "Almost ready to move him."

The safety line attached to his harness helped in holding him as she moved him over the basket that dangled just under him. The ops officer that was the first responder helped to steady the basket.

Using the back board to hold him up. "Raise the basket half a foot." Purrsephone called up.

At the top an ops officer activated the wench for a matter of seconds.

She then unhooked one of the lines on the side to give her room to get his torso in place then hooked the line back in place. She'd adjust his placement again once he was raised up once more so his weight was on the basket. "Raise it up a foot."

Again he pressed the toggle and the wench turned raising the basket at a slow pace.

The tricky part now was his leg. She didn't want to twist it and cause even more bleeding. Looking at the man still on the ladder. "Can you find away to take off the rung?"

"Sure I'll just snip off the stem bolts and take it off then fix it once your done here." He said and took a cutter from his tool belt doing just that, As he pulled the rung away Purrsephone guided the leg down and settled it in the basket. She secured him down to the basket. Attaching straps. Then she moved to the side and grabbed the ladder her hand on the basket. "Ready to bring him up." She called as she unhooked his safety line from the ladder and hooked it to the ring above the basket.

It was hard to hang back so that there was room for the men to work bringing the victim and Purrsephone back up, but she knew that if she was in the way it would only hamper and slow the efforts, so she just took deep breaths while she waited anxiously, ready to move in when the time was right, and help with the necessary treatment.

The operator again hit the toggle holding it in place.



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