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SB 214: Mischief served: medical for some kids

Posted on Thu Jul 5th, 2018 @ 11:06pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant Commander Anlya D'Tries & Lieutenant Jennifer Richardson M.D. & Gunnery Sergeant John Stryker II & Petty Officer 2nd Class Bettina Davies EMTP/PO2

Mission: Mission 27: Reclaiming SB214, the work begins
Location: On Starbase, Hospital deck-210
Timeline: 2 March 2392


Doc Mike had been working the wards here when he heard that marines from the Asgard were bringing in some children found on the lower decks. he went to do a meet and greet. He saw Bett at the lead and waved. In his most jovial voice he walked out to greet the bunch. "Well, well so it seems we have a bunch of people who badly need something sweet and a bath!" He popped a lollipop in his mouth as he saw the expected hesitation when a bath was mentioned. He removed the lollipop "here you go, does anyone like cherry? I have strawberry, grape, lemon? There are a few other colors here, ah this one is watermelon." He held a spread for each child to select from. When one bolder fellow took three Doc Mike just added more to his hand. The other kids started taking more than one as well so Doc Mike went back to the first few offering them a chance to take more as well. This distraction got them passed the door into the medbay.

Bettina grinned as the doctor charmed the kids, but then, the man had a natural knack for that sort of thing, and it was great to see the faces on the children light up at the offer of goodies. The first, a little girl was hesitant, and grabbed her sucker and darted back, but then the others were more confident, reaching for theirs, and it occurred to Bettina that they probably thought it was a trick of some sort.

Except that Echo was standing back, pressed against the wall near the door, eyes warily darting from the medics to the Marines to the other kids, her posture tense as she played protector and Mother Hen.

For now, Bettina chose to let her be, taking a sucker from the doctor. "Oh, I think watermelon is my favorite! But what about a real meal, Doc?" She grinned, then glanced at the kids. "Pancakes, waffles...eggs and bacon, who likes what best?"

There were some hesitant, uncertain answers, but answers nonetheless, and that was encouraging. And sure, they all needed baths and check-ups, but they might be a little more compliant on full stomachs.

"Of course, if the doctor agrees?"

"First things first PO2nd Davies. First we get them cleaned up and check for booboo's. While we do that I can have Operations send meals down here to sickbay. "So we need six meals. Anyone know what they want or should I just order in pizza?"

McGill and Lann watched for a moment then looked at one another; "Best double-time it back!" Lann said abruptly.

"Really! Gunney said not to waste any time getting back, and we
are undermanned to start with. Let's roll." McGill agreed and the two headed out, the situation in the med bay well under controll.

"Oh, pizza sounds good!" Bettina looked at the older girl. "Is that all right? All of you want to eat."

Echo looked around at the adults and shrugged without expression, although she was fervently hoping that they were not lying. "Pizza...yes..." She honestly couldn't really remember what it was like, it had been a long time since she'd had any, but she did remember that everyone liked it.

A woman with a touch of grey at her temples sat at the reception desk watching what was taking place. "I'll arrange delivery to the break room. Plain, pepperoni, and one loaded with vegetables?"

Five nurses came around to the talking one carrying a tray. They stopped in their tracks seeing the children.

"Doctor..." A tall thin blonde who's curly hair gave her the nickname Qtip among her friends. She paused trying to remember his name. "uh... Derringer."

So good of you to remember." DocMike teased her with a warm friendly expression. "Now I was going to send them each to an examination bay but now that I see them I think one for the boys and one for the girls will work just fine." He nodded seeing their expressions as he thought out loud. "Two nurses in each bay, one to help in the bay. The other take the youth once examined to get a sonic shower and dressed in clean cloths. Once you have the patient cleaned up take them to the.. The classroom here! Once you have the youth settled return to the bay for the next. Yes that should work well enough. Qtip. You will be in the classroom with the pizza and fruit drinks soon to be delivered. You are in charge of the mayhem till we can get someone from Operations down here to figure this out." DocMike smiled "any questions? If there are ask now or forever hold your piece. If there are none lets get this show on the road so the youth are not kept waiting for their pizza party overly long."

"Only one... Shall I order ice cream for after the pizza?" She smiled down at the little ones.

DocMike shook his head "I think the pizza and fruit juice will be fine." He frowned, he did not want to over feed these kids if they were overly hungry. Cleaning up a lot of vomit was not on his agenda for the day. "Maybe ice cream later on after the pizza is settled."

Anlya waited with the kids so that they had someone they had gotten to know be nearby albeit only briefly. She listened while things were ordered and added, "Chocolate, add a bit of that to each. I made a promise."

"Yes ma'am." Anna aka Qtip responded. "Well then shall we get things started. Fred, Jimmy you take the boys in exam room two. Julie, Tamara you take the girls in exam room one." She stood and counted the children and calculated sizes small, medium and a couple larges for the more robust taller kids. "I'll get clothing replicated and waiting for after the showers."

Jenn moved through the doors reading the PADD in her hand, "Jess have you got a..." The woman's words trailed off as she finally looked up and took in the sight of what could only be described as near chaos. There seemed to be quite a few kids that hadn't been here earlier and a good few Doctors and nurses seemingly trying to bring order to the situation. "Ok...this isn't strange to say the least."

DocMike looked up as the nurses escorted the children in an orderly manner to the separate exam rooms. "Strange is just the way of things these days Doctor Richardson. These were some of the base children that were running amok on the lower decks. The younger ones I am guessing. Would you like to check out the females, I will deal with the boys than? After the exam they will be escorted to shower and change before being shown to our classroom where Qtip is overseeing the pizza party. You of course are invited to the pizza party as well.

Jenn’s eye swept across the faces of each child within sight as mentally she counted the girls but psychologically registered the different emotions that filtered across the faces of the young. Fear, curiosity, defiance...even a little bit of strange relief on some. “I assume there’s been bribery for ice cream after the pizza? It ain’t a party without ice cream I say.”

Anlya had been with them since the start, so Echo naturally gravitated toward her, a little confused and a lot frightened by all the adults and activity -- it made it harder for her to keep track of her charges and that distressed her, especially understanding that the boys and girls would have to be split. Still, she was keeping up her brave front, so she took a breath and spoke.

"Tell us what you need and we will do it."

Nurse Tamara smiled at one of the little girls squatting down to her level. "Hi, I'm Mary lets go take scans and make sure your healthy."

"Does it hurt?" She asked.

"No it wont hurt. I'm sure your mommy and daddy had you in for physicals before. Come along sweetie." She stood and offered the child her hand. "What's your name sweetie?"

"Elsbeth Jennings." She spoke looking back at the other children as she was led off.

"Doctor Richardson, I have a Miss Elsbeth Jennings here for her scans ma'am." She winked at the little girl and lifted her onto the biobed.

Moving over to the bed, Jennifer took a tricorder in one hand as she opened the device and turned it to the little girl. “See this...this shows me your heart beat and how fast your breathing. How about you check mine?.” As she distracted the girl, the Doctor’s free hand activated similar scans to run from the biobed to the monitor to one side.

"It has a lot of blinking things on it." She pointed the tricorder at the doctor and looked at the graph in the little window. "What's that line mean?"

Jenn glanced as she placed a hand on the girl's shoulder in an unnecessary gesture but it was more as reassurance for them both. "That's your heart rate, those little peeks are the measurement of how fast your heart is beating every minute."

Freddy went over to a boy around ten. "Well young man shall we get things underway." His smile was friendly and his grey eyes sparkled with humor.

"I guess." The boy scuffed the toe of his shoe on the deck and looked up at him through the shaggy bangs that hung over his face. Under the smudges of dirt on his face you could see he had freckled cheeks.

"I'm Freddy, so I'll escort you in for your exam, then to the showers." He resisted the urge to brush the hair out of the child's eyes. "I think I'll replicate you a comb." He started walking with the boy falling in step beside him. "Got a name?"

"Joe Redding." He mumbled looking around. He was afraid he was in trouble. He'd been hiding for a long time now, since his big sister disappeared and heard talk of sending him to a orphaned place.

"Here we are. DocMike this young man is Joe Redding." Freddy spoke as he entered with the boy.

DocMike nodded "well now Master Redding lets have a look at you." DocMike held the medical tricoder and scanned the young boy. "Hmm, looks to me like all you need are a few solid meals. I think we can forego vitamin supplements as there no signs of illness." DocMike shrugged with a conspirators glance "you know if you shower and get dressed quickly you just might be the first to get pizza."

"I will hurry." The boy said nodding his head. "I didn't get anything to eat yet today."

Anlya left the kids for their checkups and went to get pizza, burgers, chocolate and all the goodies that young ones craved.

Anlya had gotten all the goodies that kids craved and that meant probably unhealthy overall but she figured as skinny as these kids where a quick indulge would not be too problematic. "So how are things going? I have pizza and chocolate?"

Anna was setting the classroom up for the children when the Chief Since Officer from the Asgard walked in loaded with items. "Commander. If you could bring those over here... I have this table set up for a buffet so the children can select what they want." She also had two cheese pizzas on a warming tray and another tray set up for more pizza. There were boxes of juice on ice. "We'll need to watch they don't over indulge, as hard as that may be. We don't want anyone vomiting if their stomachs deny a large quantity of food after going without for so long."

"Understood," Anlya replied. "Still best be prepared for some upset over indulgent tummies."

This was interesting, everyone was so kind, but Echo wouldn't completely relax and let herself believe that they were safe...the adults would have to be watched carefully. In the mean time, the lure of food was too much to resist, and again, she was determined to set an example.

Approaching the table warily, she grabbed a piece of the pizza, then moved back a few steps, her eyes scanning the room as she started nibbling.



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